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Heya there and welcome to Lyola Plaza. Chat, play, and most of all just have fun. We do events every month for the server to enjoy. We are also starting a clan and will be having a splatfest on the 27th. I'll love for you to join. Must be +13 to enter.

-Monthly Splatfest



-My own splatoon idols, Alikali


-server rank

-pokemon chat

-smash bros chat

-splatoon chat

-ninjala chat

-Acnh chat

-friendly people

-fun bots
🧡 Trick vs Treat 💜 Splatfest HYPE

Feel free to join if you’d like to make some friends and play some incredible video games, or just hang out with some fantastic people! below is what we have to offer.

❤️ Welcoming, Funny, Loving, Supportive, Active Community
⭐️ Level 3 Server Boosted!
🐙 Splatoon 2 focused, however we have lots of channels for other games
🎁 Lots of Frequent Nitro & eSHOP Giveaways
💬General, anime and lots of fun channels
🤖Lots of fun bots, levelling system with role rewards
✨Amazing hand drawn emotes
Custom splatfest coming soon...

Hello and welcome to Splatoon Chill Space!

We are a community of Splatoon enthusiasts who want to share in our love of the game!

LGBT+? You are safe here! There are 28 pride (14 squid, 14 octo) emotes to express yourself, and we also have LGBT+ moderators!

Here you will find many things, including:

🦑 Many awesome colour roles based around characters from the series!
🐙 Gamemode roles, so you can find people to play with!
🦑 Channels to discuss many aspects of the games!
🐙 Plenty of text and voice channels for facilitating online play!
🦑 Modding channels for all your console hacking needs! (Wii U AND Switch!)
🐙 Strict moderation, no NSFW allowed!
🦑 A music bot (Rythm) & 8 ball bot for your entertainment needs!
🐙 A server suggestions channel, where you can suggest any changes you wish to see!

Please join us today, we would love to meet you!

***-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥♥̩̥̩ ⑅ 𝐖𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐂𝐮𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐅𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐲: 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐝! ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥♥̩͙ˊˎ***

**Cuttle Fish City Reloaded is a reboot of the original Cuttle Fish City server owned by cresentcuttles. It's a server dedicated to their YouTube channel, as well as three fandoms such as Minecraft, Splatoon, and Animal Crossing, but you're always welcome to talk about other things as well. We have all sorts of channels to hang around in, ranging from the average general channel, all the way to small roleplaying sections. Here at Cuttle Fish City, we offer many different kinds of events, as well as a friendly, non-toxic, 100% SFW experience, with awesome and cool members and a chill staff.**

***-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥♥̩̥̩ ⑅ 𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐀𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐔𝐬! ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥♥̩͙ˊˎ***

**★・A new and somewhat active server with a chill staff!**
**★・Fun bots to mess around with!**
**★・Tons and tons of channels to vibe in!**
**★・Fun Emotes & roles!**
**★・A 100% SFW experience!**
**★・A very accepting, non-toxic community!**

***-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥♥̩̥̩ ⑅ 𝐒𝐨, 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐣𝐨𝐢𝐧 𝐮𝐬! ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥♥̩͙ˊˎ***
we are the wii u community! if u have a wii u then why are you not in the server. you might as well join!!! We have qotd we are very fun and active my past server reached 90 people then got nuked. Join please
The server is now fully finished!

Come in to SPlativion for...

- Splatoon Matchmaking!
- Splatoon Roleplay!
- A music bot
- Active and Friendly Staff
- An optional RPG-esque system for those tabletop-savvy people
- Intense roleplay boss fights with the target to let everyone involved have fun (or to get dunked on if you choose Lunatic)

Come on down and see whats in store!

Stay fresh yall!

UPDATE: A tournament for the roleplay world of Splativion is being hosted! Sign-ups are hosted, come on in if you want to sign up!

