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We are firstly a virtually home for everyone, So be nice... You never know what someone is going through, We are all just chilling and trying to enjoy life with all its obstacles, Fill free to stop on by and come hang out with us.
Hiii!!! I'm Koumiki, and I live stream games on Twitch. Toaster Town has become more of a community to my friends and I, but we're always looking for more people to join. Regardless of if you stream, play games, watch anime, or just like wholesome memes, you're welcome to join!

💖 (NOTE: PG-13 content. The rules are listed on the server, if broken then you will be warned or banned.) 💖
Agoge Gaming founded in June of 2017 was a small group of dedicated members from a larger organization’s falling out. We have worked for greatness throughout Casual and eSports related gaming since our founding. Owners Keon “Kewky” Woods and William “Wkannard” Kannard have worked with many great staff, content creators, companies and players alike to grow our reach and extend our audience as far as possible. Partnering with Humble Bundle in early March of 2018, Rogue Energy in early April of 2018, and Custom eSports in late April of 2018 have helped us reach where we are today. We actively support charities through both Humble Bundle since our partnership and The One Wish Foundation since our founding.
This is a server. server is fun. We allow promotions including to most discord links. pretty much no NSFW. We do community games often too! Very welcoming!
Hi, this server is about making art/content. it can be anything from drawings to making fully fledged movies. We accept all kinds of artists, musicians, video editors, graphic designers. I'm look forward in meeting you and learning something! Thank you have a great day.
Heya! I'm Klozer, I'm a small streamer just trying to grow my community. A big draw is my discord as its very friendly, decently active, and honestly an all-around fun place to chill, talk and game. Ask people to play games, join streams, post memes, it's all here! We have much to offer and are always open to suggestions!

- Active and Friendly Staff!
- Giveaways!
- Friendly Community!
- Music Rooms and Bots!
- Roles for Being Active!
- Anyone is Welcome!
- Fun Emojis!
- New Features and Updates Always Added!

What's to come?
- Community Events!
- More Bots!
- More Features!
- Game Tournaments!
- Optional Server RPG (With Bot)!
- Colors and Roles Update and Customization!
- Trevor <3
Phantom Advertising Community 🦃
I made this Discord with one purpose in mind, for creators on every platform to network and share content with each other. This discord is great for anyone looking for a welcoming community that will help them grow on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, or any other platform as well as their Discords. Join and let us help you with that. :)
🔷 YouTube/Twitch networking!
🔷 Free advertising for anything!
🔷 We shout-out one lucky creator every week!
🔷 Channel for receiving feedback on your content!
🔷 Role-menu with many roles to choose from!
🔷 Great emotes!
🔷 Fun community!
🔷 Helpful staff!
🔷 Tons more!!

Join today:
Hey guys! My name is SpicyCat and I am a small twitch streamer and cosplayer. I am trying to build a friendly community to hang out, chat, and play games. Feel free to join and talk games, cosplay, anime, photography, and everything in between. I am pretty new to this so feel free to add suggestions :)
Hey! I'm surprised you even found my server here. Good job, you are pretty good at looking in every nook and cranny aren't you? But if you are looking to advirtise, or want to meet some colorful people, then this is the discord for you! Very simple and basic. You can advirtise your discord, twitch streams, social media posts, whatever! Or if you feel bored, we got some memes, wholesome memes, and cursed memes. But we don't talk about the cursed ones. Everyone is welcome! Come join if you want!
A small community for everyone to have a good time with. Friendly community members and good vibes all around!
Welcome to OverRealm Official! Our goal here at OverRealm is to supply a safe community for all players, along with a top-notch player experience on our Minecraft server! Please enjoy your stay here at OverRealm Official!
The only limit is what you can't comprehend.
Monochrome accepts all.
Inherits the heart and soul(s) of the Soul Engine.
The Ultimate place for Anime and Manga discussion and appreciation.
This is your one stop destination.
Topics up for discussion include anime, manga, gaming, books, films and television.
There is an art channel for artists who wish to display their works.
We have variety of bots including a music bot, and a bot that announces when streamers go live.
We await your presence.
Enter "+getrole Sleepy" in the #assign channel, when you get here, to access it all.
We do small tourneys for prizes and fun we would love for you to join we also host small streamers and youtubers
50+ YouTubers
Voice Channels Duos/Trios/Quads/Etc
New Fresh Start To Start Twitch !
No toxicity
No racism
No nsfw
Etc ya know c;
We recently got to level 1 in nitro boosts! Come share some emotes!

YAHAHA! We are inviting you to the Zeppy & Friends community server.

It's a server where most of us play Nintendo games and have fun, we are like a family but we are always looking for new members to come join and have fun too!

We have the following features:
Gaming Channels
Are you a fan of Animal Crossing? Smash Bros? Splatoon? Mario Maker 2? If you said yes to any of them, then this server is good for you!

Do you think you have a really good or hard level in Mario Maker? We hold streams showcasing levels people create on Mondays and Thursdays! We also host an open lobby for Smash Ultimate players so they can show their skills on Fridays!

Movie / Anime events
Do you like movies or watching anime? Maybe you like some Jojo? Come here, we are big fans and we always like to share memes or watch together!

Roles, colors and more!
We have some level progression roles! You can pick a color you will like for your username! You can also earn more from hanging out with us and sharing your interests!
♡⋆ ˚。⋆ ˚。⋆~ Welcome to The Royal Palace (aka daycare) ~⋆ ˚。⋆ ˚。⋆♡
˚。⋆♡~This server was made for a soon to be streamer named RoyalJinxx! Come join, meet and make some really great friends!~♡⋆。˚

♡⋆ ˚。⋆ ˚。⋆~ Wanna know what else we can offer?♡⋆ ˚。⋆ ˚。⋆

♡~ A Non-Toxic, relaxed and laid back Community! ~♡

♡~ Game night! With daily voice chats included! ~♡

♡~ Games include League, Minecraft, Cards against Humanity,, Jackbox, Kahoot, Club Penguin (Yes seriously), Osu, Fortnite and many more ~♡

♡~ Cute emotes added every day ~♡

♡~ Lots of friendly people to meet and talk too ~♡

♡~ An aesthetic and non cluttered layout ~♡

♡⋆ ˚。⋆ ˚。⋆~ We hope you would like to join and enjoy your stay! ~⋆ ˚。⋆ ˚。⋆♡
A community of people who come together and play Minecraft together, neither PC or Too Vulgar, join if you want a place similar to 2009 Youtube. You have to be 15+ to join and play, Server based in Washington State.
We are a gaming community and we even have our own lounge so that everyone can meet new people! This communtiy was built from my fan base now its growing!

Alot of bots

Voice Channels for all gamers & non gamers

🙅‍ Make new friends 🙋‍‍

Active staff

We even have our own music channel!

memes & even selfies
Skull Bash is a Gaming server where you can talk to other gamers and make new friends! We truly hope you enjoy your stay. Thank you for joining. :)
If you're a guy who's into gaming..... no matter what game it is......

JUST JOIN!!!!!!!!