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Hello, this is a server where you can roleplay, make friends, learn how to edit and more! Plus we are looking for staff ♡
hi this is the server owner, I’m a bored human and just want sum friends and sumone to talk too :) join so we can be buddies yayayayayay
p u r e is a server that welcomes every type of person. Our community is supportive, wholesome and active. We have lots of emotes and bots for entertainment. NSFW channels are present. We also have help channels for when you need life advice.
server where you can make friends and have fun!
this server is not fully done so if you notice any problems, please tell me.
⚜️ 💖 Hi Loves 💖⚜️

☾☬☽ In this server, we support everyone ranging from trying to stop bad habits all the way to depression and anxiety ☾☬☽

💞We here love to help people and only invite positivity💞

🎉We just finished working on it, and we are brand new🎉

❅ We include many things like ❅
➮ Music 🎼
➮ Lots of Chats 🌌
➮ Great Mods ⛩
➮ Support 🌠
➮ Mentoring 🎇
➮ Events 🏆
➮ General Talking 🏵
➮ Clubs🎉
➮ Gaming Area🎀
➮ Homework Help💮
➮ So much more 🎆

♕ We are also ♕
↬ Welcoming ages between 13-100 💮
↬ LGBT safe community🏳️‍🌈
↬ Art/writing/music/gaming friendly 🎀
↬ Disorder friendly 💟
↬ Ready to Partner With 💖
↬Welcoming everyone from anywhere💖
↬Hosted in the Japanese Timezone🎀

⚜️We Include Bots Like⚜️

💖Join us today and help us grow!!!💖
We're a growing BDSM community. Laid back and supportive. (Don't come looking for hookups!) It's a place where kinky people of all experience levels can form friendships, find advice and support, and grow together. LGBT friendly. Kind and respectful new server! Join our family!!
✨✨✨We are only human but we believe we can ALL reach for the stars.✨✨✨

Welcome to Reach For The Stars. A growing, active and friendly community hoping to bring people together. A place that's open to anyone looking to make friends, chat and hang out!

🗣️ Multiple active chats
😜 Custom emojis
👋 Super friendly community
🏷️ A selection of self-assignable roles
☎️ Cross servers communication!
👷 Great admins that actively improve the server.
🆙 Levelling roles to show activity
🤖 Multiple bots for economy, fun and games. (Dyno Premium!)
🎁 GIVEAWAYS (Currently Spotify premium giveaways active!)
✍️ Community input channels, so our members can enjoy the server to its fullest!
1️⃣ Unique chats such as anonymous chat, motivational chat and more
🔞 NSFW chat (visibility optional of course)
🌐 Non-English chats for other languages!

We also do professional partnerships for helping us and other people grow their communities!

We don't stop there!
We'll continue to grow our server and host community events and competitions to bring our members together.

We welcome all new members to socialise with us in a happy, safe environment.

✨ Maybe YOU are what we need... to reach for the stars ✨
Silver's Palace is run by me, Silver!
I do a lot to make sure all of my friends are happy and I'm here to make sure that you all are here and having fun.
Meet new people, talk casually, keep nsfw talk to a minimum, swearing is ok in certain situations, and we're glad to have you here!
Welcome to ʏᴏᴜᴛʜ.™
We have:
● Giveaways
● Friendly users
● Achievable Roles, XP-Levels, Self-Assignable Roles
● Music bots
● Variety of entertainments channels
● Selfie channel!
● Spam safe
● Idiot safe....ish

Owner: @RaMeTo#7454
Welcome, this Hangout Paradise. We are very friendly and chill. We accept people ranging from 15-18 yrs old.

We offer:
~>Self-assignable roles
~>A fun and friendly community
~>Many different channels
~>Fun bots
~>And so much more

↤♡♡Welcome to Rainbowly!!♡♡↦

Here we chat,make friends,and perhaps find a partner...♥

↡Here's what we can offer↡
⇛We are a LGBT friendly server
⇛Self assignable roles
⇛Accepting community
⇛Caring staff
⇛And we always are here for you when you need someone to talk to
⇛ALSO WE ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF(staff applications are open)
⇛Updated channels and roles
⇛A server in progress
⇛Emotional support
⇛We don't judge
⇛Cool emojis
Thighs is a rapidly growing community looking for you to join. Looking for a chill place to discuss gaming, anime, thighs and many other. you're very welcome!

We have the best of the best people around all professionals in the art of breathing oxygen and consuming food for protein and nutrients, Some might even say they are above average wholesome. Worshiping Thighs is a gift not a curse. If you feel you might like what we have feel free to join.
Active community of nearly 50,000 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and giveaways!
Just a place to find new people and make friends!
welcome to antisocial bois! a new 13-18 server for everybody to have fun. we love art, gaming, and everything inbetween. join if you want!
Life's Escape is a small community that offers you a safe place to be yourself, make friends, make memories and have fun. If you are having a bad day we have support channels too. Come pay us a visit, It's worth a try
🤠 Role Play
👌 Memes
👀 Dark Humour
🗣️ Self Assignable Roles
♥️ Support
🎮 Gaming
📽️ Rabbit Streams
💕You Love It.💕
🌐 Website 🌐:
Hi! I'm Luna, and welcome to the Furry palace :D A place where you cannot be judged, and you won't be hated. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to DM me, or Athos hehe :D
Need a drink? Join Starlit Cafe! We're a tightknit group of friends with open arms. We've got a bunch of people with varying interests from gaming, art, anime and more! Why not stop by? We'd love to have you - first round on the house!
Just a simple dating server, though people just wanting to make friends can join too!
made it for fun, hopefully to meet some new people.
shitposting is allowed.
memes are allowed.
lgbt friendly.
ran by a group of friends !
Welcome to 𝕳𝖆𝖓𝖌𝕺𝖚𝖙 𝕾𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖔𝖓........
What we have to offer;
-Social chat so you can meet new people:speaking_head:
-E-Dating, if you're into that:heart:
-A pretty chill staff:thumbsup:
-A selection of bots to keep you entertained:video_game:

We hope you enjoy your stay and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to ask away
Hai hai angel! Looking for a safe, wholesome environment? Emote Haven is the place for you~ ༊·˚
Here we provide...
ଘ│staff that is mostly always ready to help you
ଘ│custom roles and introduction channels for us to get to know you
ଘ│100 super cute emotes!
ଘ│question of the day, polls, and events
ଘ│other channels such as kpop, art, venting, positivity, and much more!
Hope to see you there! ☁