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Welcome to *Youth*, we are a young community consisting of everyone from all walks of life, and we would like to invite you to join out community! We may be small but, we are trying our best to grow as fast as we can. So even though the community is small expect it to be very active, with game nights, and chill zones where everyone can meet even though they aren't on the same click, so join now!

-Game bots
-Market place[For real items]
-Game nights
-Movie nights
-Chill zones
-New friends
❀We are a server dedicated to helping people how to socialize and make friends. We also have channels where you can talk to others to create bonds. We wanna make a nice community where everyone can get along and make new friends!❀
➶ we have roles and color roles!
➶ Looking for new staff!
➶ Many channels for anything
➶ Voice chat with people who love to chat^
➶ A great and growing staff of kind and friendly people!
➶ Starting events and activities as well as weekly questions
➶ Have a growing community and would love if you joined!
✨💗We hope to talk to you soon!💗✨
▲ Zapraszamy wszystkie zagubione owieczki +16! ▲

Serwer jest stworzony dla każdego. Zapewniamy, że na pewno znajdziesz tu kogoś z kim będziesz chciał wspólnie pograć, pogadać albo po prostu popisać!

► wspólne granie ◄
► ogarniętą i miłą administrację ◄
► przyjazna i przyjemna atmosfera ◄
► autorole ◄
► dużo botów oraz kanałów ◄
► dużo emoji ◄
* niedługo ruszy serwer minecraft *

Na serwer dodajemy cały czas nowe atrakcje, z chęcią przyjmiemy wasze propozycje odnośnie kanałów, botów, a nawet emoji!
~~Stuck in your house for the next few weeks? Then join Rona School! It’s for teens who want to find new friends and makeup for the socialization they missed from not going to school. (13-17 years only)~~
. *     ✦ .  ⁺   . *     ✦ .  ⁺   .


✰ | cool emojis
✰ | active
✰ | low-moderated
✰ | egirls n eboys
✰ | movie nights & events
✰ | slightly toxic at times

✧。¨*• ♡.°¨
inv >
You like Gaming?
You like watching Gaming-Streams?
You're looking for someone to play with?

Well, then you're on the right Spot! We're a bunch of colorful mixed Gamers, so you'll find someone to play with :)

Du steht auf Gaming?
Du guckst gerne Gaming-Streams?
Du suchst Leute mit denen du Zocken kannst?

Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Wir sind eine Horde an bund gemischten Zockern, hier findest du sicher jemanden mit dem du zocken kannst :)
I see this caught your eye! Great! Hopefully this will interest you even more when I explain it! If you like it so much don’t forget to talk and share about it with your friends

This server is a high school roleplay server. Please remember that, I cannot express how many times someone has gotten the wrong idea about servers when it’s so clear on what it is. Be friendly! Maybe even get along and make a few friends while roleplaying! Let me explain what we have to show. We have...

• Colorful roles, and you can even ask for a color role after making a character
• Friendly staff (Atm it's just the owner and one admin)
• A friendly community that welcomes all kinds of people! (We're hoping to grow more since we don't have many people)
• We're always looking for any suggestions or tips on how to improve since we want to keep on growing to make this a lovely server for everyone!
• We're both safe and we don't swear/curse! Nor do we accept nsfw things. We're also LGBTQ+ friendly, obviously!

And here is the description of the rp:

“This high school just seems to be a regular high school for teenagers and children that are mentally sick or bad enough to come here between the age of 12-17 and has normal classes as a high school should and with normal teachers but with the principal it's a different story...the principal would hurt then murder who breaks the rules and if the rule they broke was mild and not that bad they would be locked in the basement and tortured for 3 days but no one in the high school knows this
good luck!”
Are you looking for a very friendly and welcoming SFW community for potential nice friends that will support you through all struggles?

