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Chill Family is a place where you can come and hang out with us! We treat each other like family, and welcome you in our beautiful arms!

We are looking for anime/gaming fans to help us create a friendly family community!

We have channels for gaming, anime, music, voice chats, bots and we host giveaways! We are ready to start the journey with you guys <3 (13+)
We love to meet you soon,

Chill Family Team ~

13+ allowed! LGBT+ Family is much more than what the title says. We are a place that accepts non-LGBT people too and a place for you to be able to feel part of a true community. A family. We allow minimal to no toxicity. This is a safe place to feel safe and secure about anything. Able to make new friends etc.
We have several LGBT roles and each role comes with a channel as a main chat for everyone too. With a dating Section also. 13 and up allowed! I hope to see you there and enjoy your stay!!
Join this chill group, for everyone to join, be you and make friends here :D
The Bear Cave is a small community server with about 25+ active people in it.
☆ Safe and supportive community for people of all kinds (unless you break the rules!)
☆ Great place to practice being more social online without being entirely overwhelmed
☆ Introduction requirement to gain access to the main chat (just to avoid spammers)
☆ What originally started as something to promote my Youtube, now a nice little cave for people from all corners of the earth to speak without judgement or care
☆ Hibernates mostly during winter, way more active during summer :)
This is a special kind of hell.
The Persona Discord Chat!
If you want a role you can go to #roles, and type in what role you want from the list!
If you have something serious to talk about (This could be anything that's bothering you at all!), go to #serious to talk about any problems you have. Most of our users here are listening to your needs.
We have a Question of the Day in #polls every single day, if you want to participate you can, you don't have to by any means necessary.
Once you join, check out #rules so that you don't get in any trouble with @Velvet Room Controllers or @Velvet Room Assistants.
Einvasion "Anime and Gaming Community"

- Friendly server, perfect for making friends, basically it's your second family.
- Active server with unique features.
- Fair rank system and well maintained server
- Daily dose of anime, gaming and daily memes to keep you alive.
- Custom game Shiritori, Gamble, OwO's pets battle
- Giveaways and Events
- Special corner for lewd souls

and many more, come join us!
HELLO! This server is Blue Haven!

We are a newer support group with much to OFFER. We arent just a support server tho as we also welcome people who just want friends! We are a small server now but we will grow!

Join today!
What are we?
We're a community of memers, gamers, mentally broken people, shitposters, weebs, artists and creators. Everyone can join and stay. The more of people are here, the more fun we have.
What can you do here?
Everything. You can talk about everything, shitpost, post your creation (we also try to support YT creators). Causing you autism and increasing it is free. Could say a lot more, but I don't know what. Just join and see it.
What do we have?
- voice chats for games
- music bots
- weeb channel
- memes
- nsfw channel
- friendly atmosphere
- A U T I S M
- agressive albino gorilla security
There was a server - to bring together a community of amazing people, to see if we could become something more, so that we could be there for those who need it the most. Be a part of something special. <3
The Isles of Jericho is a server made by two close friends with the goal of helping others change their lives for the better. By offering support, a safe place to talk and vent, and a helping hand, we hope to assist those in the islands gain a better outlook of themselves and on life. We offer several different types of support, simple chat setups, and an easy to understand role system.
Jericho is home not just to friends, but to family, and we hope to see you there.
Ocean Light

For ocean lovers (well, everyone) come join us!
We offer:
> custom roles
> music
> NSFW (18+ and staff)

Everyone is welcome to come join us on the sea!
⟖=======Join Today=======⟕
⟖===GTc Member Count:31===⟕
Welcome to our Server GTc! Here we welcome everyone to be part of our family. We are a gaming group that uses a ranking system close to that of a military system. Though we aren't much of a Military RP group we like yo use this better then calling people "Admin" and "Mods" and it s quite rewarding to gain a rank every so often. GTc calls it's self an Empire of Darkness and our symbol is a wolf to show our pact as a family just like a wolf pack that would stick together. So if you got what it takes to join us than hell come try.
Hello! This server is called "Demon Lust!" This is a server for all your kinky needs and fetishes, here is a rp/erp server with alot of incest and sexual content. Hope you join our amazing Family!
•16+ server!
This is a roleplay community, Currently is new and rather empty, just a small group of friends, but I hope one day we’ll be bigger! We have 3 creators and 1 admin so far, we need a few mods as well, aside from that we are a group of roleplayers and roleplay lovers, things can get pretty dark and depressing so if you might not like that kind of stuff there’s will certainly still be stuff for you here! There is cursing so that’s a small warning, currently there is 2 Highschool Roleplays, one normal one magical, and a circus rp! join the fun, join the family!
This server is pretty laid back on things. We don't really have problems with anything. Join the server if you want we are not making you.
Welcome To The Pusheen Squad!
This server is a community of pusheens!
You can post your drawing of pusheen ,pictures , anything that is pusheen

Make friends!
See how people are!
Technacly anything!
Active Discord server where we help each other through everything. We are a family. We love and respect each other. You can be free to be you in this judgement free shelter. (We do giveaways!)
we are a chill server , we are not based all around NSFW and we welcome all ages , I am more than sure you will enjoy your time with us ❤️
🌳Cannabis friendly 🌳
🔞NSFW section🔞
🎵Music channels🎵
😊 Friendly environment 😊
welcome i hope you all enjoy and have a great time
henlo there! this is a server where you can meet tons of new people and make new friends. we have plenty of things to do in the server and i can assure you that you won't be bored (unless the server is unactive cause of sleep). all we can say now is that we'll see you there!
Ye fucking join it's nice.

We have bots, and lots of chats and voice chats.

Ppl r pretty cool, we don't really ban/kick anyone so ye it's pretty chill.

And invite ur fucking friends ya
Hey, we are a small community connecting people who love rap!The server owner is an aspiring artist who you can always talk to <3
Family friendly server! No NSFW allowed!
Many different role-plays
So such more!
hello this is your neighborhood friendly owner and i would like to say this is a fun anime server where we accept oc's and characters from server why dont you come on down and say hi and rp with us
in this server we are available to all and we treat each other with respect so why not come on down to this server