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Welcome to the world of Inkopolis[+]! We host an immersive, OC centric, literate to semi-literate RP server that lets you customize your experience the world of Splatoon for yourself!

-RP as an Inkling, Octoling, or other sea creature in the bustling city of Inkopolis!
-Make friends and chat as your character in the server's own in-universe chat network!
-Audition to RP as a canon character from a wide range of open positions!
-Participate in occasional server-wide story events, such as music festivals and tournaments!
-Maintain a fully SFW (safe for work) experience!
-Easy to navigate
-Helpful and active Admin team
-100% mobile friendly

Come explore Inkopolis today!
Welcome to Load Screen! Are you a Nintendo fan or have an interest in games in general? Then this is the right place for you! Here you will find plenty of discussions relating to Nintendo, along with some other channels dedicated to discussing topics such as Pokèmon, Splatoon, Anime or TV shows, Webcomics, Games and also Pokècord. We're also discussing the Gen 8 Games quite a bit now! Everything is topped off by a welcoming atmosphere. Join us and start making new friends!
Splatoon 2 Custom Splatfests server is a server mainly meant for participating in Fanmade Splatfests, but most of us chill!
We’d love to see you here!
The Kensa Krew is a server made by a group of best friends looking for more people to hangout with and play Splatoon 2 with. We have many self assignable roles, like colors, timezones, splatfest, etc. If you’re looking for online friends to play splatoon with or just people to talk to, join this server!
⭐Age 20+

Looking for a clan with a little bit of everything?

Join Poseidon’s Crusaders!

Whether you’re looking for competitive play, scrimmage with other clans, casual play with new friends, some private battles with a twist, or just want to work on your skills in turf and salmon run- we are the place for you!

Currently working on our league division so if you’re looking for a team to join for that now is the time to join!

Hold Tournaments every other month with prizes!

Sister server includes other nintendo games :D

- 20+
- Available to play at least once a week
- English speaking
- Time Zone doesn’t matter! We accept players from all regions.
Hi ! If you want to chat and play Splatoon 1 with other players, you find the good server ! Communauté également française.
This is a discord server made up of Splatoon fans.

Stop by our server to chat about Splatoon or general topics, post memes, play with other Splatoon players, etc.
Nintendo event oriented server! Weekly and monthly events! Fun, chill environment! Very large and active server with over 2800 members!
If you love Splatoon this is the sever for you. With an open gaming which can effect the rp you can play together and join in events. People are free to join and create characters to join in the rp or just game with a vast community. Everyone is free to join.
Hello everyone ^^
Welcome to Splatoon server
If you are looking for Fun and be one of Community?
Join us and you are more welcome :3
And we hope you enjoy here ^^

-Cody101, Jessi and other Admin, Mods and Deputys
(18+ server) love nintendo but dont love playing with kids? frustrated with those large cliquey servers that dont give new members a chance? well look no more! we are the server for you.

this server is for adult nintendo players to meet & play together & to also just be in a fun community. we arent very big as of now & would love to have you join & be a part of our squad. we have chill staff & chill members that love nintendo games & regularly play. games we regularly play are splatoon (1&2), super smash bros, mario kart, mario tennis, super mario party & more!

additionally, all members are free to invite friends as long as they are at least 18. <3
This is the Mii Plaza! Although nothing like what it’s named after, we still have much to offer. We are a community of Nintendo players that talk about games and play them with each other. We are starting to host tournaments, too. Please do not join with the intent of partnering, because we don’t do partners. Mature conversations do take place on this server. We are open to suggestions and changes, as the server is still growing. Please do join our server!
John’s Mistakes is a small fun community of gamers looking to branch out and make new friends! We are a gaming server mostly for splatoon but, we also offer channels for Smash Ultimate, Pokemon, Mario Kart and are hoping to add more gaming channels as more members join. We also have a NSFW channel for gays and straights, an art section for aspiring artists, a lot of bots to play with, opportunities to become mods and so much more! If you would like to meet some cool new people, play some games or just have fun, Please Join today!
Désireux de partager de bons moments et de jouer entre amis, nous n’attendons plus que vous ! Polyvalent, ce serveur comptant plus de 850 membres vous donne l’opportunité de participer à de nombreux chans assez diversifiés, que ce soit pour les débats visant à pousser une réflexion intéressante sur des sujets variés, ainsi que des mini-jeux et des événements réguliers pour s'éclater ensemble.

Associé à ça, vous pourrez partager des créations ou des clips que vous avez fait vous-même, ou que vous appréciez. N’oublions pas la possibilité de demander le ou les vêtements qui vous font rêver dans l’espoir de trouver quelqu’un qui pourrait vous les offrir, et un tas d’autres choses que vous découvrirez chez nous !

Tout ceci dans une bonne ambiance générale et sans prise de tête, avec comme vocation de devenir un pilier communautaire Splatoon, venez nous apporter votre aide !
Nintendo and memes come together! Join our server for some fun with anything Nintendo!

Play together with new friends in games like:
- Mario
- Pokemon
- Animal Crossing
- Splatoon
- Super Smash Bros.
And others too!
A neat little server led by some weirdo that despite trying his hardest still can’t keep a simple server together. Well! This is the sequel to this broken mans failed experiment. Welcome to the splatoon [RP] R E D U X
We do rping and weekly events gaming and all that snazz.
Looking for a lovely Nintendo switch server? THEN join us! We have some pretty interesting materials for you to enjoy! Like lots of bots, an art room, and even music bots! We also have fan roles to help with pings! So come meet some beautiful people uwu
Hey! Hey YOU! Wanna try something new? Wanna help out in an Inksperiment of sorts? Welcome to Shade's Splatoon RP:Inksperiment. Shade wants to make a Splatoon RP server,and to do that,he needs members. He might not know much,but hey,give it a go! Maybe you'll become an admin,and help in building the server! So..Welcome in advance!
A server for sharing splatoon memes, art, roleplaying and just chilling with others and having fun. We do art competitions, RP events, movie nights, and more. We hope to see you come be a part of our quickly growing server! ^^
A simple and small is server for Splatoon and smash as of right now. We plan on eventually becomeing a Gerneral chat, we are now splatoon and smash.
Welcome to the Nintendo Café! We are a centralized community of Nintendo fans all dedicated to helping one another and making the server the best it can be. We have chats, bots, and even weekly events made just for the Nintendo community!

We need people dedicated to the Nintendo community, and people willing to make friends within it! We have a lot of talent present within, from artists, to writers, and editors. We all have one passion for Nintendo not matched so easily by anything else.

We hope that you will give this server a try. If something isn't to your liking, we'd be more than happy to make your experience right!
Do you play games? Are you looking for an active community? Want events so you can sing your heart out? Giveaways? Gaming Tournaments? Do you draw? Like to watch anime?

If you into any of these things: The Beacon might just be the place for you :)
It's a gaming and social community where we chill out, have discussions, play games: Fortnite, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, Apex Legends, Smash Bros, etc. on NA, EU, Asia and Oceania servers. There's also music bots, anime/ movie nights, and giveaways on the server!

No, you don't have to be a gamer! You can just be here to chat, share memes and talk about your day :) We have active voice channels as well!

This server was created as a chill sort of “escape from reality” place for people to relax and center themselves.

We really just want to create a positive space for ourselves and our future friends here ❤️ Feel free to introduce yourselves in the introduction channel, share memes, pair up for games, or just hang out in a voice call.

This is the third incarnation of the Galactic Switch a Nintendo server focussing around the Nintendo Switch and Splatoon