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A casual hangout server for geeks of all kinds to chat. Fans of things like cartoons, video games, anime; and creators of those things; artists, animators, game designers, storytellers, whatnot. If you'd like to chat or show of your creations, then hop in the server. We also do community stuff like gaming and art contests.

We love Nintendo, if you have a switch, prepare to have lots of friends to play with.
I'm sure you've watched Nickelodeon, if you don't, watch it now.
• • • • • •
🎥 Movie night two times a month
📋 Polls so your voice can be heard
🗨️ An active community of friendly people
🎙️ Multiple voice chat channels
🤖 Fun bots to mess around with
• • • • •
A Multifandom server, for hanging, sharing art or the dankest of memes.
Generally a place for chatting with cool people with similar interests.
A server on everything animation! We got Disney, Cartoon Network Nickelodeon, NOSTALGIA! A server dedicated for those of cartoon fans. All we ask of everyone is to be kind and get along well, enough. Hope to see you there ^-^
We are a server dedicated to the old Nickelodeon dated from its beginning to 2010. From Saturday morning bingers to sick-at-home viewing, we are here to support the good old days of Nickelodeon, Nicktoons Network, Nick Jr., Nick at Nite, and Nick GAS.
Like a weird obscure cartoon no ones heard of? Want to share it?
Or just want to talk and be silly?
We are new.. Also small.
Please keep it safe for work. This is a general 13+ server.p
- Toon Artifex (Artifex being a Latin word "that means expert practitioner of an art"), is a community that focuses mostly on the Western Animation culture. We aim to be a friendly place to anyone interested, or simply looking to socialize.
If you love toons & just wanna meet new people, this is the place for you.
Way way back in the 1980s, secret government employees dug up famous guys (and ladies), and made wonderfully amusing genetic copies, as you would have seen on the show. Or, if you haven't please do.
Anyways, welcome to our server, affectionately named Clone Fucks.

- Nice self assignable colours
- Small but friendly community
- Talented artists and writers
- One spicy NSFW channel
- A general assortment of bots

We hope you'll join, and remember: it's always time to watch Clone High.
this is a server were you can just chill out and interact with people and talk about cartoons and anime and stuff. So drop on by. Because why not.
This is a small ATLA/LOK server with a very friendly community! We would love to see you there!
A fun little server (kept at maximum of 25 people)
A community to talk to others about stuff you love. Some of the main topics are
- Adventure time
- Pokemon
- Halo
and lots of other things
A variety of bots and if you want some more contact a mod and we might add it.
Earn roles, Make friends, Chill and just have some fun
Come hang out and talk about My Hero Academia!

Warning: This is a server about the anime, not the manga. Manga content is not allowed anywhere except in the dedicated channel.

There are also anime spoilers, so if you haven't seen the show then you probably shouldn't join this server.
Hello, Chill Zone is a chill discord server where you can do whatever the fuck you want within reason. Talk about anime, sports, pokemon, tv shows. And we have a wide variety of FUN RANKS to be unlocked based of interaction. We can’t wait to see you there.
Bray and the Saltgays is a community based server owned by Bray (owner of cartoon clip channel Saltgay). Featuring channels for a variety of popular fandoms (Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Voltron, etc.) | strongly LGBTQ+ friendly | active nice staff | games | competitions | formerly Discord in a Bikini | New Server, old one deleted
A happy haven of hope! We're small and active group of friends looking for more! We play games together! For further info just hop in!
We just enjoy hanging out because it beats doin stuff
Nerdy hangout for people who love cartoons and sharing stupid stuff. Join if you like toons by nickleodeon or cartoon network. Anime fans get wedgies.

cartoon toon nicktoon nickleodeon nicktoons cartoon network vicky spongebob tv fairly odd parents pepper anne doug hey arnold
Hello! Do you like anime? Video games? Cartoons? Come RP in our group chat-based server (semi-literate/literate on request)! We would love to have you!

NOTE: please only join if you intend to roleplay! Thanks!
Hey! join the server! Always looking for new people to talk to
A friend of mine started creating this server, and I did the rest with some of my other friends.

This Server is a mix with some Music stuff for all types of orchestral musicians to join, and other discussions such as Lirone Stuff, other cartoon Animations, and more for Lirone Fans.
Este é um servidor focado em desenhos(principalmente atuais com histórias)(Disponibilizamos aos poucos os episódios dos desenhos) mas também suportamos jogos! Organizado para que você só veja o que esteja interessado(os desenhos interessados ou os jogos interessados)

Desenhos suportados:
Bee and Puppycat
Bravest Warriors
Hora de Aventura
OK. KO Vamos Ser Heróis
Steven Universo
She-Ra 2018
Star vs. as Forças do Mal

Jogos suportados:
• Fortnite
• Garry's Mod
• Heartstone
• Paladins
Welcome to Insomnia Studios, we are a Roblox gaming community that develops many games based on popular series, such as Ben 10, Seven Deadly Sins, Tokyo Ghoul, and more! Join Today.