This server is fairly new so don't worry if you're shy!
Let's do our best to keep it active and make it bloom!🌺

We've got a lot of stuff for you to enjoy!
☆ Self-assignable roles and colors
☆ A brand new introductions channel
☆ A welcoming message for new members
Hello! Welcome to the boy's haven! we are an LGBTQ+ server owner by two trans guys! Everyone is welcome and we strive to make our server safe and fun for everyone

Some things we have:
{ Inclusive self-roles
{ Custom Roles
{ Lots of channels
{ Friendly and supportive Staff
{ Cool Bots

- This is a 16+ server so if you are under that unfortunately you wont be allowed in -
- We do have a NSFW section for 18+ If you wish -
- We are super new, so we don't have a ton of members yet, but maybe you can help change that :D -

!! The first 20 people to join will be given an OG role so that's kinda cool :)

We hope you join!
hiya, we’re big brain republic, 𝘵𝘪𝘱𝘴 𝘧𝘦𝘥𝘰𝘳𝘢 this is a small teen server to make friends, have fun and chill. we hope u can come and visit, both big brains and small brains are welcome.
Me and my friends started it just to meet new people and make more friends! Its a friendly environment welcoming to everyone! It's LGBTQ+ Safe, we welcome fellow artists, hold some game nights, contests, and we are planning a D&D campaign, and we have our own minecraft realm server welcome to those who are in the server. We have a Pokemon and Minecraft bot to play games in the server too! Also enjoy our many Bee Themes. 🐝💛
A welcoming community of anime/game lovers that is looking to become more active. We have channels and bots for all your needs, and if you think of something we don't have, we're happy to consider it. Feel free to join!
vamps is just a (new) small server looking to grow :)
you can:
<3 meet new ppl
<3 watch and send porn B)
<3 custom roles
<3 send memes
<3 start friendly fights
<3 send and listen music
<3 self promo your own stuff
<3 drop your socials
<3 vent
<3 game
<3 and more
taking mod apps aswell :)
join our family, guys. everyone is welcome ♥
you're able to hangout, socialize and meet others with similar interests, connect with people, share your thoughts and feelings, and have fun! ツ

We are currently looking for more mods! Must be 18+ verified and active and of a stable personality

✸ sfw rooms
✸ easy verification method
✸ nsfw rooms - (after verifying)
✸ make friends, or more if you want!
✸ 100's of self assignable roles
✸ channels for your interests
✸ friendly staff
this server is for people who want to communicate with other people to be friends! we are very responsible and welcoming and lbgtq+ friendly! although we are a little underrated and need more people. (THIS IS NOT A NSFW SERVER OR A DATING SERVER! KEEP IT IN DMS PLEASE!)
In Barrage Express you can talk with you fellow passengers and have fun. This server will be updated regularly. when there are enough people, the staff applications will open
Come join NPSᴉDƎ DOWN to meet new people, play games, and chill. Don't pass up the opportunity to be a part of this growing server.
Hey, if you're looking for a place with cool people, and genuine friends, then we'd love to have you here.

Some of Our Features
• Cool people 🤥
• Memes 🤣
• NSFW 🙂
• A (fun) confessions channel 👀

And *even* more! We'd love to meet you 😭🙏🏾
I made a server in hopes i can find some new friends, i wouldnt recommend joining if youre under the age of 14 though
︵‿︵‿୨ the lilypad ୧‿︵‿︵

⋆ ●・○・ we are ༄
┊completely SFW and non-toxic
┊LGBT friendly
┊accepting to everyone
┊super aesthetic
⋆ ●・○・ ༄

⋆ ●・○・we have ༄
┊super cute emotes
┊friendly and caring staff
┊custom colors and roles
┊partnerships 24/7
⋆ ●・○・ ༄

︵‿︵‿୨ we hope you join us ୧‿︵‿︵
this is a server for my youtube channel which is pretty much just world of tanks blitz content
We are the Friends server! A place to make friends in a fun and wholesome environment. We are LGBTQ friendly and love everyone who graces us with their presence! Come on in and let's have some wholesome fun!
Hey Dimension C-137 citizens, why don't you join us and have a fuuuun time? Here, you can meet new people and chat about literally everything! We have channels where you can play games too. Also, come and talk about the new episodes and even conspiracy theories! Join us and have fun!
Welcome to The Pee Pee Platoon & More

We are a semi-active server who are always welcoming
NSFW section (need role)
And many any exclusive roles
Server is still in development
Warnjng: This server is meant for weird people. Have fun