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Hello! Welcome to "Paw Beanies"! ^w^
We are a new growing server, so we would really appreciate it if you could join us!
here you'll be able to hang out,have a good chat, make friends and of course have fun!
We offer:
- NSFW channels (includes NSFW RP, must provide ID to gain access)
- :Art/Commissioning channels
- Gaming channel
- Hobbies channel
- Programming area to show off your nerdy skills
- Music channels (Where you can talk about music and share music, but we do have a music VC too!)
- A roleplay section
- introduction channel (for both you and your fursona)
- Active staff willing to help you with anything you need
- Movie nights
- Events to bring the server together

any suggestion to improve the server will be welcomed! ^-^
Furry Royale is a discord that allows furs to do what they want, how they want (within TOS of Discord). Chat, gaming, drama, and art fill this server <3
Vore Valley is a mainly roleplay based server for vore lovers who would wish to roleplay and find themselves a nice prey to feed on, or possibly a place to feed yourself to the hungriest predator on the server. We have media/art channels along with commissions/commissioning and even a Minecraft server we just recently opened! hope you enjoy your stay!
Freshly wiped of lurkers! NOW AN ADULT ONLY SERVER!

A furry community server.
We offer channels for:
Talking, role-playing, NSFW, art, literature, gaming, music. Pretty much whatever you may want in a server.

We are looking for people who want to be active!

Welcome to jiā. A small, minimalistic discord server to talk, make friends and post yiff.
Welcome there! Lemme tell you about our little server. We offer the following:
-Friendly staff and members
-A verification system to keep out raiders
-Everyone is welcomed and accepted
-Lots of channels for sharing content in
-Memes! Lots of memes
-Pokecord and we could use some players
-A mc server!
-and lots more!
So why not come check out our server?
Hello and welcome to the Family, we welcome everyone that is in need of a bit of love. If a friendly, SFW server is what you are looking for, then you just found it! We don't have much as we are a new server, but that doesn't mean we won't make the server bigger and better over time, and that is exactly what we will do! As of now we have:
-Self assignable roles
-Multiple roleplay channels
-Venting area where you can talk about your emotions
-Music channels where you can share your taste of music and use bots to listen to music
-An always friendly environment
And more. We sure hope you will enjoy spending time on our server!
If you're searching for a new scene and the feel-good warmth of a new community, look no further than Celestial Realms!
Our vibrant up-and-coming server prides itself on having a little something for everybody!

~Dedicated Art Chats
~Gaming channels (find a friend to play with!)
~Caters to niche Interests: Anime, furry, music, animals, sports, etc.
~Experienced, active staff team
~(18+) After Dark Channels ;)
~No-bullshit serious conversation
~Lit memes
~Nitro Giveaways!!
~Game Nights!!!!

The focus of our community is to bring friends together from all walks of life and interests. We take suggestions from our user base every day, and then our community votes on what they WANT to see from our server.

Take a peek and join, there is something for everybody!
A no judging, accepting community where all people are welcome to join. Have fun, hang out with friends and enjoy the atmosphere.
Examples for stuff to do:
-Be silly
-Share memes
-Post you creations such as art/music/con experiences
-Explore the naughty corners
and much more.
We would love if you took a sneak peek into our little space ♥
RealFurryHours is a Discord server that allows furries and anti-furries to come together and communicate and discuss the problematic aspects of the furry fandom, as well as some other topics. We have strict moderation to ensure smooth and civil discussion throughout the server. Our staff are unbiased when it comes to moderation, as we have both furries and anti-furries on the team.

The server currently has about 60+ members, and about 20 of which are active.

The RealFurryHours server is based off of the /r/RealFurryHours subreddit, with the same goal in mind: discussing how to fix the fandom.
"Furries of Great Britain". Just a furry server for those of us residing, or friendly with, folks in the greatest of Britannias. Forked from an "official" server due to differences of opinion on structure, organisation and execution, we exist as a home away from home for those furs who want to connect with others from the UK!
In a world full of bland generic servers, Simmonds' House aims to give you something authentic: a place to call home.

Simmonds' House is a community where both furries and non-furries are able to come together and just have a fun time - meet new people, talk to friends and even join in on exciting events/giveaways! We want all members to enjoy their time any way they spend it!

Some unique things you can expect when joining include:
💠 Custom reaction roles & Emotes
💠 A variety of different bots
💠 Very active members
💠 Our own locally hosted minecraft and gmod servers
💠 And much more!

As always, we wish you a good day and hope you consider our server!
Uh its just basically a social server, calls happen most nights and chat usually isnt totally dead
Looking for a server to hang out in with some fellow furries?
Come meet new people in Fluff Hub!
We're a new server that welcomes everyone!
We have a plenty of both sfw and nsfw channels!
With access to
-Roleplay Setup
-Artists that do commissions

Come yiff with us..
We hope to see you soon!
18+ ONLY nsfw furry server that is dedicated to furry traps and femboys!
We also have rp/erp, artists, gaming and nsfw content channels!
Join in and have fun!
Come join us for some furry fun and meet new people! Also this server is growing everyday and you can contribute to its creation!
Welcome to the OwO empire (amazing name I know)
This server is full of nice and caring people to talk too
There's plenty of chats to talk in including shitposting, suggestions, venting, (NSFW channels 18+)
Just a warning the chats can get a bit weird at times 😜 enjoy your stay
Fluffy's house is a furry server based off of a cute sticker pack! We are a small and welcoming group of furs to fellow furry's and non furry's. Fluffy's house has a place for you to listen to music with your friends, a place to RP to your hearts content, meme zones, and much more! Fluffy's house is a no toxic Safe For Work sever. On this server you can find 48 different Fluffy emotes that you can use in any server if you have discord nitro. So what are you waiting for? Join Fluffy's house today :)
We are a nice and welcoming community, we target mostly furries and artists but don't be afraid to join! We'd love to see ya!
Bienvenue ! Nous sommes une communauté française dans l'esprit bon copain, qui aime parler de tout et de rien. Nous avons aussi des sections furry et manga. Nous sommes pegi 18, et n'acceptons qu'à partir de 16 ans. On apprécie les gens ouverts d'esprit et un minimum matures, pour une ambiance bon enfant entre nous !
Hello there :3
Looking for a great server
That has...
•nitro boost
•self roles
•nice staff
•a nice owner
•not that much pings
•alot of fun bots
•server map
Welp ur here
Is there nsfw?
Dont like it?
Dont worry its were no one can see it
Unless u have the nsfw role :3
Hope u join!
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He’s right behind you
This server is for kids, teens, and adults who need a place for their needs, away from discrimination and insults.

It is made for the sole purpose of building a strong community and to bring new friendships between people.

People curious about the community are welcome to join as well as long as they do not bring hate and toxicity with them.

We also accept communities that are not solely furry to add to diversity and to help people meet others who are not only furry but can also teach them about their other community!