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This server is for an Ark Survival Evolved PC dedicated boosted cluster it is 25x and has custom crafting, drops and a stack mod!
In this server there are art channels, photo channels, memes and more, holding tons on roles, though to be warned this is a very new server. It has a anti-raid system and friendly staff, and is looking for new staff to join us.

We try to support u in our ranting and mental help channels, but ***non of us are trained professionals***. This server is Furry friendly and race friendly server.

Fighting will not be accepted and will be kicked depending of how bad the fighting was, and other than that have fun!!

We have.......
* Colour roles
* Suggestions
* Fun bots
* Music channels (work in progress)
* Ranting channels and mental support

Keep in mind that not everyone will be accepted
Hey, I see you're reading this server description. Nice. This is a server I made back in 2017 and never really did anything with, but now I'd like to create a community of people to sit and chat with. We are a chill server with a focus on socializing. We have rooms dedicated to changing your name color, art, idleRPG, memes, and more.

Most of the things you encounter in the server are meant to be taken with a hint of sarcasm...We're not too degenerate. We try our best to make every new member feel truly welcomed but do keep in mind that the server has a very diverse range of ages and personalities.

When you first join the server you will be given the "New" role. You will only be able to see the general chat with this role. We have this in place so we can better deal with raid attempts. The new role will expire after exactly 1 hour. After 7 days on the server you will be given the "trusted" role. This will allow you to post images anywhere you would like.

- 18+ is preferred but not required.
- Rules are in the rules channel
🌕Welcome to Tiny Planet! Here we have friendly users, nice staff, and much more. Come join the fun with our LGBTQ+ and Furry Friendly Members! We'll see you lovelies there!🌕

What we have to offer!
➳ Non-Toxic Community
➳ Friendly Members
➳ LGTBQ+ Friendly
➳ Furry Friendly
➳ Self-Roles
➳ Laid Back Staff
➳ Verification
➳ NSFW (Given upon 18+
➳ Lots of bots
➳ Level 1 Boosted
➳ Raid Defence Team
➳ Art Section for artists
➳ Open Partnership
➳ And so much more!

☪️We hope you can stay and join the fun, we'll see you there!☪️
Welcome to Global Gaming 3.5 we are a fun and social discord server looking to grow a community and play games together.
We love Simulator games, Action games and everything in-between, If you play games of any kind this is the server for you to join.
We Just started so we are a bit small but we would love to grow with you and hope you would love to grow with us.
Welcome CH fans! We are a fun and rp community! We are a very friendly and accepting server! I hope you'll join and enjoy your stay here! See ya soon~!
~(^з^)-♡* ˎˊ-
╭ ㅡ୨୧───────────── ──╮
⌇ 🍄
┊ **๑ Welcome to Clown Town! -- a 13+, Clown themed community server. Our goal is to provide a nice, group to chat, and make new friends! ๑**·:·.* ˎˊ-

*ㅡ୨୧What do we have to offer? .·:·.* ˎˊ-*

️🍄˳ A safe non-toxic community

ੈ♡˳ Many fun bots to interact with such as dank memer, OwO, Akinator, and many more!

🍄 ˳ Lots of different channels for all of your needs

ੈ♡˳ Channels to show off your stories and art

🍄 ˳ Voice chats, Music rooms, memes and bias channels

ੈ♡˳ relaxing and comfortable atmosphere so much more, but don't just take our word. Come see it for yourself!

ㅡ୨୧ Still not convinced? You don't have to be frustrated ||~~||. Join and give us a try! 👁️👄👁️~
We're All Adults is an erotic roleplaying server with the core principles of being mature, respectful, and lewd. You want to have a great time and so do we, so let's mingle like adults.

We're here to be different. If you're looking to break away from the shitposting and find ERP partners to tell a beautiful story with, then try us out. The worst that can happen is you feel accepted for being who you are, so long as you're positive and respectful!

Notable features: Expansive roleplay channels, vanity roles earned by activity, categories for dark and extreme roleplaying (no judgment <3!), and a focus of on-server roleplay!

Check us out, we're more than happy to make your night a hell of a lot better!
Welcome to Neon Hangouts, a community that is welcoming to anyone and to any community! Now you may be asking urself, what does Neon Hangouts have to offer me? Well, in these next few minutes I will give you details that could hopefully spice up your interests
1). Active Moderators and Members - Even though everyone has to go to school and work. Neon Hangouts is almost always active!
2). Giveaways- Every two weeks a giveaway will take place where you can earn urself a custom role of your choice
3). Furries and Lgbtq- We support even the largest yet most misunderstood communities. Just know we hold a special place for everyone and we already have multiple people from those communities!
4). Considerable Rules- Unlike most servers, Neon Hangouts has an easy set of rules that are fairly easy to follow
5). Game Nights- Every so often if most of the server is not busy, we will hold game nights consisting of mad-libs, truth or dare, karaoke, and even Russian-Roulette.
6). Self-Giving Roles- That's right, here in Neon Hangouts we have a bunch of custom roles that you can choose from. Going from a variety of colors to even your favorite hobby!
7) We have a small area for Gacha users as well!!
Moreover, I sincerely appreciate you for taking a moment to read all of this information. Please consider joining Neon Hangouts. We are always happy to have new members join our society!

