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An unofficial home to the growing community around the World's Largest Social VR Platform, VRChat. We're a hub for VRChat Content Creators and sub-communities to mingle, take part in events and make lasting friendships!
Let be friends, and play games. ♡

❀ What we have to offer ❀
~ A newly-founded community, with an active fanbase! ~
~ Welcoming, and Inviting! ~
~ Super cute emotes and awesome emotes for nitro users! ~
~ A leveling System, Leaderboard, and Server Currency! ~
~ 18+ Channels, and lots of roles! ~
・Most UK Based members with A-lot of European's
・LGBTQ friendly
・Active staff
・Active members
・Giveaway system NOW LIVE! (Level 3 chef and above!)
・Active community with VRChat users, knowledge about Avatar and World creation for VRChat (Social VR Game on steam)
・Downloads channel for Unity/VRChat related things!
・Users with a Purple discord status get Auto announced their streaming within a Streaming channel!
・Promote your Twitch/YouTube/Twitter All in one channel.
・Music channels to talk to friends and listen to music
・NSFW Channel's a lot to chose from ;)
・MEE6 leveling system
Hi everyone! We are VRChat players and our server is made with love by ee and doklawer. We are a small community of VRChat!
We organizing many events, such as movie evenings, visiting multible worlds and etc.! We also offer other things, such as:
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
• :Perfect level security system!
• :Active NSFW channel!
• :Game channel for other VRChat games!
• :Memes for all your humid needs!
• :Selfie channel to bring your sweet face closer!
• :A self-promotion channel for all your needs!
• :Another Channels to all kind of games (lol etc.!)
• :Some cool emoticons!
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
We hope you will like our beautiful server!
hi, this server is full of gamer women who enjoy peeing on your sandwiches
Welcome to the friendship of vrchat:

1.Play every game you want
2.You can get roles easially by being more active
3.If you invite more people and letting me know youll get a special role and a special suprises
4.Thank you for reading this xD
This is a new server where u can share NSFW vrchat models talk about anything and maybe do something on vrchat with someone if your interested join if not don't.
Nice staff! Tons of Sweet People! And random Giveaways! Find the one and enjoy your time talk, sharing memes and exploring our server. Cya Round!!
This is a place to let that darker side of yourself roam free. We can talk about anything here. Your darkest desires, crimes you wish to commit, and anything you wish. But please keep this in mind: I made this server just to have fun, sometimes you have to let the feeling out and some like to talk about it, like me. We are not mercenaries or assassins for hire. We are just here to talk.....
Hello! This is my server for my community behind my twitch streams, I host weekly movie nights, and other small events such as contests and such. This is a completely sfw server with a big emphasis on supporting each other and trying to make people happy. So drop in, say hello, make some friends and maybe stay awhile!
We have some roles, we have some characters, we need more people, and i need to make characters, a plan for an intro, a plan for a series a script would help too but that you so kindly
We have much to offer(its a lie!) And we have little people, we want some friends to roleplay and hang out with ^-^ tbh i just want to become undead sorrey...
A quiet community focused around many games such as VRChat, League of Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, Elsword, MapleStory 2 and more!

-Active and chill
-Avatar (Unity and Blender) assistance
-Friendly environment
-No pings, very relaxing
-Special guest, 152k sub YouTuber Paradox PoKe!

Main aim is to find and meet new people and to make connections.
Hey! come join the growing community of MikeCore's discord server, we are mostly revolved around vrchat but we have many other members that are just here for the people so come and hangout! ^-^
Hey so this is my Discord server I use to get groups together for games, have bots and multiple text chat rooms for sharing different things (even NSFW) as well as some voice chats. (I stream and it’s announced in the discord as well)
We are a clan of moth people looking for new members. If you are wondering what we look like, we are moths from Hollow Knight (Just as a reference). If you would like to be apart of our family then don't be afraid to join. We will have special events like: Movie night, Karaoke, VRChat, and so much more....also Don't forget to bring LAMPS. (Sorry couldn't help myself)
We can not wait for you to join us, and yes there will be a lot of roleplaying, so don't worry if you think it will die out.
This is a regular o'l hangout server. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Memes are highly encouraged. We are looking for new staff members as well. Any ideas are encouraged as we trying to grow the server.
The Birdo Bois started off as a small VRChat group of musicians, now? We are creating an empire! A social place made up of a fantastic staff team, with friendly members to boot! Come on by and give us a try!
A simple overwatch discord for people who want to have fun!
Amnesia is a server a where you can chat to anyone, about anything! From anime, games, music, art, ect..
You can potentially make friendships during your time here as well.
(14+) Kanna Gang is a creative gaming community that operates like a big family. We offer a place to hangout, game, talk about anime, and get support. We make music which can be found on YouTube as well. Originally we are from the game VRChat and now we are looking into expanding our diversity.
Just a chill sever for everyone. We talk about games and random stuff. We post VRChat Updates and we sometimes do Events and we have a custom role bot. The server has an NSFW channel but it's not fully NSFW. We also play Dungeons and Dragons from time to time. So join us and have some fun! Ps: The server owner hits on everyone.
Help us make our server more recognizable and help us grow and you might even get a special prize!