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Here is a fun LGBT+ friendly server for people to just hang out and talk.
we are open to people of all ages and are just a nice place to meet new people, listen to music and have fun. main points of interest

LGBT+ friendly
Rooms for different age ranges
Friendly and active staff
Lots of emojis
Flowers for currency
Places to talk
And more
Hey welcome to the kingdom! This is a server for making friends and starting relationships. Aimed at teens 13-19. We have lots of channels for chatting, bots, and even games. This server is extremely safe and monitored 24/7 so you never have to worry about that. Have fun ❤
If you love Splatoon this is the sever for you. With an open gaming which can effect the rp you can play together and join in events. People are free to join and create characters to join in the rp or just game with a vast community. Everyone is free to join.
Pride Time is an LGBTQ+ server meant to be a safe place for everyone. We have plenty of channels for you to share your different interests, roles to assign to yourself including gender identity and expression and sexuality/romantic attraction. We host monthly events completely based around the majority of server members. PG-13 absolutely NO NSFW. For everyone ages 13-25. Due to safety for all our LGBTQ+ members, straight CIS allies will not be accepted into the server.
**Transgender Hotel**

"News paper Advert:
New Hotel open! The Transgender hotel has recently opened it doors to the public! They claim to host a safe-heaven for LGBTQ+ member and their allies!
They also have told us, they have great staff! An active owner who actually takes criticism and your feedback and trys to make the hotel better!
They have attached a link at the bottom."

☆ 50+ Self-roles. With reactions and custom Emojis! Including Self Colour!

☆ 18+ NSFW channels. (Might be a user for 1week & level 5).

☆ Levels! (Try and out rank your friends and fellow guests!)

☆ Discord themed after a hotel.

☆ Simple rules to follow

☆ Safe-space for Transgenders, LGBTQ+ members and their Allies!

☆ Custom Banner & Logo.

☆ A place to self-promote your YouTube/Twitch accounts!

🔗 Permanent Invite:
A place where you can possibly find someone (I know another one of those servers), or if you are just like that you can maybe make some new friends or do whatever
Welcome! This is a small, friendly LGBTQ+ with a help chat if you have problems you want to discuss. Allies welcome!
Saving the world one tiny wholesome step at a time.
Hi! We are a SFW server based around Community, Self care, and Media. We offer unique features via our custom bot, weekly events, active staff, and emojis. If you like being among other wholesome people - this is your new home.

Custom Bot || Emojis || LGBTQ+ Safe || Rank ups || Events || Currency || Custom Colours || Music Bots
Family to all genders, sexualities, races, and ages!

Fun events, roles, giveaways, and real bonding!
Looking for friends or just someone to beat in a video game, we got you covered!
VLSU is a decent-sized server (~350+ members) where friendly staffs and members support one another and make new friends whose going through similar struggles. Group vents are visible after you agree to the rules and private vents rooms that are only accessible to staffs are provided upon request. We support the LGBTQ+ community as we recognize that everyone is different and shouldn’t feel pressured to act a certain way. We host regular competition events with prizes to be won and giveaways. We are hoping to start regular events such as music night, movie night, and game night soon. We also offer partnership opportunities with fairly minimal requirements and we are also looking for moderator staffs and event staffs. There are a number of interactive bots in the server including our very own bot named Hope and we are always open to feedback and suggestions. Keep in mind that server theme constantly changes to match the celebrations that comes up such as Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. However we don’t support NSFW content as there are members who are in their early teens in this server so apologies if that’s what you like. Kano is the owner here who’s really kind and understanding, and Lila pretty much the web manager so go to her if you have questions about set up. You will meet the rest of the staff team once you join the server as they all have an intro in staff-intro channel. Hope to see you here!
Are you lonely and in need of friendship? If you answered yes than you have come to the right place! If your interested, keep reading to learn more :)!
Our server offers:
✧ A friendly, LGBTQ+ community
✧ Memes and fun games
✧ A place for you to make friends
✧ Self assignable roles
✧ Kind staff
✧ A role-play chatroom
And Much More!
So what are you waiting for? Click the 'join this server' button to come and meet some new people (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ !
This is Promenade ~ a chill server with a place for almost any kind of member. Where mods will not abuse you and pendejos will not bother you. 💕
Hello and welcome to the Sanctuary, we are a relaxed community that wants people to love everyone. We have events, question of the day, and a loving community. So come to join us
✯||⟪WELCOME TO⟫||✯
✯||𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝒩𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉||✯
a community that just started due to the old one getting raided!
Come hang an enjoy what we have to offer!
✯||what 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝒩𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 has to offer||✯
✯||Help if you ever need it
✯||friendly staff
✯||Anime chat
✯||manga chat!
✯||Lgbt chat
✯Looking for partnership managers!

