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A server for people living on the isle of wight or considering visiting, or just people with interest in the island, or even people without interest in the island (you will however primarily be talking to islanders though so be aware of this fact). All ages, all genders, all races, all sexualities, all disabilities/disorders are accepted, just be respectable/respectful.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Welcome to Cosplay UK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We are a new server for Cosplayers. Crafters and Photographers in the UK if you would like to join please feel free.
It's a nice friendly community and we are hoping to make it even bigger.
Everyone is welcome so come in and meet the family.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Welcome to Cosplay UK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hello everybody, this is DID/OSDD UK, a server created for systems living in the UK. Alongside the daily chit-chat you can talk about your experiences with the medical system in the UK regarding mental health, tell your journey or maybe find some good advice from people who have successfully found a good doctor or treatment for their disorder. Oh and don't forget to post cute pictures of your animals.

We DON'T allow endos, tulpas or other non-trauma based "systems" since dissociative disorders are trauma-based and we would like to keep our community safe and keep misinformation away from this server.
-Join because why not?

We're a UK based friendly 18+ server. Looking to find awesome new folks who are down to game, chat shit and just join in the fun!

We currently have channels dedicated to talking tech, new games, discount codes shared from the community, a ranking system, pokemon trainer section and more :D

But yeah, come hang and play games with us!


- TrippyHomewood13#7511
The fastest and most active UK based community Discord server. We're for people that want to make new friends and chill online. K-pop fans, Gamers, Anime fans, memes and people not from the Uk are welcome. Come join the wanglelion Familly today :D
Northern Gaymers is an all-inclusive LGBT+ Discord group covering the Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield areas in the UK and further. We also welcome those from across the UK here to get together, play games and make lasting friendships.

Membership is open to those 18 or older.
Chatroom for mature people over 20s 30s 40s in western Europe, the Americas, Australia Canada ect. Type, Discuss, Chat an Chill...
Hello! We are a server with people who are fun and can make it active lol
Enjoy ur stay
We're a community of friendly leftists and left-leaning liberals who enjoy discussing political and social issues mostly from a British perspective. That's not all we're about though and we're not exclusively British either, so feel free to drop in if we sound like your kind of people!
We aim to offer a realistic semi-serious roleplay experience of a UK government rebuilt up from scratch after Theresa's May's sudden exit. Everyone is welcome and we have monthly elections. We aim to offer realistic roleplay without the excessive channels and useless junk of other RP servers.
18+ Server for having fun meeting new friends and flirting
Fun Bots
NSFW Channels
And lots more come and have look everyone welcome we like meeting people from other Countrys
A community for anyone who just wants to hang out, make new friends or play games. Loads of different personalities and an active voice chat.
Unofficial Scotland Discord Server.
Note: Alba is the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland.

We support pretty much anyone, everyone is welcome including Scottish users, Scottish Gaelic users, Scots users, LGBT users. Anyone.

1. Please do not be disrespectful to anyone
2. Please do not discriminate/hate, even if certain gender/sexuality/race/religion
3. Please do not ask for any administration roles
4. Please do not spam
5. Please do not raid
6. Swearing is allowed but please do not use it in direct context
7. Please use every channel the way they're meant to be used.
8. Please do not ask for any bots to be added
9. Please do not select every single role
10. Please do not try to loophole
11. Advertising of any kind is not allowed

We are just a wee server full of wonderful and amazing people from across the globe. We accept anyone and everyone who is interested in socialising and just having a fun and safe for work experience. We hope to see you there!

join up rn, server full of:
- banter
- e-girls
- roadmen
- e-thots
& a lot of contennnnnnnt
Hello! Bonjour! こんにちは!and welcome to...

T H E N E R D L O U N G E !

This UK based server was created because I just didn't feel at home on other servers, so many servers are only concerned with numbers and are packed to bursting with people who don't talk or even want to make friends! I feel like we could do with more small and tight-knit servers where anyone can feel welcome and joining the server doesn't feel like an exclusive club, as long of course, you're nice! ^^
🇬🇧 Welcome to /r/Grime! 🇬🇧

We're a discord server dedicated to the British music genre known as Grime, pioneered by artists such as Wiley and Dizzee Rascal. We're a friendly community for British music fans alike to share music and have casual discussions, share memes, and otherwise have fun.

We also have many grime producers who share their own music, ask for tips, and have a space to gain criticism.

Though our focus is on grime, we're all pretty open to discussing other forms of British music. Many of us are also interested in UK rap/hip hop, UK drill, afroswing, UK garage, UK dubstep, etc.

We are affiliated with the grime subreddit
Here at StormCrave: UK it is one of our goals to deliver the most accurate and up to date information regarding weather and weather phenomena.

We have an active community of weather watchers based in the United Kingdom.

❝ <join or your mum will eat you>。 ❞

✎ - mainly UK members
✎ - games like cah or pictionary every week
✎ - roles you can earn by talking + reaction roles
✎ - we're not very strict unless you're a nonce or trying to date
✎ - secksy times 😏😏 jk or not jk..

come be our friend already

We offer a realistic semi-serious roleplay of a UK government rebuilt up from scratch. Everyone is welcome and we have monthly elections. We aim to offer realistic roleplay without the excessive channels and useless junk of other RP servers.
Welcome to a stupid rat server I made, things you can do:
Make friends,
share passions,
show art that you drawn,

and a bunch of other stuff!
you can join or not
Hey, I recently made this server and was looking to get more member to enlarge the already active community the server has.

As of making this the server has 35 members, there are always people online as people have different time zones.

I will be adding custom roles of your choosing soon aswell, this will help express yourself (we have some self roles already).

And you can apply for a staff role if you would like, anyways. I'm looking forward to seeing new members here. I hope you'll be one of them 🙂