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A place for all Anglos. Non-Anglos welcome, unless you're a yank. No yanks please.
A UK based community server for casual variety gamers, and people who just want to chill online. K-pop fans, Gamers, otakus, memes and people not from the Uk are welcome. Also, we'll get your British jokes ;)
Northern Gaymers is an all-inclusive LGBT+ Discord group covering the Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield areas in the UK and further. We also welcome those from across the UK here to get together, play games and make lasting friendships.

Membership is open to those 18 or older.
A community for anyone who just wants to hang out, make new friends or play games. Loads of different personalities and an active voice chat.
Welcome to Casual UK.

This is a server for people living/from/interested in the UK.

We try our best to keep the server drama-free and a safe community for all.
Welcome to SECTION ⚪🔴🔵
We are a UK based server that has text, voice, images & nsfw channels.

We've got bots for music, youtube, levels & pokécord if you're into that kind of stuff.

Server created 19th April 2019.
**Under new ownership**
A general chat server for members of the UK. International members welcome. Regular events held with over 800 members!

We have plenty of channels for a variety of discussions, from gaming, cars, food, TV and more.
We use a generous mee6 level system. With each level you unlock new perks
UK Gaymers is a welcoming community with a diverse and inclusive membership. We run an SFW and 18+ server, with regular group events. We aim to run a Safe Space environment with a focus on chat and socialising.

Although we are a UK based server, membership is open to all, so feel free to pop in and we'll make you a lovely cup of tea!
Oi Brit lads, come to this server an 'ave a pint with us!
New server with a good community, just here to have a laugh really.
Unofficial Scotland Discord Server.

Supports the languages of Scottish Gaelic and Scots Leid, any other language is welcome too, We also support any LGBT users.

Welcome to Fantasy Forest 16+ A newly made server for all!

Fantasy Forest 16+ Is a wide ranged server built to bring Role play back into life across the DDLG/CGL site! We accept everyone of their own unique ways.

We offer in exchange of your arrival :
- Gaming Channels
- Music Channels
- Roleplay of all sorts (18+ requires Government Issue'd verification)
- Active and frequent Events
- Tons of new and wonderful people to meet
A friendly server set around the wonderful works of Queen Victoria and the British empire. We have fan fiction, regular conversations about brexit, events, a detailed economy, private channels, tea, colonies and more!

Comment from one of our server members:
"meh" - TheRebelSquirrel

ps. This is NOT a dedicated Roleplay server, it simply has a naming theme of the british empire, although generic roleplay is allowed and does happen quite alot
A cool debate server ran by the host of a small soundcloud/itunes podcast called political podcast for teens. Join for a chance to be featured on my podcast!
We are a Roblox Server with a Game Currently in the making.

Hey everyone this server is for anyone who wants to join a new community The server was created for anyone who likes any UK youtubers, there are multiple different parts of the server e.g. dating, NSFW, heaps of text channels including memes and self advertising, heaps of voice chats for you and all your friends.
basically a server full of fucking spastics a couple of us wanna die and take a school with us we wish death apon all furries and if you are found out to be one you will be instantly banned
this is a server that I've spent a lot of time on and im the mod for. its a server that allows you to find new friends to play some overwatch ps4 with. I found it hard to find friends using most of the other servers so I created my own. there's no stress and all a want for people that join is to have fun and make some new friends