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TeenUN 2.0 is a spin-off server with the idea of teens globally talking, meeting and learning from each other. Fun is of course prevalent.
∘◦ S a n c t u a r y ◦∘

𝒞𝓇𝑒𝒶𝓉𝒾♡𝓃 𝒟𝒶𝓉𝑒: 𝒜𝓊𝑔𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝟤𝟣, 𝟤❀𝟣𝟫

‧₊ ➸ ❝ 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘸𝘦 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳 ❞

🍧┊40+ Colors
🍧┊13+ Server
🍧┊Level 2
🍧┊Reliable Staff
🍧┊Custom roles
🍧┊Self-assignable roles
🍧┊The Cutest Emotes
🍧┊Easy to use bots
🍧┊Active vcs/chats
🍧┊Soft Aesthetic

୨♡୧ Come join us! We don’t bite hehehe ~ ୨♡୧

Welcome to Matcha Tea' 🍵

─────────────── 🍵 ────
Hi! We're a 13+ server! Just a friendly community!

About us:
୨˚୧┊Created- 01/06/2020
୨˚୧┊Our Goal- Is to be a good friendly community for everyone.
୨˚୧┊Owner: Kohai Senpai~ #2071
୨˚୧┊Co-Owner: Toris The Clockman #4644
─────────────── 🍵 ────
What we offer:
୨˚୧┊Active community
୨˚୧┊Active Voice Chat
୨˚୧┊A Non-Toxic Server
୨˚୧┊Available Partnerships
୨˚୧┊A lot of roles

Feel Free to Join or actually PLEASE JOIN!

A cult for anyone willing to join the cause. We have things like:

•Special roles to make you feel special

•50 custom emojis

•A few people

•A torture chamber

•Way too many eboys


•Love or something

•Unearthly rituals

•All kinds of weirdos you'd laugh at if you saw in public

•And more!
An aethetic server that's pleasing to the eye.

-nitro giveaways
-active chat(literally a constant flow of text)
-laid back staff
-active vc

No matter what kind of life you lead, there's always a spot for you in dawn, a place you can call home.
a chill server for teens to hangout! come vibe
make friends, meet new people, have fun

there are nsfw channels, but they are moderated
We're a brand new server with much to offer, we have a welcoming community, with mature and active staff, you can come and find your soul mate or hang out with friends x3

come on down and masbe you too can find the perfect person in your life uwu
200+ members
Just a chill place to hang around, meet new people, look at memes, and possibly find a love interest.
LGBTQA+ Supportive
Lots of roles
Just a great fucking place
Come and stay for awhile

NOTE: We are not a teen dating server, we do not promote nor allow the use of this server as a platform for dating for minors, if you plan on using it for dating please be 18+.
Hey! lmao this isn's a fancy server, nor is it meant to be tbh, we're just online friends who made a smol lil server so that we could vibe and talk in, and you might just click with us. It's just a small community, but we all are rlly close to each other which is what's cool imo. And you might just like it here!
Welcome to Edo!
【Hey! Edo is a friendly server made for dating and making friends! Here are some of the things we offer:】

➼ Understanding and friendly staff.
➼ Self roles!
➼ Music bots
➼ An active community
➼ And so much more!

『Please feel free to join! However, we don't tolerate pedophilia as this is a 13-17 server, Thank you!』
Welcome to The Lazy Lounge

╔═══❖•⊶⊰ ❦ ⊱⊷•❖═══╗

What we provide:
•SFW (mostly non-toxic😎) community
•13+ age requirement
•Active social Members
•super chill staff
•Server Partnerships
•Self Roles
• 3:2 e-girl to e-boy ratio
•Anime & Gaming
And more~

╚═══❖•⊶⊰ ❦ ⊱⊷•❖═══╝
Just a server we made to get rid of all the toxic crap.
This is a 13-18 year old server.
Just dont be an asshole or edgy.
No racial slurs are tolerated.
And please dont post nsfw stuff in general

