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Welcome to Pillow Fight!

We are a brand new Discord server with 1500+ members where people can meet, hangout, and sleep together.

Our text chat and voice chats are active. We have a custom made bot that tracks text and voice activity. Users are able to gain xp and roles by typing in text chat and being in voice channels.
SleepyTiem is a wholesome SFW only server. Everyone is welcome in SleepyTiem. Come on and join us if you want
Have issues sleeping? Do you like to sleep in a call with others? Do you need new friends and enjoy playing games? Welcome to Sleep Haven, our server is a friendly place for those that like to make friends, play games and watch anime. We have giveaways and special events every month!
A new and improved, calm community server in need of new friends. Tatsumaki, Rythm,, and more bots! Kind community and very few rules.
Welcome to the kingdom~
This is a smol server with tons of awesome people willing to be friend with you~
We have lots of fun stuff like..
Our very own Discord band~
And more~
The original sleep server! Tired? Come relax and chill with us at Slumber! Wind down in voice chats, then take a quick nap or stay the whole night long in one of our sleep channels. Have bedtime stories read to you & sing lullabies or watch a movie with some friends. We are a non-toxic server which promotes a safe environment for you to snooze!

- The Original & Fastest Growing Sleep Server: Don’t Fall For Fake Snooze!
- Over 20 Extremely Active Voice Channels
- Bedtime Stories Read By Hot eGirls
- Custom Bot That Is Actively Being Developed
- Movie Night: Every Night!
- 3:1 Female To Male Ratio (girls sleep a lot)
- Two weekly Nitro giveaways?
- Staff applications are open

Join Now To Make Your Dreams Come True!