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Join this server because why not.
This sever is friendly to all even if you're a weeb, or even a koreaboo.

This server is a new server I just started so that means it dead for the lack of people :/
Just some chill shit, come smoke wit us and like idk do some shit lmao
This is a hell hole where you can meet new people and chat and make friends or even date (✿ ♥‿♥) We have a wonderful community of people to talk to. You can hangout and talk about whatever you want. We don’t judge hope you join and stay in this server! 💕
🥀lifeless roses🥀 is a new community server. We are a place where you can be yourself and meet new people. Our goal is to make sure our members have a fun time and interactive with each other! We want to keep growing and have a safe, fun, community!
Some things we have/offer are:
~Self assignable roles
~Fun bots
~Level up roles!
~LGBT+ friendly
~Friendly community
~Kind staff
This is a brand new server looking for all types of people to come and enjoy their stay. We are a discord server that is friendly, and we like to have fun as much as we can. Feel free to stop on by and check us out!
PMA♡ The greatest trend setting, most positive, friendly & chill place for making friends & relationships. Active chats & moderation! TECH⭐KPOP⭐ANIME⭐ART⭐GAMES⭐A-SS
🏞️🌌 Woodland Village🌌🏞️

💐 New furry server that aims to have a semi-big and tight knit community with no degeneracy 💐

🌼 70+ species roles
🌺 20+ other self-assignable roles
🌷 Channels to share sfw art and a channel for your own creations
🍁Some nsfw channels
🌻 Videogame discussion channel
......and more to come!
🚧 Server is still slightly under construction but everything is mostly set up 🚧
🌸 Come in and give the server a chance, you could make some new friends (when more people join)
🌠 If you don't like furries don't bother joining, don't waste your own time and everyone else's here.
Hello! This server is for gaming and meeting new people.
->Self roles(reaction roles)
->very diverse
->accepting community
a cool place to wear off your stress, get cozy , get more friends and chat and know a lot more people! Everyone from any part of the globe is welcome! Actives, introverts, extroverts lurkers everyone! So join and plz dont scroll on us 😅
Welcome to the Amai Academy here you can chill out and socialise. We welcome to all ages and any kind of personalities so don't be afraid just come on in!
Hey there! Welcome to the centre of the void
We are a small but active community with members from multiple time zones. We are looking for other people who are looking for the same things as us. Platonic friends, a sense of community and dank dank memes.
We have plenty of channels for a variety of interests, regular server events and games.
I hope you consider joining us
--This is a server where Depression comes to happiness.--
This server is a friendly fresh new server on Discord to help people go into the light side
We help people through Tickety, including staff taking the tickets and talking and helping you through your problems. You can always find friends!
We accept everyone here and will make them feel comfortable like home in this server
The owners are two people named Kayyz and Antez, they have professional contents about it.
Find your happiness now, what are you waiting for?
✦・゚ Welcome to Cuddle ! ・゚✦
«────── ⋅ʚ✩ɞ──────»

- new server!~
- friendly members and staff
- self-assignable roles
- never ping the members for partnerships
- emotes specially made for the server
- opportunities to partner
- music vc’s and bots

Join us now ! ♡

«────── ⋅ʚ✩ɞ──────»
We are a kind and friendly server with fun staff and great members :) We focus on Chatting, Dating, Gaming, making friends etc. If you have any kind of problems staff will gladly help <3
Welcome to the family~
This is a fun, chill server with custom roles and very lax rules. You gain roles as you level up with mee6 and there are many channels for different topics. There are also suggestions so you can help shape the server.
We are a collective of people that talk about alot of cool and interesting topics, we have server content, we have alot of members you can talk to, and good moderation ensuring your rights! But dont violate our rules, we will fuck you up if you do, but at the same time we are not very strict, soooo go crazy.

♡ 𝕤𝕦𝕡𝕡𝕠𝕣𝕥 ♡ is a place for everyone alike to speak their troubles and calm down, #general can be a venting area if you want, as we don’t have a problem where you vent.
If you desire emotional support and would like to make friends, this server is definitely one for you.

Hey are you lonely? Do you want to make friends? Have you tried to join discord servers but immediately leave them all because of a number of different reasons? Well then oh boy, do I have the server for you. We're all chill here and are hoping to hang out.

(To be clear, we are not a mental health, or a dating server)

~Established November 2018~
Welcome to Relaxation Palace, a place where you can have a laugh show your best memes listen to music and have fun with a wide varity of bots and most of all make new friends with users around the world!
Hi there! My name is Dani and I invite you to join my little hell. Here we

•Have fun
•Play games
•Meet new people
•Make friends
•And just have a good time all-round.

We hope you'll join us and just have a great time
Club Neon is a discord nightclub that has a tint of everything in it. Our server is unique, well designed and active. Want to make friends? Review memes? Dating? Attend cool giveaways? Listen to music? Share your feelings? And many more? You have came to the right place!
Bienvenue sur Saturne, le nouveau serveur Français!
La communauté grandit lentement mais sûrement, le staff et les actifs sont impatients de découvrir de nouvelles personnes.
- Vous faire de nouveaux amis
- Tenter d'être le plus riche du serveur (finance bot)
- Essayer les mini-jeux
Et pourquoi pas trouver de nouveaux amis gamers!
Une multitude d'emojis seront également bientôt là.
Bonne journée, et à bientôt sur Saturne!