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Hey Hey Toi !
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﹡Ce serveur est une communauté et un serveur de Roleplay undertale ! (sans aucune obligation de Roleplay)

﹡Ce serveur Consiste en:

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰

﹡❤Partage d'art et d'avis sur le sujet d'undertale !

﹡❤Du roleplay en tous genre sur Undertale

﹡❤Des Events assez régulière ! (si temps ;-;")

﹡❤Pleins de roles intéressant (sur t'es gouts et t'es passions !)

﹡❤Des roles a gagné selon ton expérience en Modage ou Admins !

﹡❤Competitions de poème ou d'art ! (évalué pars la communauté)

﹡❤Pleins de bots pour t'amusé avec ! (comme koya, tupperbox..)

﹡❤Des Modos adorable et a l'écoute !

﹡❤Et bien sur pleins d'interaction intéressante entre les membres du serveurs ! (blindtest, avis, débats..)

⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰

﹡⭐Surtout et ne l'oublié pas !⭐
Ce serveur est remplit de bonne intentions, et de passions, donc les trolleurs, les gens de mauvaise fois ou (et) dangereux (qui insulte, ou critique un des membres) serons bannis sans suite, la mauvaise humeur peut être accepter ! Vous avez le droit d'avoir vécus une mauvaise journée ! Mais ce n'est pas une raisons pour l'envoyé sur les autres :))

-Merci beaucoup de votre écoute ! Hate de vous voir sur le serveur ! :heart:
(La gentille créatrice)
AU's of Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, Chara and Asriel!
We also have lots of fun to bring!
Roleplays are defiently allowed, just no inappropriate Roleplays.
Greetings! I am EvaChara, the creator of the AU The Soul of Love. Me and my artistic team have created this server so as to make a community around my AU project.

The story and its prequel are fully translated in English (you can read them in my Wattpad, i put the link in my server), and we're currently recruiting people in our artistic team to help us create drawings, animations, and even a fangame! You're welcome if you want to join us, or even if it's just to visit ! TSOL Team counts on you!

We also have a YouTube official channel where you can subscribe and where our videos (OST and animations) will be posted!
Our group also gathers Don't Forget fans (an Undertale fangame by RickyG), you're welcome if you want to come!

You can discover some features here:
- Skilled staff members here to help you!
- Lounges dedicated to free-for-all roleplay, discussions about your own AU's and creations, memes, funny videos, and more!
- A serious artistic project where you are welcome if you're talented and if you wish to work for an ambitious AU!
- So don't hesitate more, join TSOL server now!

Important announcement:

The story of the AU is based on the ship Chara x Asriel. If you dislike this ship, if you can't accept the fact they are a couple or if the story bothers you, you're not forced to stay here and you're free to leave.
I've seen much more inappropriate Undertale stuff in my life than just a SFW ship between two people that don't even share the same blood.
So if it's too much for you, I don't recommend you to read the story or participate to the AU creation.
This is a pacifist timeline. The monsters were freed from the underground, and live on the surface with the humans. But lately, things have gotten a bit weirder. People from different universes and timelines have started to appear here randomly.

This is a multiverse timeline. Any characters from any AU are allowed here. Characters from other video games and OCs are allowed as well. There is a whole underground to explore, including a portal to Deltarune where you can explore that world too!
A server for chatting.
A lot of us are gacha, fnaf and undertale fans, so those tend to be the top topics.
Join and be ready for a huge load of stupidity! ;D
Ce serveur est un serveur rp plutôt classique. Les salons commun se veulent tout publique et le staff sera toujours à votre écoute !
Le rp se déroule dans un Univers perdu tout juste découvert par les personnages les plus important tel que le fameux Ink. Allez vous découvrir le passé de ce monde? Simplement y vivre votre vie? On y laisser votre peau? Qu'attendez vous pour savoir? Rejoignez nous !
- It focuses on my AUs story, but you should start in normal Undertale as the two are connected.
- Friendly (mostly) members and administration!
- Multiple Roleplay chats
- Yes, tupperbox is here, i cant rp without it too ^^'
- NSFW Chats, including canon(to the RP) and non canon NSFW RP
- We are willing to partner!
- The server is connected to other ones: Unknown's Queendom and many others (making an Omniverse this way).