Also fuck James charles
Hey, are you looking for a good server with friendly people, and on top of that, Percy Jackson? AND role-play? What could be better? In our server, Camp Half- Blood, we have a friendly community with tons of fun! We have 20 Cabins, and a Head Counselor for each of them. (They're basically mods) We also have role-play categories, but we also have regular channels! A fair, fun server, we are ready for a torrent of members! We are still relatively new, so please don't leave TvT
hi! this is our minecraft server.
players both java and bedrock are welcome here!
also a talking server for the side part, we have fun bots like dank memer and marriage bot so you won’t get bored ❤️
chill mods, we won’t ban you for something stupid (something like chatting in the wrong channel), we only ban when it’s serious like trolling, nsfw in the wrong channel, gore or hate crimes
we welcome you, please join and have fun in our server!
❤️ Welcome to Teen Chill Zone ❤️
[100% SFW server]
We Welcome everyone, no matter your sexuality or gender identity!
We focus on making sure that you feel safe and respected.
Staff should be on 24/7, so if you have an issue, ping an online staff.

We have:
❤️ Worldwide community ❤️
🧡 Self assignable roles 🧡
💛Active chats 💛
💚Fun interactive bots💚
💙Safe environment for everyone and strict rules to ensure safety 💙
💜Chill Server/Members💜

We welcome everyone who is ages between 13-18!

Age Requirement 13-18

[If Something Is Wrong With The Invite Then Dm Me "Not Piki#1234"]
Teen Political Debates is the place to come to discuss politics, current events, and to just chill. We welcome all points of view.
This is a server where you can chill, listen to music, start conversations, and meet new people everyday! Our members have many interests, commonly anime, video games, memes. But there's more than just that, interact with people, and see what hidden interests they got! We have various unique channels to use, this includes art/photography, quotes, vents, selfies, pets to show off, and even more. We are a nontoxic community, we appreciate genuine people who loves to social, and respect others regardless of who they are. This server is simply designed for a social environment for those who are bored and wants to make some new friends! Done reading? Come join us!
♥️ -------♥️
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥️♥️ WELCOME TO QURAN-TEENS!!! ♥️♥️

This is a friendly community-focused server with wholesome vibes.
This server is meant for **13-17 year olds.** We are focused on
making a kind, accepting community for all of our members.
Some things that we offer include:

✮⋆ A friendly community
✮⋆ A growing community that's great for making new friends
✮⋆ Channels dedicated to lots of interests, including art, memes,
music, and more!
✮⋆ An amazing Moderation team
✮⋆ Lots of fun bots

What are you waiting for? Stop by Quran Teens! We'd be glad to have you <3
・✫・゜・。.welcome to comfort uwu・✫・゜・。.

-ˏˋ.about usˊˎ-
we are a fun server with active members. we have many channels to talk about whatever you want! it's also a great place to chill and vibe. we love everyone and everything so why not join ♡

A server for young (teenage/college) aspiring filmmakers and critics to meet each other, learn new things, and have fun! Roles for every aspect of filmmaking, including animation! Find us on twitter @YoungFilmOnline.
˚*✦⋆—— ✧ *⋆ * ✧ ⋆ ✧ * ⋆* ✧——⋆✦* ˚
Welcome to Cosmos!
We are a small, semi-active community
that love to chat and chill out
We are a new server!
┍━━━━━━━ {⋆⋅☆⋅⋆} ━━━━━━━┑

What we have to offer:
☆⭒▹A variety of self roles and pretty colours
☆⭒▹An aesthetic server layout
☆⭒▹Many fun bots
☆⭒▹Lots of cute emojis!
☆⭒▹Events and giveaways
☆⭒▹ Great staff who are happy to help!
☆⭒▹A close, friendly community

┕━━━━━━━ {⋆⋅☆⋅⋆} ━━━━━━━┙

Come join the fun and enjoy your stay!
˚*✦⋆—— ✧ *⋆ * ✧ ⋆ ✧ * ⋆* ✧——⋆✦* ˚
Welcome to The Boyz House!

Come and socialize with the Boyz. In the Boyz House we have funny, chill and all around some pretty fantastic conversations. If your chill funny and have a nice collection memes come to our house and have a good time.

The Boyz House is a community for boys and girls (but girls have to be gamer girls) Having fun, socializing and much more. This is will do:

Movie Nights
Hang Out
Play video games such as Minecraft, GTA V and more
Post Memes
End Simps
End Karens
Do Giveaways
And overall have fun


We also follow back servers and do partnerships. DM aramfarjami#6606 or ShadowKero#8997