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Welcome to Fluffy Kingdom

⭐events, giveaway at milestones
⭐Custom bot
⭐Custom Commands
⭐Raga is Gay

⭐Sheri blossom
⭐Offers chat for adults where you can talk about serious topics
⭐No Toxic people
⭐Active staff team its a fact we are not too much but we are active
⭐friendly, accepting community
⭐Growing server
⭐Strong Security
Welcome to Kelas Kingdom! We are a new furry and lgbt friendly server with active, friendly staff.
Please take some time to drop by and say hello! We welcome you into our kingdom with open arms.

!! We are currently hiring for Partner managers and mods !!
Welcome to Femboy Hooters (Not permanent name). We are LGBTQ welcoming and we will accept people of all kinds no matter race, religion or political view. We do not have many rules to follow so there is plenty of freedom here!
Astrea Reborn is an 18+ Pokémon Mystery Dungeon roleplay server, with a year's worth of written content, player verification, a community-run wiki, and weekly movie nights!
This is a literate RP server and you'll need to do a bit of reading to get started.
Upon joining, please read through the #world-backstory channel to gain access to the rest of the server.
Heyo this is Mount Qah

We are a server mostly focused on scalies
But we welcome all parts of the fandom

We have what all that you expect from a server like this:

- channels for talks, art, venting, advertising and such
- level roles and cosmetic roles
- a lot of NSFW
- good raid protection
- occassional giveaways
- a whole bunch of weirdos

If you like scalies this is the place for you
So come pay us a visit
This server is made for the soul purpose to be a very wholesome and sweet place to be in! Its also made to just to chat and meet new people on discord! It's full of friendly people and staff! This server is very new but very active! Please feel free to join and check it out you wont be disappointed!! 💖
Hello, fellow member of Discord!
Our server is a small, 16+ growing furry-focused community -- Non-furries are welcomed too! Our goal is to provide a safe and judge-free place for furries and those who are interested in the community. I hope you join and talk with us!

Our server includes
══════✮❁•°♛°•❁✮ ══════
● Many self-assignable roles
● NSFW channels for 18+ members
● Welcoming and friendly community
● Many art channels
● Active staff
● A snow leopard mascot!
● Multiple bot channels
● Groovy and voice channels
● Manual verification to prevent easy raids
● Level roles (level 2, 5, 10, 25, and 35)
...and more to come!
══════✮❁•°♛°•❁✮ ══════
Hope to see you there! o/

The absolute core priority of Furry Valley is to provide a real, loving, long-term home and family for furries and fur-friends.
Welcome to OwOasis! 🌴
We are a brand new 18+ server created by furries who are experienced with furry server management and moderation. Our goal is to foster a good and safe community with high standards for entry. We hope you'll give us a chance and join us as we grow the server into something truly special.
FurDevs is a Programming Discord Server for Developer and Furries who are Interested in programming whether you never wrote a line of code or probably is really experienced you are welcomed, We are a friendly and supportive programming server who will help you with many things that relates to programming whether it's a Website you are working on, A Discord Bot you're having trouble with or even you programming in general we're here to help you out. You can as-well meet new friends that has the same programming mindset .

We Provide Programming Support in Popular Languages such as

- Java
- JavaScript
- Python
- C
- C#
- C++
And More!

So come and join our community today and get lots of programming support even if you're not a furry you are anyways welcomed here!
****This is an 18+ Server. Any 18+ members will be banned if found out.
This is a more community-oriented server with a slight lewd/roleplaying focus, and is very much still being actively changed and developed. If you would like to join and possibly help with anything, such as giving suggestions, it would be much appreciated!
That being said, we still have a sizable and friendly community, and we are welcoming to pretty much anybody! We have a multitude of self-assignable roles for you to pick from, and a good amount of channels each for different topics (including NSFW and roleplaying sections!). There are also lots of fun features to keep you engaged, such as leveling roles, multiple economy/fun bots, and 100+ emotes!
We hope to see you there!
🤩 Furry Playground 🎢

A Place Of Peace And Furry Memes!! 😼
⭐️Plenty Of Pawsome Emojis!
✨Chill Staff And Great Bots!
🍀100% SFW Content (Almost)
🌸Rolplay Channels

🐶Only Thing We Seem To Be Missing, Is You!! Join Today!

Come join us at Jesse’s house! He’s throwing a party! So come on down and have some snacks make some friends and best of all free cookies!!!!
The Fuzzy Family is a furry friendly community with lots of kind and caring members, and we welcome all to come, relax, have fun, and enjoy!
We encourage you to check us out!
🛡Server guarded by a simple verification process.🛡
🌐Self promotion is allowed here!
🎮Server karaoke night, as well as night atm.
🍼Little Space room
Extreamly friendly members
SUPER friendly staff!
Nitro giveaways from time to time
Custom Role, and custom color giveaways.
Everyone who joins is treated like family here!
We accept furs and non-furs! Dosnt matter to us ^-^
This is a server dedicated to finding a lot of deer furs to combat the raccoon political party. Fuck raccoons! (this server is a joke pls don't take it seriously)
Hello!! we are a 13+ anime/photography/arts/gaming server! everyone is welcome, we support all races and sexualities ! feel free to check us out, here are some things you can find in our server:

•friendly community
•nice staff
•otakus and weebs
•active members
•fun movie nights and streams
•anime recommendations

some other stuffs:
-photography and filming
-streaming free
-music enthusiast
This server is for loked out furrys bring ur fursuit dogg
•the owner, starry, deleted
this server before for personal
━━━✨13+ server✨━━━
🌙for gamers, artists, youtubers
and more
🌙LGBT+ and furry friendly
🌙A place to make friends or find someone special
🌙Big Floppa says you should join. THE MAN HIM SELF
~Yiff & RP Based Server~
~25+ NSFW Image Channels (Including Bara)
~Voice Chat~
~All are welcome (Excluding raiders, pedophiles, zoophiles, Homophobes)
- Commissions!
Welcome to Magma's Volcano! This server is a place for Furries to chill and chat with each other! We accept all types of people! We have a great community of nice and welcoming members! We also have an NSFW section, if you're into that. Also, I'm a major weeb, so we can discuss anime and stuff too! Come join us and have fun!
Come join us at Eigengrau High: a furry highschool RP server! Live out your life as an anthropomorphic animal in the best high school ever! ❃
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Here, we offer:
+ ✧ Many clubs, classes, activities, and more! ✧
+ ✧ A chill, experienced staff team! ✧
+ ✧ Bots like Tatsu, Mudae, FurBot, and OwO! ✧
+ ✧ Constant events + giveaways! ✧
+ ✧ SFW, LGBTQ+ friendly, and (of course) furry-friendly experiences! ✧
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

♡ Now what are you waiting for? Enroll already! ♡
We're just a bunch of degenerates in a derver lax rules and chill people alike. We allow drama too, and it's just a place where you can act retarded like you want to. Join us and become apart of our hell.
Vous êtes perdu ? Vous vous sentez mal ? Vous savez pas où aller ? Alors venez dans le refuge pour amie cet endroit est fait pour tout le monde tant que le respect des autres est présent
Une règle a bien retenir c'est qu'ici il faut s'amuser tous ensemble