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💕 Welcome to **sleeping fever**

Although as I am currently writing this the server is inhabited, this servers main goal is to form a warm and safe community. Discord is lacking that as there are many harsh individuals although this server strives to keep it friendly and welcoming.

- *Skin Colour*
- *Sex*
- *Sexuality*
- *Etc*

Furthermore we have many fun and calming activities for you to part take in.

**SUCH AS:**
- *Movie Nights*
- *Game Nights*
- *Competitions*

So please feel free to join us ✨
Welcome to ♡ Cutie Lounge ♡! This is a friendly dating server for teenagers!
We offer:

- 1:1 Male-Female ratio
- 20+ self assignable roles
- Intros and selfies channel
- active staff
- fast growing community
- custom bot

So join today and find yourself a date!
Welcome to BDSM - Bible Discussion and Study Meeting (the name is just for fun)! We are mostly comprised of NA League players, but we're down to just vibe with ya. :) We have an introductions channel so we can get to know each other more. If you're looking for new friends/people to hang out with, join us! We're looking forward to seeing you there!

We're currently hosting a Discord Nitro giveaway until 4/02/2020! Come join us! :>
Group open for everyone.
Find new friend's or new love.
Talk,chat,share and etc.
Have fun:3
Welcome to Teen Hideaway a place where can hide from your everyday life and make new friends.

This server is lgbtq+ friendly and is actively looking for staff members so don't be afraid to dm me about becoming staff.

The server offers...
-roles to identify your hobbies
-many text chats
-fun bots
-and much more

So please join and remember to read the rules and pick up some self roles as I will be kicked people without them every week.

Note this server was just made so might be inactive for the first week or so but as it grows will become more active.

Send staff apps to me in the dms

Thank you!

✿ This is a 13+ Chatting server where we chat and make new friends! So be sure to stay with us! You won’t regret it-✿
*Not a dating Server*
══════ ೋღ 🕊️ ღೋ. ═══════
— ꒰‧⁺ ⌨︎ ``T R O U V A I L L E``ˀ ☁️ *ೃ༄
. · ∘ ✧ . · . *
. . *

『 ↳✧・゚🐚 A chill teen safe space, for you to come chat and relax ; ☕️』

╰──➤ Server includes:
┊🌱 Friendly members
┊🌿 Non toxic
┊ 🌳 Bot commands
┊🌱 Gaming
┊🍃 Partnerships
┊🌿 And lots more...
· •.
✦ ˚  ·    .
· •.
•. ✶
˚ · .   ·
══════ ೋღ 🐚 ღೋ ═══════
; ♡⋆.ೃ࿔ __Trouvaille__
*Something beautiful found only by chance.*(🖇️) ;
══════ ೋღ 🐚 ღೋ ═══════
We're a starting up political discussion server for teens and young adults like myself. We accept all forms of political sides/beliefs; however if you argue conspiracy theories you will be given a tag.
A new niche server dedicated 2 weeb stuff, real emo, core genres, scene aesthetics.
Come and geek out with us.
15+ and no kinning, that shit's mad cringe.
The server is still kinda under construction.
> -.---_-===Chill Cove===-_---.-
We are a fun, laid-back server with lots to offer.
❤︎ Fun bots for questing, owoing, cards, and battles
❤︎ A really active, cool, and understanding staff ._.
❤︎ Active server events
❤︎ Frequent Voice Calls
❤︎ Variety of partnered servers
❤︎ All-inclusive kink channel
❤︎ Automated porn bot
❤︎ Music bots
❤︎ Question of the Day!
❤︎ Educated staff willing to help with homework or studying
❤︎ A variety of picture channels including, Photography, Memes, and Selfies!
❤︎ A diverse range of interests
❤︎ Really kinky people.. Like Jesus feck.
❤︎ A lot of lonely people who want connection :'(
❤︎ This is not a place for sensitive people
We are a very active and welcoming community! @​everyone

We hope you'll enjoy your stay!
13-19 Only
A server to talk with the egirls of your dreams , join if ur a girl (we need egirls) join if ur a boy (egirls need u :flushed:) and have a pretty epic time.
Join if ur chill, we don't have many rules in chat so if you can't take a joke you've got a warning here but my DMs are always open for you if you can't do that anyway o.0


Ever wanted to talk about someone you have a crush on, but don't wanna risk that special person finding out? Look no further, because Crush Gush is right for you!
Crush Gush is a safe and anonymous outlet for anyone to share and gush about their crush. It can be very therapeutic to vent and also listen! Please swing by and support this newly created server!

