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A server for lgbt/nonbinary people and every person (even heterosexual) interested in this topic.

- roles assigment (sex, gender, pronoun, sexual and romantic orientation)
- text channels
- voice channels
- fun and music bots
- cool community

We make this place better and better everyday. We'll keep doing it forever. We are always opened for suggestions. We meet your all requirements. And we love you all. <3
LGBTea nation is a safe place for all members of the LGBT+ community. Make friends, chat, play games and have fun!

Must be 13+ to join.

Ally's are more than welcome to join us!

(If you are joining to just troll around there will be consequences, so please just don't.)

Pride Palace is an LGBTQIA++ platform dedicated to providing a safe, comfortable, well-moderated environment with an intrinsic focus on behalf of the LGBTQIA++ Community. This server is a means to provide an alternative to other servers whom do not exhibit the same level of care for other people. We do not see the people here as just regular users, we see them as real people. We see behind the screens and with the hope of bridging that gap, we aim and strive to provide the best conditions for you, the guests, to be welcomed here and to meet other like minded people.


~hai there ya looking for a tollerating, friendly server? then welcome to freedom signs :)



we offer:

•friendly community
•i try to update the server frequently
•self assignable roles

🌸 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

be sure to check us out! were looking for active members and staff so come on and join^^^^^

Welcome to Systems, Pride and Love~! We are a growing Lgbtqia+ safe space directed towards traumagenic systems to provide a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for alters that are part of the Lgbtqia+ Community!! We are always open to suggestions and are constantly improving to create a toxic free environment so all members can feel safe being their amazing selves 💕💕
—What we offer—
🌈 A safe and welcoming environment
🌈 Friendly, supportive and dedicated staff
🌈 Open suggestions
🌈 Lots of self assignable roles
🌈 A place to request custom pronoun, gender and sexuality roles
🌈 PDA area to be cutesy with significant others
🌈 Categories for different sexualities; complete with chats, question and support rooms!
— Basic rules —
💕 You must be 13+ to join!
💕 Always respect everyone
💕 Discourse, toxicity and discrimination is not welcomed
Welcome to Pride Pals! We are a community for LGBT+ folk. We offer a safe environment for you to be yourself and meet other LGBT+ people.
Other features:
- self roles
- specific channels which are role locked so you don't have to worry about seeing content you aren't comfortable with
- nice and helpful staff
- gaming and anime channels

TERFS/truscums/transmeds will be banned on sight!
A Lion’s Birthright is a semi-realistic lion role-play based in a fictional land located somewhere in Africa. It is centred around pride vs pride themes.
Long, long ago, longer than any lion can remember, two brothers arrived at The Nuru Nature Preserve. It was mid-November in the middle of a difficult dry season. A drought plagued the lands and residential prides were growing weak.

The two brothers sought out a place in the food chain, but realised that they both had very different ambitions.

Khalfani, the eldest of the brothers, proposed an attack on a weakened king, intending to steal the monarch title with brute force. Umoja, the youngest and the kind-hearted brother, promptly expressed his disagreement. A skirmish broke out between the two and in the end, Umoja was left to fend for himself.

Khalfani had went forward with his plan, succeeding in slaying the king of a residential pride. He took over with ease, exiling those who would not bow to his orders and even going as far as to murder the heirs of the previous ruler. Khalfani told the pride that he would make them great again, and named the pride after himself. And so The Khalfani Pride was formed.

Umoja had watched his brother’s actions in disgust. Every bit of respect he had for his kin has faded when innocent blood was spilled. Feeling half responsible for bringing his brother here, Umoja set out to do his good will in the community. He found a broken pride and quickly fell for the daughter of the deceased king, a victim of the cruel drought. Together they built the pride back up, gradually forming The Umoja Pride.

Both dynasties were prospering, but Khalifani grew jealous of the way Umoja’s lions worshipped him. He set up an invasion, catching Umoja alone and vulnerable. This was the first move of many to come.

