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The Red Ribbon Society is a small dark academia themed group of plural & lgbtq+ folx who just like to chill and chat! Our rules are extremely simple and unintrusive, and we've got all kinds of stuff like:

☙⥼—💝 No blacklists or confusing verification! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Arts, Crafts, and more! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Plenty of roles, with room for more! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Pluralkit & Tupperbox for systems! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Leveling & ranks! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Positivity channel! 💝—⥽❧

☙⥼—💝 Multiple vent channels! 💝—⥽❧
Solid Plurals is a server for those who are tired of the hundred word long trigger lists, and want a place people can be themselves without the need to walk on glass.

We aim to keep and foster the close knit and relaxed server environment we've cultivated. As such we offer a variety of benefits:

--We offer emotional advice and help as best as we can for those who need it for, and a wide range of people from different backgrounds willing to help as best we can.
--Server wide events (Current event is 24 Man Mario Party style game. Sign ups are closed, but future events will happen.)
--We open and close access to the server in order to keep the server from turning into 'twitch chat' where it moves too fast to keep up.
--A supportive and mature group of friends.

If you feel like this is what you're looking for, or that you'd be a good fit, then we'd love you have you.

There is only on requirement to enter: You must be at least 18 years old.
Greetings! Welcome to Magically Dissociative! The Server is Plural and Singlet friendly with the main point being just to hang out and have a fun time. We're all very welcoming; LGBTQAI+ Friendly, Inviting to All Systems and Sources, and Hope that you will join! (:
𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕃𝕚𝕝𝕪'𝕤 𝕃𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 𝔾𝕒𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕟!

We are a 100% sfw Discord server, specifically aimed towards system littles and caretakers! All are welcome to join and encouraged to chat in our main areas - the only difference from this server and other system servers is that only littles and caretakers have their own role-specific channels.

Things we offer:
✑ System only Little and Caretaker categories
✑ Various hobbies channels
✑ Channels for support and venting
✑ Opt-in roles for channels such as cooking, pets, and Pokecord
✑ TW and Uncensored chats (also opt-in to keep littles safe)
✑ Cute flower themed colors
✑ Random flower spawns free for everyone to "pick"
✑ Active Voice Chats!
✑ 100+ emojis
✑ Specific emojis for non-verbal alters to aid communication
System server to vibe and chill
-endo friendly
-no syscourse allowed
-chats for fictives
-we have pluralkit
open to suggestions always!
Storytime is a multi-purpose system only 13+ server! We can provide each member with their own channel to journal or speak about their system! Talk about system stories, system lore, nd your headmates! You can even pick if other people are to talk in it! We also have a role to ping for if someone wants questions about their system, as well as a small, cozy environment with lite channel clutter. Check us out! We're also endogenic and traumagenic friendly!
a community for traumagenic and endogenic systems with DID, OSDD and more, to all talk and have a good time. we work hard to make this server a stress free place for systems and their allies to relax. we are 13+ according to discords TOS. join us!!!!
This is a 13+ System hub server! We are inclusive to every system here, and we allow respectful singlets/non systems. Come and list your server here in one of our many categories! Mogai, fictive, and lgbt folks welcomed and encouraged! We also have some channels like a community server would.
Our staff is friendly, respectful, and courteous as well! Come check us out!

✦ ▻ Here at System Space, our goal is to create a friendly, comfortable environment and provide information about plurality of all types. We are open to systems regardless of origin, singlets who wish to learn more about plurality from Traumagenics to Tulpamancy, and anyone in between! ◅ ✦

⫷✦ ᴏᴜʀ ꜱᴇʀᴠᴇʀ ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇꜱ: ✦⫸
▻ Extremely active mods and members.
▻ Roles for pronouns and system types.
▻ A balanced trigger list/blacklist.
▻ Detailed resources gathered for all kinds of systems.
▻ An opt-out for vent channels.
▻ Secure channels especially for littles/middles.
▻ An adult-only, opt-in NSFW channel.
▻ Pluralkit for systems and Roleypoly for self-roles.
▻ A mod team made entirely of systems.
▻ Detailed resources gathered for all kinds of systems.

« ✦ ᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴀꜱ ᴏꜰ: ᴊᴜɴ 2020 ✦ »
We liked the majority of system introject servers, but are sick and tired of the trauma-only narrative they spread. This is our first time making a public Discord server, and we're very open to criticism.

• All kinds of system are welcome
• Body must be 13 or older, due to Discord ToS
• Must have at least one system member with a fictional source
• Singlets only permitted upon recommendation from a member of the server

• LGBT+ friendly
• Color roles
• General channels for all to talk in
• Channels for various types of sources
• A channel dedicated to finding sourcemates
• A littles channel
• A nonverbal chat (Working on nonverbal emotes)
• Opt in uncensored and trigger chats, as well as self-care reminders.
• Advice and vent channels
• A channel for server suggestions
• A static blacklist

Bots include (but need not be limited to):
• Pluralbots (Pluralkit, Tupperbox, and Systemtime)
• Carl-bot
• Color-Chan
• Blossom
Plural Cafe is a server for systems that's open to all system types and is LGBTQ+ friendly! We have a cosy cafe theme, and have an active friendly enviroment and mod team. Here's some of the things we feature here:

⇝ A verification system to ensure the safety of our community
⇝ PluralKit, Sheep, and a ticket system for support and questions!
⇝ Channels for you to ask for help on plurality and non-plurality topics
⇝ A community that's always willing to chat and help out!

