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Welcome to Gremlin Grove! We are a 16+ community where gremlins can rejoice and relish in the creativity and positivity we have created! Join the monsters today for friendly and active members, a fun variety of channels and roles, and a positive and welcoming enviroment open to all!
Hi, we're Study Buds, a small college server designed for studying and making friends along the way! Members can be aged 17 onward.

We're a pretty close-knit community with a good amount of active members. Our server has an entertainment category and some fun bots, as well as channels specifically for majors/studying! Feel free to invite others as well!

I really hope that you join and have a good time here.
We're lonely; let's be lonely together! :)
Top of the morning to ya laddies! This server is all about positive vibes, meeting new people and of course... Jacksepticeye! We are a small server but hopefully YOU can change that ^-^

We have many channels for you to explore such as;

- Memes
- Bots area
- Photos / Selfies
- Mental Health support
- Jacksepticeye channels
- Music

And many more!!

Now get in here so you can *Smack board* L A U G H.
League of Positivity is a new server! We are just starting out, so dont be afraid to join since we are small. We plan on growing much bigger. Me and my brother started it because we hate all of the toxicity in past servers we have been in. Please consider joining us! We are open to anyone and everyone, as long as you stay positive, and always have a good time. We are looking to make long lasting friendships as we grow our community.

This is mostly a league of legends server but we play are open to other games for sure. Some to include are CSGO, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and many more!!

We also have some musicians in the discord! We love talking about music, as well as playing instruments sometimes! Open to all genres of music. There are voice and text channels dedicated just to this!

We have many text channels that we hope everyone will interact with such as general chat, league chat, music chat, meme chat, pics/vids IRL, food, self promotion, and BOTS.

Voice channels include the Chillin Chat, League Chat, Duos, Other Games, Anime Watch, and Jammin/practice for Music!
Hey! We're a JJBA focused server that puts emphasis on positivity, anyone is welcome to have a good time and discuss the manga or anime of JJBA. We have a (fairly inactive) tumblr blog to go with the server which posts positivity for any kind of LGBTQ+ person, and we'd love new members to talk to! We also have a roleplay channel, and a channel to ask Jojo characters questions (yes! Even small characters like Poco and Miu Miu!) run by the owner and our mods.

Hope to see you there!
Heylo and welcome to the cutie kingdom! We have active chat, fun bots and a non-toxic community you can join. We also do offer help and therapy for any person.we might not be that many or not online, but we hope you'll help change that! Thank you and see you around these lands!
We have:
~vent channel, if you are going though something and want someone to talk to here we are.
~Chill and positive chats.
~Active Staff.
~NSFW channel for people.
~Non-toxic chats.
~Verification system.
~soul purpose of this server is for friends. Your life is better with friends. They are the one thing that will keeps you happy during a tough time. If you need someone to have a laugh with or just to chat to we are here.

Everyone is welcome. We don’t tolerate no shit though. Everyone is here to be in a loving community. We are not here to make a little community off what is known as normal.
If you transgender, you are welcome here.
If you are gay, welcome here.
But this Is a place for everyone and we don’t accept you here if you don’t accept how others are.
~You’re are amazing~
This is My Hero Academia Love, where we all join together to express our love of all things My Hero Academia! Join to gain access to a swell community, links to well moderated roleplay, and plenty of fanart! We love our MHA babies here!
This is a social discord that anyone is welcome to join! We have music bots, mini-games and other fun stuff!
We have friendly and supportive admins and community members.

We allow and tolerate a lot but the one thing we absolutely will not tolerate is negativity and toxic behaviour towards other people. There’s no drama allowed. If there is our admins should know about it so they can sort it out.

Also to note: this server consists of mostly Xbox players. :]
<(^¬^)> Welcome to The Anxiety Alliance!

We are a place for all those going through trying times that need a bit of positivity in their lives!
😊 Channels to keep positive!
🎨 Channels to be creative!
🌮 Tacos!
🎵 Music!
🤖 Enough bots but not too many!
🌈 Friendly to all!
🌑 Void to rant to!

