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An Alternate Dimension is a DID/OSDD-1 system server, for all systems from 15 to 30. It has roughly 300 people, and it's an open, large server run by 12 mods at this time. We have self assignable roles for extra channels, such as a littles category, triggering rooms, and lgbtq+ rooms, as well as color roles, channels for art and writing, system specific channels, and general channels, where you can always start a conversation.

We are an open community dedicated to creating a safe social and informational space for all DID/OSDD-1 systems. Make sure you read the rules when you join, and if you have any questions, let us know and we'll be happy to listen. Have fun! :)
𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕃𝕚𝕝𝕪'𝕤 𝕃𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕝𝕖 𝔾𝕒𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕟!

We are a 100% sfw Discord server, specifically aimed towards system littles and caretakers! All are welcome to join and encouraged to chat in our main areas - the only difference from this server and other system servers is that only littles and caretakers have their own role-specific channels.

Things we offer:
✑ System only Little and Caretaker categories
✑ Various hobbies channels
✑ Channels for support and venting
✑ Opt-in roles for channels such as cooking, pets, and Pokecord
✑ TW and Uncensored chats (also opt-in to keep littles safe)
✑ Cute flower themed colors
✑ Random flower spawns free for everyone to "pick"
✑ Active Voice Chats!
✑ 100+ emojis
✑ Specific emojis for non-verbal alters to aid communication


❛The Dissociative Galaxy is a place where anyone can come to without fear, shame about who they are or what they like. Here, all Traumagenic systems are welcomed. But what is this? A person with DID or OSDD, who's system formed due to childhood trauma.
Everyone who would like to support systems is welcomed too! This is a server that requires you to be 13 or older to join as do Discord's rules. We are not professionals, but we want to help everyone the best we can !~❜

◆ What would you find on our server ?
› Self Assignable roles ~
› Specific channels for each alters ~
› A complete tutorial on how to use PluralKit ~
› A place to vent safely ~
› Places for memes, books, inspirational quotes, and so much more ~
› Respectable Staff, not above the law! ~
› A lot of emojis for non verbal alters ~
› An active community of over 600 members!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ✮ Can't wait to see you there!
Fairly new Tulpa-Server that promotes open, mature discussion, casual but respectful interaction, art commissions and more, but without drama! In all seriousness, drama and toxic behavior are not permitted and will result in a swing of the ban hammer.
-- Looking for a Fictive or Kin Server for Vocaloids? --

Come join our Vocaloid Fictive/Kin server! Moderated by two systems with Vocaloid fictives, we have lots to offer, such as:

- Blacklist!!
- Easy to follow and remember rules!!
- Music events!!
- Pluralkit!!
- No Syscourse (endo friendly)!!
- Roles for your Kins/Fictives!!
- Double and Utauloid friendly!!
- And more!

Come join us! We'd be happy to have you!!
🌸~🌸~ Welcome to Hanging Gardens ~🌸~🌸

We are a server created with the intention of bridging the gap between systems and singlets. Not just that but we are also a server that wants to help individuals with finding a nice and comfortable place to talk and find other people like them. We offer a myriad of features including, but not limited to --

🌸 ~ Support
🌸~ Holiday Events
🌸 ~ Game Nights
🌸 ~ Movie Nights
🌸 ~ Art Events
🌸 ~ Help and Aid
🌸 ~ Individuals who are always willing to educate
🌸 ~ Homework helpers
🌸 ~ A place for every type of conversation
🌸 ~ Custom Roles and Pings
🌸 ~ A section for kin to also share their experiences
🌸 ~ A warm and healthy environment for anyone who may need it
🌸~ An amazing mascot who loves everyone!

Our goal here in Hanging Gardens is to make the world a little better for individuals who are members of any type of system. All system types are welcome as well as all alter types!

Note: Both singlets and systems are welcome! So long as you're patient, understanding, and kind, than we will be happy to have you! Also remember, we do not allow for any discrimination between system types in any regards! We want everyone to feel welcome here!
Congratulations, you found the Hidden Forest!

