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Chilly Peppers is a chill server for people to chat and hang out
we have a ton of text channels so you won't get bored easily
and some fun bots! And we have level up roles! We also have custom color roles!
No NSFW stuff
We are friendly to everyone no matter of race, gender and sexuality
looking for active members and (maybe) staff
WANNA JOIN A COMMUNITY FULL OF GAMES AND MEMES? Join this server! In this server, we have a lot of variety to what you can do in our platform.This is a server where many people can have fun, and talk to people. Many of the staff members are quite nice, and the server has almost no rules, apart from common sense of course. Even with rules, many of the server members are quite nice. What do we have in the server? Well, we have a good amount of things in the server, like music bots!(Rhythm, Spotify bot, etc). And we also have bots, to help with the moderation like Dyno or MEE6. We’ve got other bots for fun as well like dank memer (for the memes),pokecord, unbelievaboat, and much more! So why aren’t you in the server yet? Join now!
Welcome to loveland city! We're a nice and chill community, hoping to create a place for everyone to come together and have fun. We're a new server but we're hoping to grow as a community! There are no requirements, just be nice and active [invalid invite link is now fixed]

➳♡ we have mudae so you can claim your favourite waifus and husbandos

➳♡ if you love anime this is the place for you, if you don't then we'd still love to have you here

➳♡ kawaiibot is present for all your kawaii needs

➳♡ kpop/western music lovers, feel free to join us!

➳♡ love nikki and/or mr love players are welcome too

➳♡ everyone here is supportive and friendly

➳♡ we have lots of other fun bots so make sure you drop by

Welcome to Phoenix Lilliac, a place to show your art and talk. Please obey the rules of the server.

We are waiting for you to join!
Welcome to Davids weather server, Our server is all about keeping you weather aware all season long! Ran by a youtuber by the name of David Schlotthauer, he helps provide information on what storms are doing, where you should expect storms to fire, and he even does forecast maps! All of our staff team are friendly and helpful, and alot of our members are junior meteorologists. Come join today and experience the fun and educational process of storm chasing, and learn what to look for on radar for strong storms.
This is just fun server to be on and enjoy free time with others and create some nice and funny bond’s maybe.
✧ A cozy & chill community full of great, welcoming people. ✧

♡ active voice channels
♡ fun bots
♡ over 150 cute emotes!
♡ level 3 nitro-boosted
♡ various self-roles
♡ mythological theme
♡ intellectual people/fun staff
♡ league-based, but other games are played as well.
♡ dark humor
♡ leveling system
♡ partnerships welcome

Join, be active! ♡ We are mostly league-based, but we work toward a community full of all kinds of people.
"Amicalement" est un serveur où tu peux discuter dans la bonne humeur et dans le respect sans prise de tête, on ne juge personne, tout le monde est sympa, n'hésite pas à nous rejoindre.
Nous organisons régulièrement des débats et des quizz de culture générale.
La moyenne d'âge est de 22 ans.
Ps: ce serveur est réservé aux plus de 18 ans
A very small community of people just trying to get some players together, we got a music bot, A fallout new Vegas themed ranking system, a nsfw bot, self roles and a friendly community!
welcome to splur

we offer:

very few channels
chill staff
low moderation
Hey! Wanna join the ship fella?

We are a group of nice pirates sailing in seas to have fun. Scared to join? We are open to every kind of people including LGBT community.

Why would you want to join this ship? Let me do a list for you:
- meet new people from overseas
- participate to enjoyable events to prove your art skills with others
- play with bots (Pokecord, Aki, ...)
- sing pirate songs with us
- and maybe take a bottle of drink time to time

What do you need to do to join? You just need to introduce yourself!

Nope, we aren't a RP server.
We just have a cool name 😎
🌈 Rainbow Wishes come true! 🌈

🎀 Must be 18+ to join! 🎀

✨ Non-porn oriented, adult server!
🌸 Positive, friendly community!
✨ LGBT+ friendly!
🌸 Minecraft everything!
✨ Self-roles!
◦•●◉✿ Looking for a sweet aesthetic shop? Well, you've come to the right place!!✿◉●•◦

**FLUFFY BUDDIES!** Catering a diverse community looking for meaningful, open-minded discussions!

**EYE CANDY!** All rounded aesthetic server! From lo-fi, grunge, pastel to retro! We welcome moar~

Peach and cherry-blossom love!

Cutely sassy and floofy weird members~

**Self Promotion** Section + Advertising Server Lists!
- Promote *your* server!
- Share *your* social media content!
- Promote *your* portfolio + portfolio critique!

Artist and musician collaboration channels~

Airing anime and anime UPDATES!

Flexible gaming community!!

In-server Honkai Impact 3rd Community! Join our guild Ideheoss and FIGHT!


We will be waiting for your arrival!

Blog |

Pinterest |

Twitter |

Link |
This is a roleplay based around the state of Florida and specifically the Miami area. Hopefully, this server takes off and ends up going well, we hope that you will give it a chance and join. We offer several things here.

>The ability to try out for an admin position
>Several real-life locations to rp at
>Memes, color roles, and more
>Helpful admin
>The ability to have humor not get in trouble because snowflakes get upset

Hopefully, you enjoy your stay in this server and decide to help me make it grow.
Uh, hi? New sever looking for people, I guess. Azure Waters is meant to be a safe, non-toxic server that anyone can join, despite what community they are apart of. All I ask is to follow the rules that are posted.

Although this is a new, fresh server, it is not perfect, if there are any problems, concerns or suggestions, please talk to the owner(s) or admins.

P.S we have a NSFW Channel if interested, try not to go too ham.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Also don’t send nudes, ok?
Our server has most of the following:
♡ Weird Emotes ♡ Weebs ♡
♡ Gamers ♡ Active-ish people ♡
♡ Custom roles ♡ Bots ♡

✧・゚:𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝒦𝒶𝓎𝒷𝒶𝓎:・゚✧
a small and wonderful community where you can just be yourself, make friends and have a fun time.
It's a safe place without judgement and you will be welcomed no matter what.
come hang out!!
⭐ LGBT+ friendly.
⭐ there’s almost always someone to talk to!
⭐ self-roles, cool channels, and chill staff!
Hey there! I see you're looking for friends and new a friendly server. How about join ours. Some other things we have:
-dope bots (some custom programmed)
-self assignable roles
-awesome community
And much more
Welcome to W League. We have an active chat and love to meet new people and are always looking to find people to partner with. If you join you will most likely be welcomed by someone so give it a chance :)
〣 Hey Everyone, welcome to Mad's House ! We can't wait to work with you to improve our server, Enjoy your stay here! 〣

〣 Enjoy! 〣