Umoja hit back hard, killing one of Khalifani’s heirs. Naturally, this made Khalifani continue the war, and so attacks went back and forth, many pride members dying in the process.

About five years after the first invasion, Khalifani and Umoja found themselves alone. A brutal battle followed a heated argument between kin, and more than enough blood spilled to feed a whole herd. Their bodies were found intertwined together, bloodied and beaten. They came into the world together, and went out of it together.

It is rumoured that before both lions bled out, words of forgiveness were shared. Of course, many lions believe this is false — a fairytale ending made up by one of the elders.

And so the dynasty continues. The heirs of both preceding kings took their rightful place as the monarch and continued growing their empires. Both prides still hold onto their chilling histories, tensions between them always brewing because of the past.

Which side will you choose?
What we offer:
• A unique lore.
• Literate role-play.
• Great moderation.
• Fair rules for everyone.
• A unique hierarchy.
• An original map.
• Nine role-play categories and 48 role-play channels.
• Plenty of OOC channels to chat.
• Mutations that you can earn for your character.
Hello, Im Daisy, You might know serenity, as my bestie.
We are both owners of the server.
We planed making this out by letting confidence grow, so it was a long time to set it up I guess.
We'd love to meet you, know you, and maybe be friends?
☆) We are a artistic server

☆) We are a LBGT+ server

☆) We love to see you, as in a very supporting person
Dont forget that you're welcomed here :)

☆) We ofcourse have bots in our server, so please be a family friendly person

☆) You can swear, unless you DM the owner a messege to grant permmision.

☆) We have a 1-5 minute warning..

☆) Age dosent matter at all :D
Just dont tell private infomtaion

☆) Thats all, Have fun :) 🖤
|         |    |       |          |       |
  |    *  ☆  |       |    *     |        |   *
  |       ⋆      |       |         ☆      |          ✮
☆            |   *   |                 ☆.
       *        |      ☆      *
*              |                         ✮
  ✮           ☆
A safe place for the lgbtq+ community to come together and talk about whatever! We love to have fun and stuffs. We’re small yes but we are trying to grow! **TEENS ONLY only 13-18 will be verified. 19 will be verified at admin discretion**

We have support channels, a validation channel for our trans frens, and we all around just talk about whatever. We pretty heavily monitor to ensure a safe place.

A lot of us are really silly and if you catch us at the right time will be very hyper and not shut up! Please join!
Hello, this is my first public server, so bear with me.
This server is a chill, inclusive place for lgbtq+ folk and allies to chat and make friends. This is a sfw server. Despite the name, you don't have to be a gamer to fit in.

We have:
⫷ A variety of roles to tell us a bit about yourself.
⫷ Fun bots for memes, little games, music, virtual hugs, and more.
⫷ A small community of nice people.
⫷ No drama. No nsfw.

Come join our semi new server! We're a small community with about 34 members or so! Both LGBT and allies are welcome! Here we offer:

🌻 Self assignable roles
🌻 Chat prompts
🌻 Food porn
🌻 Regular porn
🌻 Memes & Cursed images
🌻 Anime & Manga chats
🌻 Furry chat
🌻 Hotline channel
🌻 Onion Roasting channel (Onision)
🌻 Etc.
Scar's reign is an rp server based around the Lion King franchise. It is an AU in which scar succeeded in killing Simba and taking control of the pridelands. There are many new roles, such as Cubs in Training and Patrol Leaders which Scar introduced.

Scar manipulated the pride into more of an army, even the lion guard being used for evil. With Zira ruling by the tyrant's side, nothing can stop them... Or can the outlanders?

The outlanders are a group of lions who were banished when they stood up for Scar. This included Sarabi, Nala, Kiara, Kion and any ocs. They now only have to live on scraps of meat and very little water, covered in termites.

The server has many things to offer!
- A general chat!
- New systems!
- Oc and canon roleplaying!
- Territories!
- Much more!

