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This server is a virtual commune for polyamorous people who are either in or curious about the BDSM lifestyle. Are you submissive seeking to become part of a poly relationship? Are you Dominant and looking to find someone new to add to your polycule? These and other possibilities can be found here.

This isn't just a sex server. We also talk about everyday life: hobbies,cooking, music, movies. We discuss the challenges of loving more than one, such as dealing with jealousy and meeting the needs of all our partners. We support and love each other.

Come here to learn, to socialize and make new romantic connections, or just find new friends.
Plinky is the short term for "Polyamorous and Kinky". This is a 18+ discussion group about polyamory and kink, and the intersection of those. Please join us for a great time talking about the difficulties managing a dom/sub relationship and also a monogamous vanilla relationship at the same time!
Here at the Kitchen Table, we welcome the polyamorous and the polycurious alike. If you've ever wanted to find a community with friendly, inclusive, and supportive like-minded people we're your one-stop-shop for everything your limitless heart could desire.

- 18+ verified NSFW channels.
- Mature, active community
- Plenty of self assignable roles.
- Hands off staff that support and preserve the community feel.
- Regular VC events.
- Games nights.
- Laidback general chat.
- Dedicated support and discussion channels.

There is a seat for everyone at our Table, please come and see for yourself.
A welcoming and supportive community for polyamorous people of all ages and those curious about polyamory.

This is NOT a dating server!
We're a new server. We used to be on kik but we migrated here.

We're community focused. Non-biased or judgy. We only have one rule: Don't be a dick.

So come join us and meet new friends.
I aim to create a safe space where Poly and non mono people can talk, get to know one another, create friendships and just be their awesome selves. It is a UK based server and hopefully we can see it grow. x
Are you looking for a server that's specifically for poly lesbians? Well, you have stumble on the right world! It's a relaxed environment, where women can just be themselves without worrying. It's not easy being a poly lesbian. Come on in and get comfortable. It's your poly world, be as you are.
A welcoming and all inclusive place for polyamorous folks, the people who love them, or the people who are curious about being polyamorous themselves! Open community, chat channels about polyamorous life, but also everything else. LQBTQIA+ inclusive. Run by a poly/pan/demi, cis-female. NSFW content is kept in special role-controlled categories.
The Cult of Anonism is a server dedicated to Anon, the Holy Lord. There's not to much to say, it's a community, and it's our way of starting a religion. Anon isn't really a 'god' per say. However it is the way of life we follow.
The main value is living life the way you want, and polyamory, deviance, and mature themes is to be expected. The best way to describe this server in general is: Chaotic Neutral Bard.
A new group dedicated to those who enjoy polyamory ddlg relationships! We also welcome monogamous people and those who are looking to learn more! Come join us and join the family!❤️ -Jack and Bun
We have moved over from kik! Group of non-monogamous people in the valleys north of LA socializing with other like minded people. Santa Clarita Valley, Antelope Valley and San Fernando Valley.
Must be 16+ to join *exceptions may apply*
Must be 18+ to access nsfw chats
Must be polyamorous (but don't have to be currently in a polyamorous relationship)
All other rules are inside the server ^_^