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A server people under the age of 18 with a verification system to sort out the pedos and catfishes. This server is specifically for lgbtq+ people to have a safe space but you can totally come join if you're straight! We have strict rules such as, no discrimination, no unwanted flirting/attention, no nsfw photos etc.
We have a fantastic staff that work hard to keep the server a fun and positive space.
Don't look away! The name might be russian but don't be fooled, we're an english speaking server who’s here to have fun and get to know each other! You’ll find an active server with friendly staff and members. We’re pretty new so any support or ideas are welcome, we do plan to hold events like movie nights or gaming group ups, so why not jump aboard and join us for the fun!
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••♡ soft stuffies ✧・゚ ♡ ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ♡••
✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼  ҉  ✼
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ʕ˵• ᴥ •˵ʔ
❧ soft stuffies ✧・゚ ♡ ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ is a small and growing cgl/cglre server! We are a tight knit and friendly community!~
Everyone is welcome here! No judgement area!
❧ Owner: XtraGirlyPyro

ღ What do we have to offer you? Let me tell you!

┊❥・Friendly Mods & Members
┊❥・Little & Caregiver channels!
┊❥・Selfies, Media, Art channels
┊❥・ Many self assignable roles
┊❥・ A cute server theme
┊❥・ We are always willing to help
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Hey guys, Mint here! I started this server as a way to bring together a group of friends from various other places, and would love if you joined us. We're a social-centered hangout, with places to post selfies, art, memes, and also listen to some music. We're relatively new and small, so if you want to hop into our little family, we'd love to have you.
Simple group for chatting! Great community of people.
~We have game bots, music bots, an adult room, and lots of other things :)
~We have several roles! If there is a role you would like please let staff know <3
~We are new and growing, we are looking for staff!
This server has a various areas of interest such as programming, gaming, anime, and all of that is built on solid laws. Our community will make you feel like you would be in a family. [Main Languages: PL/ENG]
13+ allowed! LGBT+ Family is much more than what the title says. We are a place that accepts non-LGBT people too and a place for you to be able to feel part of a true community. A family. We allow minimal to no toxicity. This is a safe place to feel safe and secure about anything. Able to make new friends etc.
We have several LGBT roles and each role comes with a channel as a main chat for everyone too. With a dating Section also. 13 and up allowed! I hope to see you there and enjoy your stay!!
This is a special kind of hell.
The Persona Discord Chat!
If you want a role you can go to #roles, and type in what role you want from the list!
If you have something serious to talk about (This could be anything that's bothering you at all!), go to #serious to talk about any problems you have. Most of our users here are listening to your needs.
We have a Question of the Day in #polls every single day, if you want to participate you can, you don't have to by any means necessary.
Once you join, check out #rules so that you don't get in any trouble with @Velvet Room Controllers or @Velvet Room Assistants.
Active Discord server where we help each other through everything. We are a family. We love and respect each other. You can be free to be you in this judgement free shelter. (We do giveaways!)
★✿★✿Kyoto Animation★✿★✿

We’re a fairly new server with a very welcoming and friendly community. We’re hoping to grow into something amazing. We are looking for active members that will engage in various server activities and even game and anime nights once we get around to doing them!

▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆
What We Have to offer:

《💬》 Active Chats

《💞》 Friendly Community

《📝》 Staff Applications

《🤖》 Bots

《📸》 Memes

《🏯》 Anime
▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆
──────·🌸And More!🌸·──────
▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆
🔗 Link:
▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆ ▆
Roselivan Kingdom is both a family and just a fun place to be in general. We host calls, events, games, roleplays, roleplay fights, hentai and much much more. The group is still very small and under development but we hope to branch out and welcome many new people, though small we have big open arms.

-Roselivan Arena!
-Music channels (LOTS)
-Consistent Calls
-Safe environment <3
~•~ The Car Community ~•~ is a welcoming and friendly place for new people to the car community or even elders from the car community. We want to help to the newcomers with whatever questions they have and want to give the elders a place to chat about their knowledge of cars and even let the newcomers see what's going on. It's also a family friendly server, so everyone is welcome here!
Hello! This server is called "Demon Lust!" This is a server for all your kinky needs and fetishes, here is a rp/erp server with alot of sexual content. Hope you join our amazing Family!
•16+ server!
We are a (new) friendly dating server,here you can meet new people,new faces! :D Come in,we're waiting for you and appreciate all the support that we can get

We have self assignable roles, anti raid and anti spam to make the experience so clean as possible ^^

(By the way,we are a strong family,which you can be a member of it easily!)
Everyday, we strive to chat with people. In this server, we're a family - we're a group of people who text chat, voice chat, and game together. We're always looking for new people to join and chat with us because everyone is unique and wonderful!
Welcome to 🎀~𝘿𝙖 𝙋𝙖𝙣𝙨~🎀

We're quite a small server at the moment with around 40 members.

