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A Green Discord is an all ages Green Day fancord that is system and kin friendly! You don't have to be either a system or kin to join though! Just enjoy Green Day's music and want to connect with other fans in a trauma informed environment.

We have channels dedicated to music discussion and discussion of the American Idiot Musical! We also have system and kin exclusive channels for those who need it, and offer services from Pluralkit and Tupperbox!

So don't be an American Idiot! Come check us out and become a member of our Idiot Nation!

(Note: All system types welcome, all kintypes welcome except factkin.)
Do you wish to learn more about yourself and the world around you? Do you want to finally see what the world truly is? Want to just chill out and talk about odd things without judgement? Join us and you'll be able to do just that. This server is also system friendly, traumagenic or otherwise. Don't worry about having to hide your identity and emotions here, we don't judge.

Current Bots:
Reaction Roles
Welcome to the Persecutors DID/OSDD

The Persecutors DID/OSDD Server is a group for Systems and Persecutor Alters who are looking for a safe place to call their own, vent about frustrations or simply make friends.
We wish to establish a place like this, since it is often very hard to find somewhere you belong, without feeling lonely.

We are welcoming Ex-Persecutors, as well as those who are currently in the process of healing, or working on it!

Being a System is not the easiest thing in the world, and it can lead to severe frustration and various of other problems (in most cases),
if you remain alone and unable to talk to somebody you can trust, about what is going on.
We are trying to be that light at the end of the tunnel, for you to look forward to and have the opportunity to be yourself!

We do NOT encourage harming oneself or others.
You may vent about doing so, but do NOT ask the group what you should do, regarding harming/self harming, or encourage others to harm themselves!
welcome to syschill, a little system community!! we accept all system types, headmate types, singlets, questioning systems, etc! come on down and make some new friends :)
༺✧☽ Hello and welcome to Pastel Crystals ☾✧༻

I made this server to create a safe environment for everyone but specially littles and regressors. I'd like to change this world we live in and make everyone see that this world is not bad it's wholesome and inclusive and loving <3

Here are some things we offer in our server:

༺ We are an agere server and are 100% sfw and welcoming to everyone ༻

༺ We offer a safe space for all littles in systems, regressors, and anyone else that might want or need a safe space ༻

༺ We have many games and fun channels ༻

༺ Q&A area for many different topics ༻

༺ Activities for little ༻

༺ Medication, Food and Water reminders ༻

༺ We have pet space channels ༻

༺ We have a private ticket support for anyone that might need some help dealing with any struggles ༻

༺ We offer a close and accepting community for everyone ༻

༺ Annon confession chat ༻

༺ Pluralkit bot ༻

༺ LGBTQ+ safe space ༻

༺ Hobbies chats ༻

༺✧☽ Feel free to join us and learn and enjoy together ☾✧༻
welcome to viva la system revolution.
we're an uncensored server for systems and singlets to discuss the ordinary, along with that which may be taboo in any ordinary server, in a civil manner.
We are **Trash Vill.**
Welcome to Trash Vill.
We are a community server and we needs some peeps to hang out with. We have a place for everyone to come and chill with other people just like you!
★彡 We have: ★彡 
-Nice staff
-Many channels fit for everyone
-Fun bots
-Colorful set up
-Open suggestions to make the server better
-Staff applications are open
-PluralKit for Systems
★彡 We have: ★彡 
-Anime channels
-Gaming channels
-Art channels
-Casual Roleplay
-Vent, Rant and Wellness Channels
-**locked** NSFW channel
★彡 We also have: ★彡 
-Server game night
-Fun events
-V&W Ping who you can ping in the Rant and Wellness channels if you need someone to talk to.
-Tons on custom roles
★彡 We are: ★彡
-Welcoming to: Witches, Furries, LGBTQ, Systems, Littles, Weebs, Gamers, Writers, Artist, Photographers, Cooks, Animators, Animal Lovers, People who have Mental Illness, EVERYONE!
**Everyone is welcome**
So what are you doing? Why haven’t you joined yet!!
I have started a new server with my friends it would be nice for people to join so we can get popular and so we can have fun :)
[We do not care what server you are from, anyone is welcome to join!]

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Salt Free, a server for otherkin and anything related to it! No, you don't have to be kin to join, so if you're just curious about the community and/or questioning, feel free to hop on in!