I made this server a while ago as a REBOOT of an old one, wich i deleted :/ (god i sometimes hate the fact that i have emotions).
Ici c un serv relax pour parler d undertale. Le serv est dans le thème et les salons sont a votre disposition (comme dans tous les serv mais bon la c est du undertale c mieux ). Vous connaissez pas undertale ? Pas grave! On a quelque salon autre et on est la pour vous faire découvrir. Il y a aussi un rp undertale avec les zones du jeu.
Le serv est nouveau alors un peu d indulgences et puis toute idée est la bienvenue.
Do you wonna have a good time?
Welcome to our brand spanking new server! We have many rp you can do and a easy template to submit oc or au characters! We need some more staff so if you wanna audition for a role go ahead! We hope you enjoy your stay! -owner
Welcome to EsperVerse! Where monsters, humans, and hybrids all from different AUs can stay together in peace... Or chaos...

★彡 We welcome you to a server which welcomes you warmly and happily. We're hoping that you will join us ^^

☆ We have a lot of role play channels and places for your role play to be settled in! And even a small apartment for you and your roommate to stay in!

☆ Meeting, greeting new people and making new friends is one of our goal in the server to have a lot of friends by your side and to have fun hanging out together!

☆ Learning to be a better roleplayer! A beginner? No problemo! We're gonna develop our roleplaying skills together hoping that in the future you can roleplay better

☆ We have many fun bot in the server! A bot that could talk to u , a bot could try to guess your character and more!

☆ please check out our server and let's have a wonderful time together! ^^

-P.s this is a waiting room for the real server , as we don’t want any troll/raider/nuker get into the real server
If you're looking for a wholesome SFW server to celebrate all that is fluffy boys, you've come to the right place!
Heya. You there. Yes you, the person reading this.

Come join【 The CORE 】(15+)

A community based Undertale server for ages 15 and up (now including Deltarune too, thanks Toby).

We're a chill yet welcoming and warm server (that's gay as hell 🏳️‍🌈), where you can do a plethora of things and interact with people that all share the same thing you probably joined for- a love for h̶o̶t̶d̶o̶g̶s̶ the wonderful, heartstring-pulling, lil' old game we all know as Undertale. Sure we started off as a theory based server, but we've expanded far beyond that, offering loads of different perks and things to do for our ever-growing yet tight-knit family, 1,000+ members strong.

You can:

🔧 Joke around with our very active and vigilant mods, yes even the owner (we don't bite. usually), with a boisterous community to boot
(boosted to Tier 3 currently boiss)

🔧 Share your amazing fan-art and other media amongst our thriving artists community and channels

🔧 Roleplay to your heart's content and finally see your dreams about Papyrus making actually edible spaghetti come into fruition (please..someone get him an actual cookbook...)

🔧 Voice chat with your friends and other members in our fairly active voice channels. Or, just jam out to some spooktunes with Napstablook/serenade people with your angelic voice in the music channels. We take no responsibility for busted eardrums :)

🔧 Laugh it up at server-wide events like CAH and movies nights and strut your stuff in our server contests. We also have our own Minecraft server and regularly host Among Us events.

🔧 Scream into the void in our vent and appreciation channels- LGBTQ+ friendly, everybody is valid.

🔧 Enjoy our extensive collection of ~200 Undertale emotes. We pride ourselves on giving you guys that oh-so satisfying moment of a well placed dying inside Burgerpants face.

🔧 Freely discuss theories/headcanons about the lore and mechanics of Undertale and now Deltarune

🔧 Peep into our NSFW channels, all you spicy scandals out there (18+ only)

And much more 👉😎👉

With plenty of events and chats to go around, things are hardly boring, if anything a little chaotic. But hey, who doesn't love a little chaos every now and again? (it IS called Discord for a reason after all heheh)

So don't be shy and come on in-
It's raining right here ;)
The Phantom Realm

● Unique layout.
● Undertale/Deltarune based hangout server.
● Staff applications opening soon.
●Here you can:
.•°❥ Communicate with other people in the chat or in the voice chat.
.•°❥ Participate in our events such as giveaways, gamenights and some other cool events!
.•°❥ Share your amazing Undertale/Deltarune fanwork with us.
.•°❥ Share your Undertale/Deltarune theories with the people in our server.
.•°❥ Try out our bots such as dank memer etc.
.•°❥ You can even listen to music using the rythm bot here!
╔═══*.·:·..·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·..·:·.*═══╗
Welcome to 🏰 The Fluffy Castle 🏰!
╚═══*.·:·..·:·.✧ ✦ ✧.·:·..·:·.*═══╝

We are a new and professional server with currently over 450 people to chat with. Thinking about joining? We are waiting for you! We are probably the best wholesome & SFW server you will ever see!

