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Nerdy hangout for people who love cartoons and sharing stupid stuff. Join if you like toons by nickleodeon or cartoon network. Anime fans get wedgies.

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Come join us for some fun RP! Make your own OC! Make Your Own Story here in the world of Steven Universe! You can either fight alongside rose quartz or fight against her with the diamonds. It's your choice! Come have fun with us here!
This is my very first server. It's of Ryan's Life and The Amazing Toad (of which'll hopefully actuallly be produced into a show one day)
:small_orange_diamond:️--We're a Steven Universe themed server. Help us grow!--:small_orange_diamond:️

Cool stuff to be excited for:

:star2:Self-Assignable Roles!
:star2:Nice Staff!
:star2:Cool Bots!
:star2:Groups with special perks!
:star2:A bunch of emojis!
:star2:Events and Parties!
:star:A vent Channel!
:star2:Steven Universe Screening rooms on rabbit!

--We really hope you'll join us!--
Steven Universe Roleplay!
Create your very own character, choose from an assortment of different species, Gem types, weapons, and more! Open up your mind to any possibilities, here in the Steven universe Roleplay!
A Server based on the cartoon network original series
'OK-KO Lets Be Heroes!' With a completely custom cast and great custom commands, The server is under dovelopment but we currently have great things including...

-Customizable Pow-Cards
-Customizable Power Moves and Abilites
-Open Spots
-And the chance to become the strongest hero or villain.
This is an (unofficial) server for fans of the show Steven Universe.
[Hiring Staff]
Welcome to The Unknown, a server centered around Cartoon Network's Over the Garden Wall. Come on in, there's dirt in the back (cheeky reference), just chill out. This server's still very very small!

We have:
- Level roles!
- A music bot!
- A dedicated channel for OTGW discussion!

Note that you don't have to be a fan of the show to join! Everyone's welcome!


Owner: eat-o-hell#9690
Server Region: US West

Disclaimer: All credit for Over the Garden Wall goes to Patrick McHale and Cartoon Network.