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Do you like Pearl? So do I! join us in the MC.Princess Kingdom and invite peeps to a game Sesh, meet new Squidlings or Octolings, and have fun! Pearl fans only. (Sorry Marina fans, i mean she's fine and all, but just not as cute as the lovely Pearl)
1 hours ago
We're a growing splatoon server not a clan but a place to hang out and somewhere to get tips or at least new friends to play with
20 hours ago
~Welcome to the Salty Splatoon!~
Here at SS, we have our own family of nerds that we would love for you to be apart of! Everyone here is a fan of both Splatoon 1 and 2, but we welcome any and all kinds of games!
We have friendly mods who would happily answer any question you have and help you out if there is a problem in the server.
We welcome all kinds of people from different backgrounds. We would love for you to join us here!
**Includes NSFW content!**
1 days ago
Just a Server! Come join us! <3. We are an all inclusive small community growing! If you do join, please try to remain active. Games the community mainly enjoys are Splatoon, Splatoon 2, Minecraft, The Sims 4, Fortnite and other sandbox games! 🎧 Musical Channel Included! Come catch Pokemon with Pokecord! NSFW channel, LGBTQ+ Friendly Weekly Community Tournaments!
Come join now! ❤️
1 days ago
We're a server with kind members and chill rules we are the remake of my old server: the galactic woomy / veemy empire (which is closing soon), if you have a switch or other nintendo console come join us!
3 days ago
A trans friendly Splatoon 2 server! Yes, we allow cis people too!
12 days ago
Kawaii Nebula is a super cute kawaii server with plenty of anime and gaming to go around. Come join our growing community today!!
12 days ago
This is the Splatoon Community server not official or whatever but its a place where Splatoon fans of all kind can have fun and whatever so you can come on into the Splatoon Community server and see what happens next.
19 days ago
Looking for players to fetch those Golden Eggs for Grizzco Industries? Do you want to work outside of Grizzco and play other games with members? This is the right place! This server brings together players from the Splatoon community to help look for Salmon Run players!
26 days ago
Join our server filled with great roleplayers from around the world!
+Active Owner!
+Great schedules!
+Roleplayers from around the world!
+Cool bots being slowly added!
+And lots more!
28 days ago
Please join and take part in this growing community where everyone who loves Nintendo games can talk and hang out!
30 days ago
A Splatoon Discord server for the freshest of squids! Have fun, stay chill and make friends!
30 days ago
Splatoonish is a place where all Splatoon series users can get together and discuss, battle, challenge, chose sides, and even post your amaz-ink art!
Please join, you won't regret it!
(You will have the option to be enlisted to special events once you have joined)
33 days ago
Hello! We are a splatoon fan club discord,we have links,fanart, music,roleplay,game and splatfest updates and more. We would like more members and we are active! The owner bumps the server each day and we hope to see you! Splat On.
35 days ago
a splatoon clan for the players of splatoon 2 feel free to join
48 days ago
Hey you! Yeah you tigerfish! Are you looking for a fun, profreshional Splatoon roleplay server? Then this is the server just for you! We are currently looking for trustworthy mods, DM me on discord if you’re interested! We have nsfw, music, in game chats, memes,great people, and of course our amazing roleplay channels! Join for a great splatoon roleplay experience! What are you waiting for, c'mon and join!
62 days ago
Discord server for discussion about the game Splatoon for Wii U
75 days ago
FFA_Battles is a Pokémon Free-For-All/All Nintendo battle server!

FFA_Battles is a growing community with over 300 members looking to expand even more within Discord.
So if you wanna battle on games like Pokémon or Smash, or just wanna chill out, come on down!
91 days ago
A splatoon Roleplay with few restrictions on what you can and can't do
114 days ago