🌹 Red Roses is a server focused on the community. We want to grow and become the awesomest community on discord :) We have cool roles that take 1 click. (That took me like a year ;-; ) Our main focus is chilling but dating is cool to ya kno? 🌹
A cool place to chill out, play games, listen to music, and make cool friends! More will be added with member suggestions!
There is also a special VIP role for those who are very active!
Come check us out!
Mod applications are open always! They are chosen every so often.
🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈
╔═══°.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.°═══╗
**»»———— +:。.。Gliding Brush 。.。:+ ————««**
╚═══°.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.°═══╝
( )
🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈

`"Who are we?"`
Hello! We are a small, SFW community for the creative type!
The server is small but new and honestly cosy! Everyone is friends with each other and give off good vibes all together.
We have an arts section, along with lots and lots of fandoms to join! For those who are interested, there is an anime section too!!

We're all so excited for you to join!!

🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈

`"What do we provide?"`

✨| » Loads of cool roles to choose from!! 💎

✨| » Absolutely **no NSFW**!! 🔞

✨| » A small and kind community!! 👋

✨| » Great staff!! 👍

✨| » Venting Channel!! 💗

✨| » Custom emojis!! 🍵

✨| » Music Bot!! 🎶

✨| » Roleplay!! 💭

✨| » Anime and Manga!! 🌸

🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈

Owner | » @calmserendipity#2617

Banner | »

🌈 ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★🌈
Slow's Hideout is a friendly place for everyone to come and chill. We have a level up system for getting more roles and we have a friendly community of Dead by Daylight players and others! Everyone is welcome to join.
This server is full of memes, art creators, and all sorts of great boys and girls. We have the main chat where all forms of language are allowed, and a safe chat for the ones who want it peaceful. We also have a place for gamers to meet up.
☆・☆Welcome to the Galactic Hub! ☆・☆

About us:
We're a fairly new server, laid back but a well monitored server through active and friendly staff. We're a geeky-nerdy 18+ community only, filled with goofs and giggles, but with plenty of space for serious discussions about the mysteries of adulthood! We host weekly movies and series events, as well as other social events such as different types of competitions and giveaways! Our server's topic consists of galactic-themed fandoms, such as Star Wars, Voltron, Halo and more.

☆・☆ On top of that, we also offer: ☆・☆

☆ 18+ members only.
☆ Active, enthusiastic and ambitious staff.
☆ Partnerships.
☆ Leveling system.
☆ Friendly and supportive members.
☆ Roles to unlock hidden channels.
☆ Self-assigned roles.
☆ [Optional] NSFW channels.
☆ Cool emojis for geeky Nitro users.
☆ LGBTQ+ Friendly.
☆ Gaming channels.
☆ Animē channels.
☆ K-related channels.
☆ Twitch & YouTube friendly.
☆ Has specific categories for fandoms, such as Star Wars, Halo, Rick & Morty, Voltron etc.

Looking for:
More active members! We really want to host more fun events within this server, but we need a little boost from your activity! So don't hesitate to join, come and talk with us! We love to meet new people and make new friends!
"Club managers" - we're looking for members who wish to be in charge of a fandom within our server! If you know you're a hardcore Doctor Who fan, Star Wars fan, or some other type of galaxy-themed-series-movie-game fan, and want to host marathons movie-nights, games or competitions... then you're exactly what we're looking for! You'll find more information in our server!

Welcome all to Marvel November - MARVEMBER
From November 1st, we'll be hosting SIX different Marvel-themed events! Some of these events includes a drawing competition, Marvel Movie Marathon and an exclusive Roleplay event! You'll have a chance to win within three of our events! The prices will range from Nitro, games and Marvel-themed pillows, plushies and t-shirts!

☆・☆ Hope to see you guys joining our conquering of the galaxy! ☆・☆
A place for discussions about gender, sexuality, LGBTQ+ in media, and casual conversations! Follow reddit and youtube feeds in the server, post memes, talk about the news or real life experiences and talk with people who have gone through the same as you! (16+) Come join us today!!!
LGBTQ+ Helping Hand is a LGBTQ+ server where everyone can be themselves and not be uncomfortable due to their gender, sexual orientation, etc.
Our goal at Project Rainbow is to provide a safe, friendly, enjoyable, harassment free space for anyone apart of the LGBTQ+ community. We’re a small server right now, but our hopes is to expand into something much bigger and better!(edited)
18+| 18-| What's there to ask for in a server? Lewds, nudes, and UwUs. We are a BDSM-themed server that accepts all kinds, ranging from the vanillas who meme about BDSM to the hardcore fans of BDSM. We're a small server, but we anticipate to grow larger as we gain more members. Join us why don't ya?