So, if that sounds like your thing then feel free to come pop into the cafe for some tea and cake!

• Please note that we're currently only open to plural folx and people who are questioning, thank you. •
Hey systems of all kinds! Welcome to Systems' Space!

This is a safe space for traumagenic systems, endogenic systems and everything in between!

Here's what we've got here:
- Roles for System Origin, Interests and Systemmates Types, with probably more to come!
- Opt-in Trigger Warning chats;
- Private channels for the listed system types and a channel to request a channel if a System Type is missing;
- Bots like PluralKit, TupperBox and Blossom for systems and Groovy for music;
- A welcoming Safe For Work environment for every type of system and respectful singlets!

Are you searching for a very inclusive and non-judgemental server for systems? You found the right place!
➤┊A place for 14-17 year olds to discuss discourse topics without the fear of being uncomfortable or spoken down to

➤┊We include:

▸▸ A variety of roles that give you access to specific channels regarding that topic

▸▸ SystemTime! and PluralKit bots for Traumagenic systems specifically

▸▸ Channels specifically for POC, neurodivergent people, endos, and traumagenic systems

**Please do not join if you are not a minor, a TERF, pro-ship, or pro-DDLG**
✨⚡️Welcome to Plural Broadcasting Network (PBN)! We’re excited to have you! Our server is welcoming of all systems from all origins, and we try to keep toxicity out as best we can. We have a trigger list where you can add you and your system’s triggers. We also welcome singlets, and LGBTQ+ people with open arms. So why not check us out? We’d love to have you!⚡️✨
A safe, secure and friendly server for all plurals who are 15 or older!

-Mixed plurality server (DID, OSDD-1, endogenic, thoughtform, quoigenic, and questioning,)
-Easy to read rules, blacklist, and information
-Specific focus on server safety, helping others, and accurate information
-Friendly people
-A working ticket system
-Organized and pretty server categories and channels
-Plenty of fun roles and extra channels, colors, etc.
-Has Carlbot and Pluralkit
Welcome to the Persecutor/prosecutor server. Here, Persecutors and prosecutors in systems can come chill out and talk, and vent about stuff. We are endo friendly and try to be friendly. We think a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about persecutors and prosecutors.

Please don't join this server if you're anti endo, transmed/truscum, or a singlet.
Welcome to Minecrafter Systems! We welcome friendly and supportive singlets and any sort of system.
We offer Pluralkit as our system bot!
We mainly carter to minecraft youtuber introjects and minecraft mob introjects, but you're still welcome to chat even if you aren't one of the two!
All Systems Go is a community oriented server for systems of all types, which includes traumagenic, endogenic, mixed, unknown, etc., and supportive singlets. We welcome all types and require that anyone who joins also be accepting of all system types.

Features include:
∴ Reaction roles
∴ PluralKit
∴ Pokecord
∴ Other fun bots
∴ System role specific spaces
∴ Singlet specific space
∴ Little/middle spaces
∴ Friendly staff you are more than welcome to engage with!
∴ Suggestion channel (for use with the command ub!suggest) where new features suggested by members can be voted on and discussed.
∴ And much more, because we're adding new things all the time!

We are a fairly small server, but we hope to grow and become a safe, fun and bright part of the plural community as a whole!
A plural server with cottagecore aesthetic!
Cozy feel with just enough chaotic fun!!

Lots of chats, including advice, new member chats, role specific chats, as well as venting chats!

The servers not super professionally as its meant to be cozy and nice! Hope to see you there!

Singlets only allowed if a system/plural they know in the server can vouch for them! <3
Are you a member of a system who's searched countless dating servers and been shunned or even removed by moderation for being open about your plurality? Sick of searching endlessly for a singlet or other system to find happiness with?

Well you've come to the right place!

Plural Partners is perhaps the first and only dating server catering specifically to systems. We aim to help everyone find the person or people that's right for them, and create a safe space for systems to express themselves.

We have-

~a moderation team composed primarily of systems
~PluralKit for headmates to distinguish themselves
~a system-only channel to get away from the larger part of the server
-places for members of different age groups to mingle
Plural Space is a server for all kinds of systems, as well as respectful singlets.

We offer:
-PluralKit and Tupperbox
-Self assignable roles
-Vent channels
And more!
Just a simple server for people who are systems! This is a safe space for all types of systems and no system judgement will be tolerated. Safe place for all types of people.
-a 18+ section that requires role access
-a safe space for littles and middles
-LGBTQ+ friendly
Welcome to Plural Pop! We are a welcoming server of all different types of systems. Here we have:
~A kind and unbiased staff~
~A bunch of self assignable roles~
~Different chats marked appropriately~
~Serious channels locked behind a self assignable role~
~And more!~
So come and join us, you can let your headmates out here and hang out with people just like you! Or if you're a curious singlet, you can come and hang out too! We're a fairly new server and we'd love it if you checked us out!