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Сервер со стримами по различным играм и приятным времяпрепровождением. Общение со зрителями\Совместная игра\Twitch.
Looking for a cool place to hang out and game with people?
Welcome to Macoy's Lounge. Here's what we have to offer!

🎁Giveaways from Hypixel rank upgrades to Discord Nitro!

✅ A level system where you unlock cool roles and perks by talking and inviting people!

👥 Active chat with funny memes!

🤖 Level 1 nitro boost perks, and MEE6 Premium!

❓ Question of the day!

🔗 Advertising channels!

😎 Custom emojis!

😳 Cool updates frequently!

Join now! See you soon! :D <3
A description of the discord from it's members;
"Strange" - S
"Gaming" - H
"One" - A
"Whopper" - B
"Fanny" - JO
"What" - JB

Just a small Irish server with some interesting individuals who also enjoy playing games daily.
Doing weekly 5 mans and 1v1 games in csgo.

Willing to host minecraft / terraria & other game servers.
hiya! this is a server for everyone to hang out in and find people to play games with! We are quite a new server so would love to have new people in it for a bigger and nicer community!
⭐ - Friendly and welcoming atmosphere!
⭐ - Proactive staff!
⭐ - Active community social medias!
⭐ - Promote your content!
⭐ - Weekly community shoutouts!
⭐ - Collaborate & make friends!
⭐ - Get content advice/tips/tricks!
⭐ - Self assignable and reward roles!
⭐ - Levels, fun bots and even more!

- Are you a content creator? Or looking for someone new to watch? 🤔

- Maybe a YouTuber? A twitch streamer? Or maybe you're aspiring to be one?? 😮


- We're a large friendly community for content creators and people looking for new users to watch!

- Wanna get some tips and tricks? Maybe a collab with someone? Hey, even make some great content friends! You've come to the right place! 😁

- We hope to see you there soon! - if you aren't already 😎 (cringe I know, shhhh)

┌───── •✧✧• ─────┐
__😸 -WELCOME- 😸__
└───── •✧✧• ─────┘ ᵖˡˢ ʲᵒᶦⁿ ᶦᵐ ᵈᵉˢᵖᵉʳᵃᵗᵉ
A community server for anyone to hangout, welcome all. A place for people to play video games, talk with friends and even make them. A growing community where the main person is you. Everyone is your friend. We appreciate anyone that decides to join us
✩Chat with a lovely community
✩Top memes
✩Hosted events
✩Post cute pet pictures
✩Meme, Music, Nsfw, Gaming, Media channels
✩Self Roles
Welcome! At TheCreatorClub, we welcome all content creators, YouTubers, and streamers and we everyone expand their platforms and grow together! If you like to watch, you can also join, we have a full selection of amazing content creators. If you are a streamer, YouTuber or create any content, TheCreatorClub is the place to be! Hope you see you here!
Serveur Discord publique, dédier à une communauté Twitch.

/!\ le serveur contient une charte avec des règles très précises.
Ici, nous acceptons absolument tout le monde. et les modérateurs seront intransigeants vis-à-vis du non-respect des règles.

si vous voulez discuter, partager, et rendre le serveur un peu plus vivant, vous êtes le ou la bienvenue =D

(pour l'instant nous sommes encore une petite communauté en cours de développement)
Looking for server that will help your channel and discord grow fast?🤔
Then we got you covered! Because in here we offer 🔽
🔴 Active and Friendly Community
💰 Advertising your Youtube,Twitch,etc
👍🏻 Helper Role that helps your Yt Channel
💸 Promotion on your Server for free
🌌 Lots of Invite Rewards
🎉 Giveaways with Great Prizes
📦 Special Perks for Nitro Boosters
🎄 Events with Special Prizes
Discord axé, de base, sur la communauté de ziel_snail (streameuse Twitch), qui s'oriente aussi sur les discussions chill sur différents sujets.

- Twitch
- Gaming / jeux vidéo
- Discussion chill
- Films, séries et anims
- art / dessins / fan art
- memes
- recherche de joueurs
- Et bien plus encore!
Willkommen beim Fuchsbau!
Dies ist der Offizielle Community Discord von JuleTheFox. 🦊

Was dich hier erwartet:

⇨ 👥 Eine Tolle Community mit über 800 Mitgliedern
⇨ 🎬 Streamer
⇨ 💎 30 Server Boosts
⇨ 🎮 Mitspieler für Games
⇨ 🦊 Geile Emotes
⇨ 🛡️ Ein freundliches und kompetentes Server Team
⇨ 🤖 Coole und nützliche Bots
⇨ 👍 Community Interaktionen
⇨ 🎤 Sprachkanäle
⇨ 💬 Text Channels
⇨ 👑 Top Chatter Rang

Wir freuen uns auf dich! ❤
We are a small community full of friendly and active people.
Join us for a fun chat and cosy experience.Cookie Hideout is a place for twitch streamers and everyone else too. There's also game servers you can join too.

We are looking for Staff.
This is the official streaming server for Cynfulplays/ She's a variety streamer who primary streams on Twitch. She enjoys playing all different types of games, meeting people and more. Cynners Paradise is a hangout place for everyone to enjoy themselves, meet people, game together and become one as we welcome all walks of life.
Serveur communautaire et e-sport de la team Zephyx !
Accessible a tous, rejoignez nous !
🎉 Giveaway toutes les semaines ! 🎉
~~recrutements ouverts~~
Welcome to the Pitch Perfect Pandas!
We're a Community Server with gaming nights, movie nights and just daily hangouts. We're supporting smaller streamers and are very focussed on having a safe place for people with issues. This is also the official discord server of sibunasings, a Singer-Songwriter, Streamer, YouTuber and Entertainer.

We're welcoming you with open arms and we're trying to count up to 1000... and we always fail. So come help us! (and don't get addicted to the fishing bot...)
Benvenuto/a in questa piccola e modesta community virtuale!
Ti trovi attualmente a Pi Singularity, un luogo di pace per chiunque desideri diventare un nostro concittadino!

Siamo una comunità che tratta diverse tematiche: film, anime, manga, musica, grafica, sport, cucina, animali, notizie, argomenti vari.
Ci sono delle regole da rispettare come in ogni comunità che si rispetti, quindi solo le persone mature sono le benvenute! Statemi bene!
Welcome to the Clout Castle! Join a welcoming community and just hang out! We have many channels for various topics, such as memes, tech discussions, gaming, and much more! Content Creators even get an exclusive role when they join, so come join us in the Clout Castle!
❧ Premium Groovy
❧ Level 2 boosted
❧ Weekly game nights
❧ Regular movie nights
❧ Self-assignable roles and leveling
❧ LGBTQIA+ owned and friendly
❧ No @/everyone pings
❧ Responsive staff
❧ Twitch interaction + subscriber perks
❧ Boosters vote on role colors and get private channels
❧ Private vent / rant tickets and listener system anyone can participate in
❧ Boosted server + booster perks
❧ 18+ chat channel
❧ NSFW channel with strict verification

This server is open to anyone interested in forming a community of people with similar interests and to form a supportive friend group and family where possible! The owner is a new streamer on Twitch and a verified user on TikTok (300k+) with a variety of interests and channels to showcase them.

❧ Animal Crossing (including regular giveaways!)
❧ Minecraft (server to be added soon!)
❧ Overwatch
❧ Ark
❧ Kpop
❧ Anime

The server's staff are very receptive to requests or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to them at any point.
Offical Discord of Sixxtysixx on twitch , come join and us chill out in this lovely community