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*big sad*!

the **most** chill server
-We have memes
-500+ members
-e-boys and e-girls !
-An owner (yami#0974)
-NSFW shit (and selfies :wink:)

there’s also only ***2*** rules!
-Don’t be a retard
-if someones sad don’t be a dick

also a big revamp just happened
@everyone @here

The Big Ol' depression session :)
Join if u want... I guess.
memes for fake intellectuals and your sinking self-esteem

a lonely server i made for shenanigans and support; come for the luigi emojis, stay for the feels
A safe place for others to express their feelings, meet new people, and chill. The main goal of Second Home is to help all kinds of people with different mental disabilities. We don't judge, we welcome everyone, make yourself at home.
come worship kurt cobain and big tiddy goth girls with us
A server for people to be there for others. Meet new friends and vent to people who care. ❤
Bem vindos à SADSWPT!
Somos uma comunidade aberta para novas pessoas, temos pessoal capacitado para receber novas pessoas e um público amigável que adora fazer novas amizades.
Contamos com eventos divertidos e interativos. Vários bots de entretenimento, muitas salas pra bater aquele papo bacana com os amigos e vários chats para conhecer novas pessoas.
Venham se divertir, estamos esperando por vocês!
🌸 ◆ social/nsfw/sfw/anime/gaming/music ◆ 🎮
🌎 EN | PT
We're a tight knit community always welcoming and accepting of new members to join our little family. We do our best to help and support each other through our mental health and every day struggles.

We offer...
-find a friend
-helplines and hotlines around the world
-friendly staff and members
-reaction roles
...and more

Disclaimer: While we do out best to offer advice, we always reccomend seeing a professional if it's really bad as we aren't liscened mental health specialisists.
this server is just for sad lil emo and anti-soical and addicts like me to meet the same people ;3

make some depressed friends, pull a depressing all night, go into the nsfw channel, say some weird things you think in the shower, rant why you hate life, and repeat :)
This a server for fans of the show Bee and Puppycat on Cartoon Hangover.
we're a new, public server for people who want to chill out and talk to other sad people, shitpost, or do anything, really.
we're still pretty small, but feel free to join!
Don't let the thoughts you hold captive swallow you. Vent, talk it out.

Take a chill pill, and breath.

We are a pretty inactive sad server which is slightly growing.Please join and you can invite your friends too but if you didn't then it's all good.
Welcome to the depression server were a small server who are Aesthetic, depressed, etc were chill here. We Socialize. The more people the more active the server is.
Join our lovely server, we are two co owners that love all our members.

What we offer:
•Fun bots
•A safe envirement
•A lot of diversity
•A small but loving community
•self-assignable roles

Please consider joining our little server/community
looking to make friends?
well you've come to the right place!
here in wholes0mec0ntent you can meet new people!
anyone is welcome though we do not tolerate racism, homophobes, etc.
enjoy your time here!!
A sad server with a lot of special people! Everyone is welcome!