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Ever wanted to talk about someone you have a crush on, but don't wanna risk that special person finding out? Look no further, because Crush Gush is right for you!
Crush Gush is a safe and anonymous outlet for anyone to share and gush about their crush. It can be very therapeutic to vent and also listen! Please swing by and support this newly created server!

Aside from a Gush Channel, we have:
-General Chat
- NSFW Channel
-Special Emojis
-LGBTQ+ Acceptance!

Get Gushin!
Hiya, cutie~! Welcome to our Lil’ Cosy Corner!

We are dedicated to making you feel happy and comfortable around new people, while making new friends and awesome memories. We mostly just hang out and chill but, we have several things such as:

🌷》Self Roles,
🌷》Game Chats,
🌹》Flirting Chats,
🌹》Nsfw chat,
🌷》Awesome staff,

And, much, much more. We invite to stay and have fun with us in anyway you'd like. We hope you have a great time and chill with us in our cosy lil' corner.

----====__ Here at Homies and Gals, we have__ ====----
👍 Need Staff 👍
🤠 Chill Community 🤠
💬 Socializing 💬
🌈 LGBT Friendly 🌈
👏 Anime 👏
❌ Non-Toxic ❌
🎮 Video Games 🎮

Join Now we are SFW and are invting all to join us!
hey dont join if you cant realize that its a teen based server that is mostly people from the US. If you want people to talk to at night or morning where ever you live stay it attracts more people


🚫 Drama/Toxic-Free Environment
🤖 Tons Of Fun Bots To Keep You Entertained
🌺 A Ranking System And Self Assignable Roles
eh, we’re a new and small but active 13+ Server. So, if you’re cool then join. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(Pls don’t join if you leave after)
A place where you can have fun and enjoy talking to others. Game, show your creative side, and there's even an 18+ channel. So come on up to the Lazy Lounge and have a sit back!
💜 》chat & meme 🌶
💙 》we ain’t sensitive
💜 》screw a 1:1 ratio
💙 》retrowave theme 👾
💜 》descriptions r gey

owner: ღ༻pen༺ღ#9999
Welcome to 4 AM, a fairly new community server! We have bots and an array of channels, intros, and self roles! Come and hang out with us or somethin, we'd love to have you here ♡
A community of teenagers 13-18 with fun channels and categories including memes, movies, tv, art, photography, flirting, dirty flirting 😉

Fun people, male and female members all together in a community 😊JOIN AND HAVE FUN AND FIND A FRIEND OR A BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND
This is a small discord community.
We accept everyone.
We have lots of different chats for dozens of interests
Very easy place to make friends and chat
Welcome aboard to 》Station X《. We are community server that welcomes any kind of members and are happy to have all. The entire server is themed after a space station so you feel out of this world. We are looking forward for you to join. We own a clan that's looking for members if you are interested in joining!
Our Offers Include
Advertising Section
A channel for anything except NSFW
Great Admins/Mods
Tons of Bots
Here is a invitation to join with the other Class C members aboard. --->
Its no where close to finished, but hey, its a server! Its shaping along really nicely and the people are really nice.
HII welcome to Bunny's Bodega, this server is for meeting some really cool people. We mainly just chill, sometimes watch movies together, and SHARE MEMES.
Welcome to The Bunker!

This server is based off of the show Supernatural, but it's not the only thing we talk about.

here, you can meet new people, make new friends, share your interests, show off your art, and so much more!

currently, we are a small server, just looking for people to hang out with, so why don't you come give it a try?
this is a new server, and my first time makin one so sorry ahead of time lol
[ ages 13-17 ]
[ accepts everyone ]
[ chance to make new freinds ]
[ 🎪・ Friendly and Active community for all people ]
[ ✉・ Variety of bots, channels and roles ]
[ 🥤・self assignable roles ]
Welcome to the Souless Community!

This server is mainly an chill server for all ages to enjoy but we honestly have everything, also the people here are really friendly, pop in for a chat ^.^

This a chill zone/safe area with no toxicity, all toxic/rude people get banned.

丨Self Roles
丨Color Roles
丨Fun Game Bots
丨Regional Chat
丨Music Bots
丨Active VC

And so much more...
Hello and welcome to The Cuddle Zone
We are a server for many ages Ranging from 13-26!
We talk about a variety of things From Art and OCs to Anime and Video Games!
Our staff is very friendly and active
The server owner is top tier when it come to owning a server
You should definitely join if you want laughs, freinds, and of course a good time join
The Cuddle Zone today!
This description was written by a member so you know it is good!
Come join us!!! We got waifus for days as well as fun and friendly chats! Btw the whole NSFW thing is just to point out some content might be vulgar
Hi! Please, come in and hang out with us. We're a bit dead sometimes, but it's not difficult to get a conversation going, and we've got friendly members, as well as a comfy little environment, so you'll likely end up enjoying yourself!
The age limit is 14-19
·:*¨༺ Welcome to 𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℍ𝕠𝕥ℙ𝕠𝕥༄ ༻¨*:·.
- We're a new active Asian community discord server looking to grow and create a big happy Asian family. Just because you're not Asian doesn't mean you're not welcome. We welcome all nationality.
We have:
- Events, Games, VC, Raffles, Music, Bots
~The Hot Pot is a 13+ Active Asian Social Community Discord Server. We strive to have a chill based community while maintaining a relaxed and fun environment. We strive for a fun, open, and a safe community to help bring new people together. We can be weird, nasty, and toxic sometimes, BUT we're all pretty chill and friendly.

**Come join us and be part of our fam!**
A new server for people to chill and find an e-girl. Low Moderation, feel free to join and talk about whatever, have fun. c:
Hello! Come join us in 'Sunshines Outlet' where we offer mental help, and things like that.. We do events, karaoke nights, and much more! Want to come find a gaming buddy? Come join us! We will add more games as the server grows!
Hello this is the horde
We are a server that is a safe community
When you join we suggest inviting your friends too
Also this server is for people ages 13-19

We have self assignable roles such as ]
🔷nsfw access.....for the naughty ones

We have text channel such as ]

We have bots and a....uh........*nsfw bot*
🔹and I’m looking for a gf for my friend so do hit him up!