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Hello! <3 Our server is looking to provide a healthy and nice experience to all that join! we dont care what your background is, or who you are you are welcome to join. There are rules however! the largest would be that you can never purposefully piss someone off, and no sexist/racist terms! be nice and have fun :)
Do you love Gudetama? You know, the cute egg from Sanrio? Well come join Gudetama club and meet other people who like him too! Great community with friendly staff and everyone has something in common!
Here over at The Land of Fantasies, we welcome all people to our server with open arms! Our server offers a friendly, diverse community, Character Creation roles, and more to come. We'd love to have you with us and follow along on our growth to the top <3
With over 300 Members apart of this growing community primarily from PC, we're certain you'll be able to find someone from around the world here to play games with! We promote Positive vibes and NO Toxicity! This includes in games such as Overwatch, Frequent movie nights on, AND our VERY OWN SERVER-WIDE Overwatch league! There's something here for everyone however, so don't feel like you have to be a gamer to chill with us! ~ Positivity! (Server Boosted Too!)
C'est un petit serveur, on rigole bien
Hésite pas à venir hi hi.
Welcome, Traveler. You have arrived at the gates of Ultima !

Within you will climb the ranks and ascend through the layers, discovering new realities beyond the veil

Through the favor of the higher denizens of the upper layers, you may seek initiation, climbing the ladder ever higher - Until you yourself attain the role of initiator!

​How deep do the layer descend, and what secrets are to be found within?

We wish you all the luck on the journey, Traveler.
My name is Crissy, together with ravenskyy & GBOSSSSSS, I wanna create a fun, hype, positive and entertaining gaming community that is open towards everybody!
This server is dedicated to being a fun, exciting server to try and get more friends!
Astro - Chill And Chat
• What Our Server About:
This is an extremely new partnership hub where servers with 20+ members could be partnered to gain, increase or grow his or her rp or community server.
★Mention★: everyone here
★Permanent Link★:
:dizzy: A music bot to listen to your favorite songs :dizzy:
:dizzy: Pleasuring Memes :dizzy:
:dizzy: Partnership hub for servers with 20+ humans and comes with their own channel :dizzy:
:dizzy: Friendly Staff that will assist you with your difficulties :dizzy:
:dizzy: Wonderful Welcoming people :dizzy:
:dizzy: Chatty Community :dizzy:
:dizzy: A hub/Community where you can make new friends :dizzy:
:dizzy: Hub where you can find different rp servers which relates to yout favorite anime, Tv series or Movie:dizzy:
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:star:Owner Tag: B l o o m Y#7195, whip#8270
Brand new discord server looking for chill members to chat with and have a good time!
Welcome To Celestial! A space themed server about anything! We are very supportive here and love to talk about music,interests, stories etc. So c'mon and join!
Hi there! Here you’ll find a positive environment where you can make some friends and get some help and support (if you suffer from a mental illness or are feeling suicidal, I’ll try my best to help but I’d strongly suggest getting a therapist or contacting the hotline). There’s also daily messages of positivity for you here.
This is a small server that supports almost all talk about your favorite games! Allthough its a work in progress, applications via DM are very much allowed!
Hello! Welcome to my server. Social Pariahs. This is a somewhat new server. I made this so people can join and make new friends. If you have a hard time making friends then consider joining this one. We want to be your friend. We have amazing members and bots for you to play with! Come chill with us, we want to meet you. We hope you join! :)
Welcome to the Rose Haven Lounge!

This server includes:
⊲Chill Community
⊲Welcome to all users
⊲Good vibes
⊲Cool admins

We hope you enjoy your stay at the Rose Haven Lounge!
personally, i like to make friends on discord & there are probably a lot of other people like me. go ahead and join my server. feel free to message me & be my friend too!
this server is basically about meeting new people and having fun. it’s a small community but hoping to make it bigger and meeting some fun people to keep the server alive ❤️
Hello! Welcome to the Chilly Cafe~! Where we give you the most yummy foods! You can roleplay, do memes and more! Enjoy your vist!
X3 hello! We hope to see you soon! Tight knit community that won’t judge! Enjoy your stay! Furry and juggalo friendly! Non juggalos welcome as well! We have many types of people! Come have some laughs and even make a few chill friends!
welcome to "good vibes" a server meant for positive mental attitudes, healthy lifestyles, calmness, and meditating.

we just like to talk, have fun, and be a nice community.
we play games
we arent nsfw at all
we arent a dating community. please do not join with that mentality.
we support positive mental states.
and we support lgbt+
Just a nice server to chat with your new friends. We welcome anyone with open hands. We're mostly gamers and anime fans but it doesnt matter if you aren't, you'll still fit in.
This server is a chill, active, and weird server! Everyone welcomed! (:
Enjoy you're time (':