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Welcome. You have reached the boarder line of Gensokyo and Ebott.
Here, all kinds of creatures are at play.
God's, faires, youkai, humans,monsters,etc.
Here, we come together and be at peace. Now... Let us go forth for a new future.
Girls are praying...Stay determined!
It's the year 20XX, 5 years have passed and the legendary heroes of light have moved onto university. Asriel has returned back to hometown to his mother's house until he could find a home. Basically, everyone has grown... If they were young I mean. See how life is going in the world of Deltarune, 5 years later.
Come join! We have a welcoming community, bots, and more! If you want to roleplay with us, you can gladly do so. If you just want to talk with people, that's fine too. Just a regular Deltarune rping community.
A Discord server dedicated to IceStar215's Undertale role-play game and Deltarune role-play game on Roblox. You are welcome to join even if you do not play Roblox!
°º。✧。º° About Undercolor °º。✧。º°

Once long ago there was a great war between the monsters and the humans. After winning the war the humans sealed the monsters underground with a powerful barrier that they could not break. The King, Bondad believe the way to break the barrier was with kindness and the queen Krieg believed the way the to break the barrier was with war. After many a year the king and queen bore a child, a son. Prince Liebe. Who brought great joy and hope to the underground.

Then one day a strange sickness swept though the underground. The sickness took the lives of many, including the young prince’s. After losing their only child the king and the queen argued and soon war broke out in the underground. After countless battles there was an uneasy truce between both sides. And the underground was split between those that would follow the queen and her way of war, or the king and his way of peace.

Even though there is a truce there are still battles that erupt in the underground, during this time 6 human children had fallen into the underground. Each one died and their souls were taken to either the king or the queen. Each have 3 souls.

Know once again war threatens to break out in the underground…… °º。✧。º°
Pretty self explanatory, its an undertale RP server for all of you undertale fans! Come on in!
❥ You want a server where you can make new friends?
❥ Are you interested in Undertale, Glitchtale, Deltarune, Anime, Games, and Pokemon?
❥ Are you interested in community-based servers, animated/non-animated emotes, and roles?
❥ Are you an Artist/Musician/Developer/Writer and looking for a server where it has channels such so: #literature, #game-developing, #music-works, #art-works, #animation-works, #critiques-feedbacks, and #oc-support?
❥ Are you a fan of Glitchtale and looking for the official Glitchtale community server?

Then join us!

In addition to many different bots such as Dyno, MEE6, KawaiiBot, UNO, Rythm, Tatsumaki, TruthOrDare, Yggdrasil, CleverBot, Pokecord, and others, you also have the opportunity to meet many new people from all over the world.

The Glitchtale Wiki server is an official glitchtale server with a bunch of variety offered. The server offers the enjoyment of Artwork, Meme, Anime, Music, Pokecord, Glitchtale/Undertale, and Gaming! since the server represents the Glitchtale Wiki site, you can get help about the issues on Glitchtale Wiki or you can help to improve the Wiki by registering into the Wiki site and starting to editing. You can meet new friends by chatting in the server.


