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Official Minecraft Marketplace Partner's
Official Server for up-and-coming Broward County artist LiL SATAN

LiL SATAN and members of his team are in here as well, so join to support this huge upcoming talent!
Vapor Chill is a server for those that love to browse the internet and love things such as; music, gaming, anime, politics, internet forums, memes, and much much more. We have recently re-made the server and are looking for fun and energetic users! Join us in the simulation.
Hey jij daar! Opzoek naar een nederlandse server ? Nou je hebt hem gevonden hoor !

- gezeligheid in den top!
- weinig regels
- nsfw kanalen incl reddit
- volwassen en jong volwassen
- altijd open voor sugesties en tips.

Kortom, is gewoon kei gezelig!
3000+ active Members✅ Lively Hentai & Anime Channels✅ 2:1 Female to Male Ratio ✅ 33000 Reddit Subscribers✅ PokeCord✅Waifu Wars✅
( Memes posting. bot playing. anime watching. kpop fangirling server full of cool people reddit based community oh yeah ***we have catgirls and furies***)
We are a social server. We are lgbt freindly, we love to here about fandoms. We also love to just be social we have plenty of memes and a bunch of hard working admins, we love to have fun and talk.
We are a server of 100+ people and still growing! Everybody is welcome here.
What you can do in our little server:
-have a nice chat
-show off your art skills
-and a lot more
There is even an nsfw channel where you can post "weird/degenerate" stuff you found.
Are you le irony? Yes? Good. Join the server, retard. Meet other gamers just like you! Say the N-Word without getting banned! Experience hell by the multiple layers of dad jokes! Stream Reddit memes 24/7! Run by admins that aren't pieces of shit! Moderated by bears! Maybe there are some e-girls sometimes!* We have a Minecraft server that's decent!** You might be asking why this server even exists? Well, I don't give a shit about your questions.*** Shut up! Join over 100 gamers and cointing on the World's Most Cursed Server!****

*Awii is not an egirl. Neither is Kristy.
**It's a Realm. You have to DM me your Minecraft username to get invited.
***If you do have any questions, DM me. Or use the suggestions channel. We're not actually that evil.
****Necessary disclaimer: There are no actual studies proving that this server is, in fact, the most cursed server on Discord. There are likely more cursed servers out there, but this server has reached levels of cursedness that renders it safe to assume that this server is in at least the top 100.
hello ! welcome to r/thathappened !
feel free to invite your friends and have a great time ! anyone is welcome 💕💕
This is the Discord for a Canada-specific subreddit that allows all types of Canadian content.

We're the only general Canadian subreddit that doesn't allow bigotry or hate.

We would love to talk with you, and discuss any and all things with you!
A JoJo's Bizarre Adventure themed server usually dedicated to the character Enrico Pucci. Come worship our God DIO with us!
Welcome to the Pokémon TCG Discord!

We have:
•Verified Traders!
•Current TCG News
•Buy/Sell/Trade Channels
•Member counter giveaways!
Welcome to Polandball Comics/Animations post your animations and comics here to our amazing community!
Welcome to R/MultiplayerPiano!
A Discord about and for music!
Join us today and join in our piano shinanigans :^)