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Help us grow! Serendipity is a growing UK based server hoping to be a close-knit and friendly community with members from all walks of life.
A great server for anyone who just wants to hang out, make new friends or play games. Loads of different personalities and an active voice chat.
**Under new ownership**
A general chat server for members of the UK. International members welcome. Regular events held with over 600 members!

We have plenty of channels for a variety of discussions, from gaming, cars, food, art, TV and more. There are bots such as tatsumaki and unbelievable for bot games.
Regular events are held such as the recent Halloween costume contest!
A server for British Railway Enthusiasts
Free image gallery (like flickr)
OpenTTD and Minecraft servers
And an active community of over 150 people.

Small active group - Come and say hi c:
(18+ only)
Welcome to Casual UK.

This is a server for people living/from/interested in the UK.

We try our best to keep the server drama-free and a safe community for all.
A community server for those residing within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We have custom emoji, self-assignable roles, and even a politics section for whinging about various Brexit-related issues.
Have you every wanted to becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and effect the future of the United Kingdom? In the Discord Server, Politisim, you can. Join and Sign up as quick as you can so you can make it in the first election.
Invite link:
- Growing rapidly.
- Well moderated.
- Active, regular members.
- Approachable 24/7 staff.
- Very active VC channels.
-Private and Public VC channels.
- Animal/food channels.
- Gaming, memes and music & much more.
Come say hi! @everyone welcome.
We're a pretty laid back community. we have a little bit of everything, gamers, nerds, geeks, you name it, we got it. EU & US members, We occasionally do movie and trivia nights. Colors and roles are individual, just ask
We're just a small LGBT server, with little rules (just be nice).
We're all gamers and or gay here so don't ya worry :D
(SFW) no lewds.
Welcome to T.I.N.T! This server has a tight knit community of close friends ready to branch out and meet new people. We have a unique feature called "Gangs." Gangs are small groups of members that do similar activities. You can also become staff just by being nice and active!
This is a discord server for UK gamers to come and chill,chat and play together
Newly created server specifically with a British topic in mind. I just created the server it is not finished so please dont kill me
New revamped Discord server of another community called MIST. We are looking to gain members and start up our own esports team! UK Based!
Welcome to BB5!

This is a recently established multi-purpose server,
that is attempting to form an active and engaging community.
It is highly encouraged that you participate and contribute within the community.

- Various Sized Channels
- Self Assignable Roles
- Economy/Gambling
- Music Bots
- Level Up System
- Toxic Behaviour is Allowed
- Chill Staff

English speaking PUBG Community for Noobs & pros of the game!
Hey! Feel free to join this new discord!
Trying to grow a gaming and anime community with slightly laxer moderation
We play basically all popular games so feel free to join VC too!
Join Empire! We're a growing family of over 800, with room for more. We’re a chill server with a friendly and fun-loving community. Everyone and anyone is welcome! So just come in and join in the fun and enjoy our midnight movies!

❄️Welcoming Community
❄️Friendly Staff
❄️Beef everyday (everyone likes to see that)
❄️Very easy to rank up and Receive mod and admin
❄️Lots of Fun Bots
❄️game chats
❄️Exclusive NSFW Channel (any age)
Hope you join and become part of the community blush

Feel free to join
Co-Owner: @J❄🌊 ™#3622

Invite Link:
OUR SERVER NEEDS YOU! United Kingdom based
This server is a relatively new server set up for the purpose of providing a relaxed place for anyone to come and make new friends, play games and even do anime stuff and all that. 16+
New server, Has a couple bots.
Just looking to make friends and find new people.
Hope you join!