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True Metal Underground (TMU) is a highly active nitro-boosted metal server with a fantastic bot + lastfm integration, 250+ members, weekly album events and a place to collaborate with fellow musicians.

We are an adults-only server (21+) and we welcome everybody who's passionate about metal music and its vast genre pool.

We do not permit any kind of hateful, racist, sexist, incel, or otherwise negative behaviour and try our best to keep this one of the friendliest music servers on Discord.

Must have a verified Discord account to enter.
Uhhh this server is pretty cool.
We have:
-Non-poser music
-Cool admins
-Basically anything cool you can think of???
90% of this server is for black metal(every black metal genre) and the 10% is for chatting and discussing anything. So join if your kvlt enough.
Server to share your metal music and chill out. Mostly focusing on blackmetal and deathmetal. Posers will be nuked from orbit.
just a community server full of people with good music taste, share your favorite bands, share your merch, have a friendly chat about anything you want! Original Content/self promotion is also welcome!
P.S. This server is strictly 18+
Pénombre is a music community dedicated mainly to Black Metal and it's subgenres.

However all musical genres are welcome, as well as a variety of other topics such as arts and literature.

We strive to provide a comfortable place for our members to share their passions with like-minded people and have fun, so we hope you'll enjoy your stay.
a discord for people who idealize suicide, suffer from mental illness or the tendency to self harm. also a server for black metal fans, especially depressive suicidal black metal.
I, the owner, personally need help from others and a way to emulate a social life: so i made this server. please join.
AVE SATANAS! Join up for some metal worship and theology, and to join a community of potentially like minded metalheads.
This server is mainly focused on Dungeon Synth and Black Metal everyone that wants to chat or share their music can come here.
We're a Black Metal server, don't join if you don't listen to Black Metal. We expect you to drop some bands you like to prove you do. Other metal is accepted here as well, but no Slipknotcore shit is allowed.
We have active members, mods, and bots. So please try to be active if you join.
In "Djo's Black Metal Bar" there's Black Metal music, art and history.
Spoken languages are: english, german and french.
h24 radio managed by Toni bot included.
Have a seat, grab a beer (or not) and join the conversation.
Join for epic stuff

We got:

-Unfunny memes

What else does one want.
Welcome to Bathory Fans! Here, you’ll be able to socialize with people who have great music taste, share merch and gear, and post memes.
A server based around extreme metal genres such as black metal, death metal, grindcore, etc. The server is still in its infancy, so much more is to come.
⚠️ Achtung! This is NOT a fukking Sabaton fandom server, do not join if you're not into extreme war metal/bestial black metal!

We're a dedicated underground bestial black metal / war metal / death metal community but any extreme genre of metal is welcome so long as you also listen to war metal! (PS: We don't recommend joining unless you're into actual extreme metal and of course war metal)

We seek to create a community of metalheads with mutual interests and to hopefully share some underground bands to each other. We have a "subscription" role that gives you notifications of new staff recommendations which we plan to update regularly.


Metalheadleri tek çatı altında topluyoruz
-Metal ve Dark Memeler
-Dinlediğiniz Türlere Özel Permler
-Şarkı ve Playlist Paylaşım Odası
-Sövüş Odası
-Grup Fotoğrafları İçin Galeri Odası
-Gitar Yarışmaları
ve daha fazlası...
The only original official one. Others are cheap imitations.

depressive black metal, atmospheric black metal, musicians, production, recording, rehearsals, underground elite

A new, black metal focused server. Not heavily moderated. Active, friendly members. Feel free to stop in.
Hey du ja genau du! Schieb dein elenden Kadaver auf unsern Server und genieße den Ausklang von dieser verdammten Welt mit uns! Kein Politik Schrot und keine verdammte Mainstream scheiße nur Liter weise Jungfräuliches Blut und dreckigen Black Metal!