- Lots of channels for lots of interests
- Neo pronoun/MOGAI friendly
- System friendly (endogenic/tulpas included!)
- Fictionkin/fictive doubles allowed
- Self-assigned roles
- Pluralkit, Tupperbox, Sheep, music bots + more

Our mods are kind and just, and at least one of us is always on. Welcome, and have fun! ^-^
Welcome to Way of the Witch!
We are a friendly and welcoming witchcraft server, open to people from all walks of life! This server, run by two systems, is open to all, be that LGBTQA+ people, those in the BIPOC category, other Systems of any kind (we do not discriminate against any system type as long as respect is given to traumagenic systems' triggers at all times.), and even non-witches who just want a place to hang out and meet people!

We have:
•60+ Channels!
•Bots for Fun & Games! (Karuta, Isekai Maid, Mimu, PokéMeow and Wherewolf so far!)
•Separate, role locked channels for Systems, BIPOC and LGBTQA+ topics for those concerned.
•Multiple vent channels as well as "t̴̛̑h̵͗̒e̸̒̅-̴̼̿v̷̀̕ȍ̷͊i̸̒͠d̷͇͘" - a channel completely dedicated to letting out any screams you have.
•Almost 100 self-assignable roles for things such as gender identity, orientation, religion, experience, personalisable name colours, etc.
•Admins and helpers to make sure that everything is running smoothly!
•Medication and water reminders.
•A twice daily mental health check in!
•A constantly updated positivity channel.
•Dedicated, role locked NSFW channels.
•And a very welcoming and loving community of witches and non-witches alike.

We would love to have you with us, so if you feel like we're a good server for you, come on in and introduce yourself! We'd love meet you all.
This is a server that welcomes systems of all origins! We have a section for art trades, along with a "draw the person/interaction above you" area!
~Welcome to DID safe zone~
》SFW server for body ages between 13 and 25《
》Friendly staff ready to help《
☆We except all people ☆
~♡Age Regressors
》Vent channels available《
》we have plural kit and system time we are happy to add any other bots that you like to use《
》And much more《
A server for those with OSDD and DID to meet other system members and make friends within a community dedicated to keeping system's safe and happy!

What you will find in this server :

Playground for littles and middles alike
Servers Dedicated to specific alters
Channels dedicated to making friendships
Movie and Music channels
A place for concerns, commentary and suggestions
Venting areas
The PluralKit user guide and a channel to make system changes or add a system with the use of PluralKit
Servers to add and look at resources
Mental health servers
Servers dedictaed to those with disabilities
Kind and fun loving systems as well as admins!

~ Tropical Plural Paradise ~

Come join us at our humble paradise for plurals! We have:
~ Hobby channels
~ Channels for specific alter types
~ An area for littles
~ A safe-space for new alters
~ PluralKit + SystemTime!
~ Support and vent channels
~ DID/OSDD education areas

~ DID/OSDD traumagenic systems
~ Singlets invited by systems or that are joining to educate themselves
~ 13+ body age
~ ALL diagnosis statuses

We're a very small and new server, but we hope you decide to join us in our little paradise, make some friends, and help us grow! See you soon!
- The Iris System
"A home on Earth for children of the stars."

New Gallifrey is an international organization dedicated to serious cultural reconstruction of Gallifrey, the planet of the Time Lords from Doctor Who. We strive to live our lives in accordance with the Doctrine of Non-Intervention, as well as the other principles and virtues of the Time Lords, and be a home on Earth for those who feel like they don't quite belong.
.    。    •   ゚  。   .

   .      .     。   。 .  

.   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •

  ゚   Asap Clan was not An Impostor.  。 .

  '    1 Impostor remains     。

  ゚   .   . ,    .  .
hi we are the asap clan we are a small group trying to grow and have some fun we have discord games roles and chats for gamers if you decide to join remember to have fun and vote in spookey-suggestions for what bot to add next
:blue_circle: custom roles
:red_circle: discord games and other gaming
:white_circle: giveaways
:purple_circle: and a whole lot more
This is a new safe space for all systems!! No fakeclaiming, no negativity towards any systems!
Aimed primarily at people with DID/OSDD, Garden of Many Minds rejects the model that most DID/OSDD systems operate by. We have a short blacklist, don't control where any alters (including littles) can speak, and more. Singlets (people without DID) are free to join to learn more about systems, seek peer support for mental health and life issues, or just hang out. We're very new and currently a very small community, but don't be shy! Feel free to drop by and smell the roses.

We do not accept anyone who calls themselves endogenic or tulpamancy systems. Traumagenic DID/OSDD systems are the only systems we allow here.

