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Our server is new and we are looking to grow! We offer many opportunities for furs! Such as:
-Making new friends!
-Sharing your lovely art!
-Plenty of bots for your enjoyment!
-Verification system to prevent raids!
-Help with art and writing!
-And so much more!
So what are you waiting for? Join already!
An LGBT server for anyone who is LGBT, a nice place to feel safe and talk with others in the community as well as have fun.
Hello! We're a friendly community of transgender/nb folks. Join for a good gender time :)
Hey there! I can see that you're reading this! We are a friendly server, welcoming all people! Feel free to join to chat to people, and make friends!
The Outcasts Discord Community is a server for people from all around the world, of different ethnicities, interests, sexualities, and more to connect and have a general good time. We offer a wide variety of original and exclusive emoticons that can be used for many purposes and subjects.
We also offer special tags for people who are LGBT+ and custom color roles that express you and your personality.

“Why Outcasts?” — The server was named “The Outcasts” because not only are the team who created the server social outcasts (most are LGBT+ or part of social categories that are often mistreated)... but we also are an open door server to all people who feel like they don’t fit in.
A server for the LGBT+ community with great security and awesome people! There are many bots, including 4 music bots, 11 fun bots, and 2 nsfw bots for your gay needs!

We are a community server, with multiple fun channels as well as events, questions of the day, partnerships, voice channels for gaming and more! We're low on numbers so I'd love it if you could join, even if it's just to check us out! Go straight to the channel check out "Rules" then you can go to "Access" to get access to the full server!
We're also open to accepting new staff members to the crew.

You don't need to be LGBTQ+ to join, you just need to accept the community!

🏳️‍🌈I hope to see you there!🏳️‍🌈
Come and chat!!!! Don't worry we don't bite ;) Love meeting new people.
The LGBT+ Discord Server is where all of the members of LGBTQ+ can gather and make new friends, chat about interests, get help finding support, and much more! This server even allows straight allies to show a loved one that you got their back. We have custom emojis, self selective roles, many channels for different subjects, boots for fun, and so much more! ( DISCLAIMER; This chat is fairly very new. We appreciate if you could join and not make any commentry on how many people are in the server. Thank you )
Hello! this is a lgbtq+ community server!, c;
Welcome to ThePride Discord server!
Here we invite users to express themselves to the online community and are great at helping and supporting users through situations.

Need to tell your parents something? Don't know how to do it? Join here and we will help you!

Problems at school? Need to vent? We have a venting channel for all your troubles!

Join Today -

This Discord server is owned and managed by Steven J. Davis @ CEO - GamercraftStudios
LGBTQ+ Pride is just what it sounds like! A server for LGBTQ+ members. A place where you can ask for advice on coming out, a place where you can vent if it doesn't go well, a place where you can support those who are afraid to come out or did but it didn't go so well.

Whether you identify as gay, bi, pan, ace, trans, agender, etc you are welcome! Even straight people can join to support and will gain the supporter role. Upon joining please dm Gay Queen or one of the mods to let them know what you identify as or if you are just supporting the community so that we can give you the proper role!
🌈Football (soccer) for everyone in the LGBT community and allies! 🌈
-Friendly community!
-Roles for clubs you support!
-Fun bots to play with!
-Weekly events!
Remake of the last pride server I had since someone hacked and raided it :)
A welcoming server, full of friendly people, a positive community and a system that listens to you and your problems. Everyone is welcome as long as you don't discriminate :)
A safe place for the lgbtq+ community to come together and talk about whatever! We love to have fun and stuffs. We’re small yes but we are trying to grow! **TEENS ONLY only 13-18 will be verified. 19 will be verified at admin discretion**

We have support channels, a validation channel for our trans frens, and we all around just talk about whatever. We pretty heavily monitor to ensure a safe place.

A lot of us are really silly and if you catch us at the right time will be very hyper and not shut up! Please join!
Hey there, potential Rage Infected. Looking for a server full of people infected with the Rage Virus? You've come to the right place! Our 13+ server is open to all who want to join, as long as you follow the rules. And you better not be an uninfected human...
Welcome to LGBTQ+ Hangout! We are a LGBTQ+ friendly server with many things to do. We offer staff applications, match-making, and reaction roles. Feel free to partner with our server and enjoy your stay!
Just a nice support area for those in need <3 straight people are allowed NO HOMOPHOBIA
A cool place to chill out, play games, listen to music, and make cool friends! More will be added with member suggestions!
There is also a special VIP role for those who are very active!
Come check us out!
Mod applications are open always! They are chosen every so often.
A server dedicated to providing a Safe Space for all LGBTQA+

Our vision here at the Club is to produce a free and secure society.
Welcome to PRIDE! We're a safe server made by LGBT people for LGBT people :smiley: We have:
:heart: Events
:heart:Multimedia rooms, such as selfies and aesthetics
:heart:Pride quotes
:heart:18+ verification
:heart:Games and more!
Our staff is friendly and cares about your issues if any arises! Hope to see you soon and have fun!
Just a server centered around North Carolina's LGBTQ+ community. This server offers channels to freely discuss religion and politics, along with getting advice. Everyone within North Carolina wherever on the spectrum is welcomed!
Mentality, We are a counselling and support community for those who suffer from mental illness and we also support lgbt+.
Here we treat each other like family, And our staff try their hardest to help you out as much as they can! If you have any issues please contact a member of staff! Check out rules before you do anything!