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G&D Group est une mini-entreprise crée par un jeune, tu pourras apprendre, a faire, crée des bots, du développement web, du graphisme, tu pourras aussi aider, montrer t'es créations, donc G&D réuni tout les développeurs en tout genre et des graphistes débutant comme professionnel.
We are a Roblox server specifically dedicated​ to Arsenal, Join if you want to try out for the clan or just be party of a nice community! We have fun, interactive bots with and a non toxic, friendly community.
A brand new Discord server focused around a group slice-of-life RP, taking place in a modern-themed world where you can tell any kind of story you want to. Want to roleplay as an aspiring singer seeking fame and renown? Go for it! Want to be a new recruit in the military and earn your stripes? Maybe a police officer to protect and serve? Sure! Or maybe you want a simpler life as a bartender or waitress? Maybe make some new friends, meet that special someone, and possibly start a family? More power to you!

This Discord server and group RP is all about freedom of choice for the writer and telling their own story, and seeing how it unfolds with everyone else's. Whether you want a more relaxed RP, more dramatic, or more action-oriented story-telling, it's totally up to you. Express yourself and have fun!

This is an 18+ server with a mix of regular roleplay and NSFW roleplay. Having a mature community will help to ensure that things go smoothly between all of us, and hopefully minimize issues and problems. So, if all of this sounds like your cup of tea, then feel free to hit up the link to our Discord. Hope to see some of you there!
Hello everybody if you love rank games or army games in roblox come join us this is [MAFC]MILITARY AIR FORCE COMMAND SERVER lets go!! And lets train more!!
We want to create a server for everything, not only for gaming, or for movies. We want to be a big "family". A group of friends.
Coming soon we will translate ALL the messages in english.
Join Boroque Works, a faction where you can rank up by doing operations, and collecting “user bounties” to get more power over the community, we are also an interception group meaning we stop problems such as riots, raids, etc through our own methods
The Terraria Mobile Multiplayer Group (TMMG) is a family friendly Terraria Mobile Discord community dedicated specifically to mobile players. We feature everything Terraria related, including news, community events, minigames, as well as fun Discord bots, and a pretty awesome and active staff team. Also be sure to check out our website at!
A server for anybody! A lot of people swear and talk about weird-ish things so if you're not mature enough for that just don't...It's based around a group called ßß (and yes we know that it's a german s) which stands for Booyah Back. We're a server that helps people play mainly splatoon and smash, but other games can be played, if you request us to add them!
💚~>{Furry Family}<~💚

in this furry family you can make friends and such here! Join us as were still updating this server more! This server will also be full of nsfw and roleplays and such more! So please no drama and if you have anything to say it to me and ill be there to company you!! I hope youll like the stay!! 😜❤
Hi! We are Z Cafe, a cafe server for our group on ROBLOX, when you join, please join our ROBLOX group after!
The Unofficial Discord to the Group of Walkers. only Open to People With a Walker Number, If You Do Not Possess One At Joining, You Will Be Kicked
We are a discord server that just likes to chat and play games together, We have really good staff! And a great community! We recommend you join! We also do giveaways! You can become a creator! We are really active too! And no one will discriminate you based on age, sex, religion, etc. You will be welcomed to the FunHouse!
**The Demigod's Sanctuary**
-Group Discord Rp-

Deep in the holy hills of Athos lies a hidden, secret sanctuary.

The majority of mortals do not know of its existence, as only a mere, meticulously selected few are needed to deliver items back and forth to its hidden location amongst the beautiful, yet treacherous mountains. The sanctuary's tall, stone walls that surround its exterior are only there to keep those who live there inside, but the powerful, magical barrier that surrounds the perimeter is there to keep the dangers that lurk outside away.

The residents of this sanctuary are the Demigods, the children of the mighty Gods and Goddesses who seemingly cannot help but to mingle with the mortals, creating hybrids of people that are constantly being sought after by the most menacing, treacherous beings and monsters that exist. Because of this, people have found a way to protect themselves from the constant dangers by using a mighty artifact to power the barrier that only allows mortals or Demigods to pass through.

These people have been living in peace for decades, as they have found a way to make their community mostly self-sufficient through the usage of their own abilities, making the people strong and proud of their heritage, and only trading with the mortals that have proven their trustworthiness.

But, this all had seemingly changed one day when a body was found... a child of Apollo, whose corpse was discovered in... suspicious circumstances. The sanctuary, now in an uproar, began to demand a war council to seek for who, or what had done such an atrocious act to one of their own. The people were beginning to suspect one another, as no monster could have ever possibly came in through the barrier, so it was the only logical explanation, as they believed that a mere mortal could never kill, or even harm, a Demigod.

Hi everyone! We are a friendly community that is looking for new people to join our rp! It is an 18+ rp as it does have some mature themes.

Please hop in and check us out if this interests you!
This is the house where we respect snd love our sexy hot topic bitch shadow the hedgehog.
Forest's Demands, a server for people who want to roleplay mythically. Here we have a wide variety of species, and a lore for many to enjoy. We stay friendly and keep it cool.

! 18+ !
-Play in a group? ✓
-trolling? ✓
-Roblox? ✓
Join this server to have different ranks and TROLL LOLOLOL!!
Multi-gaming community. We host our own roleplay DayZ server and we play other games like Escape From Tarkov, Ark, Arma 3, VR Gaming, and more.