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Hey, I’ve got a movie server called A Very Groovy Movie Server. On this server, you can discuss movies, tv shows, anime, and anything else related to that. We also have events such as weekly Movie Nights or our own unique event called Movie Gorge

So please come join A Very Groovy Movie Server!
💃🏻🎶Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your (profile) name and they're always glad you came... You want to be where you can see the troubles are all the same... You want to be where everybody knows your (profile) name🎶💃🏻🤗💕

Our community is a fun loving group! We are mostly easy going & fun! However, as much as we enjoy the shits and giggles, we occasionally dabble in discussing politics and our mods enforce respectful debates. ***Our members come to hangout, enjoy some comical relief through their day and chill.***

We have a room for everything! **Places to share your selfies, recipes, music, movies, tv shows, video games, news, politics, elections, sports, streams, voice chat with each other or even group watch movies or tv shows together, which we do often esp for ***Game of Thrones!*** **🤗💕

In our community you will find rooms that are SFW (safe for work), as well as NSFW (not safe for work), with age restriction of 18+ on them. ***We encourage everyone to feel free to join!*** *However, we are a generally “young adults and up” crowd and won’t cater to kids who are not mature enough to handle adult conversations in the SWF rooms.*

__**If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to join us!**__
Hey everyone! Welcome to the DC: World's Finest Server! The official Roleplay server where you can be any character from the Detective Comics Universe! With Roleplaying you can engage in conversations with other members, on different topics! You can be a part of the Justice League and fight crime (or make some hehe) in your own story! Join today and be a World's Finest.

Disclaimer: No OC's Allowed
⎈ A charming house where people care too much about their fictional characters. We welcome all trans people, and our server philosophy is to stream a different film or show every night. Television connects people, both through characters we can relate to, and through stories that are akin to our own ones. You might find this familiar place to be just what you were looking for all along! ⎈
Oceanic Flight 815, server dedicated to the LOST TV show, feel free to join and talk about it, We have a numbers bot so you can save the world every 108 minutes, we also talk about other shows and other general talk.
Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.
Hello and Welcome! :) You wanna talk/chat with people about nostalgia, the shows you grow up with etc.. this it's a server for you, come in.
Friendly server were we talk about films, TV and any and all of our passions and past times.
We are a kind, friendly group, everybody knows everybody. You don't have to worry about bullying or any kind of harassment as it does not happen! We have weekly movie nights and much more! Ur very welcome to join ^^!
Hi! Come join us in the Plex Posters server! We are a community of movie and poster lovers that like to share/design posters, discuss film/tv, and have a good time!
In 1989 the British si-fi show Doctor Who was cancelled. In 2005 it was rebooted. Now in 2019 I'm here to share the love of the classic series of Doctor who and hope you are too. This is a non toxic server encouraged to chat, share opinions, share news aswell as watch more episodes of CDW and listen to big finish. With a chance to apply for administration roles and otherase roles to unlock other chats.

Hope to see you there!
* Chill server mainly focused around creative arts
* Music and Bot Games
* Musician channel for instrumentalists/ producers
* Media channels to discuss TV, movies and anime/manga
* Custom roles for different interests
* Games channel for anyone looking for groups or to just talk about games
* Anyone is welcome!
This is a nice server for anyone who likes Steven Universe. You can talk about episodes, share theories and fan art, and overall have fun! Come join us!
Riverdale Community Discord is a community who welcomes any Riverdale fan or person who wants to chat and chill. Come join the most popular Riverdale discord server out there!
Camp Camp. is a cartoon line-less animated show who follows the protagonist max, (a jaded 10 year old kid who hates camp). And his goal to escape his summer camp called: Camp Campbell. The show has three current seasons. (Fourth in June.) and has millions of viewers/fans.

The Unofficial Camp Camp Server is a great new way to chat with other fans of the show and over all have a blast!
we have:
:white_check_mark: of course, Camp Camp
:white_check_mark: Roleplay!
:white_check_mark: Memes!
:white_check_mark: Music!
:white_check_mark:Suggestions, feedback corner!
:white_check_mark: A friendly environment!/team
And much more....!

Do not hesitate to even check it out for yourself, maybe try to get into watching it! :heart: We hope to see you there!
Way way back in the 1980s, secret government employees dug up famous guys (and ladies), and made wonderfully amusing genetic copies, as you would have seen on the show. Or, if you haven't please do.
Anyways, welcome to our server, affectionately named Clone Fucks.

- Nice self assignable colours
- Small but friendly community
- Talented artists and writers
- One spicy NSFW channel
- A general assortment of bots

We hope you'll join, and remember: it's always time to watch Clone High.
Join a large community of TV addicts and discuss about your favorite shows, animes and movies in a casual atmosphere. Spoiler alert: joining this server will automatically extend your list of things to watch! Play games about TV/movies, watch some together, take part to our monthly blindtest and much more!
Just a chill server, a few bots and channels.
Welcome to Prisneyland: the Prison Break themed server.

Join us in Fox River where you can talk to other cons, brainstorm over season 6, rise through the ranks and earn your freedom.

Interact with our Prison Break bots, get involved with discussion, rec your fanworks and meet other creators.

This is not an RP server but RPers are welcome.

Buena suerta, Fish.
The number one Discord community for all things related to Mixels! Join the rad fun today!
A new server for chill folk to hang out, discuss games, music, tv, movies, etc.
Nerdy hangout for people who love cartoons and sharing stupid stuff. Join if you like toons by nickleodeon or cartoon network. Anime fans get wedgies.

cartoon toon nicktoon nickleodeon nicktoons cartoon network vicky spongebob tv fairly odd parents pepper anne doug hey arnold
Geeks Under Grace is made up of a bunch of people who are as broken as a Bethesda game, trying to follow a perfect Creator. Our server is all about likeminded geeks discussing videogames, tabletop, movies, tv, anime, comic books and more.
We all Just chill and Watch some anime or just mess around and do RP and Lessen to some Nightcore with that Coffee we got at caribou Or just Sing until everyone in the Channel Dies Yep that's the most epic Description EVER LAMO Just come and Hang out with he Cool kids (NEW SERVER)