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Strawberry Fighters is a server dedicated to helping furries, and non furries, share art, talk, and enjoy the company of the community. We pride ourselves in our welcoming community, our partnerships, and much more!
This is Paws of Possibility, a friendly furry Discord community that is always growing! Please consider checking the server out, as we have wonderful members and lots of fun in store for you!

PoP's features include:
🦋 100% sfw
🦋 Roleplay channels with specialized lore and location-based roleplay, along with general roleplay for whatever topics you like!
🦋 Yes, we have a meme chat.
🦋 LGBT+ friendly!
🦋 Rythm bot for playing music!
🦋 An accepting and friendly community, against drama.
Furry paradise is the Furry sever you wanna join
it have :
100+ real members and is still growing
dont be fooled that it only show 2 members
Howdy! We're a small server but even still we hope to welcome new people💕 as of right now theres not to much going on but with that being said i hope this can help it grow and become so much more, we're trying to be a little less nsfw but it still exists within the server but to receive that you must try and actually be active and socialize due we dont particularly tolerate lurking. There are art sections you can find along with photography and a few other channels that may be of interest💕
• must be 13+ of age
• verify and grab your roles and please use the format provided to verify
• be respectful
• there will be no judging of any kind and if there is any keep it to yourself
• just mingle! Have fun!
• there are minors so keep nsfw out of sfw chats
Chill place to hangout with furries on discord, come hangout with us, we've got channels for a lot of interests, art, gaming, socializing, etc
Hi there welcome to hentai palace.

We are a group for people who are into hentai. (we also have furry channels)

We are a new server so give us a bit of leniency but feel free to post in the channels thank you.

If you would like to join well come join cuz at the end if the day if you dont like it you can always leave.
Welcome to the Furry Sanctuary, We are a server like roleplays,Memes and nsfw stuffs, and of course new friends.
We friendly and we make sure there is the less drama possible in the server
-Different Channels for roleplay if for NSFW roleplay
-Channel for NSFW sharing
-Self role selection
-Meme channel and nsfw memes too
-Channel to introduce your character and you can introduce more if you want to control more than one
-Music Channel
-!-Just dont be racist and respect others and read the rules
~We still having more and more channel and are looking for great bots to make the server even more intersting
~We got our own emojis
Hope to see you there,All the needed instructions are in the server and if ever you need to ask something, Dm the Owner
*If you need the rules or instruction go in the "bot-command" channel and type the command the bot have send you.*
New- Now the members can request to have their own channel. Can be use for anything. And you can request more than one by reaching different levels. More informations on the server
Hi there!! Here at Samantha's cafe we try to keep a positive mood and we try to help our server members to the best extent possible! Let me give you a little peek at what channels we have.
Our server includes:
-A venting area.
-An art channel.
-Self promotion area. (Not for discord servers)
-A channel for memes.
-A channel for all your cute pics.
And more. we hope to see you!!
Welcome to the Buttercup Dating Shop, a furry server for adults where you can stop by for a quickie or perhaps find genuine, tender love.
Search for your future partner, either wholesome and naughty, or just hang out for the community.
We may be small, but we are more than happy to have your company!

•Self-Assignable Roles: Roles include species, sexuality, hobbies, kinks, and more

•SFW and NSFW Access: Toggle roles where you can focus solely on SFW Chats, NSFW Chats, or both!

•Roleplay: A handful of RP rooms, along where you can put RP advertisements to bring into DMs or own servers

•Creator-Friendly: Chats for artists, musicians, and writers to share their pieces~

We are open to suggestions to help expand our server, so come on down!
Furry Roleplay is a community and support server for ages 18+. We
support Nsfw, Furries, Anime and more!

🎉 Giveaways!
👥 Bots (Tupperbox, Carl-Bot, & more!)
🦊 Furries
✅ Organized channel & role lists
🤗 Roleplay
🎭 Self-Assignable Roles
👮 High-Ranks

This is a 18+ server.
Welcome to Friendly Fuzzies, your all purpose stop for anything relating to the furry fandom!
A no judging, accepting community where all people are welcome to join. Have fun, hang out with friends and enjoy the atmosphere.
Examples for stuff to do:
-Be silly
-Share memes
-Post you creations such as art/music/con experiences
-Explore the naughty corners
and much more.
We would love if you took a sneak peek into our little space ♥
Welcome to Floofy Friends! Here we have something for everyone. Not a furry? You are fine! We are a very welcoming and loving community. We are also a very unique server with Custom Cormers! You can add your own corners to use and modify! Here are some of our traits.

▪︎ With our international staff team there will always be someone there to help.

