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Hello! This is the Splatoon Chapters Roleplay Server! What does it mean to be 'chapters?' Well, it means each of your characters will have a chance to have a chapter to explain their backstory in more depth! Come join us! We have:

- Audition-able canon characters
- Unique original characters
- Hardworking moderators & staff
- Fun Roleplay in all of the Splatoon locations
- Interesting plots

And much more! I hope you join us and enjoy your time with us!
Spla-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta SPLATCAMP!

After Pearl and Marina have left the Square to explore their music career, their Studio has been left vacant. At least, it was vacant until an Inkling named Onsa and a Jellyfish named Jello managed to buy the whole place! And now, they're hosting a grand competition for the cash prize of 10 billion cash! Ka-ching!

Are you fresh enough to win? Join now!

(Server Info)
Roleplay camp
Applications needed
Number of spots depends on number of applications
Events hosted frequently
do you like Epithet Erased?
do you like Splatoon 1 and 2?
well then i got A server for YOU!!
An Epithet Erased x Splatoon Crossover Roleplay server!
you can either be an, canon character or your own oc!
i hope you enjoy your stay if you join!
One. One day. One damned day. Inkopolis was once a happy, cheerful place; filled with joy, music, and various cultures. Now? It's a oppressive wasteland. Only a day after Agent Eight beat TarTar, Octavio and his Empire took over Inkopolis. The idols and Captain Cuttlefish have been captured. A hidden order works the Empire from shadows. The other Agents were now separated, alone, and afraid. Inklings were now baiscally slaves.

-Fun Rp
-Nice mods
-Eat pant

Join js or death
Welcome! This is a Semi-Lit - Lit Splatoon RP!

The owner of this server is a very fresh individual called Mitch, who really isn't retiring any time soon.

Will you save Inkopolis from the end of the slumber, will you work for the evil forces themselves, or will you watch the world fall before your eyes? It's all your choice.
A scientist, a DJ, and a soldier discover a truth...

A little girl searches for her mother figure in an unforgiving world...

A final Splatfest determines the fate of the world...

...and so much more.

Welcome to Into the Squid Multiverse! Create ocs, chill out in our chatroom, and roleplay in your own worlds of creation!

-Server has detailed lore of every verse made; you can even make your own.

-OCs and canons can be duplicated through each verse. No two verses are the exact same.

-An active plot keeps the verses alive.

Note that this server will deal with some darker topics than what is used for Splatoon lore, so user discretion is advised if you're 15 and over. Please note this is a Splatoon Multiversal server.
After the FinalFest, a great presence of chaos started to arise in Inkopolis. In the mist of the chaos, a new evil began to arise from the fall of the telephone. The world of Inkopolis is changing.

Included in our server:
-Tons of chatting areas
-Loads of areas to roleplay in
-Secure and fair rules
-Voice Chats
-Bots and more!
-Amazing mods and always looking for more!
-Server is always open for suggestions!!
- and many many more features that you gotta join to see!!
- Monthly activity check!
After the events of the final fest, many things happened. Chaos reigned supreme; now the world is ruled by it.
[If you’re curious about the after events of splatoon 2, and what happened to tartar, this is the closest to a possibility that’s going to happen.]
Welcome to my new server!We have happy and loving admins and we accept the Splatoon Manga Characters!A Splatoon Roleplay server where all we wanna do is have fun. Hopefully you feel welcomed here!
In the world of splatoon lays a island, full of buzzing of inklings and octolings alike! Get informed about most anything by our newscasters Wasabi and Teriyaki and have a great roleplay experience!
Hey fresh squiddos! Ya like roleplay? Ya like Splatoon? Ya like both? Join our Splatoon roleplay server! You can be a canon character or a original character! All roleplay types welcome! Except sloppy types. We don't allow those lol.