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Traptrix Tricksters is a Yu-Gi-oh! server for general dueling and includes factions based on the different Tricksters. We will also be hosting a range of tournaments for different platforms and with different styles. (Currently in dire need of active members as the server is being remade)
Hey guys! Do you like UNO? Well, then come join the closest thing to an official UNO server there is on Discord! We have:

📣 Looking for group roles for a variety of different platforms, including (but not limited to) Steam, Xbox, and PS4!

🤖 A custom UNO bot so that way you can play with people without leaving the comforts of Discord!

🖥️ A custom UNO site with about a million special wild cards!

👮 A friendly, active staff team!

🥇 Tournaments and other events!
Where winning can grant you prizes with some fabulous prizes!

Does all that sound good? Good! Then come join the server, and see what we're talking about!
Welcome to the official Pixel Cards discord server! Currently the game is in closed beta for now. Please read #beta-test first

30 challenges against enemy card decks, more coming soon
Fully automated battles
A pvp system that challenges another player, offline
A chat and alliance system
A rare beta tester card once the full game is released
Over 100 different cards, more to be added soon
And lots more!

The game is currently in beta, and there are a lot of bugs. And when I say lots, I mean lots.
You have to give your email in order to join the beta or just wait for full release!
After beta has ended, the entire database will be wiped out.

Well then, this is the end. We hope you enjoy!
Join the only casino with legit percentages of winning and easily double or triple your money! Active staff and a nice community!
or "PWASATCAHBINNCAH" for short.

We are a small group of people who play with a cards against humanity bot and have a general fun time. We have NSFW channels (locked behind roles) to play in, a "ping to play" reaction role, custom colours, much more!
Central server for the mobile game Evil Apples! Come have fun and play some matches, share some funny combinations, or discuss the latest card packs!
We sell Elektronic Express storecards!
These cards are very private and have a almost 100% succesrate.
With these cards you can buy laptops, pc parts, pc's (and alot more)
Pixel Cattle Games is a chinese indie company. that make card games of the StS slay the spire genre or card battler. come hang out talk about their games Bloodcard and red mist and support the small team.
This is a server me and my brother has made if you join then you should invite your friends to the server and then you and your friends can have fun
Almost a century before our timeline, a huge argument broke out over trade disruption and the loss of products and people with the Spade Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom.

The Clubs accused the Spades of murder while the Spades accused the Club's of random accusations to start wars. Lies to get money and shame the Spades. 

Both royals too angry to argue anymore, broke off all connections with each other. Clubs started isolating themselves more and more from the three kingdoms until they were barely mentioned by the other kingdoms before they suddenly attacked the port towns in Spade. Spades enraged, sent out an entire fleet to wipe out a part of the Club's population. This went on for a year before both Diamonds and Hearts intervened. Spades and Clubs were forced to sign a peace treaty that allows no contact between the two power kingdoms for a decade to cool their need for vergence and blood spill. Nonetheless, it worked and the four kingdoms went back to peaceful harmony… until a rumor that a rebel group in Diamonds wants to kill the current King of Spades.
Hi and welcome! My name is Flare and if you are interested, come down and check us out! We are still new and have few members but I promise you, we are open to all! Keep in mind, we do have minors here so please no sexual content.
•Lgtbq friendly
•High Ranks Open!
•In need of a staff team TvT
•Open to all kinds of roleplays. One liner to paragraphs!

We Sell Store Cards, Store cards are cards that have 1k-10k on them and you can use them in Stores like amazon, new egg, target, google, staples. etc. We sell most of them for $10 and it is 100% legit We have amazing customer service and would love for you to become out customer
Welcome to the REALM. We specialize in designing and balancing custom cards, and building a community around that. We try to separate the diamonds from the rough, helping you figure out what is wrong with your custom cards, how it can be designed better, and how it can be balanced with the current game. We don't have any gimmicks: no custom F&L list, no custom mechanics, and no random rules. We use full TCG rules, and we use DuelingBook for card creation and dueling. And best of all, once you have a custom archetype all ready to be reviewed in the server, we have one of the fastest turnover times. Our reviewers will almost guaranteed look at your cards within 2-3 days and give you a rundown. No week-month long waits.

-Fun Community
-Solid Review Team
-Voice chat role
-Constant support for what you can do to make the best customs you can

Join us today!
Buy anything Clothes,Graphic Cards, iPhones and a lot more for cheap!
Amazon store cards for sale! Only 1% of the value.
The “Shadow Realm” is a discord server dedicated to dueling with anime and manga character decks from any gen, including Duel Monsters to Vrains (Sevens is also expected to be included, but we must analyze how to incorporate it once it comes out due to the difference in gameplay). We focus on accurate decks from the anime and manga, but don’t allow custom cards (dueling book feature) for the sake of balance. Also, we mainly use MR5.

We host tournaments and have a continuous challenge that involves role robbing for daily competition, known as the Rare Hunter Challenge. Also, characters are tiered to promote fair and even duels, and the use of any and all playable characters, regardless of how strong their individual decks might be.

Our main platform is Dueling Book, but duels are allowed to take place on any other, including nexus and ygo pro, so long as both players agree and the decks being used are appropriate for the server’s standards.
We offer Gift cards for 75% off for texas roadhouse and we also offer amazon store cards for 10% of there value, i hope you check out our discord and i hope to serve you
Welcome to Jurdy's Shack 4 (banned at 2k members)

Looking for a way to get paid? Well checkout my server for HQ Money Methods and frequent giveaways


Bitcoin Exchanges (1:1 Rate)
🍕 3$ for 1 Free Dominos Pizza 🍕
💳 High Balance Pieces
🎉 Daily Giveaways 🎉
💰 HQ Methods 💰
🔌 Affordable Plug Spots  🔌

A not-so state of the art Casino on your very own smartphone or computer!
Some things you can do here are:
Gamble all of your savings away! (Of course not real money, because that would be veery illegal!)
Listen to music!
Raise money from casino games to buy random and sometimes useless stuff!
Talk to our slow growing base of members and perhaps make a friend or 2!

All of this in one discord server! Can you believe it? Probably, because this is fairly common!

Join the khaotic casino and please help support, play some games and all. And most importantly, have fu- money triumphs over friends so don't worry about it.
First few to join get custom card of themselves
Foliocard started on the art sharing app, Folioscope, but never really got started
Collect cards, Trade, battle!
there arent many members, so don't expect it to be active yet. But i will battle you all you want
Card Kingdoms. A discord server where you rp in Kingdoms of Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds.
There's also a chat feature! We would appreciate if you were involved in the rp but you can also just stay and chat!

Please join. We're lonely