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🌟 18+ PLAYERS ONLY. tired of getting invites from 10 year olds to play Splatoon 2? Same. this server was created for the intention of older Splatoon 2 players (18+) finding each other to play the game with. All ranks are welcome.
This is a Christian Nintendo server! 😤🙏🏻 (Jk we say that for the memes) we’re active every single day and we cool peeps! 😝
Nintendo event oriented server! Weekly and monthly events! Fun, chill environment! Very large and active server with over 2800 members!
Welcome to the server! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ☆

We are a friendly casual/competitive Splatoon 2 server! This server is aiming to help you improve with different weapons, or pick up some weapons you haven't thought of using before. (COUGHS, Bamboozler) You can also just join to just casually play with other people! We host private battles from time to time. Players of all skill levels are welcome~ ☆
If you love Splatoon this is the sever for you. With an open gaming which can effect the rp you can play together and join in events. People are free to join and create characters to join in the rp or just game with a vast community. Everyone is free to join.
Splatoon 2 and Nintendo community. Friendly Splatoon server for all ages. We are here to make connections and have fun. A place where you can find people to splat with whether you are playing games for fun or competitively!

Many channels are at your disposal
🐙 Splatoon
👊 Smash
★ Nintendo Games
✌ General Chat
💁 Memes
♪ Music
✘Self Assignable Roles
If you’re looking for online friends to play with or just people to talk to, join us.
This is a discord server made up of Splatoon fans.

Stop by our server to chat about Splatoon or general topics, post memes, play with other Splatoon players, etc.
Welcome to SplatHut! Even if the name suggests that only squids are allowed here, fear not! We actually all Octolings, Jellyfish, Urchins, and even Salmons!
In this server, you'll find:
-Many Octo-Moderators and Octo-Admins, and even Ultimate Octos!
-A new twist of Pokemon, PMDiscord! Become a Pokemon and take down opponents in challenges, parties, and much more! [Pokecord ain't never allowed, so don't ask.]
-Many more server updates! Stay updated for new Splatfests, new Splatgear on SplatNet2, and post your own replays on Twitter! (Twitter account needed duh.)
-SplatHut! If you submit a Splatoon Clip on Twitter, there's a chance it'll be featured on this server!
A Discord server with everything about Splatoon, Splatoon 2, and more!
This Is the D E A T H D R A G O N discord server! But you can just call It DeathDragon. Why should you choose our server for your social gaming needs? Well we have a few things we try to do to be unique! The first Is that we prioritze social Interactivity, we want people to be themselves freely without restraints and to be as postitive as possible! Of course, rules are always a thing that will exist, so please keep that In mind. The second Is that even though we are more of a Nintendo gaming group, we like all different games and are looking to expand to the Microsoft and Sony demographic very soon. Most of the staff that you will find are avid video game players, and are open to all types of genres of gaming, from RPGs to Platformers! Once you enter we suggest you first go to the welcome tab for all the basics. Well I think that's about what covers what you will find...OH I forgot about something, we have an adventure mode! What does this mean? Well we have a tab In the server for playing an Adventure Mode on the server. However, no ones been able to pass the first riddle, so It will be a challenge. If you are able to complete It, you might get something special, If you wish to learn how to play, you can go to the adventure mode tab for more details. Well thats about It, we hope you enjoy your stay here, and remember, Be Yourself!
Kensa Krew is a server made by a group of best friends looking for more people to hangout with and play splatoon 2 with. We have many self assignable roles, like colors, timezones, splatfest, etc. If you’re looking for online friends to play splatoon with or just people to talk to, join this server!
We are a server that has fun, and hosts fun events for games, or other things like art contests! We have friendly staff, and we will help you with anything, but when you join please read the rules! We hope you enjoy our server!
Our server is a nintendo server looking for people to play games and have fun talk with. We're still in development as there are roles that aren't completed and bots that aren't fixed up to how we like. We would appreciate every join even if temporary.
Welcome to a new splatoon role-play!
In here you can rp with your splatoon oc you can create your own weapon and be an idol or student. ¿Are you ready?
A server for Nintendo fans who want to chat with fellow fans. We play games, have general conversation, share tips and art, listen to music, and much more!

There is no NSFW content permitted on the server, thank you for understanding!

We have a music bot if you like those, roles based on your favorite Nintendo franchise, fun videos, memes, paintings and other kinds of art. Whatever you want to put up is cool with us! We just want to have a good time with fellow Nintendo Fans.

Just as a note: We aren't a very full server at the moment, so if you're willing to contribute to the growth and environment of our little server, we can get though the beginning of the server!

We look forward to seeing you there!
Splatoon Univers est ouvert à toutes personnes aimant les licences Splatoon, Splatoon 2 ainsi que Nintendo en général, désirant partager de bons moments et jouer entre amis ! Nous sommes environ 800 à l’heure actuelle.

Le serveur est vraiment actif et très agréable. De nombreux canaux sont à votre disposition, des événements réguliers, des débats, mini-jeux régulier et de nombreuses autres choses ! Nous avons pour vocation de devenir un pilier communautaire Splatoon et nous avons besoin de vous pour que toute cette belle aventure continue !
John's Mistakes is a small fun community of gamers looking to branch out and make new friends! I made this server originally to keep my friends close and experiment with bots and emojis, now we want more to come and have fun with us!
We are a gaming server first so, we offer channels for Splatoon, Smash Ultimate, Pokemon, Mario Kart and are hoping to add more gaming channels as more members join. We also have a NSFW channel for gays and straights, an art section for aspiring artists, a lot of bots to play with, opportunities to become mods and so much more!
If you would like to meet some cool new people, play some games or just have fun, Please Join today!
A server for sharing splatoon memes, art, roleplaying and just chilling with others and having fun. We do art competitions, RP events, movie nights, and more. We hope to see you come be a part of our quickly growing server! ^^
Welcome to my hell! We got absolute inactive geeks and a loan of category you can pick! It sucks anyway
Inkstronomy a fun and engaging Splatoon 2 server with a lovely community. Come and join us!

We don't only offer Splatoon 2, but various of other Nintendo Switch games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Pokemon!

A server for fans and creators of things like art, animation, cartoons, video games, and comics. If you like chatting with people of similar interests, or showing off your creations, then this is probably your kind of server. We also do a lot of community events like gaming sessions and art contests.
This is a server for the people out there who just need someone to talk to or need a place they can be themselves without judgement! Come here to role play, or just hang out!
Active members of the Splatoon & Nintendo community
30+ Assignable roles
Spanish and French chats
Ping for play role for when you can't find someone to play a game with you
Active staff members and bots just to have fun with