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Welcome to Amberstock! One of the greatest metal servers around! With an active community and friendly staff our server brings together all metalheads alike! We accept fans of all genres, though we focus on Metal and Metal Subgeneres

Come promote your band, meet new friends, find music events, discuss, listen to music, and more at Amberstock!

•Level One Nitro
•Rewards for Nitro Boosters
•Staff Applications ALWAYS Open
•Friendly Community
•Active Staff
•And More
True Metal Underground (TMU) is a highly active nitro-boosted metal server with a fantastic bot + lastfm integration, 250+ members, weekly album events and a place to collaborate with fellow musicians.

We are an adults-only server (21+) and we welcome everybody who's passionate about metal music and its vast genre pool.

We do not permit any kind of hateful, racist, sexist, incel, or otherwise negative behaviour and try our best to keep this one of the friendliest music servers on Discord.

Must have a verified Discord account to enter.
Welcome to the Hope Depot moshpit mayne.
We like to talk about music and gaming.
We have:

- (almost) Daily music polls
- Album roulette where every couple of days we listen to each others albums
- An epic community of metalheads mayne

Join if your interested!
Oi lads!

You love metal & would like to join a metal-oriented server? Then look no further!

We're a new & small server for metal enthusiasts, in which you can exchange ideas, talk about your favorite bands & music, and feel good! We offer genre separated channels for song and album releases, we also have a channel for a "song-of-the-week" competition in which songs compete in a member-driven voting system.

Feel free to join the server and explore a bit!
We really hope to see you over here, thanks for taking the time to read this!
If you like heavy metal, feel free to join as we discuss different genres as well as getting to know each other
This server is for sharing your love of any metal genre.
From heavy metal to death metal. Or from glam metal to doom metal. It doesn't matter what metal genre it is. You can share it here!
Meet new ppl, Spam Recommendations, talk about new music, make music reviews, share your own music or anything to do with music.

the goal of the server:
-have a big archive with every music genere (dm Pig#1250 if you want to add a genre)
-always someone to talk to
Hi! Are you a Avenged Sevenfold fan? Doesn't matter if you can sing only the lyrics to So Far Away, or if you can recite every song made in order, everybody's welcome here!
This server is for all people who are into heavy metal or any sub-genres of heavy metal. Feel free to join the server, there is a channel for all of the sub-genres I could find. If you listen to one not added, feel free to message me
Discord du groupe Deepholm !
Venez nous rejoindre et vous amusez avec nous, pour partager vos impressions sur notre musique !
This server is for every type of Metallica fan, no matter if you only know Enter Sandman and One, or if you've listened to every single song.
Heavy metal discord server. Join to: talk, share music, or discuss any topic.
Metalheadleri tek çatı altında topluyoruz.Gelin IBADEATH edelim...
-Metal ve Dark Memeler
-Şarkı Önerileri
-Playlist Paylaşım Odası
-Sövüş Odası
-Grup Fotoğrafları İçin Galeri Odası
-Gitar Yarışmaları
ve daha fazlası hadi gelin amk.
Telvallo's Ditch is a Roblox Community, of Metalheads, we mainly are doing concerts, so if you want to join a band your welcome to, just ask me or another band member if you're able to. This server also is a very friendly server meeting, new people, every step of the way. ENJOY YOUR STAY
This is a general server for metal-heads, And music lovers alike anyone looking to meet friendly likeminded people. Discuss movies, music, games, anime, politics, books, anything at all. Share whatever you want, there's no shame.
We are a fan base that knows everything about the band. Come and fangirl over Avenged Sevenfold shit, and meet people with similar music interests lol
Somos un grupo Chileno de instagram @cursed.satan el cual nos dedicamos a cursed images con temática de la cultura e historia del heavy metal tradicional, promocionar bandas emergentes y tambien a charlar para cagarnos de la risa, putas y birras aca! ven a reventar vidrios, concha de tu madre
Do you like Maximum The Hormone? Join the Harapeko Nation to interact with other harapekos like you!
-Everyone's friendly