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A pretty new server based on Splatoon. You don't have to be a fan to join.
We have:
main chat
assignable roles
Splatoon 2 matchmaking
Splatoon 2 stage and Splatnet updates
Voice channels
Level up system
and lots more!! Come along if you want
This is a server for splatoon fans of all kinds, we are run by the community for the community. Our server is a brilliant opportunity make new friends or to just hangout with fellow inklings, octolings and server staff. Everything is still very new but we hope to grow and flourish more and more every day!
A server for fans and creators of things like art, animation, cartoons, video games, and comics. If you like chatting with people of similar interests, or showing off your creations, then this is probably your kind of server. We also do a lot of community events like gaming sessions and art contests.
I come to you in the name of the AAB clan! Not too long ago we created a discord server just for our clan, but it’s becoming more than that! The AAB server is just a place for Splatoon players to come together! We have a variety of things to do!

Find other players to play salmon run, turf or league with! Find splatfest players to team with. Chat about general Splatoon, leaks, lore and the meta. Rant about whatever makes you angry! Share memes, music and you’re favorite Splatoon moments! Share your art! Even advertise your commissions, or social media’s!

We’ve got a Spyke bot which can keep track of all your in game data and make comparing with your friends super easy! We even host tournaments for cash prizes! So join and say hi c:
We're friendly!
Started as a mostly Xenoblade oriented server, now just Nintendo stuff in general. We have a Xenoblade themed leveling system, and fun bots such as Pokecord. We also have a channel for anime if that's something you'd like to discuss. Or if there's any games that don't fit into any of our currently existing channels you can talk about them in our "other" channel. Please consider joining :)
Join Hell 해삼! Our server is small with 48 members but we would like to see more people! We are very chill and we enjoy playing games like Splatoon, Fortnite, Minecraft, 3ds games. And we are very nice to each other! Our server is focused more on chatting and memes than on gaming. We have a hidden NSFW channel, to access it just ask an admin.
This is a unofficial splatoon server where a group of splatoon fans meet up to just have some fun. I recommend this server over the others cause we have many features such as
Custom emojis, Discord Bots, Active Staff And so much more!
~Welcome to the Salty Splatoon!~
Here at SS, we have our own family of nerds that we would love for you to be apart of! Everyone here is a fan of both Splatoon 1 and 2, but we welcome any and all kinds of games!
We have friendly mods who would happily answer any question you have and help you out if there is a problem in the server.
We welcome all kinds of people from different backgrounds. We would love for you to join us here!
**Includes NSFW content!**
Just a Server! Come join us! <3. We are an all inclusive small community growing! If you do join, please try to remain active. Games the community mainly enjoys are Splatoon, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, The Sims 4, Fortnite and other sandbox games! 🎧 Musical Channel Included! Come catch Pokemon with Pokecord! NSFW channel, LGBTQ+ Friendly Weekly Community Tournaments!
Come join now! ❤️
*tape turns on* Hello and welcome to the wonderful city of Inkopolis where all your squiddy dreams come true. Ink your friends, earn money and make friends. Battle the salmonoid and join the deep sea metro as an octoling and have fun *tape cuts*
Do you like Pearl? So do I! join us in the MC.Princess Kingdom and invite peeps to a game Sesh, meet new Squidlings or Octolings, and have fun! Pearl fans only. (Sorry Marina fans, i mean she's fine and all, but just not as cute as the lovely Pearl)
(Absolutely No Skill) level required to join, brand new, wip. Join new friends, and a clan to play games with.
We are a Nintendo community. We talk about several topics and the latest Nintendo news! Anyone is welcome, we have pokécord, NotSoBot, Memes and custom color roles!
Do you like Nintendo games? We have the place for you! Here you can discuss your favourite Nintendo games from Donkey Kong to Breath of the Wild! You can also play games such as Mario Kart and Splatoon with other members of the community!
this server is mainly for splayoon players but we will accept nintendo fans we like to keep a nice community and make friends. I'd be nice nice if you'd like to join us
This server is for splatoon and stuff we also have some rp and music
This server is a community that respects one another whilst also flaming one another. We do NOT take things seriously. We do NOT want to take things seriously. And we will NEVER take things seriously (unless it's a serious issue) Hope you come and join us today in the Splatoon Haven discord.
Splatoonish is a place where all Splatoon series users can get together and discuss, battle, challenge, chose sides, and even post your amaz-ink art!
Please join, you won't regret it!
(You will have the option to be enlisted to special events once you have joined)
We're a growing splatoon server not a clan but a place to hang out and somewhere to get tips or at least new friends to play with

We're a server with kind members and chill rules we are the remake of my old server: the galactic woomy / veemy empire (which is closing soon), if you have a switch or other nintendo console come join us!
A Splatoon server for everyone to have fun