What we have in our server:

♡ - Freedom of speech
✨This server is built on the idea of letting users have a large amount of freedom!

♡ - Many roles to pick
✨We have (currently) 150+ roles to pick and reach by typing!

♡ - Everyone is welcome here
✨We accept everyone here! Every fandom is accepted and supported!

♡ - A friendly community!
✨Everyone accepts themselves here! 💖

♡ - Lots of BOT games and other fun channels!
✨We have many 4-fun channels and BOTs to use! We are sure you will find BOT for you ^^

♡ - Suggestions!
✨If you need something new and amazing just type your suggestion in #suggestions channel ^w^

♡ - LGBT+ friendly!
✨We are supporting LGBT+ rights. 🌈Love is love🌈

♡ - LVL 1 Nitro Boost! (8 boosts at the moment)
✨Yes! We have perks like: 100 emotes, better audio quality and live streams in 720p 60fps!

♡ - Emotes!
✨We have a lot of emotes! Mainly from UNDERTALE, DELTARUNE, OneShot and Changed!

♡ - Friendly administration!
✨We are always with you. No one will be ignored. If you need something just ping or DM us!

♡ - Decisions decided by the members!
✨ This server has been created for everyone! That means every your opinion and ideas are important for us!

💟Stay DETERMINED and join to us today!
❤️💙Welcome to UTFC!❤️💙

We're a PG13 roleplay server that focuses on primarily Undertale, AU, and OC roleplays! We have a SFW environment, and custom roles for all members! We also have art sections, gaming sections, and rhythm bots. The server is well moderated, so it's pretty safe.

We look forward to see new faces, so welcome!
❀RAVIOLI HELL❀ A sever accepting community of artists, LGBTQ+, undertale fans & roleplayers

We offer:

♡ A bunch of fun emojis!

♡ Being able to give yourself a nickname!

♡ Different assigned roles for you to choose from!

♡ Super laid-back and chill server with leaders that aren’t too strict or intimidating.

♡ A place to meet some new friends!

♡ A NSFW role to go to 18+ channels!

So don’t feel shy & nervous to drop by and say hello or hoi ;3
Hey, Look! Its y/n-san! Hey, Y/N-San, welcome to UnderE!
Im Chronically/despair. Nice to meet you!
In this server we have..
-Dank Memer
-Monthly Art Contests
-Lots of fun!
I hope you like it!
This server just dosent dedicate itself to undertale and its aus, but it caters to any fandom aswell!
Thank you for listening, Y/N!
Welcome.. My Undertale au rp.
Yes we may be incredibly new but that
Also gives massive advantages!
Love being a helper and staff member? Try and audition to be one and more.
Here we provide:
*Free spots to take as au characters
*nice staff
*higher and more valuable spaces
*a neat and semi-lit to lit rp!
And more so come and check us out ;3
❤ Hello and welcome to the Undertale Nerds server!
🧡 Before you join, here is a list of things you need to know!
💛 This is a server for all of us people in the Undertale community to unite!
💚 You can roleplay, chat, send memes, and so much more!
💙 We do accept NSFW, just make sure they are in the right chats please.
💜 We aren't very strict, but we hope that everyone can have a fun time together!
🏳️‍🌈We accept people that are apart of LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈
💟We do not accept any Deltarune characters, but we allow OC's!
🖤 Stay determined, and maybe pop into our server too?
🌼Cya there!🌼
Yo! You over there! Come join our cool server where three cool bruhs owners are there! We're chill fun server where you can talk about anything! (Nu bad stuff)
You will definitely find something for yourself.
Here are the things we have:
-Cool staff
-A lot of cool channels
-A lot of cool bots
-Cool Undertale stuff
-Cool Fnaf stuff
-Cool gaming stuff
Aaaand That's basically it. We're cool. So come join us to become a cool bruh too! :D
Hi! This is the Undertale Roleplay Server! This is where you can roleplay with different people as Undertale characters and this is a new server so we will do our best to moderate it perfectly! Have fun!
'Welcome to the Undertale: Universes collide Official Server! We really often have events and have Really Nice Staff, We have Other Media too! So Come on Down To Undertale: Universes collide, We Dont judge and will never judge you for your kinks, just dont make them pedo kind of kinks, k? We know you'll love it here, and you do too, our staff will be there to guide you through the server, and we dont make you wait when it comes to submissions! So Have your fun at Undertale: Unverses collide!'