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A server dedicated to both tutoring and
technical discussion in STEM topics for students, professionals, and enthusiasts of all ages.
400+ People strong mathematics server aimed at discussion, homework help and basically anything else you can think of related to maths or more general STEM fields.
Welcome to Generally helpful, home of people eager to help with whatever you need. Everything from art and construction to the outdoors and homework, we've got you covered! With fun events here and there, as well as bots to play with, this server fits everyone's needs. Come and join in on the fun!
Math Academy is a server design to help students progress through their schools by teaching easy to learn Math. Weather your a student who needs help with homework or those curious learners, we suit your need. Come join us.
Homework Helpers are on their way! Join this server to access a community of people who have their own skills in various subjects. You can help others, or get help from others. You won't be judged for what you do not know, no negativity is allowed. <3
Welcome to the Pythagoreans! We are a cult founded by Pythagore and anyone disagreeing with our arithmetic theories will inevitably be thrown off a boat. Only whole numbers exist. All irrational numbers are automatically deleted by mee6.
Welcome to the Mathemagicians' community! A friendly server for people with shared interests in applied or theoretical mathematics alike. Whether you need some help or are looking to meet other mathemajicians, welcome in!
A small but growing community for people to discuss mathematics at any and all levels
Hi, welcome to Contest Math! We are a small, friendly server that will accept all skill levels! Join your fellow USAMO, USAJMO, AIME, and AMC mathletes, and solve the daily POTD!
We are a homework helping server, free of charge and with the option to hire private tutors. Looking to create a healthy community that indulges each other and challenges the other to get better in academia. Weekly giveaways will also be done in the near future.
Community and support server for users of the LaTeX typesetting language, the main tool for writing technical documents and assignments all around the world.

Learn how to use LaTeX, and discuss tips and tricks with other users! Experienced users are encouraged to help newcomers and show off cool constructions and clever snippets in our gallery.
A community for STEM enthusiasts with a math game based ranking system and daily problems. We welcome anyone, no matter the skill level!
We are a server dedicated to exploring beautiful maths problems and learning how to solve them! We welcome people of all ages, abilities, and aspirations. While many of our members have participated in contests ranging from local competitions to the IMO, we believe that the awesomeness of mathematics can be enjoyed by everyone!
This is a fan-made community for offers a variety of amazing courses on math and science. This server is for people who would like some company while going through those courses. We believe that community is an integral part to learning, so we encourage collaboration in our voice channels.
Yo nigga, we are a server with kinda loose rules and shit. Being dank, having a good sense in memes and a common sense is necessary to be in the server. We also got bots and shit too for ya smol pp incase you get bored. Somewhat NSFW is allowed alright? You go extreem we go extreem. AlSo we love math.
This is after WW2 the Nazi's won and own America, the UK, and the soviet union, Italy owns Italy, the Japs own everything in Asia but the Soviet union. The year is 2035 all original Nazi's have died.
The 50 states still exist, cut into 3 sectors each are ran but a member of the Führer's cabinet
Just a server made for students to help other students, mainly directed at high schoolers, but all are welcome.
This is a homework discord server where you can get help in any subject such as math, science, reading, history etc. There are ap classes channels available where people can assist you if you need help. IT SERVES TO HELP PEOPLE STRUGGLING WITH SCHOOLWORK AND STUDIES! Please help expand the discord:
we are a new server that's main purpose is for academics including help with coursework, discussion, debates etc. we have a variety of channels dedicated to difference sciences and subjects and look forward to new members!
This server is targeted to all people in search for help in math (mostly geometry or algebra) Feel free to join! Just don't be a jerk. We are a community of diverse cultures learning the same subjects!
The advanced mathematics discord server. Anyone from upper-undergraduate mathematics knowledge and beyond is welcome!