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This server is an inclusive place for all kinds of systems and allies!

- LGBTQ+ friendly!

- Safe for littles!

- Endo/tulpa/quio friendly!

- Non-human friendly!

- Pluralkit and pokecord!
We are an all inclusive system server, open to systems of all origins! We are also open to singlets who want to learn more about plurality.

We have:
• multiple general chat channels for off-topic and system related discussions
• chats for photo sharing, memes, gaming, pokecord
• multiple questioning chats for both questioning systems and singlets wanting to learn
• chats specific to different system origins (traumagenic, endogenic, quoigenic, etc) and headmate roles (hosts, protectors, caretakers, etc)
• opt-in vent channels
• a gated lobby to protect against raids
• and more!

Body must be 16+ to join. Anti-endos are not welcome here.
♔ - 𝕻𝖑𝖚𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖉𝖔𝖒 - ♚

A Kingdom which was once forgotten and had to start getting used to loneliness. Working on its own and facing problems without any help, it was still sleeping till now. But one day, a voice got heard. The Plural Kingdom rose up above the flames of hate.
For a long time hidden, plural people had to face the misunderstanding about what made them unique. However with time and patience, there are now resources to help the Kingdom.

♕ - What is Plural Kingdom?
➻ Plural Kingdom is a server which welcome every plural and mature person. If you are 16 years old or older, feel free to join us!

♛ - Behind the doors
➺ PluralKit, SystemTime! and Tupperbox for everyone ~
➺ Separated places for everyone to have a safe place to talk in ~
➺ Common center, questions and resources center ~
➺ No syscourse allowed except in one channel and with respect ~
➺ A safe place for littles ~
➺ Buyable color roles and misc roles ~

♤ - Toxicity and invalidation isn't allowed in the Kingdom. You must be 16yo or older to pass the doors.
Safe systems is an all-inclusive system community server. We have special channels for littles, introjects, venting, and more! We have a friendly mod team and a no toxic bs policy, as well as event nights! We're an ever growing, stable, friendly community, and we hope to see you there!
Lgbt friendly!
Endogenic and traumagenic friendly!
Singlet friendly!
A safe, secure and friendly server for all plurals who are 15 or older!

-Mixed plurality server (DID, OSDD-1, endogenic, thoughtform, quoigenic, and questioning,)
-Easy to read rules, blacklist, and information
-Specific focus on server safety, helping others, and accurate information
-Friendly people
-A working ticket system
-Organized and pretty server categories and channels
-Plenty of fun roles and extra channels, colors, etc.
-Has Carlbot and Pluralkit
☁️Cloud Space, The Space For Systems Alike To Meet☁️

☁️Self-Assignable Roles
☁️Active Admins and Mods
☁️Hang out Spaces and Voice Chats

☁️Always Open To Suggestions!
☁️Endogenic, Tulpa, and Singlet Friendly

☁️Looking For Admins and Mods!

☁️Created 20 January 2020
All Systems Go is a community oriented server for systems of all types, which includes traumagenic, endogenic, mixed, unknown, etc., and supportive singlets. We welcome all types and require that anyone who joins also be accepting of all system types.

Features include:
∴ Reaction roles
∴ PluralKit
∴ Pokecord
∴ Other fun bots
∴ System role specific spaces
∴ Singlet specific space
∴ Little/middle spaces
∴ Friendly staff you are more than welcome to engage with!
∴ Suggestion channel (for use with the command ub!suggest) where new features suggested by members can be voted on and discussed.

We are a brand new server, but we hope to grow and become a safe, fun and bright part of the plural community as a whole!
Just a simple server for people who are systems! This is a safe space for all types of systems and no system judgement will be tolerated. Safe place for all types of people.
-a 18+ section that requires role access
-a safe space for littles and middles
-LGBTQ+ friendly
hello welcome to mcdonalds playplace. a server centred around middles and littles in systems.

* 16+ body age
* pluralkit
* friendly for all systems
* user submitted blacklist
Multi-Pals is a hang-out space for all types of plurals, as well as their accepting singlet friends and loved ones. It is a nonjudgmental environment, however crass jokes, swearing, and NSFW content is allowed. If you want a relaxed atmosphere to hang out in, but still want an environment that is controlled and grounded in mutual respect, check us out! You just might feel at home.
hey! welcome to chill cave! im pluto, the creator of this server!

here at chill cave, any and all plurals can be assured to have a safe and quiet place to talk and share their experiences. no judgment at all! just relaxing and having a good ol' time. if you're a singlet you can join too, just please be respectful

we have:
-channels for singlets & plurals
-voice channels
-a channel for kinfolk
-and more!

come and join the fun!
Welcome to Theodora's Nest.~ We are a growing server and could use all the help we could get to improve!

This server is for hosts with only one or two daemons. It is intended to be a space where small systems can discuss daemons and their origins, talk about their daemons, and have all of us (daemon and host or co fronter alike) just talk about our experiences and share what knowledge we have. This server is 18+ and the group will be capped off at 25 to keep the server small and intimate and laid back.
The Plural Place is a place for all plurals to interact and have fun together! The server is under construction and help would be amazing!