We are a DID/OSDD centered server, though we accept everyone! We are a Safe haven server.

Owned by Jace#2639

We have
-Pluralkit and Systemtime
-Self Roles
-Fun channels
-An active staff team

We are constantly updating and adding, just ask!
Welcome to a city bustling with life, filled to the brim with plenty of friendly and accepting citizens; welcome to MultipliCity! This server is one who welcomes all types of systems with open arms, however despite our inclusivity we cannot allow anyone younger or older than our age range ( 13-25 ), and we cannot allow any singlets, meaning that this city is only for plural folk!

If you're interested, here's everything else we have to offer, by the way! Just to sweeten the deal, we have...

• Our very own Minecraft SMP, soon to be available in Bedrock!
• Game Nights! [ Minecraft Java/Bedrock, Among Us, Ponytown, Etc. ]
• Karaoke!
• Drawing Sessions!
• Story Writing Sessions!
• A static, short blacklist to prevent people from getting overwhelmed; one that people can add to as long as at least three people requested for it to be listed!
• A customizable role for each and every one of our members, should they want one!
• A gated entryway to ensure the safety of our community,
• And lastly, a ticket system for you to be able to privately discuss any issues with our moderators!

So, why not come and join us sometime soon, yeah? We'll do our best to ensure that your stay here will be one you'll enjoy.
This is a server that welcomes systems of all origins! We have a section for art trades, along with a "draw the person/interaction above you" area!
tentative name: NERV HQ is a server catered towards fictives from the Evangelion franchise. We offer a safe, judgement-free zone and are endogenic friendly. Evangelion kin are also welcome, but please note we are fictive-focused.

We have:

- An all-inclusive environment. Be excellent to each other
- Copious amounts of Evangelion emojis
- Places to discuss, theorize, and share Evangelion content
- An area for canon calls and discussing source memories

We look forward to having you, and remember: God is in his Heaven. All is right with the world.
Hello everyone, welcome to pluralhouse, an inclusive server dedicated to plurality, we are welcoming systems and singlets alike, our goal is to help systems and singlets learn and develop a sense of community in which they can all feel comfortable, we have self assignable roles, chats for littles, and tw chats, i hope to see you soon
"A home on Earth for children of the stars."

New Gallifrey is an international organization dedicated to serious cultural reconstruction of Gallifrey, the planet of the Time Lords from Doctor Who. We strive to live our lives in accordance with the Doctrine of Non-Intervention, as well as the other principles and virtues of the Time Lords, and be a home on Earth for those who feel like they don't quite belong.
Welcome to Pride Paws, a little corner on the internet!
We're a community of friendly kittens that will guide you through the internet!
We offer:
- A lot of selfroles!
- Events!
- A friendly community!
- PluralKit!
- Jokes and laughs!
- and most importantly, we welcome everyone!
NOTE: This server is 18+, meaning you must be physically 18.

The Nook is a place for sysmates labeled as "problematic," such as recovering persecutors, sexual alters, or fictives/factives from "problematic" sources. It is a safe space for those who don't know how to act in conventional safe spaces. Of course there are still rules, though we are much looser so long as we know you are doing your best and genuinely wish to improve. However, there are still limits.

Though not necessarily the server's original purpose, kinnies in general with similarly "problematic" sources are free to be here as well.

The lewd and violent categories of the server are opt-in, as well as the venting channels being opt-out, meaning you will only see what you want to see. This means there are indeed still sfw channels.

You do not have to be the demographic this server is intended for so long as you are aware of the somewhat unique way the server operates and are willing to be patient and understanding.
Welcome to The Mindscape!

This is an all-inclusive system server!
We’re open to systems of all origins, including endogenic, traumagenic, quoigenic, neurogenic, tulpas and more! We’re here to create more spaces that are sysmed free and friendly towards systems of all origins.

