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The Artist's Heaven is an art server boasting a friendly community that offers feedback and aid between fellow artists. We offer kind and chill people, and allow commissions in the server to help artists. Also we want artists to chat, become friends, draw, and grow alongside everyone. We welcome all types of artists, and hope to see you here! <3 :3

LF Partners~ <3
just now
Welcome to the 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓤.𝓐. 𝓡𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓰𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓼! (ꈍᴗꈍ)✿

Formed on the idea of being a place open to all, where anyone and everyone is welcome and just a place to hang out. We accept all those who want to meet new people to chill and talk to, rant about your issues or to find that gaming partner!

‣ Evolving Role System
‣ Growing Server
‣ Friendly Community
‣ Respectful Staff
‣ Server Votes
6 minutes ago
We're a small, growing server for all types of weird people around the world, come talk, simply have fun and hope to be able to provide a friendly community.
8 minutes ago
This is just a small server, hoping to grow. We don't have much but as we gain people we're hoping to change that! For now just come and chat and hangout at our Hideout! 💙
11 minutes ago
a gaming/chill server filled with immature but enjoyable kids. join at your own disposure
11 minutes ago
With over 3000+ members!
Very social hentai server!
Come chill out with the hot chicks, cool lads!
17 minutes ago
Based on the chill aesthetics of the popular steam game VA-11 Hall-A, our server aims to let our members talk about a large amount of topics in a nice community.

Don't worry, the server isn't a strictly VA-11 Hall-A related server. We just want to recreate the atmosphere the game gives off, being a chill place where you can feel free to talk about whatever you like. We have channels for anime, games, music, art, memes, NSFW (which you need a role to have access to), and more. We currently don't have many members, but we wish to create a welcoming community full of nice people.
21 minutes ago
A catstronaut (cat+astronaut) themed server filled with cat puns. All are welcome here so don't be shy! We're a friendly and positive server working on building a close-knit community where people can have fun, relax, and share things they're passionate about. We hope you'll help us expand our kitty space crew!
22 minutes ago
Realm Of Elysium is a new server made for you to meet new people,have casual conversations and come together over diffrent topics such as anime, video games etc
We hope you enjoy what we have created and stay along for the ride and see this server grow and become better and better
Everybody is welcome to join so feel free to invite your friends
24 minutes ago
A server for people who love body inflation, weight gain, breast expansion, giantess, vore, etc. We have lovely voice actresses that read fetish audio books and even dub some sexy animations!
25 minutes ago
Welcome to the park grounds where we code, draw and strive. Perfect spot for making friends and sharing enthusiasm! :)
39 minutes ago
For the most part, we are all a bunch of people who don't sleep, really like video games and aimlessly browsing the inter web that it might not be healthy. Emphasizing on the "might" there. And are all way to salty to be interacting in a civilized manor. But its tolerable because we all come to love each other, eventually.
39 minutes ago
Just a chill server where people can hang out and have fun. We all are super friendly, and we’d love to make more friends. Max age is 26. So yeah, if you wanna have fun, and talk about whatever, this is the server for you!
39 minutes ago
Café Dé Lá Peace, a place where you can post your art, listen to music, vent, talk about video games, roleplay, and so much more! There’s an expansive selection of roleplay to choose from and even suggest some for the future! Even if you aren’t exactly into roleplay, we still have many bots to play with and many games too! Please come and enjoy the ambient, friendly environment and join in the fun!
45 minutes ago
We are a new server where you can chill and do roleplay. We just started so come on and join the family.
-1x1 roleplay
-safe for everyone
-aim towards young and new role players
-your sexuality is accepted here
-you can post memes when you don't feel like roleplaying
52 minutes ago
Psst you! Yes, YOU! The plebby-looking one...

Welcome to Aurora Horizon!

❤ We’re looking for fresh faces to share our weeby thoughts with ❤

⇨Cat pics ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
⇨Memes (of course)

We also have some pretty sweet emotes :blep:

Stop by some time,
Happy star gazing!(∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
1 hours ago
If you enjoy chill/hangout servers this is the server for you! Meet new people to game with or come and just have a chat. We do partners! Events/giveaways coming soon.
1 hours ago
Hey fuck face, welcome to Anarchy! We are very clearly a server where there are no fucking rules, just tons of fun and straight fire banter. Its the internet who gives a fuck. So come join us in #the-bar and say whatever the hell you want. When you're done assign yourself some kinky ass #roles. Don't worry about reading any rules here. Now if you're still reading this, fuck off and enjoy your time here you miserable dickhead :smiling_imp:
1 hours ago
The Garden is a place where people can hang out, share what matters most to them and make friends. Myself and the administrative team work hard in making the environment safe for people of all ages and backgrounds so feel free to jump in headfirst!
1 hours ago
We are a growing community who loves music,anime,a good time, games,and more!
A chill place where you can hang out and briefly forget about the stresses of real life.
Active Owner and Staff, Anime and Manga Chats, Gaming Chats, Special Bots, Music, and Partner Friendly. See ya soon
1 hours ago
The Conventian Metropole is a young, friendly roleplay-focused multipurpose server. The Metropole welcomes everyone for socializing and RP. We are a chill community that likes gaming, anime, tech, and more :3 Come join us today!
1 hours ago
⭐ 2000+ Members already joined before you!
⭐ NSFW channels (alot of them)
⭐ We are an active community interested in meeting more people so come along.
⭐ Active and helpfull staff
⭐ Partnerships available now!
1 hours ago
The most active and exciting political server on Discord. Mock parties, debate nights, weekly community events, and more. Ready for midterms 2018!
1 hours ago
Scan the Sex God, has officially opened a server for the lewdest members on the intersex. We would prefer a surplus of females, to stop the sausage apocalypse in discord. However, we accept REAL men with open arms(traps are included as real men). Invite everyone you know and remember Blow Jobs are accepted by our Lord Jesus Christ!
1 hours ago