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Unofficial Scotland Discord Server.
Note: Alba is the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland.

We support pretty much anyone, everyone is welcome including Scottish users, Scottish Gaelic users, Scots users, LGBT users. Anyone.

1. Please do not be disrespectful to anyone
2. Please do not discriminate/hate, even if certain gender/sexuality/race/religion
3. Please do not ask for any administration roles
4. Please do not spam
5. Please do not raid
6. Swearing is allowed but please do not use it in direct context
7. Please use every channel the way they're meant to be used.
8. Please do not ask for any bots to be added
9. Please do not select every single role
10. Please do not try to loophole
11. Advertising of any kind is not allowed

We are just a wee server full of wonderful and amazing people from across the globe. We accept anyone and everyone who is interested in socialising and just having a fun and safe for work experience. We hope to see you there!
May be stupid but its a DATING SERVER
It may be Scotland but everyone is welcome.
LGBT+ Friendly too.
Happening folks!

With over 100 members we're slowly growing towards a fun and eclectic community!

While our discord primarily revolves around gaming, we also have some fun pages like a GIF only chat, and even one dedicated to food chat :D

If your looking for an interesting, different, bunch of people.. And you can handle the way Scottish people speak & type, then this could be the place for you!
Scottish Gaelic discord server, Used for the language Scottish Gaelic and English.
Scottish LGBTQ+ Friendly Server.
Straight people are also allowed.
A place to hang out, make friends, play music and chat. and to also get completely oot yer nut we also aren't gay.