So please consider joining and helping out this small roleplay server! We'd really appreciate you joining the pride!
A fun server for anyone who is LGBT. Ask for advice, play with bots, or just hang out and make new friends!
There's friendly staff, specific channels (minecraft, anime, marvel, etc.) so there's something for everyone.
Everyone is welcome here!
Hallo👋, Ich bin Leon der Inhaber dieses Server😊! Ich möchte euch herzlich willkommen heißen auf unserem LGBTQ+ Family [GER] Server❤️🏳️‍🌈! Wie der Name schon sagt, ist dieser Server wie eine kleine Familie die stets wächst👪⬆️! Jeder kann bei uns sein wie er/sie will! Jeder wird so akzeptiert wie er/sie ist🙂!
Jedes Alter wird hier akzeptier👶👩👵 (jedes Alter hat seine individuelle Rolle: 0-14, 14-17 und dann noch 18+) bei uns gibt es kein Alters Limit! Bedenkt aber das dieser Server kein dating Server ist🤷‍♀️, tragt dies also außerhalb des Servers aus! Wir helfen auch gerne bei persönlichen Problemen, sofern du deine Probleme mit uns teilen möchtest. Wir (Der Server) wird immer versuchen jedem zu helfen, dafür ist eine Familie da. Mehr erfahren könnt ihr bei dem owners oder beim Server Team🤓!

Es gibt nur wenige Regeln die zu befolgen sind: diese sind auf dem Server zu Finden!👆

NSFW content kann auf dem Server ab 18 freigeschaltet werden! 👀

Ebenso ist auf dem Server eine Anmeldepflicht d.h man muss seinen Namen (Vorname genügt) und sein Alter nenne (falls mein Team oder ich herausfinden sollten das bei der Anmeldung betrogen wurde, sind wir gezwungen mit einem temporären ban zu handeln… sofern es dazu diente die NSFW Channels zur verfügen zu haben)🚫

Der Rest auf dem Server ist selbst erklärend 😉

Wir freuen uns auf dich 😘

~ Leon
This is a LGBTQ+ server, made for people who are looking for new friends, or who are looking for a partner.
Welcome to the server of lions! Create a lion today and roam around and maybe even join a pride! Create new friends and explore the lands and protect and care for your pride and make sure to follow all the rules and make sure to respect everyone! Hope you enjoy the server!
hello! we're a fun lgbtq+ community.
We are mainly for lgbtq+ youth but if you're older or dont identify as lgbtq+, that's okay too!
we're welcoming, non-toxic, and just fun all around. political discourse (though no hate or extreme views) are tolerated and tea is regularly spilled.
and we have a great, active,
friendly staff waiting to welcome you into the community.
join today! <3
☆Interview system to prevent raids
☆moderators to punish people that are breaking rules and ensure everyone can enjoy their stay
☆Different channels for many different interests
☆Staff who you can talk to about any problems you may have :)
☆Meme channels :P
This is simple server for any bisexual person looking for a community they can chill in.
🏳️‍🌈 In this server you can hang out with other people just like you, share memes and have fun.
You can request roles and get the roles that best suit your part of the LGBTQIA+ Community. You can even just be a straight ally and chill out with friends. 🏳️‍🌈

🏳️‍🌈 We support: 🏳️‍🌈
~Minors and people below 18
~Active and non active members
~NSFW (in NSFW channels)

❌We do not support:❌
-Homophobic comments
-Transphobic comments
-People who don't support or are against LGBT
-Racism or sexism
-Harassment to and from server members
-Underage pornography or illegal content

If you're going through a hard time or are questioning anything, you're always welcome here
We're a family of different types of large cats who enjoy to cause trouble for all others to protect their pride.
Rainbow is a LGBTQ+ server for supporters and people in the the community. The server has many chats, roles, bots, and so much more!~ It is a small new server hoping to grow!

So we hope you join us!~
Just a fun little server for those of us trans and nb people who want a place away from transmeds and transphobes :3. Come in for a while and rest your weary self.