- TetRic15, Server Founder
The Super Smash Bros. CLUB is a fun place to socialize with others, and to enjoy gaming with friends. You can enjoy fun smash games with many different people. We have fun events held every week, and great staff. We not only play Super Smash Bros but other games as well like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Ninjala. Along with Among Us, and Also if you are a fan of RWBY or Vocaloid this is a fun place to talk about it and more.
4 years ago, a human artifact was uncovered by Inktoling scientists. This artifact seemed quite normal, appearing to be a single rusted syringe. The vial had so much dirt, and corrosion on it, the contents inside were impossible to identify. What was inside the syringe however, would change the world. Inside, was a parasite, a living parasite that was created by mad human scientists 10,000 years ago, a much more advanced form of Toxoplasma Gondii, a parasite that could control bugs back in human times. This advanced form of it however, allowed its mind control to completely plant itself in the minds of any creature and take full control. Unfortunately, the archeologists fell victim to it when one of them accidentally cut themselves with the needle. It quickly took over, and spread itself into other victims. These cephalopods become mindless, soon an army began to stir, with one goal, world domination. The parasitic cephalopods have formed a group, known as: The Sweeping Tides (TST)

An army is growing. Because of this, the squidbeak splatoon and octarian army have formed an alliance to combat this new threat, as The Cephalopod Association (TCA).

This entire battle however is one fought in secrecy, as TCA has been doing everything they can to prevent this from goin public. However, enemies hide in plain sight, and chaos could unfold at any moment.
The time will come to eventually choose a side
When that time comes, who will prevail?

-----Heya! Welcome to The Sweeping Tide! Here's what we have to offer!-----

>Custom Species

>3 cities and more to roleplay in (144 channels)

>Friendly and cooperative staff!

>Tight-knit and friendly community thats there for you! (We actually give a fuck)

>Fun rp experience

>Canon Characters!

Have a look around!
Welcome to the SuperJump Squad! A semi-competitive clan for Splatoon, Smash Bros, Paladins, Valorant, and Dragon Ball FighterZ!!!

Stop on by! We are very chill and nice people! But we also have a bit of a competitive edge! Feel free to join us today!
Good morning Inkopolis! Looking for a server to roleplay, yet free of all this world's nasties? Come on home, we'd love to have you!

We have a large set of roleplay channels, options to roleplay as canon characters, self-assignable roles, and a friendly mod/staff team!
Sound like you'll fit in? Come on in, we'd love to have you on our server list!
Here viewers of my streams can interact with one another and join stream voice calls. Right now I’m playing a lot of Splatoon 2 but others Nintendo related games will be played as well. Just a chill server to hang out at.
This server is made of viewers, Streamers, and people just wanting to make friends. Our group is mainly Splatoon 2 but have many interests. There’s things always being added, I want to make this as fun for everyone as possible, gamer or not, you have a place here 😊
This is a small fun server to share the Nintendo love.
We have fighters ready to fight in a pings notice
We have players who are ready to splat the arena too
A community dedicated to creating splatoon themed clothing in animal crossing, or just a cool hangout for splatoon/animal crossing fans alike!

Our goal is to recreate every splatoon gear piece into animal crossing new horizons! We also accept custom gear that doesn’t exist in splatoon, but is still splatoon related. We have an entire spreadsheet showing every piece of gear and all their codes, so you can just pop in, grab some codes, and pop out. But I honestly advise against it because our community we’ve built up is quite a great one

Come down and hang out with a bunch of fellow Woomys and Villagers. We chat, have self assignable roles such as pronouns and timezones, and every Saturday we host an event appropriately named, Splaturday! Come on down and play a giant private battle or check out other people’s ac islands!

Don’t be afraid to join if you don’t have either game, it’s still a fun place to chat about pretty much anything!
The Deepsea Metro is a community for all things Splatoon & Splatoon 2. Featuring custom emojis and a relaxed atmosphere, the Deepsea Metro is the perfect server for any Splatoon fans to join and make new friends!
Join our Splatoon community!! We play all games Nintendo switch!!
We also play AMONG US
(Very active gaming community)
Hello! Welcome to Coastal Stardust (formerly Woomy Empire), a Splatoon group/team, dedicated to helping improve skills to all players alike. Casual or competitive, all players welcome! Happy inking! ~ Tailsy

Status: Currently working on a competitive/clan application form

Team: @CoastalStardust
Leaders: @OrangySquiddy & @TurquoiseVeemoC
We are a friendly, not too active but also not dead community for Splatoon 1/2 later also Splatoon 3. Here is what makes us special:
-Organize Customfests once a month
-channel for other games like ACNH
-partner Server and adverticing channel
-the 2 famous inkopolis Lobby memes Nick27 and Sabine are on our Server.
-Splatoon 3 ideas channel
-gear trading channel
-fun bots

Please join, you are welcome and have fun :)
This way!

