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We're a small group that splintered off a server that went down, we wanted to make ourselves a new home and we're trying to grow our community! We're lewd, we're friendly, and we'd love to meet you! We'll make sure you feel safe, comfortable, and that you have lots of fun meeting other people with similar interests~
If you like gaming we have sections for that too, even one for lewd games! I hope you'll join us! ^_^
Become a Experiment, Scientist, or Security its up to you the choices you make is yours to make so come and join is in "Laboratory 218" we always love having new members.
A fun place to talk and share opinions on gaming, anime, furrism, and life. Also includes: Pizza (Not to be quoted on) and competitive rank claiming. So...what's not to love?

>Share Fursonas and roleplay with other furries!😺
>Chat about anime and share your art!🙇‍♀️
>Play your favourite games and ask people to join you!🎮
>Play in-discord games and have fun in chats!🎲
>Partake in server icon art competitions! 👩🏼‍🎨
>Join a club and have fun while making friends!👫
Hope to see you soon!
A chill place to hangout with people you can call.. "Acquaintances." Game chat, memes of alllllll kinds, pokecord, and art sharing all included for the low low price of joinin.
Welcome to Wings of Fire: Sky of Ashes! Our server is based off the book series known as Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland! We are a remake of the behemoth of a server once known as Talons of Blood! Here, we allow your creativity to run wild in this open-world roleplay with over 200+ channels, all existing tribes and user-submitted fantribes, a leveling system with rewards, giveaways, and much more! In this Wings of Fire experience set 600 years into the future, what will you do? Be a student of Jade Academy, a Pyrrhian or Pantalan explorer, or even be a fan tribe dragon? The choice is yours at Wings of Fire: Sky of Ashes!

We include:

- Over 150+ roleplay channels.
- Self-assignable roles.
- Leveling system with rewards.
- Open royalty slots for members level 5 and above.
- Begin with 3 character slots and earn more through leveling up.
- Active and helpful staff members.
- 8 user-submitted fan tribes.
- A sister server that contains all our fan tribes on a fan continent!

Feel free to join us and give us a try! Be sure to leave a review of your experiences with us too! We're always looking for feedback to make our new server better!
Welcome to Second Life!
We are a VERY small server at the moment, we hope it grows!
-Horse rp
-Verification system!
-Art channels!
-Hoping to add some fun bots and fun channels!
Hiring mods!!
“The Joint Special Forces Command (JSFC) is a multinational worldwide counter terrorism unit (think of Team Rainbow from Tom Clancy’s) made up of Anthros and humans alike, dedicated to dealing with threats to civilian and military targets domestic and abroad.”
This is a military role-play server, open to anyone willing to partake in the role-play itself. We do use the Canadian military ranks, with substitutes for naval members. There is no requirement considering age or knowledge about the military, all that is needed is a burning desire to combat threats to our world.
Good luck
Hey, my name is Aaron! So, I was looking around Disboard, trying to find a server to join. I didn't fit into any of them so I made my own fucking server!
Here, we are accepting, open and friendly!
So, please come have a look around! We won't bite....UNLESS YOU'RE BAD! >:3
Well, we’re still small, but building up. We are open and welcoming to everyone (18+ ofc) and are not afraid to show off our bodies! Come join and see what beautiful people we have, including you!
✦We do all kinds of roleplay except ERP.✦
✦Specialize in fantasy roleplaying✦
Roleplay Central is a place people all over the world to come and connect over one thing in common-Roleplaying. This is a safe place for anybody willing to come and join!
✦We're a new server!✦
Our server was just made about a month ago and we're looking to finally get more members! We can't wait to see how many members we can gain.
✦Join If You...✦
You like SFW roleplaying (and no NSFW)
Like tight-knit communities
Almost daily roleplaying
We do events (Like
✦Don't Join If You...✦
You like schedules/planned roleplay ALL THE TIME
General chats, character-sheets, etc
I'll see you there!

+Note: We don't have NSFW in this server, however, we have a mature chat. No NSFW pictures will be sent in that channel, though, and you can only see it if you have the rank to. Ask the leader for the rank if you'd like to have it.
+I make characters into vines a lot so...I guess you'll see that.
+Try to be the kindest you can in this server, or I will lose my brain-cells.
hello! i am purrito, owner of purrito's cult! i am here because i want some more members in my discord server because it can get lonely here. we are not a furry server but we accept furries here
Well it’s been a long time since the apocalypse and it seems things are looking up for humanity with war and death making an extreme drop off it might be like we’re in a new era

We offer a selection of:
A meme channel
A change log to look at my silly mistakes
A fairly friendly and respectful group