Garden of Many Minds features:
- Small blacklist, rules that aren't too strict
- Small, cozy community
- Peer support
- Partnerships with other servers
- A place to self-promote social media, commissions, and fundraisers
- Age regression and littles channels!
- Art and writing prompts/themed events
- Staff who are receptive to suggestions for new channels and features

We are also open to partnerships (the servers don't have to be mental health or DID related). We hope you enjoy Garden of Many Minds!
=== Dani.el Bot ===

Hey, suchen Sie nach einem coolen, und praktischen Bot für Ihren Discord Server? Dann sind Sie beim Dani.el Bot genau richtig! Der Bot bietet praktische Funktionen, in dem viele Bots zusammengefasst sind.


Die Wichtigsten Kategorien:

🎫 Ticketsystem

!ticketsetup - Das Ticket Setup wird durchgeführt. Dabei werden 3 Kategorien, 2 Channels und 3 Rollen erstellt, womit man direkt loslegen kann. Es ist ein sehr gutes und durchdachtes System. Es hat auf jeden Fall eine Chance verdient.

🔧 Customizing

!prefix - Stelle den Prefix des Bot individuell ein!

setwelcome - Erstelle benutzerdefinierte Willkommensnachrichten!

🔊 Voice:

!voicesetup - Führt das einmalige Voice Setup durch, mit dem die User ihre eigenen Voice Channels erstellen können!

✅ Verification:

!verifysetup - Führt das Verification Setup auf einem Server durch. Dabei werden Channels und Rollen automatisch erstellt. (Anpassbar nach Wunsch)

!verify - Beginnt den Verifizierungs-Prozess auf einem Server. (Mit Code)

🗂️ Moderartion:

!ban <User> - Bannt einen User

!kick <User> - Kickt einen User vom Server

!mute <User> - Mute einen User

Applicationtools Reactionroles und vieles mehr!


Alle Befehle (mehr als 50) sind mit !help abrufbar!


🛡️ Dani.el Bot Invite:

🛡️ Dani.el Bot Support Discord Server:

🛡️ Dani.el Bot Website:


Der Bot befindet sich in der ALPHA. Falls Fehler/Bugs auftreten, melden Sie dies auf dem Dani.el Bot Discord Server oder mit !report <Report Text>.
Alle Errors werden direkt an uns weitergeleitet!

Bereits über 210 Servern und 138.000 User vertrauen dem Bot! (mit !botinfo abrufbar)

⭐ Viel Spaß!
Welcome to System Sanctuary. This is a friendly and welcoming server where you can have fun and feel safe and comfortable. This is a safe space for all types of systems and no system judgement will be tolerated. We also allow accepting singlets! We have lots of cool bots and fun things to do!

System body must be 13+ to join.
Singlets must be 13+ to join as well.
Welcome to ClownSystems!
We are a server dedicated to traumagenic DID/OSDD-1 systems who enjoy clowncore!
The server has channels for chatting, sharing images, and clowning!
For safety reasons, we'd prefer that the body age of members is between 14-30 years :•))
We look forward to seeing y'all there!
Star Trek fictive server for DID/OSDD systems! This is a 13+ server with both censored and uncensored chats. Welcome to our little pocket of the internet!
hi welcome to burger kin may i take your order?

this is a chill kincord, we're small but we'd really appreciate it if you were to join. c:

-all forms of systems allowed (trauma/endo/tulpa, whatever you are, all are seen as equals under the burger god’s reign)
-doubles discourse? whos she?
-join if you like burgers i guess
-praise burger god and live to eat another fry

burger kin. have it in a way
Hello this is Kaede speaking! I've noticed that there weren't a lot of Danganronpa fictive servers on Discord so me and the others decided to make one of our own! I hope you like it here and enjoy talking to your other classmates! (Let's calm down Junkos all together please)

Anyways, here are our rules:

1. No fighting. We want this server to be friendly.

2. No threatening other members.

3. There channels for littles, they can safely talk there, no cursing allowed in those channels.

4. Everyone must read the trigger list. We must all keep eachother safe please.

5. We have vent channels you can use, if you ever need help or just want to let things out, please vent in those channels.

6. NSFW content is not allowed. Keep it PG13. Cursing is allowed.

7. Keep in mind Discord TOS rules.

8. If you have any questions/if you are uncomfortable with something, feel free to DM us or a staff member.

9. Have fun. We are very happy to see you here.