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This server is a Furry friendly server, where furries can meet other furs, have fun, and post their art or others art! People can also post their commissions, look at memes, cute animals, and post their fursonas, fursuits, or just random pictures in general! We also accept LGBTQ members, normal humans that don't hate furries, and well, basically anyone
☆★ Welcome to Ally's Territory. An anime and trap themed discord server ★☆
❤︎ Anime ❤︎ Gaming ❤︎ Traps ❤︎ Transgender ❤︎ Femboys ❤︎ Selfies ❤︎ Lewds ❤︎
Greetings from Themyscira, home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. A community exclusively for those identifying on the female spectrum who love other women (i.e. lesbians, bi/pan/queer women and non-binary folks).

We are a growing home for women loving warriors looking for a safe place to meet others with shared interests, relax, and have fun.
⭐ Weekly fun activities hosted by our events committee
⭐ Regular voice chats
⭐ Dedicated team of 12+ staff members, interview process, & anti-raid protections
💗 Heated science debates
💗 Channels including hall of fame (for hilarious out of context quotes), to those aimed at lovers of games, food, animals, memes and more.
💗 Transwomen-inclusive

⛔In Themiscyra, males and those who identify as heterosexual are not permitted into the server.

What better place than Themyscira for wlw? Located on Paradise Island itself, hidden from man so the Amazons may live and train (play) in peace.
What we have-
◇Funny NSFW content
◇Stupid bots to have fun with
◇Tea spilling
◇Crazy roles
◇Constant activity
◇ Funny and friendly staff
◇LGBTQ friendly chat
◇Autistic people ;)
◇Voice chats and music bots :^)
◇At least 1 admin that is always active
◇over 200 people!!

warning️ this server isn't for the easily offended warning️

join or skrrrt
welcome to the gay space agency! we are small friendly lgbtq community with 140+ members from all around the world who love to chat, meme and all round just have a good time.
we have:
○ 80+ members
○ music vc
○ self roles!
○ friendly staff
○ a suggestions channel for anything you think the server could need!

so why not come and reach new heights of homosexuality with the gay space agency!
This server is an all-inclusive LGBTQ+ Ally server with those for a keen interest in Music. We hold many entertaining events, movie nights, special YouTuber events with partnered Youtubers, and much more! Jump in on the fastest growing LGBTQ+ Discord out there!
Arthur's lounge is a server to chat with others and just have some fun.
We have:
~a fun community~
~active staff~
Free Nitro Giveaway!!
Safe Space
Going through a rough time? We can help! :)
Active Community
Open to everyone!
~~ Welcome to the LGBT Hang Space!~~
As more and more people discover themselves, the LGBT community continues to grow and thrive with new people each and every day. This server is for those people who need a place to hang out and connect with people like them, who are going through questioning and need some advice, want to make friends, or just want to support the community!

~~ In this server, we include... ~~
* Self-assignable roles
* Bots and bot spam
* Ranks
* Media (such as memes, pictures, videos, music, etc.)
* Social media links so you can follow your friends!
* And much more!

We'll be happy to have you join us! Just click the link and come be part of our hang space. We hope to see you soon!
We're a small, friendly server. We're looking for members who love creating bonds w/ people and wanna become friends! It's like a family here.
As long as you're not toxic then we'll love you here!
Welcome to elixr's DISBOARD description! Heres what we offer!
*staff applications
*welcoming community
*vent, confessions, support
*self assigned roles
*and much more!
Come join elixr today! You'll enjoy your stay!
Justice is a Global Community & Support for those in need of mental health treatment. We are here to help you, to guide you, to do anything within our power to make your life easier thru the crappy life. We have staff of all timezones, and the nicest people in the world here. Thanks for reading friends.
LGBTQ+ themed server for people 17+. Chill and active community. Come make friends and invite yours!


gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, all is welcome!
A private sanctuary for Transfolk, Non-Binary and other LGBI+ human beings, the only requirement of joining is identifying one of the above! We are currently small but are growing, and we feel that everyone in the server is part of our little family. We may be strict in rules, but we take care of our own; your future safe place in a big, wide and sometimes scary world ☺️ Come on in, read the rules, assign you roles and tell us what makes you, you!!! Love you all!
🌈🏰Hello! Welcome to GAYCORD! We are new a peer-to-peer support server. We’re currently small, but extremely active and growing FAST. We are a group for individuals living as LGBT – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning, and even straight allys!

A little more about us:

-We provide self-roles in our self roles category, which is at the bottom of all categories on the menu.
-We are a new server, so we are still in construction and development
-We provide private chats specifically for members who are 18+ and hold the 18+ role
-We are still looking for moderators and staff. You can be a staff member at any age, but to be a moderator you must be 18+
Hey there! I can see that you're reading this! We are a friendly server, welcoming all people! Feel free to join to chat to people, and make friends!
Welcome to NSFW Nation! A server dedicated to bringing you your NSFW needs! This server is a SAFE ZONE, meaning anybody who comes and tries to attack a member about their sexuality/gender/etc will be instantly BANNED without warning. We are devote on letting people be themselves without the fear of being judged by others.

We have...


Approachable Staff!

Variety of NSFW channels! (20+) (more to be added)

Music Bots!

Custom Roles! (more to be added)


Loads of fun bots to play with!

Dating is allowed but any cat-fishing is immediately banned.

Hey! We're Safe Haven, a small LGBTQ+ centric server. We have no NSFW content or slurs. We also have our own custom Nadeko bot. Come on in and check us out! 🏳 🌈
We are an 18+ furry community that doesn't allow roleplay. We are a fully free community w/ no patreon or Kofi, and we regularly host server-events with members of our staff team, and offer lots of game tags to meet furries with similar interests.
A close-knit LGBTQ+ Friendly community. We have many roles and places to introduce yourself! Our mods are here to help you if you ever need anything, otherwise, sit back and chill! Hoping to meet you and make new friends!
⚣ ⚢ ══━━━━✥⚧✥━━━━══ ⚢ ⚣
Welcome to LGBTea and & Coffee a server dedicated to LGBTQ+ teenagers! We are an active and exciting server with so many things to offer and so many lovely people to meet from around the globe!
a m e n i t i e s
☆ members from over 20 different countries!
☆ healthy venting sections
☆ lots of custom roles
☆ custom emojis (gay ones~)
☆ friendly staff
☆ fun bots
☆ art channel
☆ language channels (for you to speak your native language!)
☆ music player
☆ aesthetic channel
☆ pet pictures
☆ server events
⚣ ⚢ ══━━━━✥⚧✥━━━━══ ⚢ ⚣
A small, friendly community focused on gaming, drawing, music and finding new friends!
It's a newly created server so any suggestions you can give are appreciated! (✿◠‿◠)
Welcome to our LGTBQ+ server!
We are an active community of nice staff and wonderful members!
Get ready to become one too! 😍