Please keep in mind that this server is:
- Friendly toward systems of all kinds.
If you disagree with Endogenic Systems, Quoigenic Systems, tulpas or soulbonds, this is not the server for you. We will not tolerate any harassment or invalidation.

- A doubles-friendly environment.
We understand you may be uncomfortable with doubles, but this is not the way we run our server in particular.

- A serious environment.
That doesn’t mean we don’t have fun, but we take our identities seriously here! This isn’t roleplay, remember! That also means that we do attempt to correct misinformation surrounding our identities.

- Blacklist free.
We have found that using a blacklist limits conversation topics. We do try to change topics whenever something possibly triggering comes up, and we have specific channels to talk about those sorts of topics in, but we don’t have a set-in-stone blacklist.

- Opinion diverse.
Many different people with many different opinions reside here and we wish to be inclusive for all. There may be people you disagree with here, but this is not the server to argue their beliefs. Regardless of the diversities in the religious and political views within this server, we still do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, etc.

Ok with all of that? Continue on!

We feature:
- 70+ Members
- Anti-raid protection and security.
- A resources channel as well as terms and definitions channels for easy reference.
- Channels for sharing your art and photography.
- Roles for system types.
- Pronoun roles.
- Fun bots such as Pancake and Tatsumaki.
- Channels for system types and headmate types.
- Obligatory memes channel.
Hello! We are a close niche community dedicated in providing a space for adults to recline and express themselves with one another without the fear of judgement.

Although we're predominantly an alterhuman focused server; furries, gamers, otakus and the average joe are all welcomed here! We have Pluralkit, Tatsumaki, Pokécord, Furry Bot as well as channels to accommodate various fetishes and kinks. We also try to host events like custom Pokémon Showdown tournaments. Also giveaways for owners of Pokémon Sword & Shield to have a chance at obtaining cloned shiny pokémon and held items like the flame orb.
Tulpa Hotel is a hotel themed tulpa and plurality server centered around an up and coming tulpa YouTube channel. Our hotel is a place for the wider plural community to check in and have some five star class fun! Our hotel is used to facilitate friendships and fun discussions among the community. We are quite lax and have a bit of a playful atmosphere, with themed rooms, color roles, and a mod team that will be dedicated to being involved and communicating with our esteemed guests. If this sounds like the place for you, come get away and lose yourself in a luxurious experience.
Hi! We're a chill server run by a trans girl with one goal in mind : To connect people.

This server plans to offer more and more as we grow, and I'm excited to be at the head of it all. We offer gaming chat, music bots, PluralKit, custom-crafted emotes, and a kind staff team.

We hope to see you here!
welcome to system:start!

system:start is a new discord server created for traumagenic systems, questioning systems, and supportive singlets. we just recently started but we hope to create the most welcoming environment we can!!

we have:
-an application system, to keep unwanted folks out
-an organized blacklist
-roles for separate categories, so you don't have to deal with unwanted channels
-a large role menu
-optional venting channels
-and more!

also, we are always open to suggestions and willing to help out new or old members.

hope to see you there! ☔️U(ㅇㅅㅇ❀)U
~ Welcome to The Sanctuary ~
Our community is a safe space for otherkins, tulpas, systems, and anyone else who wants to support us! We have:
* Tupperbox and PK
* A birthday bot
* A category for kins
* A category for systems and tulpas
* Fun bots
* Sections for art, writing, and roleplaying
* And much more!
Feel free to join us, and help our tiny community grow!
Soulbonding is a hangout for soulbonds and soulbonders, however all system types and even singlets are allowed. We offer:
~chatting channels (voice and text)
~music voice channels
~gaming voice channels
~channels to get advice and learn about soulbonding
~venting channels and helpers
🌾《 Welcome to the village! 》🌾
We’re a safe place for fictionkin, otherkin, systems, fictives, therians, etc!
We offer lots of channels to chat and connect with other kinnies, as well as bots and channels for systems! We also offer various server wide activities, so stay tuned!
We’re sorta small at the moment, but we’re determined to make this a safe and happy place for all those in the community.