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Husk here

Hey, I see you are in our little corner of the internet.

I like to play videogames and make music, and I thought, why not share that with the world.
I would appreciate all of your support and thank you.

Thank you for being in my little corner of the internet.
And if you like music and gaming, why not join the server?

Take a link to invite your mates and stuff:

Husk out

Lewd furry kingdom full of a few thousand friendly (but dramatic) little furries! Come join to find fwends, gamers, lewdies, and a super active group of dorks ~

*Must be 18+ to access the NSFW content.
Hello all! I am from the Gamer Furs Discord server!
We are looking for gamer furs that would like to join and generally just having a good time getting to know each other! Share stories! and just having a good time! We are just starting out and only have a few members. However, we are looking to change that! getting more people onboard! To have a place for furries to gather up and enjoy gaming!
If you have any questions feel free to ask me @-Athos27.FT6-#1429
I hope to see you there! :smiley:
Fun bots!
General chats!
LFG channels!
Self assigned roles!
Role play!
And much more! Come join us and see what we're all about!
A server that we hope to be full of people from tons of different fandoms!

Want to show of your art?
Want to express yourself?
Want to be yourself?

A friendly server based around a fun and artistic community. Talk to people like yourself, make friends, play games, enjoy yourself.
Nexus Gaming is part of the Nexus Network, the Gaming Division.
It features channels and VC's for highly played videogames, such as Fortnite, R6S and COD. We are planning to have our own eSports Organisation in future. Please note, we are primarily for furries, but everyone is allowed to join!
This is a world made by humans and furries but in the shadows lie demons and angels in this world demons and angels are the elite race they have came to the world between angels swear they will destroy the demon race and the demon race decided to cause trouble all over the world but if u see a demon your best hope is to rip all of there hearts out of their bodys they have 7 in total but lower rank demons only have 3 so i would watch yourself if u are fighting any demon from the royal demon race (related note only ten people will be able to be apart of the demon race's royal force i am one of them so i need nine more join freely BYE.)
Welocme to Vampire Dating!

We are a 14-18+ Dating server that's trying to get an active group of people!

The rules are pretty simple but here are the important ones.

- No Catfishing
- Respect others
- Keep nsfw stuff in nsfw
- No trolls

There are more rules in the server and make sure to read them! I guess that's it for now, cya in the server! <3
Our main focus as a server is to be a hang out that welcomes anyone as a place you can explore your nsfw desires while also having a place to relax to chat.

[While have lots of Yiff channels for anyone's sexual needs, for those with a taste for just chatting, we have a sfw hang out for anyone to talk in.]

[For those that want to have a Roleplay based experience, we have lots of Roleplaying channels that range from Extreme kinks to something a Vanilla beach settings.]

[With an easy to use Role selection bot, our bots have a wide selection of uses going from simple entertainment to searching up yiff.]
A friendly, open furry community that's all about providing quality and quantity. We're the largest Furry Server on Discord with over 16k users!
Hi! We're an 18+ furry community that does not allow roleplay. We have joinable roles, selectable colors, nsfw sections, and a separate channel for those 22+ professionals who still stick with the fandom.
A actively improving a expanding furry discord server! In this discord we allow pretty much anyone to come here and chat with people/post images/art work, Or just share stuff with people that has the same interest as you! In this server we have our own custom made bot that is being worked on everyday and being developed by DJ Kitty! We also have moderation pretty much all the time and this discord will be actively monitored and making sure we ban any raiders before they cause too much damage to the server! Thank you for reading this and we hope you enjoy this server! - DJ Kitty
Come join our little Furry server!~ We're just another simple Furry community who want to make friends-- >3<
✧ free movies / movie nights
✧ groups of new friends
✧ ethots, egirls, emovies, edrama
✧ multiplayer free online games / steam
✧ identity customization / earnable roles
✧ active voice calls all day, everyday

✧ looking for staff and advertisers
Welcome to the Lewd Furry City Island where you can be as lead as you want!
Welcome to our furry server. If you're looking to make friends and just chill, this is the server for you! We're pretty much just a hangout server. We should have something to offer for everyone and if we don't - we welcome suggestions. I hope to see you there!


~Love the admin of Furbois! (:
a place where everyone is welcome
we hope you enjoy your stay at the one real nice place
if you have any question about the server be sure to ask
@爱可爱的狐狸 daniel#0880
thank you
A tight-knit community of furries featuring art, events, games, roleplay, and NSFW.
Hello, this is Astro#4790. Owner of The Lifeless Dimension. This is a small Community which is against Fortnite.

What we offer:
✅ Self Coded Bots🤖
✅ A nice Community against stupid stuff👥
✅ Manyyy NSFW Channels🔞
✅ Fun Channels😂
✅ ALWAYS free for partnerships🤝
✅ Giveaways🎁
✅ Active server🎰
✅ And many self roles 🎉

❌ Searching Moderators👮

We search YOU for joining our Community😉🎉
Welcome to Furry Central, an organized Server that is considerably active once you get inside : )

We offer:
Age Verified Sections
Donation perks And much more!
Join us today!
a friendly community with 450+ members and growing
we are always looking to expand our furry family

- we have optional self-assignable nsfw
- events set up for everyone such as movie nights

we are linked to a few other branches such as Roblox, Telegram, and Steam
do not bring drama into our server
Come join us in the Furry Mansion! We’re a furry server with many different channels including gaming, anime, art (SFW & NSFW), and more! If you’re looking to hangout, chat, or make new friends within the community, then come on in!

Curious about the community? Non furries are also welcome to join!

•You must provide ID and be 18+ to access any NSFW sections•
BOFA is a new server looking for some more members! the server is swf and welcoming to anyone of any background, furry or not. we're here to have fun and meet some new friends!

> roleplay channels!
> art channels!
> lgbt friendly!
> helpful, active mods!
> support/vent channels!
Hello! We are Rains Floof Lounge! We are a community of furries that like to talk! Mod applications are open! **No NSFW (not safe for work) stuff in chats! Our staff are very active and will gladly help you. Please join to help expand our wonderful community! OVER 50 MEMBERS!!!