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If you're polycurious or an old hat, come and join our new ad growing server. Let's see where we can take this!

18+ verified NSFW channels.
Fun, friendly community.
Plenty of self assignable roles.
Have a say in how the server develops.
A welcoming and supportive community for polyamorous people and those curious about polyamory.

This is NOT a dating server!
We're a new server. We used to be on kik but we migrated here.

We're community focused. Non-biased or judgy. We only have one rule: Don't be a dick.

So come join us and meet new friends.
The Cult of Anonism is a server dedicated to Anon, the Holy Lord. There's not to much to say, it's a community, and it's our way of starting a religion. Anon isn't really a 'god' per say. However it is the way of life we follow.
The main value is living life the way you want, and polyamory, deviance, and mature themes is to be expected. The best way to describe this server in general is: Chaotic Neutral Bard.
A new group dedicated to those who enjoy polyamory ddlg relationships! We also welcome monogamous people and those who are looking to learn more! Come join us and join the family!❤️ -Jack and Bun