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A friendly community in which you can find new friends to compete and grow with in all sorts of video games, share art, and loads more! While we're mainly a Splatoon 2 server, there are many other categories and games that we play! We're all friends here, so everyone is welcome!
The only requirement is that you be at least 15 years old!
Here in the underground, the life of the Octolings are kept a secret to those above. But will you join the Octarians? Will you help them? Will you hurt them?
Join in and roleplay with us!
-OCs are allowed
-Inspired from Ink Wave!
-Constantly receiving updates!
-Meme channel
-Anti-scam System

"We'll take back the light that denied us..."
Are you a kid now? Are you a squid now? If not, then hippity hoppity, get off my property. Otherwise, come join us for some squid game. We have:
- Pingable roles for on-demand matchmaking (including League, Salmon Run, Private Battles, and Splatoon 1)
- Vanity roles with colors based on weapon class
- Players of all skill levels, from level 10 to 110
- Dedicated channels for shitposting, art, squideos, venting, and music sharing
- Multiple thinking squid emojis
- NSFW/18+ exclusive chat
Get in here, squiggers!
this is a server to play sword and shield, Minecraft, and Splatoon 2 and have fun together making new friends. we are setting up our own gym system in sword and shield. anyone can be a gym leader. rally together to do max raids together in sword and shield. rally together for salmon runs in Splatoon 2. we have giveaways in sword and shield.
Hello there! Welcome to The Nerd Cave! We are a group mostly focused on Nintendo Switch games, from Pokemon SwSh, to Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to Splatoon 2 but we have a space for many other things as well, such as mobile games like Pokemon GO, older consoles and games of all kinds, and bots to play and interact with (such as Pokecord), to name a few! We also take pride in our AR-Photography section for avid Pokemon GO photographers, as well as a shiny-hunting and PvP section for those playing PoGo! Additionally, we are taking requests for new sections to help grow our group even further, so come check us out!
A casual/competitive open Splatoon server to chat, strategize, debate, theorize, roleplay or talk anything about either game in the series.
🌸 Welcome to Sakura Squids! 🌸

We are a flower themed Splatoon 2 clan. We have about 70 members and the number is growing everyday!

We're casual, and anyone is welcome to join. No trials or tests or anything! All you have to do is be an active member of the server.

We really hope you join! 🌸❤️
The server is now fully finished!

Come in to SPlativion for...

- Splatoon Matchmaking!
- Splatoon Roleplay!
- A music bot
- Active and Friendly Staff
- An optional RPG-esque system for those tabletop-savvy people
- Intense roleplay boss fights with the target to let everyone involved have fun (or to get dunked on if you choose Lunatic)

Come on down and see whats in store!

Stay fresh yall!

- TetRic15, Server Founder
A splatoon server just for LGBT+ adults! Join in to play with others, chat about splatoon and ocs, share art and memes, roleplay, and more! We look forward to having you!
Basically just a meme server that also likes to play games. Anything goes here, we're also anti-cencorship. Everyone welcome!

-Nintendo World is a community on discord for people who like to play and discuss about Nintendo!
-We’re a new server so we’re very open to members suggestions about what we can do as a staff to make the server a fun place, here are some things the server has to offer...
**—>** Giftcard giveaways 🎉
**—>** A Minecraft Realm 🌴
**—>** Nintendo news bot 📰
**—>** Pokecord 🐯
**—>** Fun bots to use 🤖
**—>** Great community 👥
**—>** More to come if we keep growing! 🔜
-As we said before we’re open to all suggestions since we’re brand new and we hope you enjoy your stay, game on!!
Hello! Welcome to A Bootiful Server! This Server has lots of fun stuff to do! We have splatoon gaming, bots, anime, and voice chats! If you are interested, come along with us! (Update: I'll be adding more bots later on)
Hey There! This is a Nintendo Discord Server where we're dedicated on crafting a supportive community revolving around released Switch Titles. We host a variety of Tournaments, Events, and Contests, catering to everyone’s interests. So join if you want to hang out, play games, and overall have a good time!
Hello everyone! Welcome to the Stardust Cursader

We are a chill, (starting to be) active, and open Splatoon-centered server with positive vibes and cute server mascots to match! The server is welcome to everyone and filters out inactive users to keep the server fresh!

