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Do you play Wolfquest? Do you know About it and want it? Are you interested in it but don’t know if it’s worth it? If you answered yes to any of those, then this server is for you!
We are a community of Wolfquest enthusiasts and people interested in getting the game! We offer video sharing, art sharing, game updates, and more.
A roleplay hub server where we all just get together to be friends. We have plenty to do in here and plenty more to come! It won't hurt to join, and we promise you'll have fun. You can advertise your own server or join one off of here. You can also just relax with other users, or join a role play going on on the server. The rules are lenient, and we are open to any suggestions. We are all pretty relaxed here, not some pesky overlord admins. If you have any questions, go ahead and join and ask!
The Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG) is a Terraria Mobile Discord community dedicated specifically to mobile players who use iOS devices and own the MultiTerraria app. We have everything Terraria related, including community events, all item worlds, many channels for topics including PvP, building, and minigames. Check out our website at:!
A cozy group where you can share everything without being afraid of prejudice!
This is a calling to all adventurers around the region.

Does your thirst for adventure needs to be sated?
Would you like to meet new people, and engage in RP based in the iconic dungeon and dragons world.
We mainly focus on 5E, for races, classes and powers.

Even if you have not played, nor heard about said game, even if you have not text RP before. We welcome everyone to our world of magic and wonder. Where you can be who you want. From a humble villager, a renown hero of the lands, a villainous plotter bent in his own demise.

The possibilities are endless, it is just up to you to shape the world around you.

We offer a mostly formed world, with plenty of flexibility to accommodate your narration/adventures. A highly organized server, currently in its young days.
We are looking for adventurers, NPCs, whatever you want to be.

Please give us a visit at:
Server still undergoing minor alterations.
ERP can happen, but is not the main focus.
Best regards~
Hello there! Join our server to find like-minded roleplayers and discuss topics in common! You may also be able to scan through recruitment posts and join in groups looking for more writers! We recently were formed, but hope to grow quickly. If you own a roleplay group and want it advertised somewhere, feel free to join and place links in this group :)
Multi-gaming community for all kinds of games from RP games to FPS PvP. Escape From Tarkov, Miscreated, Scum, Ark, Destiny II, VR Gaming, and more.
Join Boroque Works, a faction where you can rank up by doing operations, and collecting “user bounties” to get more power over the community, we are also an interception group meaning we stop problems such as riots, raids, etc through our own methods
Join our fun clan for the game HYTALE!
Its really fun!
3rd person, group. canon characters. Looking for serious roleplayers.

If you're reading this, something has gone seriously wrong. Callsign "Nightwing" here, you might know me better as Batman's first Robin. And Gotham City isn't doing too hot. It's been 122 days since the disappearance of a large number of Justice Leaguers, including Batman himself. In those 122 days, no one in the city has been able to keep a lock on crime. The "Bat-Family" has been stretched thin trying to cover all the bases, but clearly, it isn't enough. People have begun to associate Batman's disappearance with the recent death of the Joker, and in turn spawned a new war between tribute gangs, people fighting to represent the names of either Batman or the Joker, just adding more onto the plates of the professionals. Everyone is having troubles, but consider this Gotham City's SOS; we need help. Be it from heroes or sidekicks not in Gotham, or anyone willing to directly aid us in saving this city. Until further action can be taken, we are the New Justice League. Nightwing out.

Please join.
We are a group of rogues that travel around different servers for roleplay
[DISCLAIMER] In order to join, you need to either have already pre-ordered Fallout 76, original or Tricentennial on PC. or will get it once it releases.

We are the New Frontier, a group of former Vault 76 residents that teamed up to create a community. We are dedicated to rebuilding West Virginia to her former glory. You can join us too, and start contributing to a good cause.

In our ranks, you can be a trader, a raider, hunter, or just join to get some buddies to aid you in your ventures!

The New Frontier is governed by 4 people. xXThe_CooldogXx, (the one making this ad) the mayor of our capital in The Forest, Queenswood, and will be willing to help out new players once the PC beta comes out. Our owner of the group, Stryzek, or known in our discord, Vault Boy, is also our Grand Huntmaster of our hunting faction, where we will hunt massive beasts for trophies and resources. Our head trader, Head Supplies Trader Will, or Infernape501st, manages our economy and marketing. We use caps and bargaining, do not worry. Our raider Overboss is Antispider-9464, manages our raider faction, the main military part of our group; assigned to guard settlements, and attack rivals.

We are welcoming wastelanders willing to join, if so: Welcome to the Frontier!

We all will have Strength, Skill, and Survival.
We are a art group with a friendly community.
we welcome any artform and try to have people help eachother and give advise.
Hello, this is O5-█, welcome to our SCPF community. We have our own game here on roblox,!/game-instances , we also have a group, , we are a SCPF group, we need more members in our group, we accept all.

Mankind must not go back to hiding in fear. No one else will protect us, and we must stand up for ourselves. While the rest of mankind dwells in the light, we must stand in the darkness to fight it, contain it, and shield it from the eyes of the public, so that others may live in a sane and normal world. We Secure. We Contain. We Protect. -The Administrator Operating clandestine and worldwide, the Foundation operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major national government with the task of containing anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena. These anomalies pose a significant threat to global security by threatening either physical or psychological harm.
Welcome all to the glorious House of the Deep Fried. A discord server formatted like a house. We have chill, active members, music bots, fun commands, and an open community for whatever you like. You can group up and play some games, chill with some people and shoot the shit, or just meet some new people. Overall we hope you have a positive experience, and remember to obey the house rules, carved into the first floor wall.
A high fantasy world built from the ground up inspired by tales such as Arthurian Legend and concepts of various degrees. The story revolves around the new generation of Chaldea, a kingdom founded by a man with the dream of becoming a legend, making that dream into a reality as his kingdom became his legacy. But that legacy is threatened by the Kingdom of Superbia with rumors of war rummaging in the air. Partake in the adventure of hope, unsettled matters, and history lost to time as you experience the story of Aurea's Gate!
Welcome to J-Valentine named after the most bad ass video game character, Jill Valentine. New Discord Server finding cool people!

-We have fun bots with awesome commands
-An amazing super cool leader
-Costume Emojis
-Much much more...I swear

We talk about video games and whatever u want OwO
Inuas Academy Is a open school for the people that want or are mage's! we are currently looking for new school staff and help with making the school. We will be hosting school events and such too! the story isn't stuck to only a lore so feel free to introduce great new Idea's! No time limit to character making and you may join for the heck of making new friends! <3
The official server for the group of K Pop lovers known as "The Rainbow 7".
What we have:
-Nice Members
-News on all your favorite K Pop idols!
-Fun bots
-And more!
We are the best gaming group.We are the champions.We are the kings.
We are a pre-war group of Police Officers and we patrol around the wasteland Come to join us and be apart of a Police Force of the Future