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Queercraft is a gaming community and online support network for LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies.
LGBTQ+ Lounge is a community that welcomes all, regardless of gender or sexuality, come to our server to enjoy yourself and make new friends and involve yourself with some of the events and activities that the staff will organise.
Fab is the hottest server on Discord with spectacular staff. We're very LGBTQ friendly. Join for the queerest Discord community with the spiciest chats!
We are a tight-knit community who promotes a healthy environment for adults. (18+ only) We're a safe place for more than one lifestyle and kinks. (BDSM, Pet play, DDLG, DDLB, MDLG, MDLB, Gorean, Furry, Anime nerds so on. Also LGBTQ+/Straight Friendly!)

Female owners. (◕▿◕✿)

( っ '๐')つ⌒♥Come try us out. We do WoW events (if you play), Discord events, giveaways, movie events and interested in 18+ discord partners.♥
LGBTQ+ themed server for people 17+. Chill and active community. Come make friends and invite yours!


gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, all is welcome!
If you are interested in participating in the LGBTQ+ community or supporting it, come hang out with us! We have:

❤ self roles ❤
❤ games ❤
❤ staff applications ❤
❤ 1 on 1 talking ❤
❤ a fun community ❤
❤ laid-back rules ❤
❤ overall fun time ❤

Join today!
Hey! Have you ever wanted a cute soft server?! One with support channels to make you feel better when you're down, and a place where you can share your creativity, share your wholesomeness, and truly be yourself!

That place now exists! Softcore is a server dedicated to it’s people. We take pride in our users, giving everyone (especially fellow LGBTQ+ Members) a safe place to reside.
Welcome to Discord Love!
We are a small growing community of teens, that you can join!
We have various channels including, Self roles, Gaming 🕹 , Roleplay⚔ , Flirting💑, and nsfw 🔞 etc.

We are LGBTQ+ friendly
Have NSFW channels
Active staff that would help you out with anything.
We have idleRPG bot which you can play on.

If all of that convinced you join us now!

For all you lewdies and non-lewdies to hangout.
We are a fun and friendly place where you can share your love for the cute and not so lewd 🥀15+🥀
As well as the lewd and pervy stuff 🎉18+🎉We try to keep it chill and dramafree.
🌈LGBTQ Friendly🌈

💖Active Mods
💖React Roles & Colors
💖Anime & Gaming
💖Roleplaying Chanels
💖SFW 2D & 3DContent
💖NSFW 2D& 3D Channels (18+)
💖Kink 2D & 3D Channels (18+)
💖Furry Optional Role
💖Server Income & Fun Bots
💖International Diversity
💖Trans, Gay & Straight Community
💖Server Partnerships
Queer Positive Porn. Everyone is welcome. No Hate. No Cancer. No Kink Shaming.
A kpop community server dedicated to making friends and staying up to date with all these comebacks :) There are no fanwars here and we are lgbtq friendly! I hope to see you there!
A LGBTQ+ safe space for all. No trolls will be tolerated.
A lgbtq+ server for people who are in the lgbtq+ community! You can still join if you aren't in the lgbtq+ community though we accept everyone!
A safehaven for the LGBTQ community
We strive for acceptance for all our members. The founders created a place for love and advice and our goal is to help with all the struggles you can and will face as a member of the LGTBQ community
welcome to The Boring Land a friendly server to make friends, meet future lovers and to hang out with people of the same interests!
here, we offer an lgbt+ friendly community, anime lovers and gamers! we welcome everyone with wide arms.
Hello! My name is Le and I want to invite you to a new server called take some time out. This server is for everyone! We support anyone of any age, any background. We want to help and support you if you are feeling down, or happy or even a bit inbetween. We'd love for you to join!

We have over 30 roles to choose from and we add more every week! You can express yourself however you want and meet new people!

Come join us today and take some time out <3
An 18+ only community. Verification required. A fun bdsm server where adults can hang out, play, and have fun. We allow roleplay, chatting, and a big number of kinks from pet play to ddlg to d/s.
A New LGBT server for both hanging out and meeting other students for homework help! We also have support and venting channel and something for everyone!
We're a small but welcoming community that is geared towards the Transgender Community, primarily for Gaming & Social.

We have Events (Often Bi-Weekly), Discussion Groups, Game Nights (CaH, DnD, Anime). More information within our #about channel. Feel free to check us out.
We made a mental health server we think you'd like, feel free to join us. The server has many fun bots and productive channels for all your purposes and needs, and a friendly moderation team and helper/listener base.
LGBTQ+ friendly,Mental Health friendly.
Under 18 friendly.
You like Gaming too? Make friends with other gamers and play together c:
You're free to join and help us grow and make friends in a compassionate and understanding environment.
Another Planet is a server focused around WH:40K There is a place to talk about events, army lists, tactics, painting, the lore as well as rumours about the game, though there are big off-topic sections to talk about anything from gaming to music!