Aside from a Gush Channel, we have:
-General Chat
- NSFW Channel
-Special Emojis
-LGBTQ+ Acceptance!

Get Gushin!
Welcome to petrichor!
If you're looking for a server where you can be yourself and make some new homies, then this is for you!
This is a pretty laid back server where you can joke around and chill honestly.
What we offer^
➥ chill staff
➥ plenty of channels
➥ self-roles
➥ many color-roles
➥ active users
➥ bots (including our very own bot!)
➥ emotes
If you ever have any problems, please contact any of the staff members or ping @staff!
Remember to also follow the tos guidelines and respect them in this server!!

❗️looking for partners ❗️
Its basically a chill server where people can meet and find someone special <3
– Self Roles
– Interactive Bots
– Friendly Staff
– Gaming Channels
🌙 ━ hello ladies, no gents, and nonbinary friends! sleepy sapphics is a WLW/NBLW server for 15-20 yr olds!

🌙 ━ some of the things we offer are:
     💤 ━ a safe space for women and enbies
     ✨ ━ a verification system to ensure safety
     💤 ━ non-toxic community and friendly staff
     ✨ ━ wide variety of channels
     💤 ━ self-assignable roles
     ✨ ━ server currency
     💤 ━ activity nights and qotd
     ✨ ━ many bots including pluralkit and waifubot
     💤 ━ active members
     ✨ ━ no men or straight people
     💤 ━ and more!
🌙 ━ we'd be very happy to have you ♡
-A brand new server to hangout and make new friends
-self-roles and fun bots
-teens only (13-17)
-need mods to help our server.
PlZ join we need more people to talk to
Meet new people-❤
Listen to music with friends🎵🎵
Go on date's-❤💚
Only teen's-👽🔮🎶💚
Welcome to Teen Hangouts; We welcome Teens to come chat about their day tell us what's on your mind come game with awesome members and so much more!!!
Heart Warming Staff and Admins
Streamer or Content Creator Zone for all!
A verified dating Area to find that special someone!
Special Roles aka Singing Dancing NSFW Verified Gamer Roles
New Server Events such as Gaming Movie Night, D&D sessions (maybe) and much more!
Partnership Channel
2:1 female to male ratio
LGBTQ Friendly
Gaming Section Ex CoD Fortnite Minecraft Roblox R6S Brawlhalla
We welcome all people
A bunch of EBoys and EGirls and Thots and Fuck Boys
13 and above access
verification system
Gender introduction( including Trans and Albinary)
Heya we're a fun new community just staring up and we're looking active members to keep the server alive we currently have a bunch of channels to choose from so no need to bored :D

we strive to have as much fun as possible slight toxicty is allowed in case you're wondering

so feel free to join us
new server, not many members so the chat is neat~~
active usually but anyone in this server is easy to chat with
if u take the time to interact~~
not many channels so the server can be easily used also not many retarded roles, just one or two~~

Rainy days is a new none toxic community meant to help teens find friends and companions with lax moderation. 18+ and -13 and if suspected that you are such you will be banned. Roles are required
Hi there this is tree owner of HOOOMANS
And I want you to join my server
The vibes are wholesome and weird

Also this server is for people ages 13-19

We have
self assignable roles
unique channels
partner channel (dm me if you want to partner)

We have bots and a community

make sure to talk a bit before you decide wether or not to stay
I am personally pretty active

I know you're bored as shit on quarantine, so why not make a friend or two rn? We're a small server for now, but bigger doesn't always mean better.... unless....

For real though, we have girls, and cars, and voice chats to keep you from getting too bored on "self-isolation". Just pop in say hey! It's an active community with interesting people, so help the server grow (and one day when it's hella big you can claim you were an OG)! This is a teen server.

Fr, just join and stop reading this LMAO
Welcome to the furry lounge! Come and join our beloved server! We are a furry/LGBTQ united server for any age! We are currently looking for mods! Come and join us today!