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ATL is a brand new and slowly growing discord server!
We are hiring staff for the first stages of starting.
If you are in the need of a community that wont judge you on your gender, age (13+), orientation, or status? Then ATL is for you!
We are also looking for experienced admins.
Welcome to Essentia, a place for people of all ages and kinds. Gamers, artists, writers. We are all here to create close bonds and to find love, friendship, or simply a server to vent to.
Sincerely, The Breakfast club.
Mature content may appear, side effects may include happiness and joy.

🍓🍑Welcome to the BTS Cafe!

Here we want to make a fun community for you to enjoy yourself in. We are a SFW server and have lots of things for you to do like:

🍑Bots to play around with

🍑Custom role menus

🍑Roleplay channels and rooms

🍑Places for you to showcase your lastest works of art

🍑Active Staff!

🍑Welcoming community!

🍑A channel for other groups!

So consider joining us at the BTS Cafe!🍑🍓

❗❗Looking for Partners❗❗
Just a chill community/shitpost server, plenty of toxic shit and plenty of memes. Many bots (including music bots, game bots, money bots, etc.) & minimal rules. The two owners are e-girls and we will happily exploit our genitalia :))
just like a small discord server for those who play mainly pc games because why not, i honestly just need friends tbh so it'd be real appreciated if you came and yunno friends thats how friendship works right
The is a D&D 5e and socializing server. Come here too meet new people, and talk D&D. We don't discriminate. Anyone Can join!


-Self Assigned Roles
-Various channels for talking, memes, homebrew, group hunting, and more
-Some bots to make everything more fun
-A channel category specifically for playing D&D
Welcome to Trannosaurus, a server for all trans teens and allies. Our server is for those under 20 only! We accept people of all views and beliefs. We are very chill and hope to see you on the server! Dino out-
Just a chill server with plenty of channels. We are just starting out but hopefully we will grow. We have self-assignable roles, and channels to express yourself along with a few NSFW channels.
Hi! We're a small teen e dating server. We have a nice staff team and effective anti raid bots.

We accept all members!
-=(Welcome to the Lovely Cafe)=-
Welcome to The Lovely cafe! We are a friendly dating server that hopes to help everyone find their special someone and if you just want friends you can find them here too. We have many different chats and features like:
-Special Events
-Fun Chats
-Cool Bots
-Matchmaker Service
-Friendly Staff
-Positivity and Judgement free zone
I hope you choose to join our server!
Teen hangout! 13-18
Need a place where u can just chill with people? You need a hug? Or maybe your just lonely and need some fellow teens to vent to. If so this is the place for u. We are weird and quiet crazy at times. Sometimes a little nsfw. But we're here for each other, and that's what counts. Who knows u might even find someone to date! If u have questions just ask DJwolfpup/Woofy (the owner) anywwayyyy
We have..
-friendly staff
-2 amazing owners
-roleplay if u want it
-ranked roles
-and more!
Come and join the family 💚💙
this is active and we voice call every night n stuff so if you join you get a free cookie plus a snack and we also play roblox so pls join thanks bbs <3
Nsfw teen only dating server
We have self roles automatic porn channel. And memes
We have hit 100 members so come chat with us
Welcome to The ThrillZone! a place to release your dirty self in and trade Memes! Bad People will be banned! Every gender allowed you can also chill and talk here and just let your emotions go wild <3 ;)
'dawn' is all about chilling, we welcome everyone. you can chat with your friends, meet new people, find many gaming communities, and much more. dawn's an up-and-coming server looking for members! come hang out with us. :)
Welcome to Ni🅱🅱aLand,
We are a meme,gaming,and hangout community as we just chill and joke around at times.
We are still a progressing server and would hope to grow in the future so just go ahead and click join to at least check us out 👍
|Welcome to Eros' Arrow! This is a server where you can make friends, possibly find a relationship, and just chill out. No need to be hasty, as in this server, you can take your time and just ride the waves of the chat!|

This server contains:
➼18+ Channels
➼Multiple Voice Chats
➼1 on 1
➼Helpful mods
➼A non-toxic environment
➼And much, much more!

|Come on in and have some fun! I hope you join my server, and I can't wait to see you there!|
Looking for friends? Maybe even more? Come and join High Castles and be a part of an active community dedicated in providing a wholesome experience.
Just hang out, talk about memes, play games, talk about anime, listen to music, whatever you want really.
a server where u talk to people and make friends and play games w/ them uwu
Looking to meet people your age? Whether you want to hang out, find love, or just meet some new friends, we got it all here. 14 - 19 only.
Welcome to ThePlayHouse! a place to release your horny self in and trade pictures! 18 or older Pedos will be banned! Every gender allowed you can also chill and talk here and just let your emotions go wild ;)
We're a welcoming community of younger people from magick-based religions such as paganism, satanism, and wicca. We have older, experienced members willing to give advice to newbies just finding their path, so don't feel turned away if you are just starting off! This server is a welcoming community for people of all religions, regardless of beliefs and backgrounds, and showing respect to each other is our highest priority. We're a chill server with few rules and restrictions, so feel free to stop in and check us out!

We have designated shitposting channels to make sure the meme-helliness doesn't get out of hand, so if that isn't really your thing, don't worry about being swamped with it. We also have channels for venting, writing, video games, photography, and more!

This is NOT a debate server. People of all religions are welcome to join, but attempting to convert others to your religion or insulting other beliefs will result in a ban.

💙self assignable roles
💛our own homemade bot
💙events hosted often
💛plenty of channels for any topic
💙friendly staff and welcoming community
💛updated anti-troll defenses to keep spammers out
💙a waifu voting gauntlet and plenty of shitty memes
💛a chill community with lots of active members