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Hey guys! Do you like UNO? Well, then come join the closest thing to an official UNO server there is on Discord! We have:

📣 Looking for group roles for a variety of different platforms, including (but not limited to) Steam, Xbox, and PS4!

🤖 A custom UNO bot so that way you can play with people without leaving the comforts of Discord!

🖥️ A custom UNO site with about a million special wild cards!

👮 A friendly, active staff team!

🥇 Tournaments and other events!
Where winning can grant you prizes with some fabulous prizes!

Does all that sound good? Good! Then come join the server, and see what we're talking about!
Ever had an interest in Yugioh? And while you're at it, maybe you've tried to make your own yugioh cards, drawing on papers or just want to make one of your favorite decks better? Maybe you made something super broken or you got confused by PSCT and what that is? We're here to help with that, ROCC is a custom discord for improving your abilities at making custom cards, and definitely helps newbies understand the game better. We review your cards in 24-48 hours and we dedicate ourselves to being faster than any other servers at reviewing, as you could be waiting upwards of a month elsewhere! (this is no joke, it usually is that slow)
Card Kingdoms. A discord server where you rp in Kingdoms of Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds.

Please join. We're lonely


The Wall Street Market offers you a high quality marketplace experience. Buy and sell CC’s, Accounts, Gift Cards, etc.

Discuss carding, cracking, and methods!
Join our friendly community, where you chat with your friends and explore our marketplaces. Discounted Gift Cards.

◈ An Open Market
◈ Discounted Gift Cards
◈ Helpful Staff and Admins
◈ Friendly Community
Were you severely disappointed at the lack of crimes against humanity in Cards Against Humanity? Do you want to commit some war crimes, but don't want to be sent to jail? Now you can! Introducing Dictator Trading Cards: the ethical way to commit atrocities! Commit war crimes, crush dissidents, to your hearts content! If you have dictatorial tendencies, this game is for you. But wait, there's more! In the Official Dictator Trading Card Game Server, you can get access to new content, talk to the devs, hang out with like-minded dictators, organise tourneys and even submit your own card ideas? Well what are you doing young dictator, come on in!
One of the most legit server out there
In here we are experienced carders and only the highest quality.
Free stuff also available
This is a community where levels can be shared, you can chat and relax, or even request cards for the game Coin Master.

~ :3 ~
New Discord server anyone is welcome, Anyone can post their shops or just chat and learn more about the cracking community
This is my discord server with really good and easy to get invite rewards. Please join as it would really make my day. Thank you very much and have a nice.. year.
Selling gift cards with discount! Have cards for shop's, restaurants, airlines, hotels and others! Codes are working online and in-store!
Come by The Ace Casino and have fun playing all sorts of cardgames without the risk of losing all your cash
are you tired of missing out on the last card needed to complete your coin master set? then we got the right place for you!
Join the clan (WK) and play with others in the mobile dueling app called Duel Links and have fun with a community that loves the game
Dieser server ist für die Community von MagicBrothersYT.
Auf ihm hat man spaß, tauscht sich über kartentricks aus oder chattet einfach nur. Wir bieten eine Vielzahl an Kanälen zum Austausch
Dies ist der offizielle Somnium Server. Hier kann man sich mit Menschen austauschen, die sich für magic und/oder für cardistry interessien.
Do you like RPG and discord? Well, theres a server made specifically to make fun, addictive and elaborate RPG games, INCARN's GameHole is a direct sever with a channels made for RPG, but its text based. Do you want to take part in a fun storyline and make some online friends? Well we got you, we have enough hosts in different timezones so we can almost always start a game up. Just react saying you're in and thats all. Come have a look, We're small and trying to grow. (EXTREMELY WIP)
Great server to relax in, no strict rules or mods. Host game nights and can play games with friends when you want to. Come join, grab a friend or two, and have some fun!
Welcome to the CARD KINGDOM!
Here, you will notice that we run things a bit differently in this discord server.
This is a KINGDOM, almost like a tiny government that you can be part of. There are ranks, authorities, and civilians.
Please note that this isn’t an RP server, this is as if you, yourself were part of a server government.
- Small, But looking for members!
- Empty rank slots! Get em while you still can!
- And more! What will you chose?
Magicians Central is a Public Yu-Gi-Oh server made by Comical MC#4008 for the enjoyment of others, to allow others to learn the game, and overall have a fun time playing a card game with friends