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Community 53
We are a one stop shop for DDLG advice, whether you need advice or are looking to give advice. Stop on by, introduce yourself, be yourself and hang out!
18 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 97
UsNerds is A Friendly Gamer Discord Channel Base Around meeting awesome People For gaming and Talking anime and all that fun weeb stuff
-Plenty of Ladies in our server so Girls don't be afraid
~Mee6 Music Bot
~Role colors
58 minutes ago
Friendly server for England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland! Chat on many diferent subjects. Non-UK people allowed. The server is a place for friendly people to chat generally about lots of subjects and make friends with people around the world with a UK focus.
1 hours ago
Hi this is SkyLand! Where is just random fun and social server to make friends and talk to each other get know others. We have memes, music, and play lot of games and etc hope u join it. And Enjoy see ya there :D
3 hours ago
Just a chill place to hang out, voice chat, meet some friendly people, and share random things. We have gaming bots, NSFW-OC channels, kink channels, roleplay channels, etc. Pretty much everyone is welcome.
4 hours ago
Community 21
We are a server where you can play games find new friends or just talk to other people in the community. The server is not focused on gaming, anime or any specified topic, you can talk about everything.
6 hours ago
Community 352
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hey babes. This is a fun, friendly and growing server. I'm usually always active, come to chat, listen to music, play with our bots, post memes, etc.
9 hours ago
Anime and Manga 410
Kyawawa! is anime and games based server! it's about having a friendly community and being part of a big family
join and try! we don't bite, I promise! ♡
14 hours ago
If you'd like to be anywhere but here, Another World welcomes you! A newly formed world with very little population, so how about you come fix that? Our small group of friends enjoys playing games together and watching obscure anime! We'd love for you to join us!
14 hours ago
Community 1925
An active community of over 3,100 members open to anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, including our own podcast.
16 hours ago
Community 23
Eclipse is a server in which members are the key, without them, there is no server. Staff are always happy to help make it a friendly safe-haven for friends to hang out, and to let people discover new friendships.
2 days ago
Community 147
3 days ago
A new discord dating app with limited rules so have fun we
6 days ago
Other 14
This Discord Is A Small but active server. We are just a group of friends looking to expand and find more active people. We talk on daily basis and use the voice channels everyday.
7 days ago
Serveur francophone dont le but est de rapprocher les personnes afin de créer de solides liens d'amitié entre eux. Peu importe votre religion, votre orientation sexuelle, vos goûts, votre âge ou votre origine vous êtes le/la bienvenu(e) sur notre serveur. Si vous avez pour but de vous faire de véritables ami(e)s en discutant de tout et de n'importe quoi vous frappez à la bonne porte !
8 days ago
All Games 10
A community ran discord based on bringing people together for the cause of having friendly and polite discussions based around getting to know another person better by playing games or listening to music or just having fun!
11 days ago
All Games 20
Looking for people to play with? Want to share your content with hundreds of gamers? Look no further! Dreams Network is an open gaming community that has a zero-tolerance policy for troublemakers and trolls. We have many of gamers that are into different types of games. We are working very hard to make the server much better than it currently is. Gaming at its finest! With a growing gaming community!
14 days ago
Brand new community!


Kawaii emotes!

Participating in giveaways, movienights, avatar voting!

Music, nsfw, anime, karaoke channels!

Self roles, dere roles!

You can marry other players!

Come check us out~
17 days ago
This server is for those who are looking for friendship, love or groups on the internet.
22 days ago
Witchy Themed Server! (18+) ♡

- Fun/Casual Conversation! ♡
- Art/Photos/Memes! ♡
- Bots! ♡
- Music! ♡
- Collection of custom emojis! ♡
- Tarot Tuesdays! ♡

Small group of friends looking to expand the circle! ♡
Friendly, Open minds/hearts, Accepting. ♡
Most of us play Roblox if that is of added interest. ♡
We would be happy to have you! Thanks! ♡
(p.s. not an actual coven, don't be scared, haha!)
23 days ago
A group of 20 somethings who get together and watch movies, share music, memes and play games.
23 days ago
Hello, We are a group of movie, Music, and Game fans. Come join our server. Make some friends and enjoy life a little :)
28 days ago
hello, fluffies! ♡ this new server is for making friends, have chit chats and enjoy fluff stuff, such as pillows! everybody is welcome ^_^
32 days ago