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Welcome to the OwO empire (amazing name I know)
This server is full of nice and caring people to talk too
There's plenty of chats to talk in including shitposting, suggestions, venting, (NSFW channels 18+)
Just a warning the chats can get a bit weird at times 😜 enjoy your stay
We hate kpop, bts, furries, and gacha. If you try to raid and send pics. Dont we get the chats locked up and invite a person to chat. Beware. If youre the chosen server to be raided then youre dead.
Welcome to Fluff Hub, A furry discord server where both Non-Furries and Furries can hangout and be united! In Fluff Hub we focus on you having the best experience you can possibly have. We have many people who have the same interests as you, like gaming, fursuiting, roleplaying, and much more!
So if you're looking for a server to hang out in with some fellow furries, come meet new people in Fluff Hub!
We're a new server that welcomes everyone!
We have a plenty of both sfw and nsfw channels!
With access to
-Roleplay Setup
-Artists that do commissions

We hope to see you soon!
Husk here

Hey, I see you are in our little corner of the internet.

I like to play videogames and make music, and I thought, why not share that with the world.
I would appreciate all of your support and thank you.

Thank you for being in my little corner of the internet.
And if you like music and gaming, why not join the server?

Take a link to invite your mates and stuff:

Husk out

A tight-knit group of furs (and non-furs) to hang out regardless of their species!

We offer:
➟ Gender and Sexuality Roles
➟ Artist Channels
➟ Music Channels
➟ Friendly Voice Chats
➟ XP Role System
➟ Giveaways
Hey! Our server is kinda a work in progress, please bare with us! We are a furry fandom based server, just a nice, safe place to hang out or chill with us.
+FurFort is a furry discord server focused on a friendly growing community, making friends, anti raid system and more!+
- Gaming chats and events!
- Roleplaying channels, and NSFW RP for 18+ only!
- Share your videos, clips, and streams!
- Share your art and writing, and see other’s artistic works!
- Birthday channel to share your birthdays!
- Help, Vent/Rant & drama channels as well as supportive staff to help!
- NSFW channels for 18+ only!
- Meet new furry friends!
- Custom emotes!
- And much more!!
Heya there! I see you’ve found us!
Welcome to The FurDen!
Here we have:

-Working Bots
-Self Assignable Roles with Dyno
-Server Partners
-Self Promotion (even servers, just no spam)
-And Active Staff

And yes this server was just made. But hopefully it will become the Famous Furry Haven it used to be!
Welcome to peanuts, A very active community server where our goal is to have fun and enjoy ourselves, our community is relaxed and chill; and we have plenty of awesome members in the server. Any new members are welcomed with open arms. We have dedicated chats to gaming, memes, and furry related chat, as well as many fun activities. Hope you join and have fun!!
Floofy furries is a furry discord server designed by furries made by furries we have a large growing community and lots of text channels to chat in and custom rank rewards for activity
We're a LGBT+ server aimed for avian (bird) furries, but anybody and everybody is accepted! We have...
🐦 - Self-roles
🌈 - Colour roles (Hex)
🅾 - Little pings
📝 - Art channels
👙 - Roleplay channels
🤖 - Bots
🐱👓 - 𝔐emez
🎭 - Support
💣 - Raid protection
🚯 - Easy verification
🤣 - Easy-to-follow rules
💞 - An accepting community
😇 - An owner that isn't an asshole
➕ - And more!
We're open to suggestions and recommendations! Helper and moderator applications are also open! We hope to see our server grow from your contribution!😅

Furry server for fun with nice fluffs.
Prefers mature, civil & active types.
230+ members, medium activity.
Non-furry profiles not allowed.

Furry server for general fun hanging out, chatting, sharing art or more with nice & mature fluffs.
Good fluffs are encouraged to stay, bad or immature ones are removed to keep the place tidy.
230+ members, moderately consistent activity.
Channels for general talking, image sharing, artworks, music, VC & RP are available.
Members are expected to stay furry, non-furry profiles are not allowed.
Howdy! Welcome to Yiff & Chill~ In this server you will find, cool staff, a friendly and diverse community, yummy memes, lots of succulent yiff and tonnes of new friends! The staff, the members and rules are all very laid back and we hope you'll come and join the fun~
Folves' Elysium is a place for furs and non furs alike to hang out and engage in discussion without being banned for disagreeing or having an unpopular opinion! We have a lot of emotes, bots, channels and we host events! Please do come by to check out our community!
Hello there traveler! Can I take a minute to talk about floof realm real quick?
So floof realm is a fairly new server with lots of things to do, such as:
-Many bots to mess around with

-Lots of channels to post content or talk in

-Friendly staff and members


-LGBT friendly

-Everyone is welcome! Even non-furries are welcome

and many, many more waiting for you. So why not join?
Official Discord for FurFang Social Furry Network | A friendly open Furry Community.

We are an A actively improving a expanding furry discord server that welcomes everyone! Writers, Artist, Musicians, fursuiters rejoice as there's places here for you too, We have our own custom bot(s) that are being worked on and updated daily. We offer many things including a place where you can be you, without drama or being judged.

━━━━━━━⊱𝔚𝔢 𝔒𝔣𝔣𝔢𝔯⊰━━━━━━
❄Multiple General channels
❄ Multiple NSFW General Channels (Including Unmoderated channel)
❄ Over 115 Text channels
❄ Over 50 Voice channels
❄ Marriage
❄Friendly Staff & Community
❄Verified member roles !
❄ SFW/NSFW Roleplaying.
❄ SFW/NSFW Art & Discussion.
❄ Verification filters. No trolls = no drama.
❄ Self-assignable roles (With around 200 roles to choose from)
❄Show off your fursona
❄Channel for singles, Singles looking, and couples
❄ Selfie
❄ Pet Selfies

━━━━━━━⊱𝕬𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝕺𝖜𝖓𝖊𝖗⊰━━━━━━
Owner: Odji Mdjai#0228
{A 10 Year Furry Veteran}
🌙✧ Welcome to the Moonlight Meadow ✧🌙

We are a chill, social-based, brand new furry server looking for members and we'd love to have you join us!
Moonlight Meadow is still small, and we are looking forward to meeting new friends and getting to know others.

🌙 What we offer:

✧ Active and responsible Staff.
✧ Lots of cute Emojis! (Static and animated).
✧ Many different channels for everyone's interests.
✧ Art channel encouraging artists to showcase their work.
✧ Ingame voicechat for players looking to enjoy videogames together.
✧ Fun & Music Bots.
✧ NSFW available for those over 18.

🌙 What we want to introduce as we grow bigger:

✧ New channels as interests diversify.
✧ Dedicated saves or servers for multiplayer games.
✧ Movie/Video Nights.
✧ Art-related activities.
Furry Royale is a discord that allows furs to do what they want, how they want (within TOS of Discord). Chat, gaming, drama, and art fill this server <3
This is just a chill server for furries to hang out. All are welcomed.
please be patient with me, this is my first server so I will be fixing it as I go.
This server is for furries. There will be NSFW art on this server and if you are ok with that then welcome!