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In this Rp server. you can rp and crossover in various settings from games, TV shows, Movies, Anime ECT. You can use OC's Canon characters or mix and match how you like! Just nothin too weird though the setting is an unstable connected multiverse than continues to pull and fuse worlds and brings them together, there are also bots and plenty of channels, if theres something missing you want feel free to request!, We are just here to mess around rp and have a good time!
A community where you can share you nintendo games and make new friends to play with!
Un serveur qui vous propose des giveway , des bons plan ainsi que d'autre avantage pour les gameurs ! aider nous à grandir !
”City Of The Dawn is a Futuristic roleplay server where different people from different universes are gathered [Does not include Dbz Naruto Or One Punch man Plz don't ask] the people who come to the City Of Dawn are shocked by its beautiful Scenery and Futuristic cities"