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Discord server for English/Korean speaking Koreans! Feel free to join and chat with us! We would be more than happy to talk to you!
This is a kpop server based on BTS aka Bangtan-Sonyeondan! This server is lgbtq+ friendly so anyone can join! This server is where you can talk, make friends, hangout with people who has the same interests as you, and love BTS as much as I do! We hope you join ! but it's okay if you don't! :)
hi, this is mostly a kpop server so you can talk about anything you like in this server.

The year is 2019, in the town of Avalon, Seoul, South Korea. This town is like any other town except there are more opportunities and hardly any crime in the town. Avalon used to be a bustling town, people always on the streets, at least until the fall of 2018 when a gang called the Dragons rolled in and began downing pop rocks and playing their prized "game", Dungeons and Dragons, though it wasn't your typical DnD, it was a twisted version. The Dragons frequently worshiped the dragon king in the forest at nights with the promise that they would soon ascend when they were worthy. Now, you might be thinking "what does a nerdy game have to do with the fall of 2018". Well young one, the Dragons moved to sacrifice the living to the king, which tarnished the reputation of the town and motivated locals to move out of the town. Once everyone feared the gang and no one angered its members, the dragons backed off and continued playing their game. They still come out of hiding if someone angers them though people have begun rolling back into the town. After the arrest of the leader, Muk Jung-Hee, way more people moved into the town with hopes that the gang was disbanded...but who knows? Will it make a comeback? Wait and see......

What we offer:
● A full lore!
● Many RP Locations!
● Reference Pics for the locations!
● Giveaways!
● Entertaining Bots!
● Friendly Members!
● Factions!

What you offer:
● Common sense
● Activity
● RP Skills
● That's it, just those three simple things :innocent: