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Pride Time is an LGBTQ+ server meant to be a safe place for everyone. We have plenty of channels for you to share your different interests, roles to assign to yourself including gender identity and expression and sexuality/romantic attraction. We host monthly events completely based around the majority of server members. PG-13 absolutely NO NSFW. For everyone ages 13-25. Due to safety for all our LGBTQ+ members, straight CIS allies will not be accepted into the server.
Our server is kinda small but we're really chill and welcome to any members!
LGBTQ+ Lounge is a community that welcomes all, regardless of gender or sexuality, come to our server to enjoy yourself and make new friends and involve yourself with some of the events and activities that the staff will organise.
This is just a Friendship or Dating Server (Whatever You're looking for). If You're into Small Servers? This is the Place for You since it was just created. I hope to see You there.
Fab is the hottest server on Discord with spectacular staff. We're very LGBTQ friendly. Join for the queerest Discord community with the spiciest chats!
Welcome to LGBTQ+ Hangout! We are a LGBTQ+ friendly server with many things to do. We offer staff applications, match-making, and reaction roles. Feel free to partner with our server and enjoy your stay!
A server dedicated to Omegaverse! Come role-play and have a chat :))
eii Is a community that’s base on all people are important
We offer self role options
A support room with staff that are helpful
A gaming room
Great voice channels
Also a music and art channel
The staff are friendly and courteous are goal is to build a server that helps all
A fun place to talk to new people! We welcome anyone and everyone, so bring your friends! We play games and have events planned every once in a while, and try to help out in whatever we can, drawing, beauty, and much more. Come join!
Welcome to LGBTQ+ HOME, a friendly community for anyone to feel at home, and have a place to hangout and let loose. We have many different people of all sorts of ages, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and more!
A fun community server for lgbt people
Pancake's Palace!


A server, built to make new friends. With a memes channel, pics, gaming, music, venting, NSFW,... everyone can find their place on the server.
Our community is filled with friendly, welcoming and funny people! There's great staff members & some amazing bots to play around with.


What do we offer?
💙 Roles : an assortment of colours, pronouns, opt-in channels
💙 Channels : opt-in 18+, venting, art, gaming; other channels like memes, pictures, positivity, several games
💙 Economy & fun bots : every few hours, you can earn "money" & use it for gambling


The server is LGBT+ friendly! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈


See you in Pancake's Palace!
Come Find Your Special Someone and Even Life Long Friends
Help Us Help You
At Find A Mate
Home of the edgiest teenagers of this generation! This Discord is dedicated to making the best community possible and to make everyone's day a bit better.
Chill Zone is a SFW (Safe For Work) community. We're a nice, loving, family friendly, chill community and a safezone for everyone, especially those with anxiety and/or are in the LGBTQIA+ community! We strive to create a safe and calm environment for everyone to enjoy being in, as well as a place to make friends and get support if you need it! We have various support channels! Come and join the family!
Welcome to The Hive! when you join you will be greeted with love and affection from all of our Queen Bees. This is a safe place to bond with friends and get away from guys to be in a place where we understand one another!
Nudes nudes nudes, new server still under construction
Here is a server where you can hangout,chat,make new friends,roleplay,and send pictures.Make sure you read the rules before!
So this is what we have
- Giveaways
-Memes and funny pictures
-Word plays
-A place to hangout and make new friends
-Friendly staff and admin
-we are also very supportive of the LGBT community
-Some homework help
-self-assign roles
A server meant for you to share any writing, art or videos for your OTPs! This is a Pokemon Ships only thing, but we have a spot for different ships from other fandoms! Please enjoy your stay and make some friends while you're here!
this is an open server for everyone in the lgbt community! feel free to join and make friends! this will also serve as a supportive place when you're feeling down or need to vent! talk about anything you love and feel loved all at once. we are diverse and have people from all types of fandoms so you never have to worry about feeling alone or left out!! share your passions and make new friends!

ANYKIND of harassment or discrimination is forbidden and will get you banned.

A chill server for any and all LGBTQ+ people to hang out and have fun! You can post art, pictures, selfies, and talk to other queer people about their identities! Allies and those questioning their identity are welcome as well!
"They call me Mellow Yellow." Welcome, children, to a chill hang out server with fun bots, kind people and many other things. Hope to see you there ❤
Welcome to Snoots United!
We are a brand new, but fast-growing, furry community. We want our members to be in a great community that supports LGBTQ+, Furries, Bronies, or just visitors who enjoy the community!

Here, we offer many things such as:

- Fursuit trading, selling, and buying
- A friendly community!
- Self Assignable roles!
- Emotes!
- A vent channel!
- Fursuiters discussion
- LGBTQ+ section (only accessible for LGBTQ+ members!)
- Mingling section (adults and minors are separated!)
- No NSFW!
- A set of friendly staff to assure the safety of our members and to assist you in any way we can!
- And much more to be added soon!