We have-

Occasional game and art related contests/events

A New Clan that supports both casual and competitive players

Bots with a reward/level system

Self assignable roles

Automated status roles that update on the length of your stay!

So Come in and join us!
We’re back on Disboard!
Welcome to the Squidparty Chat! (SQC)
✨ Fun and Friendly server for all Inklings and Octolings that wanna Squidparty!
✨ Squidparties every week! Make new friends and have fun!
✨ Events planned by the staff!
✨ Share memes, art, etc. to the server!
✨ Lounges for Smash Ultimate and Zelda: BOTW!
💕 Splatoon 1 and 2!
🦑 Join today! 🐙
❗️ Please note that all events in the server are said in Pacific Time. (PST, PT)
Don't let the title fool you! We're a roleplay server fitting for all underwater creatures!

Hi! Welcome to our Cephalocircle! We're a Splatoon-Based roleplay server that allows canons and ocs! We're semi-casual and are kinda just looking for friends that are into the same squid game we are! We're currently very small, so every person that joins is a big help! We feature:

☼-Ability for anyone to be canon or and oc!
☼-As many OCs as you'd like!
☼-A very thorough amount of roleplay locations for all your needs!
☼-A small and close-knit welcoming community!

What are you waiting for?! Check it out, and no pressure! Stay Fresh <3
Hi we’re AoS! We are a new Splatoon2 Clan with lots of private battles, league battles, salmon runs and people to play with!

This is a competitive Splatoon 2 clan to play or talk about either game in the series.

What are you waiting for? Join AoS today!

This server is a server for all fans or newcomers to the Splatoon fandom. Role-playing is the main focus of the server but it is optional.

We have a good team of moderators to keep everything under control.

We do not have many rules so go crazy!

We would love if you decided to join! :3
The official Discord server of the /r/Splatoon_2 subreddit, a community that welcomes all Splatoon fans! Come and introduce yourself!
Notice: This server is new!
Welcome to the Team Blue's fan server. What is Team Blue? We're a new Splatoon team that is based off of the blue team room the manga. What we do? We will have scheduled times(when decided) to play as a team. We play for fun and for some wins! What the server is for? This is for our supporters to cheer us on. New channels and roles when requested! What if your in your own team? Never fear if your in a different team from us. We will be your friends and make a role for your team! If you like this server or want to join TB(2 spaces left) then click on the button to join. Anothet Note: We won't be on all of the time so keep that in mind.
Hello! if you miss splatfests, or looking for a space to even just make friends and chat, play splatoon or even other games, our cozy little server might be for you! if you are interested in joining, then you are more than welcome ♥
We try to host a fan-made splatfest each month in spirit of continuing them!
[Ongoing fest: V-Day vs Anti-V-Day!]
✿ Art-sharing
✿ Polls and feedback! we are constantly trying to grow as a server : ]
✿ Casual gameplay! + playing other games
✿ Custom colour and character roles, as well as splatfest team roles!
✿ Channels for discussing other gameplay, and bots such as pokecord!
✿ Memes, and wholesome channels!
✿ Custom + splatfest themed emojis!
And of course, splatfests! We also take splatfest suggestions.

This is a server managed by me and a friend.
Regarding partnerships, it's preferable to get to know you or to dm an admin. We would also prefer to do partnerships with Splatoon themed servers, and absolutely no NSFW servers. Thank you for reading ♥

**This is a server for all ages, we strongly advise against inappropriate,rude, behaviour and imagery. No NSFW please.**
Admins: ✿pierogi, rat child, & Maddie
This is Deluxe Derpy Dimensions and it includes many awesome things!
This fantastic server includes:

- Splatoon, Smash Bros, and Pokemon Chat Rooms and News!
- Best Admins!
- Fun Tournaments!
- Cool Emotes!
- A Unique Ranking System!
- Waluigi!
- And Many More Awesome Things!

So what are you doing here?
You should have Deluxe Derpy Dimensions on your server list!
Including great Members, Staff, and People!
Semi-Social Switch Gamers is basically just a server where you can find someone to play switch games with or just talk about them. Mainly focusing on smash, splatoon and stardew you can really play any game you want. We look forward to meeting new people, but I ask you be patient and not leave inmediately.