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Fluffy Furs is new furry server for all kind of furries, people interested about furries, or just people who wants to chill and meet new friends and maybe roleplay. We are missing some channels and features, but they are coming!
FLOOFERS WANTED - We're a Pokémon-themed server centered around all Pokémon cute, fluffy, or both with the goal of making Discord's most awesome furry-friendly

What makes us stand out and stand strong:
- 36 non-staff text channels: Both SFW and NSFW available, including 5 RP-related channels!
- Relaxed rules and no annoying word filters so you can speak your mind- just be civil!
- Vibrant conversations that change topic every day. Gotta stay fresh, yo!
- Some fun and useful bots to play music or play around. We're even working on our own!
- Made a cool new drawing? We've got spot in our museum just for yours- no art degree required!

Sounds good? Come join us!
We're the floofiest server on Discord! And we know it.
A fast growing furry server! We have tight security to make sure no raiders get through, we offer a kind and accepting community, and different chats for your entertainment! When you join say “disboard” for a surprise ;)
Welcome to The Bakery
Here you can meet up and make new friends and get to know each other
We have many bots to play with and are currently looking admins and mods
We are inclusive of all lgbt people and we would love to see you here soon!
This is a place that is welcoming for all fandoms! We are not very talkative just yet, so maybe you can become a star! (Description needs a revamp, for now, this is how it looks <_<)
Furtopia is a friendly furry community! 100+ channels, events weekly, and fun interactive bots!

>>Art Giveaway Soon!<<
☕ | Olá, vai um cafézinho?
💮 Se você gosta de Pokémon e Roleplaying seu lugar é aqui!

🌺 Nosso server foi criado para seu entretenimento, tivemos muito esforço o criando.

🌸 Nossa Staff é amigável e sempre vai estar ativa para tirar suas dúvidas sobre o servidor.

🌹 Roleplays quase livres, mais de 40 canais para seu gosto (Incluído para RP de NSFW), mais uma categoria exclusiva do servidor.

🌼 Servidor simpático, amigável e relaxante, temos até pokécord! Entre alguns outros bots para lhe distrai-lo.

🌻 O servidor é novo, então tenha paciência, caso queira que ele seja mais ativo convide mais pessoas e nos ajudem a crescer!

💮 Aposto que mesmo não gostando de RPG vai amar o servidor do mesmo jeito! <3
☕ | Obrigado por ler! Sinta-se livre para entrar!
Fluffy's house is a furry server based off of a cute sticker pack! We are a small and welcoming group of furs to fellow furry's and non furry's. Fluffy's house has a place for you to listen to music with your friends, a place to RP to your hearts content, meme zones, and much more! Fluffy's house is a no toxic Safe For Work sever. On this server you can find 48 different Fluffy emotes that you can use in any server if you have discord nitro. So what are you waiting for? Join Fluffy's house today :)
A server welcome to those who enjoy roleplaying and all things furry. We welcome anyone interested with open arms to a tightly knit group of friends and family! (Even if you're not a furry and still want to join, we're happy to have you!) So drop on by and take a dip in the springs, won't you? Must be 18+ to join.
A new furry server for all! Come and hangout in the Hub and make new friends! we have a wonderful staff team who will help you with whatever you need and many roles! We hope to see you soon!
All artists (and art lovers) are welcome. We have pronoun roles, organized channels, and a dedicated Spanish section!! We look forward to seeing your art!!! :)
Friend wanted me to help him run his server. So here I am
It's basically a furry discord server
It's LGBT+ friendly with friendly staff
Hell's little Paradise exists on an abandoned camp ground, surrounded by year round snow. Behind the bar and its additional buildings is a forest filled with strange creatures. Not many can remember how they came across such a place, a bar miles away from towns alone in the wildness
Sit down, relax, and make yourself at home.
We're a friendly community of scales who enjoys all.

We would love it if you join us, so that we can become one of the best communities on Discord!
Floofy furries is a furry discord server designed by furries made by furries we have a growing community and lots of text channels to chat in and custom rank rewards for activity
Hello! This is a furry server where you can make many friends, we take people of all kinds in here! Don't be afraid to join, you'll love it in here!
Just another furry community.
Has Fun Bots like most
Have (somewhat) hardworking staff
and my weirdness :P
Just Hentai features:
-Many channels for hentai, furry, and real pics
-Channels for most fetishes
-No-bullshit environment (NO MINORS ALLOWED)
-Lewd profile pics are encouraged

1. You'll be kicked if you join without a profile pic.
2. You'll be kicked if you don't READ THE RULES!
Harmony Kingdom is a community fandom server that encourage a friendly and safe environment for all our member*. We are a new community which focus on MLP, tv shows and gaming. We welcome members from **all fandoms** to join us! Everyone is valuable and means alot to us!
°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø( Gem Palace )ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°

A CGL/DDLG based server for anyone wanting to find like minded people and a make friends, or even just learn about the kink.
We are 18+ so anyone who is underage will be banned. Do not bother joining, the NSFW aspects are locked to verified 18+ people but we're generally not lewd bunnies. That being said, here are some other things we offer

- LGBT/Furry Friendly
- Friendly Members
- New Server
- NSFW Chats
- Steven Universe Aspects
- Witchy/Witchcraft Chats

✨Greetings, traveler!✨
Looking for a chill furry server? Tired of walking on your Avian friends egg shells? Are all your general chats swamped with furry RP? Well, you've come to the right place! Hearthden is welcoming furs (and non-furs) alike that wish to just discuss and have fun!

Hearthden features...
✨ Self assignable roles!✨
✨Friendly staff team!✨
✨ Bots to mess around with!✨
✨RP channel for furries that'd rather wag their tail!✨
✨Secure approval system! Anti-raid and all that jazz!✨
✨Separate channels/categories for adults!✨

Come join the fun!
Blues paradise is a NSFW furry community, here you can meet with others and share art, as well as anything furry related. We are also gamer also.
This is a server mainly aimed at young avian furs, since I do notice that they seem to be a minority group. Of course, everybody is welcome! There are self-roles, and only a few members. We hope to see the server grow from your contribution!
Random server.
We respect all.
Funny dumb semi-safe space.
Fun stuff here :3
All are welcome.