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Three years after the events of the Octo Expansion, Inkopolis is running the same as it always was. So far there haven't been any Octarian invasions, and more and more Octolings are coming to join the Inklings every year.
But eventually, one day, the Grizzco tides go out of control. The abnormal tides start affecting more areas, eventually hitting Inkopolis, and the differences in every tide gets larger and larger. One day, water will be flooding the streets, and the next day there's nothing in the bay of Inkopolis.
Nobody knows what's happening, but the some are determined to figure it out and stop it, before all of the citizens of Inkopolis are forced to move..
Ahoy there!

Inky Depths is a Splatoon Roleplay, but you're welcome to just come hang out :)
Somtimes, we mix different things intot he RP, such as Assassin's Creed, Devil may cry, etc.
Canon, OCs and Manga characters allowed.
-Fun Bots
-Cool Rp
-Nice mods
So come and join us, but remember, Don't get cooked, and stay off the hook!
The server is now fully finished!

Come in to SPlativion for...

- Splatoon Matchmaking!
- Splatoon Roleplay!
- A music bot
- Active and Friendly Staff
- An optional RPG-esque system for those tabletop-savvy people
- Intense roleplay boss fights with the target to let everyone involved have fun (or to get dunked on if you choose Lunatic)

Come on down and see whats in store!

Stay fresh yall!

NOTE: Lore is rather weak, any lore developers or story creators or whatever its called would be helpful. Its rather... quiet in here.

- TetRic15, Server Founder
Hello! This server focuses on chatting, roleplaying and matchmaking.
We are open to any suggestions so please, tell us if our server sucks because that can help our server grow.
✓Splatoon/Undertale/Anime/Hollow Knight rp: Make an OC or choose a cannon character! You will have templates to help you.
✓Chill community, responsible staff. Anyone can join, no matter your age or country or whatever.
✓Fun bots to use and lots of places to roleplay!

Please join and support us talking to your friends about our server. I hope you enjoy your stay!
Hello! This is the Splatoon Chapters Roleplay Server! What does it mean to be 'chapters?' Well, it means each of your characters will have a chance to have a chapter to explain their backstory in more depth! Come join us! We have:

- Audition-able canon characters
- Unique original characters
- Hardworking moderators & staff
- Fun Roleplay in all of the Splatoon locations
- Interesting plots

And much more! I hope you join us and enjoy your time with us!
Spla-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta SPLATCAMP!

After Pearl and Marina have left the Square to explore their music career, their Studio has been left vacant. At least, it was vacant until an Inkling named Onsa and a Jellyfish named Jello managed to buy the whole place! And now, they're hosting a grand competition for the cash prize of 10 billion cash! Ka-ching!

Are you fresh enough to win? Join now!

(Server Info)
Roleplay camp
Applications needed
Number of spots depends on number of applications
Events hosted frequently
Welcome to the Coffee Cove! We're a new, but friendly server hoping to create an enjoyable environment for all the squidkids and octolings!
We offer:
*Sweet and non-strict admin
*A comfortable place to hangout and make friends!
*A lot of custom events planned!
*Plenty of rp areas
*Character customization!
And alot more!
Something missing? Let us know in our suggestion box!
If you're reading this through, you love Splatoon, and you love writing in the world it gives you! If you've got a Splatoon OC that you want to roleplay, this is the server for you!

🐙 16+
🐙 Bi-Monthly Special RP Events!
🐙 Special Achievements to unlock!
🐙 Future Movie, Gaming and Music Streaming!
🐙 LGBTQ+ Friendly!
🐙 Looking for Moderators!

Come on down to Inkopolis RP!
[ Perma Server Link: ]
here's a sneak peak for the story

Eggman decided that he was going to take over another planet, as his attempts on Mobius weren't going as planned, as Sonic and friends kept foiling his plans. Eggman discovered a quiet planet, inhabited by sea creatures. He assumed that the sea creatures were harmless, so he used the tractor beams he used to drag Planet Wisp to Mobius, but he needed a way to power it, so he took the Great Zapfish from the Inkling’s planet. Little did Eggman know, but this caused a war between the inklings and octarians, that only became more extreme as the Inkling planet got dragged closer to Mobius.

we are a small, but passonate community, please feel free to join
Welcome! This is an RP server made to just have fun! Here's some of he stuff you can expect from here.

