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Community for self-improvement and self-help.Topics including: Philosophy, psychology, spirituality, typology, life advice. 1900+ members.
Personality and Mental Disorders.
Including Sociopathy and Psychopathy.
900+ Members. Moderated and Active.
Drunk Voice Chat every night.
18+ Only, No exceptions.
Laid-back server with a focus on personality theories and typology tests as a means of self-discovery. Tags for MBTI® and Enneagram.
Have you ever heard of MBTI (the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)? Are you interested in it? Love to chat about it or learn more about it?
If you like talking about personalities and what makes us all different, join this little server that's set up especially for nerds of MBTI. We're a friendly bunch and we love sharing our thoughts and hearing new ones~
A server designed to challenge peoples' views of the world. Mind's Island is dedicated to generating thought provoking discussion and helping its members with any problems they may face as well as have fun along the way.
This server offers
-Psychological discussion
-Life discussion
-Academic help
-and much more!!
This is a server that let's you talk about mental disorders or learn about them. Ran by mature and very sympathetic people. You can vent, learn, socialize or even just chat!
Astrothings is a discord server for everyone who is interested to things related to astronomy, planets, physics, etc (and a bit of existential stuff). We have custom roles, for everyone to show what are their favourite subjects and weekly events were we watch space shows. Feel free to chat, nobody is going to byte you.
This is a server for the different MBTI types to come together and get to know other people with their type, and grow more familiar with other types as well!

It is a safe, chill environment with friendly staff and many fun features such as:

Rythm Bot for music

Roles for every MBTI type

Channels for each type

Regular community channels

And more!

So if you're interested in the MBTI types, or just want to meet new people, feel free to join! We look forward to meeting you.
A friendly server with a relaxed environment focusing on personality systems such as MBTI, the Enneagram and Socionics, as well as other areas of science. We have many bots to play with and regular events.