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Hey, I’ve got a movie server called A Very Groovy Movie Server. On this server, you can discuss movies, tv shows, anime, and anything else related to that. We also have events such as :
1. Movie Nights: Everyone gets to suggest a film, and then the server votes on their favorite. The winner is then streamed on on a specific date
2. Movie VS Movie: Everyone gets to suggest a movie that they love. Two are randomly decided and then the server gets around two weeks to watch and discuss the films. Afterwards, everybody votes on which movie they liked better

So please come join A Very Groovy Movie Server!
Hey everyone! Welcome to the DC: World's Finest Server! The official Roleplay server where you can be any character from the Detective Comics Universe! With Roleplaying you can engage in conversations with other members, on different topics! You can be a part of the Justice League and fight crime (or make some hehe) in your own story! Join today and be a World's Finest.

Disclaimer: No OC's Allowed
A place where you can talk to Others

Active mods

Fun Stuff too do

All around good time
Oceanic Flight 815, server dedicated to the LOST TV show, feel free to join and talk about it, We have a numbers bot so you can save the world every 108 minutes, we also talk about other shows and other general talk.
Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.
Join our TV themed community ! We have our own beloved BearBot, channels for many series, various server games(inc. Trivia & CAH), contests & TV/Movie nights...
If you are anything like me then you must be passionately in love with the fictional character Joel Fleischman from the CBS show Northern Exposure which aired a total of 110 episodes from 1990-1995. if this is correct then You should join the OFFICIAL FANCLUB!

P.s (random niche server theme aside) this server is for cool people to just chat and shitpost.
Riverdale Community Discord is a community who welcomes any Riverdale fan or person who wants to chat and chill. Come join the most popular Riverdale discord server out there!
New server for anime rabbit streams, in need of mods and members, come and join us
Welcome to my Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. server! I think what the server is about is pretty obvious. It's a community about Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. If you do not know what that is, it's an American action TV show, I recommend watching it. Please check out my server if you like the show. I've worked hard to set it up and I'd love to see it get more members every day. Thank you for reading and/or joining! x3
This server is based off of the Shadowhunters tv series. Here, we role play as OCs of different mythical creatures. You can be a faerie, werewolf, vampire, shadowhunter and more! Join today!
Welcome to Rainy Days, a server dedicated to your interests, finding friends (and potentially more), and having a fun time talking with others and hanging out!

What we have to offer:
-A seperate channel for each interest (ex. Animals, photography, memes, gaming, art, music, sports, anime, tv and movies, etc!)
-Bot spam channels to play around with OwO bot and UnbelievaBoat
-reaction roles that are self-assignable <3
-dating, seeking, and flirting channels- perfect for those who are looking to find more than a friend ;)
Way way back in the 1980s, secret government employees dug up famous guys (and ladies), and made wonderfully amusing genetic copies, as you would have seen on the show. Or, if you haven't please do.
Anyways, welcome to our server, affectionately named Clone Fucks.

- Nice self assignable colours
- Small but friendly community
- Talented artists and writers
- One spicy NSFW channel
- A general assortment of bots

We hope you'll join, and remember: it's always time to watch Clone High.
GeekFront the frontpage for all things geek! We are a brand new server looking to grow a strong and healthy community. talk about the latest news in movies,games comics and more! we also have a music bot and game voice channels.

Come here if you are interested in any of Michael Schur's shows mostly Brooklyn Nine-Nine. We'd love to have more and more Brooklyn fans. NINE NINE!
a boring run of the mill server lacking much variety from any other server. have fun.
A place where you can buy accounts for the most popular applications like Netflix Hulu sling tv and more
Offizieller Discord Server des YouTubers Ninjago Wissen und Stories!
Looking for active members to roleplay.
This is a new server where people who just want to hang out and talk can join! Anyone is welcome and the more the merrier! Just have fun, talk about music, TV and of course gaming!
Calling all The Office fans! Come hang out, discuss the show, and eventually even land a job at one of the branches!
Central Perk - Group of close knit 30+ year old friends looking for interesting people to expand our circle. We have a wide range of interests including games, TV, movies, music, and programming. Come let us know what we can do to improve your experience. No lurkers please.
This is a server where backyardigan fans can thrive together in a growing and fun community. Feel free to join the discord server that's all about the best show on earth!