Finding a place where you can escape negativity can be hard. We're happy to spread and share smiles. =D
this is a server where everyone is wholesome to each other
you can make new friends and have lots of fun here
if you have anything on mind that is bothering you dont worry about it we are here for you and we are going to help if you need any kind of problem or therapy as we also have therapists here!
alright thanks for reading
This server is a chill, friendly space. We welcome anyone and everyone to join as long as you remain respectful of others.
We are lgbtq+ friendly. We would love to grow with you. Come join the family!
We have channels ranging from anime, gaming discussions, youtube, livestreamers, k-pop, music, memes and more!
A judgement-free server open to everyone of all ages, based on positivity, open-mindedness and acceptance. Based partly on Mass Effect. The only way we will survive is to put aside our differences, accept that we all have flaws, and love each other despite of our flaws. Trolling is fine as long as we know it's done in a friendly, accepting way.
Come hang out with us get to know people and find people to play with! Everyone in here plays anything from (Dead by Daylight,Apex,Sims,SoT,Pokemon and etc.) Join and be apart of the community we would love to have you!
·˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ♡ this server is where you can start fresh, make new friends, and more! there friendly people here, you can easily make friends. anyone can join. this is a safe place where you can talk. talk about your life, problems, concerns and more. ·˚ ༘♡ ·˚ ♡

» positivity !!

» small if youre shy !

» weeb casuals

» things like slurs and other get ban !

» post art , memes/anime memes , roleplay , make new friends , etc . !

» ponytown [ pt ] player friendly «
An 18+ Discord community that’s focused on first accepting our bodies as they are, and then becoming the person we want to be. Nudism is encouraged (hence the 18+ verification requirement), but not mandatory. Here you’ll find encouragement to reach ANY goal (members get their own goal channel) and peers that invalidate negative thoughts and promote healthy thinking to overcome shame, depression, procrastination, and bad habits. We’re here to make a major difference in your life and feel good about it, because no “body” should have to conquer their world alone.
Small furry server that concentrates on positivity!
We have:
- A friendly community
- Reaction roles
- Friendly and active staff
- Hobby rooms
- Roleplay rooms
- NSFW rooms
- Pokecord
- A minecraft server!
And much more! Come say hi ^-^
```┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✯ 。˚
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫
┊ ⊹ ° ° °
✯ ⋆ ┊ ˚. ˚ .• ° ˚
⋆ ° ✩

╰┈ ➛ ``ଘ(੭ ᐛ )━☆ 。˚ ⋆ Potchi Luffs ♡ ~ˎˊ˗``


╰┈ ➛ __**What is Potchi Luffs?**__

> ꒰ 🍓 ꒱ ・Potchi luffs is an
> Aesthetic Anime server which
> Strives to become one of the biggest
> Happy and most positive server in
> discord ♡

> ꒰ 🌸 ꒱ ・Server Published on Dec 20 2019


╰┈ ➛ __**What do you have?**__

> ꒰ 🍓 ꒱ ・Well we have manu things to
> offer! just like ♡ :

> 🌸・Lovely Staff Team !
> 🍓・Cool Bots !
> 🌸・Daily partners !
> 🍓・Many Roles to Choose from !
> 🌸・Monthly Events !
> 🍓・Loving and Wholesome Community !
> 🌸・Channels organized neatly !
> 🍓・50+ Emotes !
> 🌸・Weekly Giveaways !
> 🍓・Open Advertisement channels !


> ꒰ 🌸 ꒱ ・So what are you waiting for?
> Join Now ! ♡

> 🍓・Note; Potchi Luffs is currently
> looking for Partnership Managers &
> Nitro boosters ! DM for inquirey of
> PMs And Join the server to become a
> Booster! We have good deals if you
> Boost! uvu

> 📌・Server inv:
Hello there! This is a safe place to be yourself. We're fairly new and very small, but feel free to stop in and say hi!
This server is really good if you have something you wanna talk about with someone, for example a therapist,, but wait you can’t talk to or access one in real life! Don’t worry we’ve got you covered here at Stardust Therapy! 🌟

This server includes..:
★ Cute emojis!
★ Friendly people!
★ Positivity!
★ Free advice!
★ Support!
★ Helpful moderators!
★ Kind therapists!
★ +More to come!

My Dev Team and I are still working on the server, so come on in, come check it out and give us suggestions on how we can make it the perfect paradise YOU deserve! Enjoy your time at...
Stardust Therapy! 🌟
And never forget....
You're made of stardust~ ✨

If you have an issue, contact the staff team in the server via DM or email us at [email protected] ⚠️

— The Staff Team 👮💙
We're a new server who, like most, need a little support! We're planning some big projects so please help us make this new server (16/02/2020) active!
Hello! Welcome to the Gay Garden!
🌻 Here at the Gay Garden, we give our members a safe haven to support the LGBTQ+ community.

🌻 The Gay Garden is strictly SFW, however, we offer it to all ages!

🌻 Fun hobby channels to share your interests with and maybe make a few new friends!

🌻 Amazing staff who are always down to do whatever they can to make you feel comfortable and just happy in the server.

🌻 The Gay Garden has fun bots to play with if you’re bored.
Jam out to some music with Rhythm bot.
Or find your new soulmate with Mudae!

🌻 Chill members

🌻 Voice channels

🌻 Anti-raid Bot