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If you like Furbies, then you'll like this server!
We're fairly new, but i plan to add more bots and custom emojis.
🌸 | 1500+ GIFs and counting! | A mass collection of anime GIFs located here! Upload and share your favorite anime GIFs and be apart of the server growth!
This is a server due to the downfall of the Original Server (Over 10k Members) and, this server is merely identical and hope to run the server in a similar way, and hope to make new friends, especially because I don't know very IRL people to talk about this topic with, so i hope to build a bigger community with this server.
Discord sever for people to share their rock and mineral collection with each other and discus collecting
Rocks, minerals, fossils, gems. Talk of every facet about the bedrock of our planet (plus the occasional meteorite)