-Friendly and almost always online mods

-A great community with interesting characters

-Lots, and lots of beans


-Custom Splatfests

-Custom Emotes

We also have lots of creative freedom! As long as you can justify an idea, it’s almost certainly going to be good.
Hello, and welcome to The New Inkopolis! We are a very recent, slowly growing community that roleplays Splatoon. All types of fans are welcomed, and you are allowed to roleplay as anybody you want! (Except Agents 3 and 4, that's taken hehe) But, you can also have your OC become an emote! Just ask for the OC you want, and what the emote would be.
Just a Crossover rp with alot of franchises (Game franchices only maybe anime when highly requested)
One. One day. One damned day. Inkopolis was once a happy, cheerful place; filled with joy, music, and various cultures. Now? It's a oppressive wasteland. Only a day after Agent Eight beat TarTar, Octavio and his Empire took over Inkopolis. The idols and Captain Cuttlefish have been captured. A hidden order works the Empire from shadows. The other Agents were now separated, alone, and afraid. Inklings were now baiscally slaves.

-Fun Rp
-Nice mods
-Eat pant

Join js or death

As the Final Splatfest is finished, the results are definently surprising. Marina winning with Order was interesting, to say the least.

The Off The Hook Studio has been abandoned and turned into a new kind of 'Agent News' studio, still currently hiring and run by Midori, aka Agent 3 herself.

Will you join Order and the evil forces or will your Chaotic side save the day? It's all for you to decide in Order Inkopolis!

Live in a harsh world with a strict leader, or set the rules aside? Order Inkopolis will have you hanging off your seat for more action!

Our server has:
-Amazing roleplay!
-Custom name colours depending on your characters Ink Colour!
-Kind and almost always active staff!
-Da 2 best owners, Fox and Lemon >:3
-Some cool other stuff like LIVE Turf War Roleplays!

I hope you find a great time in this server, and as always...
3: Stay chaotic!
8: ...stay order...
Ink Wave Alternative is a Splatoon themed roleplay server, set in the time area of Splatoon 2. Here you can roleplay as a squid, octopus, crustacean . . . Anything, really! This server uses the Tupperbox bot, so don't be confused if you don't see any actual people roleplaying, but there's seemingly bots roleplaying. With that said, we hope you have fun in this server! Stay fresh!
Welcome to Sunny Days! We have some good mods, owners, and places to roleplay! We welcome ocs and canons! Enjoy your stay!
Welcome, its is good to see you stumbled upon our server. Here we have:
•Responsible and dependable staff
•A good amount of Events
•A interesting lore.

I hope you take the time to join and see what we have in store! See ya there!!!
Welcome! This is a Semi-Lit - Lit Splatoon RP!

The owner of this server is a very fresh individual called Mitch, who really isn't retiring any time soon.

Will you save Inkopolis from the end of the slumber, will you work for the evil forces themselves, or will you watch the world fall before your eyes? It's all your choice.
Commander TarTar was believed to be defeated by Agent 8, but he survived. Octavio found him and they now work together in hopes to take over Inkopolis. Octavio supplies Octolings to be shredded, tested on, and sanitized, although only the ones who do not listen to TarTar or Octavio are sanitized. The new goo has been modified so the one sanitized does not only obey TarTar, but also Octavio.
Will you be an Inkling that gets kidnapped and sanitized/Hyjacked? An Octoling that rebels against your leaders? Will you help the rebellion or fight against it? Your choice, and choose wisely.
A scientist, a DJ, and a soldier discover a truth...

A little girl searches for her mother figure in an unforgiving world...

A final Splatfest determines the fate of the world...

...and so much more.

Welcome to Into the Squid Multiverse! Create ocs, chill out in our chatroom, and roleplay in your own worlds of creation!

-Server has detailed lore of every verse made; you can even make your own.

-OCs and canons can be duplicated through each verse. No two verses are the exact same.

-An active plot keeps the verses alive.

Note that this server will deal with some darker topics than what is used for Splatoon lore, so user discretion is advised if you're 15 and over. Please note this is a Splatoon Multiversal server.