To know more about the server:
Come join the unofficial Undertale discord server! Lots of bots, roleplay and chats to interact with other undertale lovers!
This server is for my FNaF fangame, ultimate custom night: evolved! It has server modes including ones that let you use indie characters.
`Server on a multiplayer game, based on Undertale. so a fangame. ComicSans (My nickname changes) is the owner and will start working on it soon, its basically a version of MysteryTale but his own remake, characters, maps etc, a better version. This server is great for chatting in, it also has additional music bots! Quite interesting`
Hello! I am the real sans undertale. This server I have made is a friendly community of people that support my inclusion in smash bros. ultimate, smash fans, undertale fans, or any friendly people. We are currently quite small, but I’m hoping you will join and help make this a great community.
The lancer fanclub is for people who like lancer, or deltarune or undertale in general!
We got cool bots, cool people, and lancer.
In the CORE, you can freely discuss theories/headcanons about the lore and mechanics of Undertale and now Deltarune, share related art and other media among the community, or just chill and chat or roleplay. We're a pretty laidback and accepting place with active members and staff, so don't be shy and come on in.
Bienvenue sur DreamUrLand ^^
Le "layout" de mon serveur Discord est basés sur Undertale 😁
Sur mon serveur, vous pouvez parler de tas de choses 😅:
- Des sujets définis comme ceux d'Undertale, Minecraft ainsi que osu!
- D'autres sujets plus variés tels que Jeu vidéo, Création, Musique ou encore Animé/Manga
- Des grades basés sur votre niveau de parole
- Des grades récompensés par le partage de vos créations au grand public
Si vous voulez rajouter plus de choses, dites votre remarque dans le salon de suggestion.
Si vous voulez plus parlez de message à caractère sexuel, un salon est didié pour toutes les personnes "pervers" 😁
Le dernier point à mentionné, c'est juste rejoignez pour découvrir le serveur par vous même. ^^
This is LOVETALE, a server where we all join together to express our love of all things UNDERTALE and DELTARUNE! Join to gain access to a swell, supportive community, and plenty of fanart! We love UNDERTALE here!
Stay Determined!
Hello! This is Krismas and on behalf of Crumbly this is the Funhouse Server! Come here if you want to have fun and hang out! Also it's epic!
Tontale RP takes place during Undertale but an alternate universe. The world is the same but with a few locations that weren't in the original Undertale. We have events which will get you new roles, tournaments called "Monster of the Week", and much more! Have fun and join Tontale today!
An undertale roleplay server where you can make your own characters and more!
The Largest Ralsei/Deltarune themed community discord.
We have a friendly community, emotes, and an assload of assignable roles.
A server for people who like to game, whether you like to debate Elder Scrolls lore, talk about the new Fallout game, or debate dnd characters. Due to recent problems with behavior, looking for mature people preferably over 18.
Welcome to D/U Party! Do you like Undertale or Deltarune? This is the server for you. Discuss these games and more with your friends and other people. You can enjoy fun bots and games, and hangout!
꧁ Le Fancy Artists Crew꧂

⋙ Who is Artty-Chan? ⋘
Artty's a cute girl who loves aesthetic stuff, blue, and cats. Who has a big love for art and animation alike. She's mainly a digital artist with an anime-ish like artstyle involving more sparkles and cuteness. She's currently working on her own Undertale AU series called "Soultale"!

⋙ About the Server ⋘
A variety of all types of artist creators welcomed! ^w^

From digital artists, voice actors,singers,writters,music makers,animators, etc. All content Creators welcomed! Over 300 members, we are all a kind community with special guests that have made a big impact in Underale and other Communities.

after the barrier was broken the monsters had finally reached the surface. with Frisk as the ambassador monsters and humans had managed to live together side by side in peace. the monster King Asgore had gave up his thrown for the human ruler frisk
Hey ! ^^

Tu es un fan de Undertale et Deltarune et tu souhaite partager ton
expérience de jeu dans la joie et la bonne humeur ?
Alors notre serveur est fait pour toi ^^

Nous avons un staff à l'écoute et des bots utiles ^^ !

Nos salons sont sur le thème d'Undertale pour que vous vous plongiez
dans ce magnifique monde ^^ !

Si vous voulez améliorer le serveur il suffit juste de suggérer ^^ !

Nous avons des tonnes de secret que vous devrez chercher et peut être gagner des récompenses ?

Le serveur est à la base d'un AU Undertale crée par le fondateur du serveur, cet a AU a pour nom Scartale.

Nous créons des Fanarts, comics et peut bientot des animations.

Nous avons besoin de vous pour nous aider a finaliser le projet !

Alors nous vous attendons sur ScarTale [FR] !
Come join this fun undertale universe rp! We have:
1. Canon and Non Canon characters
2 Many roles and many member based categories
3. Lenient Rules
4. Active staff and roleplayers
5. And more!