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Welcome to the strawberry fields! This server is a place to socialize, post art, rant, and have fun!! Everyone is welcome!!
LGBTQ+ Lounge is a community that welcomes all, regardless of gender or sexuality, come to our server to enjoy yourself and make new friends and involve yourself with some of the events and activities that the staff will organise.
The ✨ Soda Emporium ✨ is a growing server, welcome to all!

The Soda Emporium is a general server mostly meant for making friends, messing with bots, participating in events & sharing things such as your YouTube/Social Medias, your servers, writing or artwork. Here we have many roles and emojis and all sorts of different channels and categories. You can also suggest channels, roles, emojis, events and much more.

(Soda Emporium is LGBT welcoming too!)

Bullies/trolls of any kind are not welcome.
LGBTQ+ themed server for people 17+. Chill community. Come make friends and invite yours!
Open to everyone in the LGBT community as well as everyone not in the LGBT community!
Pride Time
- Ages 13-25
- Everyone in the LGBTQ+ Community
- Over 60 Self-Assignable Roles
- Interest Channels just for you
- Established rules to keep everyone safe
- Monthly Events
Come check us out today!
A New LGBT server for both hanging out and meeting other students for homework help! We also have support and venting channel and something for everyone!
An 18+ only community. Verification required. A fun bdsm server where adults can hang out, play, and have fun. We allow roleplay, chatting, and a big number of kinks from pet play to ddlg to d/s.
Server for all you lewdies and non-lewdies to hangout. We are a fun, respecting, and friendly environment where you can express yourself and your love for ecchi, yuri, anime and other things. We try to keep it chill and free of drama.
💕LGBTQ friendly

♦️Secured NSFW Channels for 18+ members
♦️Lots of SFW Channels
♦️Private Kink RP channels
♦️Gaming + Stream Link Channels
♦️Self assignable roles
♦️Fun + Level Up Bots
♦️Server income for chatting
♦️Server Partnerships
an LGBTQ witchy server! we're here to chill and be a resource and discussion space for anyone who is part of the LGBTQ community and is interested in witchcraft and/or paganism
We are an LGBTQ server, mostly run by the community. We are very lenient with our rules and have lots of friendly users to talk to!
Pancake's Palace!


A server, built to make new friends. With a memes channel, pics, gaming, music, venting, NSFW,... everyone can find their place on the server.
Our community is filled with friendly, welcoming and funny people! There's great staff members & some amazing bots to play around with.


What do we offer?
💙 Roles : an assortment of colours, pronouns, opt-in channels
💙 Channels : opt-in 18+, venting, art, gaming; other channels like memes, pictures, positivity, several games
💙 Economy & fun bots : every few hours, you can earn "money" & use it for gambling


The server is LGBT+ friendly! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈


See you in Pancake's Palace!
Welcome to LGBTQ+ Hangout! We are a LGBTQ+ friendly server with many things to do. We offer staff applications, match-making, and reaction roles. Feel free to partner with our server and enjoy your stay!
Here anyone that’s lgbtq+ or is wondering about they’re sexuality or gender can come and be part of a loving community!
♡a friendly server for anyone looking for a friend or... love?
♡accepting of lgbtq+ individuals
♡you are required to call everyone "lad" (not really but please do)
♡we (me because i'm lonely) want to provide a comfortable space for people, so we're open to any suggestions
♡for the young lads out there
Welcoming community, Youth Server (13-24)
4500+ Users
Have fun, make friends, share laughs, and take part in our events.
G a l a x y is a non toxic server, here are some things we offer!!
:Fully LGBTQfriendly community
:Fully functional raiding protection system
:self roles
And much more !!
Owner/Founder: Cries over hott
you know we are important when we use caps *smirk*
Here is a server where you can hangout,chat,make new friends,roleplay,and send pictures.Make sure you read the rules before!
So this is what we have
- Giveaways
-Memes and funny pictures
-Word plays
-A place to hangout and make new friends
-Friendly staff and admin
-we are also very supportive of the LGBT community
-Some homework help
-self-assign roles
A fun, social server for anyone over 13 to join. We have a NSFW channel, voice channels, and are LGBTQ+ inclusive! We're pretty active, even late at night!
Milktea LGBT is a LGBT safezone for people 13+. We're fairly new, so please stop by and check us out! We have plenty of chats like music chats, vent chats, and pokecord. (SEEKING ADMINS FOR DISCORD AND OUR INSTAGRAM!)
Jello! Come join my server, this was made for fun and chatting. It's an lgbtq safe place with plenty to do. You like roleplay? We have that. You like anime? We have that. You like art? We definitely have that. However it does promote online dating, so learn the dangers of it and how to avoid them. DO NOT JOIN if you are under 13. Otherwise enjoy~!
eii Is a community that’s base on all people are important
We offer self role options
A support room with staff that are helpful
A gaming room
Great voice channels
Also a music and art channel
The staff are friendly and courteous are goal is to build a server that helps all
LGBTQ+ Hangout is for all people, no matter what gender, sexuality or age. Here you can make new lifelong friendships with people in our community, have fun with our custom commands and partake in events set up by staff. As we are a family friendly server who accept any age, there is no NSFW material allowed on our server, meaning any minors will be safe to also participate in conversation.

Have fun!