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UK Gaymers is a welcoming community with a diverse and inclusive membership. We run an SFW and 18+ server, with regular group events. We aim to run a Safe Space environment with a focus on chat and socialising.

Although we are a UK based server, membership is open to all, so feel free to pop in and we'll make you a lovely cup of tea!
A UK based community server for casual variety gamers, and people who just want to chill online. K-pop fans, Gamers, otakus & memes welcome. We also help support Twitch streamers new or old.
A great server for anyone who just wants to hang out, make new friends or play games. Loads of different personalities and an active voice chat.
A server for discussing UK politics. All are welcome.
A community server for those residing within the two fabled isles off the coast of Europe, and the many, many smaller islands surrounding. We have roles for location & language, and active political discussion.
A server full of depressed teens who can be funny at times, join if you're looking to meet new people and just have fun or chill, + supa active
Welcome to Abernouth! A sprawling metropolis nestled in the northernmost corners of Scotland after having engulfed some of the smaller, grizzled villages scattered about. The remote location is easily accessible by train from Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Glasgow. Whilst it’s openly famous for being an industrial powerhouse, it also garners a lesser reputation for attracting the bizzare to its motley streets.

In this world, the International Extraordinary Defence Sector (IEDS) works alongside various monarchies and governments to suppress and obscure the presence of the supernatural away from mankind in a process called 'maintaining the veil', dubbing the unaware as ‘Blithers’ or ‘Blivers’. Sentient, seemingly human species are capable (with some help from artificer witches) of living normal lives in the streets, whilst the more grotesque and bestial beings are kept away from humanity. The xenophobia is rife amongst citizen-level species and monsters, who rub shoulders with mindless killing machines and live in reservations across the world.

You will be playing a Lockwood Investigator, Scotland’s lowest-budget PI agency and one of the only ones mad enough to start hiring supernaturals into their ranks. Enjoy life on the streets of Abernouth, make friends with your co-workers and solve cases together - the choice is yours!
A server for any and everything. including,
Dating, Amine, Hentai, Gaming, NSFW, Chatting and a fuck ton more. Suggestion are welcome,
16+ is needed, and YOU MUST BE BRITISH!
Welcome on Multi Squads server! Its Polish Server Squad. Here you can find a person to play, many bots or just chat. Have a nice Day!!!
Help us grow! Serendipity is a growing UK based server hoping to be a close-knit and friendly community with members from all walks of life.
Hello! My name is fincatlol, it would be awesome if you joined our gang, any problems? DM fincatlol#0001

We are fast growing Roblox Gang and we need YOU!
Hey everyone this server is for anyone who wants to join a new community The server was created for anyone who likes any UK youtubers, there are multiple different parts of the server e.g. dating, NSFW, heaps of text channels including memes and self advertising, heaps of voice chats for you and all your friends.
Blaine County UK Is Now Recruiting All Departments! (We Are a Xbox One Roleplay Server)
We Are a Serious Roleplay Group With Loads To Offer. We Have a Custom 15 Department CAD/MDT To Bring Realism Into Roleplays. We Roleplay Daily With No Rule Breaking. We Have A Professional Staff Team Who Are Always Active. Join Today:
Legends Of EUW is a server for the EUW server of league of legends, and it's legends.
this is a server that I've spent a lot of time on and im the mod for. its a server that allows you to find new friends to play some overwatch ps4 with. I found it hard to find friends using most of the other servers so I created my own. there's no stress and all a want for people that join is to have fun and make some new friends
Have you every wanted to becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and effect the future of the United Kingdom? In the Discord Server, Politisim, you can. Join and Sign up as quick as you can so you can make it in the first election.
socialise with others and make new friends,We have staff on the server.
Just couple people on discord looking to make it grow eventually.
Chill and active
Light/ Some heavy gaming
Most of us are from UK and Europe.
This is a Bristol based server.
There isn't a major Bristol based server yet and we hope to be the biggest. Come and join, me babbers.
The year is 2025. A war with Russia and NATO has just wrapped up - with economic development on the road ahead for the British city. Don't hesitate, become a part of this development. Come to Manchester!

- New RP server
- Friendly people
- Looking for staff members