Up and coming things:
More memes
A few talk channels
A hub for people to advertise their own stuff
alright, lets get a few things clear.
1.) since day one, I’ve been trying every method possible to contact any form of life or signal emanating from anywhere from orbit or another planet or another system. Nothing. Scanners show the same thing. Wherever we are, we’re alone.
2.) we’ve tried to leave the planet, but we can’t. You fly up and reach the exosphere and POOF! Everything goes to black, and you wake up in the forest.
3.) there are cities and temples and buildings, but there’s no historical records of ANYTHING. Constructs spontaneously pop into this world. The Temple is so old that it shouldn’t even be here! I’ve tried to date this planet, and my best estimates make it HALF the age of that thing.
4.) most people brought here have some form of military background or are trained fighters, or maybe they have some anomalous abilities, like they were hand-picked. With a few exceptions, everybody here has the potential to kill
5.) the planet itself exhibits EXTREME anomalous abilities. Based on what I can gather, it’s size and mass don’t align with the planets density or gravity. It’s like earth, but supersized without the typical effects it should have! Then there’s the Tundra, a frozen forest of extremely low temperate. A few miles south and you hit a City, a goddamn beach! The drastic climate changes and ecosystem changes in such small distance shouldn’t exist, yet they do. And the weirdest part? Walk in a straight line. I dare you. You go past the Tundra, the Temple, the city and the beach and you keep going. Then, you hit a set of woods. As you keep going, it starts to snow. Then by then you’ll notice you’re right back in the fucking Tundra. Take a goddamn line of string! It’s a straight line and you’re right back where you began.
Why were WE chosen? Why are all of us fighters, or magic, or have weapons? We all come from different worlds and to a place that shouldn’t exist according to just about all logical standpoints! Why does it loop? Why can’t we leave? Hell, I’m scanning the planet every. Second. And outta nowhere, a drop-pod came outta orbit. If it had been there, I would've known. Something plopped it right there and sent it to us. Or someone.
Think about it! It explains why this place exists! Why specifically US are here! Why we can’t leave, why this is a whole separate world! Someone else is out there, causing all of this. There is someone, or something creating the Tundra. They’re out there, messing with us. They’re the real one who’s pulling the strings. The puppeteer.

We’re a furry friendly server and we’ve got tons of stuff for you to do!
-Self roles
- Memes + dank memer
- music bots
-and helpful staff
And we’re still adding on stuff as we go! So we’re hoping you’ll join our small yet growing server!
We are a small community who are appreciative of anything or anyone, being that the person is good. Also most people are active atleast 7 times a week.
Welcome to another world of vampires! Here it is the hunt and the hunted! Don't like those options? Play a human! Make a hybrid!

We love creativity and new members!!
We're a friendly server, open to all, and want people to be able to come in and hang out here! Enjoy your time in Aloya!
Hello, and welcome to my fangroup/hangout
It will be finished soon after i post this,
This is a safe space so no one here is going to make fun of you for who u are.
нєllο єνєrγοиє!

ωє glαdlγ ωєlϲοмє γου το fυrrγ ραrαdiѕο αиd нορє τнατ γου ωill нανє α ωοиdєrfυl τiмє iи нєrє, fiиdiиg єνєrγτнiиg γου'νє єνєr ѕєαrϲнєd fοr!

ωє'rє ѕτill α ρrєττγ иєω ѕєrνєr bυτ ωiτн γουr нєlρ, ουr ѕєrνєr ωill grοω το α ѕαfє αиd friєиdlγ ρlαϲє fοr αиγοиє ωнο ωαиτѕ το мακє иєω friєиdѕ, ταlκ αbουτ τнєir iиτєrєѕτѕ αиd мακє иєω єϰρєriєиϲєѕ ωнilє dοiиg ѕο!

ωє ωєlϲοмє єνєяγοиє, frοм γουиg το οld, frοм ѕмαll το ταll - iτ dοєѕи'τ мαττєr bєϲαυѕє τнє οиlγ τнiиg τнατ мαττєrѕ το υѕ iѕ τнατ γου'rє α friєиdlγ ρєrѕοи ωнο ϲαrєѕ αbουτ τнє ѕαfєτγ οf ουr ѕєrνєr, τακiиg ουr rυlєѕ ѕєriουѕ!

-αиτi-rαid ѕєϲυriτγ αиd νєrifiϲατiοи
-friєиdlγ ѕταff

Each round, the Chooser will ask a number of questions for all the Choices to answer within a certain category (i.e., Kinks, Would You Rather, Favorites, etc.). At the end of that round, the Chooser will choose one Choice to be brutally murd-uh, I mean, "eliminated". The audience gets to choose the method of "elimination". Once only a single Choice remains, the Choice gets to ask the Chooser a single question... and then gets to choose whether to date the Chooser or have them "eliminated"!
A new Roleplay server set in a world of Humans, Giants, Faries and Beasts. With a range of places to Roleplay within and make your own story or follow a server-wide event. The choice is yours to make. Come join our friendly community!
Welcome to Ætherena! You've been brought by unknown means to a strange arena where the layout can be changed to anything, and the players can be healed of almost any injury. Will you fight your way to the top for victory and glory? Fame and fortune? Or perhaps a chance to escape? You can be almost anything (so long as you're not overpowered), and use just about any weapon, from spears and broadswords, to lightsabers and laser rifles, and anything in between. Almost nothing is out of bounds, so get in here and kick some ass!
Humanity has come up with the ultimate solution for the wars against the monster and beast races...
A magic city where anyone can make a new life, regardless of their race!
Help Honeyside Beach bridge the gap between monsters and humans as they live side by side in a new magical city!

We're a first time tiny community that wants to bring wholesome suburban fantasy RP to Discord by allowing our members to inhabit and breathe live into a sprawling fantasy city where everyone is welcome, and where technology and magic can work side by side to create the perfect cup of coffee for a dragons long day!
Welcome to the Oasis City Royal Harem! Deep in the mysterious deserts, a grand city of sandstone and gold lays surrounded in a flourishing oasis over an endless spring. Oasis City is home to a grand brothel owned by the princess herself, designed to be a harem and hotel in one. Will you be a member? A guest? Or even a slave? Come and find what strange rooms hide behind the curtains in the Oasis City Royal Harem!
This is a friendly, welcoming server that is open to people of all types, with a nice theme based around How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. This is a server mostly of gamers, but is welcome to all sorts of people. Perks of this server include:

● Choose your own roles
● Leveling system with role assignment as rewards
● Community Fun Nights (watch a movie, play a game, ect...)
● LGBTQ+ Friendly!
● Furry Friendly!
● Active Staff
● Close Community