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We have active daily discussion and VC comprising of only the most intellectual and sophisticated topics, not to mention traps, e-girls, femboys, OC, and more. It's not like you have anything better to do, so why haven't you joined yet?
A place for open-minded Adult Discorders to show off their nude bodies for fun. The nudity here is 100% free!
This is the discord server for StrawHat RPG. We're a text-based Roleplaying Adventure subredit based on and inspired by Eiichiro Oda's One Piece Manga and Anime series.

We are an active and open community that is always looking for fresh new faces. If the sound of a pirate adventure with wacky powers and an evolving world excites you, jump right in!
From the official moderators of r/RulesHorror bring to you the discord server! r/RulesHorror is a place to share scary stories, which contain a set of rules to follow
🤜⇛⇛⇛⇛⇛⇛ Making Friends ⇚⇚⇚⇚⇚⇚ 🤛
🔥Fast-Growing Social Server
🤝Make Friends
👻Social Media Promo
🤖Custom Bots
Nos emociona que te unas a nuestra comunidad, r/Monterrey es una comunidad con más de 10,000 miembros que abordan temas de relevancia de la localidad que van desde easter eggs de la ciudad, política, estilo de vida, cultura, negocios y más!!
The official discord of
News, Highlights and discussions about sports, including;
🏈 American Football
⚽ Soccer
🏁 Motorsports
🏉 Aussie Rules Football
🏀 Basketball
⚾ Baseball
🏉 Rugby
🏒 Hockey
🏏 Cricket
⛳ Golf
🎾 Tennis
🥊 Fighting
🏋️‍♀️ Fitness



Introduction:As-Salam-Alaikum,brothers and Sisters SimOttoman is Sim based on Ottoman Empire which tries to simulate the Government that were run by the ****Glorious Osmanlis**** who were one of the most powerful Dynasty and Caliphate that ruled the part of Middle East,Eastern Europe and North Africa for Six Centuries.

Main Language:English

Features:We run the Government of Ottomans along with Turkish Beys.We currently rule the half of Anatolia along with Constantinople(Istanbul) within under our command and our Capital. We Currently have the Following Ranks-

2.Hoja(Advisor of Sultan)
3.Wazeer Al Azaam(Grand Vizier)
4.Pasha(Political and Military Leader)
5.Wazeer(Vizier and Ministers)
7.Uc Bey (Margrave,Frontier Lord)
8.Bey (Of their tribes)(Leader of their Tribe)

The Sultan,Wazeer Al Azaam,Pasha,Wazeer and Emir makes up the staff team.

The Sultan,Wazeer Al Azaam,Pasha,Wazeer,Emir,Uc Bey and Bey makes up our Empire and Government Officials.

Features of our Empire-
1.We have our Bazaar.
2.Bank and Currency.
4.Government Jobs for our Empire.
8.Mosque,Chruch and Synagogue to pray.
9.Three tribes(who needs a leader)
10.Meme Wars

What we currently require:
2.Wazeer Al Azaam
6.Uc Bey
7.3 Beys of their tribes
9.Shop Owners
10.Black Smiths

We try to be one of the Biggest Sim in Discord and stand with pride by the Name of Osmanlis.

So we need you people to help it grow and Shine the name of Ottomans so please join.

Server Link:

The official r/CursedComments server! Join us for conversation, cursed or not. We got them bots, them weird users, and of course, giveaways
Our friend Jimmy is the most wholesome and principled person we know. So, we wanted to make a server with people as wholesome as him. But Jimmy has said that he will only join the server once we reach 100 members. If you think you fit that category and would like to be friends with Jimmy. Join us!

[Toxic/troll behavior is not allowed.]
[We are a server of Indian origins trying to befriend people from other countries]
Armitage Hall is a Discord server dedicated to artists and photographers for photo sharing. Here, you can share any images you want, be it from places you have visited, people you have met, a plant or building you like, or even action figures. You can also discuss gaming, listen to some music and share your inner thoughts.

The title "Armitage" means hermit, it is not a name, but a collective title for we who prefer to stay away from the society and take a rest in various hobbies.
At here, you can cast aside your burden and live your life as a gamer, a photographer or an action figure collector.
[18+] WELCOME TO [HARDWIRED], A [TECHNO-UTOPIAN Y2K] THEMED COMMUNITY SERVER. We welcome [all types] of users and are a [fun community] to be around, making your stay enjoyable. This server is [not] very restrictive and is [open] to every type of person.
Are you looking for a server that isn't run by normies and power tripping admins? Do you have a crippling low IQ? Do you have a dubious personality? Have you ever wanted to spew putrid decay among others and just... SHIT ON THEIR GRAVE?!?! THEN JOIN FAGS ;)
P.S dead server unless... u join u retards!
Welcome to the FTA, otherwise known as the Federal Troll Agency

If you do any of the following, this server is for you!

praise Allah ☪

Are a funny gamer!

Love memes (lol)

And love Reddit!!
A Discord server of worship for Min Min, the character from Nintendo's 2017 fighting game ARMS. This server is a sub-group of a larger subreddit by the same name, so join both for extra fun!

We've got a reliable moderation team, many channels for all kinds of stuff, Dank Memer bot, and more!
This discord hosts a community based on open discussion. Our members specialize in debating abortion, but we discuss a variety of topics.
Now that the subreddit has reached over 100.000 users, a discord server has been created!

We provide:
- a small, but fast growing community.
- active mods that can hopefully help.
- channels for community
- channels to just have a chat.
- channels for memes.
- and much more to come!

Come and have a peek over at the discord server and subreddit:
The official discord server of r/ContraPoints.
A place to discuss Natalie Wynn aka ContraPoints and her work, or just generally to hang out with other Contra fans/people interested in her work in a safe space.
We have channels for debating, hanging out, discussing ContraPoints/other breadtube videos, memes, and more!