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We're a friendly, new (started 2.23.19) LGBT server hoping for all LGBT people of all kind to come join us! We have voice channels, bots, partners, events of all kinds, contests and friendly staff :) We hope you enjoy your stay <3
A safe place for the lgbtq+ community to come together and talk about whatever! We love to have fun and stuffs.
Mentality, We are a counselling and support community for those who suffer from mental illness and we also support lgbt+.
Here we treat each other like family, And our staff try their hardest to help you out as much as they can! If you have any issues please contact a member of staff! Check out rules before you do anything!
A server thats just starting out, would love to have members join and a community grow! LGBTQ+ Safe
we have help and venting channels and much more~!
looking for some people to be Mods/Admins
A server dedicated to providing a Safe Space for all LGBTQA+

Our vision here at the Club is to produce a free and secure society.
Furry Trashes is server where you can: - talk to us - play with someone - play with bots - have NSFW role and much more!
A lgbtq+ server for people who are in the lgbtq+ community! You can still join if you aren't in the lgbtq+ community because we accept everyone!
we are a small community currently but we hope to build it up we have nice caring mods and people, we like to play games talk hang out be proud of who we are and love each other we make sure there is nothing bad going on... so yeah come join us :DDD
We are an LGBTQ+ server that provide support and a warm, welcome place to be! Consider joining!
Warriorcats based off of lgbtq+ clans
Flag clan
We do updates weekly or monthly on the server and we do procheys every 2 months
Come join in and have fun!
Our Server focuses on Straight Allies and the LGBTQ++ Community. There's channels for related art and memes, a support channel where you can talk with other people who have transitioned in on way or another, and a optional NSFW channel. We know it can be a tough journey, and no discrimination is tolerated. We want to create a safe environment for all!
Welcome to LGBTQ+ Hangout! We are a LGBTQ+ friendly server with many things to do. We offer staff applications, match-making, and reaction roles. Feel free to partner with our server and enjoy your stay!
-Awoo~ Hello there~ x3

We pride ourselves on providing you with an enjoyable and safe environment in which you can thrive and meet new friends! If you need somewhere to come and chill out or somewhere to talk we are definitely the place to come! So what are you waiting for?
Hey guys I'll do this later, for now enjoy my server!
Our little server is full of friendly people who you can be friends with. We are also LGBT+ supportive, and that's the main focus of the server - to support LGBT+ folks and their issues.
Want a server to join? Wanna meet new people? Well then you should come and join ∉CʳY𝖘ΤΑLŁIGHΤSΑFEΤY∌! We offer tons of things to do! We are a server were anyone is welcomed. This is a LGBT server also. We also have a leveling system! So the higher the lever... the more fun rewards you get!

*Note: We are a brand new server ATM

~Meeting New People
~And Many More!

So if you are looking for a place to join! Come join us!
Queer Club is a brand new community space for LGBT & Allies.
Come along and have a chat, make some friends!
| You might be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender etc. but there's one important thing; you are L O V E D. | Coming Out | Find A Love | Chat With Others | And More! |
Hey! Thanks for your interest in joining. We are a friendly, growing and active community discord which revolves around the LGBTQ+ community. We offer support, a friendly environment to talk in and much more! Additionally, we offer different events which include movie nights, karaoke nights, giveaways and much more. Come join us today!

- bots!
- emotes!
- roles!
- levels!
- active!
- self roles

Henlo, this is an LGBTQ+ friendly server! Anyone is allowed, unless you're just planning to hate on our members. Also, this is a work-in-progress server, so please stick with us and help us make it more lively! We hope to see you soon! ♡
A fun, loving community for anyone to be anything they want to be.
Come hang out in this nerdy LGBTQ+ community where we chat about things, talk about life, and sometimes group watch a tv or show! Happy Pride!