-Neon Hangouts Community
Hello user! Welcome to Deluxe Stars, a ROBLOX group for the Gang on Poject JoJo called Deluxe Stars. We are just a small group of friends who want to make our gang grow bigger with new and exciting things! Please follow our rules and guidelines and you will be A-Okay! Thank you for your time.
Fully SFW
What is Helluvania, you might be wondering. Made for my YouTube viewers, but open to all, A place to relax and listen to music, or perhaps have a conversation. you will find Helluvania is lenient, and laid back, so you don't have to be too careful about what you say. Sit back and enjoy your interplanetary flight to Helluvania Eutopia, located on a planet far away from Earth.
---[welcome to bublemilk]---
we are a new server so i would like to see some friendly faces!
no toxicity aloud
---[we have]--
-a variety of channels
-a loose set of rules
-rythm, dank memer, and tupperbox bots
Welcome to the +~Forest of the Unknown~*, a place where you can thrive as any animal you wish, whether it be the smallest mouse, to the largest moose. You will experience a bunch of rp rooms and chat rooms to go in and hangout with people, we have voice chats and music as well! Start your adventure now and work your way up.
This server offers:
Self roles
Trustworthy staff
Music and hangout areas
If you join, Hope you enjoy your stay!
🌈Welcome to Roleplay Central. Our goal is simple, "To create a safe place for people of good moral character, to create a place where they can not only roleplay but connect with others." 🌈
🎈But we can't do that without members, and especially without you! 🎈
Roleplay Central is a tight-knit family that will graciously open itself up to those who need a place to roleplay. The staff will always consider everyone's ideas and will try their hardest to be fair. Here are a few things we have in our server-
-Reaction roles
-Unlimited amount of characters
-Private roleplays for you and your friends
-A Minecraft realm (Java)
-A growing community
-Almost daily roleplaying
-Twitch Streams
-Voice chats
-Custom Emotes
-Nitro Boost rewards
-Option to see NSFW channels (though there is no porn of any kind in our server!
-Art & Eventually Art Contests!
-And plenty more!
🏳️‍🌈 We’re LGBTQ+, Furry, etc-friendly, don’t be scared to come and join our server! We’re very understanding, just don’t break any rules on purpose!🏳️‍🌈
Greetings from Wings of Fire: Sky of Ashes!

Six-Hundred years have passed since the Dragonets of Destiny liberated the world from the War of SandWing Succession. Six-Hundred years have passed since the infamous Darkstalker rose from beneath the earth. Six-Hundred years have passed since Clearsight's Triune took Pantala back.
Six-Hundred Years...
And after all of that time, Pyrrhia still finds itself besieged by chaos and unrest.
As history repeats itself, dragons of all ages and tribes find themselves facing a new Pyrrhia, one who's history is written by both the victors and the losers. One that's world is shaped by not only the actions of those with power, but of those who seek it. Direction and order lays bleakly over what is to come; the fate of the world rests in everyone's hands.
Legends will be born.

Wings of Fire: Sky of Ashes is a large roleplay server set six-hundred years into the future in an open Pyrrhian and Pantalan sandbox. Your choices here are endless. Will you explore the world and its secrets? Become a student and attend Jade Mountain to gain knowledge? Stand valorous against another and write your legend? Perhaps even go so far as to change the course of history? Beneath the Sky of Ashes, time itself is a flux, and whether it is bent to your will or stabilized and cemented it is up to you.

Our server features but is not limited to:
📜 150+ roleplay channels to play in 📜
⏫ A leveling system filled with rewards as you progress through it ⏫
🏵️ A plethora of roles and colors to apply upon yourself 🏵️
🎉 Eight fantribes with their own continent and cultures 🎉
🎊 An active staff team at the ready to help 🎊

And much more!

So come on down to Wings of Fire: Sky of Ashes! We hope to see you soon!

And remember~
My friend and I made this at 3 AM and I don't know why. We have art contests, we're furry and lgbt friendly, and we have frogs.
The officiall server for Indie Game Development Studio Gem-Games Entertainment, come join us for a drink, a chat, or just to use our home-made discord bot, we are a friendly community, and we respect everyone!
Hello there! Yes you~, do you like supernatural beings? Vampires, witches, werewolf’s and more? Well my server is for you, I would love if you joined my server~. We are open to anything, furries or not, I hope to see you there!

We are a role playing server, for your supernatural fantasies, we are an 18+ server. I believe my server has a lot to offer!
Welcome to the green gate inn!
we are a small hangout server looking for staff and members. We just started recently so there is not a lot of channels but we're always adding more! we are furry and LGBTQ friendly and we would love if you join. We also have some fun bots and are always taking suggestions! why not enter the inn?
Hello, I'm SurgeVoid. This clan is for my YouTube channel but you can join to!
- 🤣 Friendly and approachable 🤣
- 🤖 Lots Bots to have fun! 🤖
- 🎶 Music for days 🎶
- 🐺Furry Friendly! Gamer friendly too!🐺
- Giveaways too 🎇
💗Hope you enjoy your stay! Anything from Gaming to Space to just hanging out. All here!💗
The year is 3021 the World is on the brink of a 4th world War, after society ended after World War 3 in 2023 or *the 3 century War* Everything had been destroyed, And Civilization had to begin anew, while the Alliances between America and Russia had remained and they were still the world's super powers, America remaining 2nd until 2719 when over taken by Japan, but remaining the 1st "nuclear" Superpower, America having only told Russia that they lost all nuclear technology during the war, up until 3017 that had been kept a secret until North Korea had developed a atomic bomb and "tested it" on the newly created Americ-Russian Civilization, but that was the last of the nuclear power, now the world is Truly a New Midieval Civilization, this RP is based in the United States of AmeriRussian were things are turning into lies once again after 3020 were everything changed, it went from 2 President to 1 King and now people are starting to get scared they don’t want to have 1 person controlling half a continent and a country of fuckin idiots, well, that’s besides The point, let's go behind the scenes, People are living the normal life, well, sorta.
Welcome to moonlight spectrum!
This is a child friendly server
•Voice chats!
• Text channels obviously
• Furry and LGBTQ+ Friendly
• Anti racism, sexism, discrimination, etc

Come and join Moonlight Spectrum ^^