Splatoon RP Server is, as the name suggests, a Splatoon RP Server. If you have ever wanted to roleplay as your favourite splatoon characters, you should consider joining! We offer:

- Fun emojis
- A welcoming community
- A fun story-driven RP
- A fun place to just vibe if you want to
Three years after the events of the Octo Expansion, Inkopolis is running the same as it always was. So far there's no issues with Octavio, and more and more Octolings are coming to join the Inklings every year.
But eventually, one day, the tides go out of control. The abnormal tides from Grizzco reach areas like Inkopolis. One day, water will be flooding the streets, and the next day there's nothing in the bay of Inkopolis.
Nobody knows what's happening, but some are determined to figure it out and stop it, before all of the citizens of Inkopolis either drown or move..

Welcome to SL! We're a small but well organized roleplay server with lots of different members from different backgrounds. We constantly have some cool events, both irp and oorp.

We offer:
🌊 A friendly and active community with lots of running jokes and acceptance, no matter who you are!
🌊 Many self assignable and color roles; some are for awareness (pronouns, etc), and some are just for fun. There's even an announcements role so if you don't want to be pinged for announcements, you can always opt out of it.
🌊 Channels for art, memes, tupper, and crying about your ocs. Yeah...I do that a lot with mine.
🌊 In game splatfests (we determine the winner through private battles in splatoon) and constant new events! Later events will have prizes such as NSO.
🌊 Custom agents; katsu, and custom idols; huli and hime! We may be adding more of these in the future.
🌊 A friendly but firm modding team. We're a roleplay server, but we're extremely organized.
🌊 Lots of different ocs available to roleplay with, as well as some canon characters! (Some are still up for grabs.)

Come visit us! We have lots to offer.
🏙️Greetings~ and welcome to our amazing

🔞this is a erp and rp server for created mostly for the enjoyment of ddlc❤️ and splatoon 🦑 but If your looking to have fun with other fandom types of players, look no further~ we also have plenty of undertale players too as well as fnaf, animal crossing, Pokémon and much much more~. If these communities interested you~ please give us a look~💜

🏙️After some a couple portals made our lovingly home, with.. some casualties, we have expanded into a lovely multimedia community for all the doki dokis, inklings, acnh villagers, animatronics, monsters, etc. just in time for new radiant faces like yours to become a member of our cities~🌺

🏙️What should you expect from us? Well you can expect for us to greet you with open arms, tentacles, and tails. Our whatever you use to greet with we will accept you~. We inhabit many different communities, mostly prominently Ddlc and splatoon we also have a lot of undertale characters as well as a little kingdom hearts for all to enjoy with many many more fandoms but that doesn’t mean we only accept those~, we will accept any community of rp you love to do with wonderful love~.🌸

🏙️We are a rp and erp server of many happy and lovely communities for fun and kinky times alike. Have “fun”, raise a family, or fall in love~. The choice is yours and more here in our lovely doki delights fandom city~.🌼

🏙️Not fresh enough? Well how about this~ we have any different rp rooms, emojis, characters, bots to satisfy that craze for any community. Date or play as many ddlc characters doki delights city, play turf war in inkopolis, explore the underground, survive the night at a pizzeria~ or even just try to scout out the imposter on the skeld~. Do what ever you want in this lovely 18+ fandom city~.💝

We promise not to splat your reality~

ToO mU€h~
It seems like a normal, casual day for you. You open the cereal box and it spits out a silver ticket. You pick it up and you realize...
You've just won a trip to a 5-star resort in Inkopolis, and tickets to an Off The Hook concert!
You can bring along your friends, family, and however many people you want!
So step into the plane to Tentacool Resort, and have a Tentacular Vacation!~

We offer...

-Many roleplay channels!
-Rewards at certain levels!
-A lot of our canons are still open!
-We are very open to suggestions for channels too!
-Ocs are allowed and very encouraged!
-Enriching story line!
-An event is happening soon...

We hope this was enough for you to choose Tentacool Resort as your next vacation place!