▪︎ Kindness here we do not tolerate unkindness or trolling. It will be taken care of.

▪︎memes. We have memes for everyone. 

▪︎ A uncommon role system. Here you can create your own roles and apply them Something that many servers cannot do. You can create your own roles and add them. You can also use precraeted roles too.

▪︎ Good moderation. Here we do not ban because of someones opinion! We have a rule policy that makes sure that it will be fair!

▪︎ a comprehensive ranking system.

▪︎ A new update! Coming soon, very soon, likely before christmas this year (2019) We will have a Minecraft 1.14.4 and 1.8 server! If you want to help then dm me @Protogen#4516 

Enjoy your stay at floofy friends! 
-Floofy Friends staff team.
Are you looking for a server to make new friends in?
Filled with nothing but lovable people and animals?
Then come check out the Lunar Oasis!
We have a healthy amount of almost 300 people with already over 20 Nitro Boosters to have a balanced sized for our community that'll keep everyone from being overwhelmed.

- Mostly furry-based community
- XP system to earn roles
- Friendly community
- Color/Animal/Gender/Dm permission Roles
- Simple captcha systems/applications to stop raiders
- Adorable cat pictures
- Art channels to show off your amazing artwork or others!
- Contests/raffles to earn awesome art/games!
- Occasional movie/game nights
- Fun polls
- Nitro rewards for special commands/emotes!
- Food/Selfies/Car/Music/Learning chats
- And of course a meme channel
-|- The Mud Pit -|-

A fetish community that is ever-growing with a streamlined approach to the vast database that is the porn we hold. With nice staff that are always willing to help and a community that is accepting to all. Come and join, we're proud to be the best out there.

From a wide array of fetishes focusing on Scat, All the way down to vanilla with many kinks in between.

There are no obstructions in the content you see. There is only the porn media. No comments or messages getting in the way.

18+ for obvious reason.

Message from the owner: I am proud to own a server that is growing faster than I ever expected. From the second the server was made I've had people come to me explaining how a server like this is hard to find, and to that I couldn't agree more. Other servers, especially hard fetishes like scat are usually filled with creeps. I update the rule-board regularly and keep staff working with the community to make sure everyone is welcome and drama is kept to a minimum. Thank you all who have helped make the server what it is today, and I can't wait for the milestones in the future.
- Soler Power, 'Ring Leader' of The Mud Pit.

-|- Now get in, get on, and get muddy! -|-
(This server is still in it's beta stages, come join and help it grow!) Welcome to my Changed Rp Server! This server is mainly about the video-game Changed created by DragonSnow. We mostly Rp here and sometimes uhh.. erp.. but we have plenty more stuff to do.
Stuff we have:
Friendly Community
Fun bots
Rp and Erp (Erotic Roleplay)
Rp Events
and actual good memes
We hope you'll enjoy!
Wholesome Vore is a server for people who like the cute and cuddly side of vore! Meet a supportive group of individuals who like to partake in voracious activities resulting in wholesome outcomes.
A small, rapidly growing furry community based on our game servers and our focus on a friendly community. We have sections for Artists, Content Creators, Dating, Roleplay, and more. We also have a separate server for NSFW content.
Welcome to Pawradise! A friendly place for those who want to make new friends and roleplay!
Come on over, relax a little and have fun!~

We have:~~~~~~~~~~
•Verification to prevent raids and trolls
•Active Staff
•Reacting Roles
•Art Channels!
•Roleplay channels (Including a whole town!)
•NSFW channel for 18+ only (must provide ID)
•Music and Gaming channels!
This is a new server I'm trying to get off the ground, I hope you'll like it here once things start to kick-off!

Also note, we have a waiting room. If you enter the server, be sure to take a look at the pinned comments once you enter.
A server where friends can help each other out and be there for one another x). Nice appearance, and i hope that this helps get away from all the Dicks out there with the good moderation here x)
Fluffy Pokemon a place where everyone is welcome to hang out and have a good time. We aim to be the friendliest Pokémon server out there. If you're looking for a place to meet new people and make new friends, then this is the server for you. Come check us out if you're interested.
- 38 non-staff text channels: Both SFW and NSFW available, including 10 RP-related channels!
Tired of absent/abusive admins? Want a server with virtually no rules? Wanna just have some fun? Join our server! In just a month, we've hit nearly 300 members, plus some thought the server was great enough to boost! The only entry requirement is filling out a form with seven short questions, no personal info required.

Growing number of MLP related channels, accessible by a self assignable role.

The server includes lax moderation, an active, friendly community, and a heavy roleplay focus.

No minors.