That doesn't stop us though! We offer many things to fulfill your hobbies. Such as... Photography, Writing, Music, Roleplaying, Cooking, and more!

This is a safe place for ANYONE no matter who you are! That if you need a place to just talk about life, we offer that as well! We are a family! There's Momma Mads💕 and she's there for everyone. Same with the staff, come and join the family!

Looking to meet more people? We have many lovely people who would love to get to know you!

We offer themed roleplay rooms around the house, such as "The Kitchen, The Dinning Room" and so on!

Feel free to join now, we can't wait to see you there!💕💞
Ash's Spire <--- Is an awesome Pg13, family-friendly, loving and caring community, here's what we offer:
---> Safety & Security 🔐
---> Fun & Kindness 🙂
---> Meme's & Laughter 🐧
---> A place where you can sing until your heart's content
---> liveliness & Wholesomeness 😄
---> No NSFW content, pornography or any of that sort ❌

Ash's spire is a fun, friendly, wholesome and clean server tailored toward all ages to come, hang out, have fun, laugh with each other, chill with each other, sing out loud and then laugh about it afterward, although this server is tailored toward all ages, it is mainly for kids and children to have fun and get to know each other without any form of complications or drama's, this is not a dating server so please don't try to message any of our members about dating, as mentioned this is a family-friendly pg13 server, free from NSFW, pornography or any sexual content and that's the way we would like to keep it.

Join now, to make awesome, fun and epic friendships, chances are your most likely going to make an awesome friend or two on this server, so come on in and join us, you don't have to worry about your anxiety, paranoia or any of that, we are an awesome non-judgemental, free, loving and caring community, join us now and enjoy your stay at Ash's Spire here today ^-^
As the definition states: "An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect." We intend to make this a real state. Not imaginary, thus this server is designed for everyone and houses a friendly and wholesome community. We make sure of it.

We offer:
- A wholesome community where you can talk and discuss anything, get advice, support and lots of love.
- Lots of different channels for you to talk about your interests and share your life experiences!
- Partnerships
- Lots of bots for the use of leveling, music and other such arrangements.
- Amazing emotes
- Suggestion poles for updates, new emotes and more.
- Mental health support including the smallest things to the hardest things in life.

SO? What are you waiting for? Hop in and join us. We can't wait to meet you.
A private sanctuary for Transfolk & Non-Binary human beings, the only requirement of joining is identifying one of the above! We are currently small but are growing, and we feel that everyone in the server is part of our little family. We may be strict in rules, but we take care of our own; your future safe place in a big, wide and sometimes scary world ☺️ Come on in, read the rules, assign you roles and tell us what makes you, you!!! Love you all!
Welcome to CuddleGang! We are a chill and decently active community, needing members to join and make this place more EPIC! We would love for you to come to our server and chill with us! We have Anime, Memes, and gamers! Join today and be apart of our community, growing more and more by every day! ❤
We are not like usual community server. We're one, big, family and we're welcome for new users. Wanna feel like in home, sweet home? Just join us. You can talk with us about everything, there is NO TABU for us (yes, you have N word pass on this server aswell). Don't worry, we will keep you safe here.
What else do we offer?
- music bots
- memes
- events
- nsfw and rulefree channel
- family atmosphere
- lots of activities and games
- agressive albino gorilla security
🌺Welcome To Art Latté Café🌺
We are a fairly new group made April 4.19

(If you hate overly used pink or too many emojis this is not the place for you! Do not come in my server thinking you can complain)

We are still bumpy, we do have fun channels. And a wide range of things to do and things to post.
we also need new members voting on what challenges to participate in and exactly what pleases everyone else to be drawing, plus you'll get a new role with every challenge you complete.
We've got self roles and we're working on emojis and server icons so that we can change them up every month or so we have quite a few members already but not as much of them were active so you should join and come be a part of the family.
Like I said we are fairly new and this one of my friends servers. so we are in fairmead of supporters and helpers to help us grow we've been alive for nearly two months and I am very proud to say I will always try to keep the server going no matter how hard or busy I am.
If at anytime you want to partner or a link is not working please send a message in contact: @Shinigami#1369