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This server is dedicated to anyone living in England. We have over 500 members and more joining every day. We talk about pretty much anything with the common ground being that most of us are from England.
53 minutes ago
OUR SERVER NEEDS YOU! United Kingdom based
This server is a relatively new server set up for the purpose of providing a relaxed place for anyone to come and make new friends, play games and even do anime stuff and all that. 16+
17 days ago
New server, Has a couple bots.
Just looking to make friends and find new people.
Hope you join!
20 days ago
Friendly server for England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland! Chat on many diferent subjects. Non-UK people allowed. The server is a place for friendly people to chat generally about lots of subjects and make friends with people around the world with a UK focus.
55 days ago
Italian/English language streamer based in London -
83 days ago
English speaking PUBG Community for Noobs & pros of the game!
130 days ago