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Just a friendly place for people who are bored
This server is Chilly, A chill and fun server for Furries/Gamers/Artist or just people who are bored.
This is a server for the people out there who just need someone to talk to or need a place they can be themselves without judgement! Come here to role play, or just hang out!
The Forgotten Kingdom is a 23+ social community for those with open minds looking for a fun server to chill and have chill discussions. This server was created as a safe space for adults to come and enjoy discussions about anything and everything away from judgement that people face everyday. We want to build a social community that is built on diversity, open minds, and open hearts. It is difficult to find friends as an adult but hopefully, this server will help you find more than enough. Please get along with each other and we wish your stay enjoyable!
A brand new server catering to the elders of Discord. We are aiming to provide a safe haven for 25+ age group of Discord where you can discuss whatever comes to your mind and partake in conversations with people closer to your age. We just started and have plans to build this server into something much bigger. Start from the ground floor!
Hey welcome to this server where we talk about our lives and chill.
We’re the Awkwardness commitee. We have lots of autism, depression and introverts. Please join 4 me.
Are you Bored? Well this is the perfect server for you! There are tons of things for you to do! Therefore, you will never be bored.
Just a chill meme server. I don't really care what people say or post as long as it isn't porn or nudes. I just wanna chill and tell stories. I might be doing different events occasionally. I'm also supposed to be doing a podcast sometime soon and i could get some guests in on it. So basically just don't be a faggot and you'll be fine.
join our server and you can fuck a hot femboy trap named jocky
Come join Kings Village. We are a friendly community and we want you to come join us on our adventure! See you there!
Small community!! basically for making friends and chit chat~
Just a server to mess around in lol
Join if you need friends and you’re too lazy and lack social skills to get irl friends (:
This server is a place to Socialize, Make friends, and just have fun! Everybody is super nice and accepting.

-Several voice channels
-Special Roles to suit you and express yourself
-Lots of people to talk to
Different chats like selfies, spam chat, bot commands, and media topics.
-Special Emojis
If your looking for a place to chill with some IMVU friends come join this Dope chill spot, and catch some pokemon, lvl up and enjoy you'r time
This is most likely the weirdest server you'll ever find. We gather a bunch of people, and then play ROBLOX or Minecraft on a schedule to hunt down Gamer Girls. That's not a joke. That's what this server is. Enough said, there's also nsfw. Enjoi.
A place to hang out and have fun being single! Talk about our shitty life and ourselves!
I’m bored and I need people to talk to, that’s pretty much it. It’ll be more fun with more people.
A brand new and chilled out server looking for new members to help out with good conversations. Strictly no shitposting and we will be coming up with events soon like movie nights and book club. Come check us out and make some new friends!
This server is a mash-up of multiple server subjects. Hence the reason I couldn't think of a name for the server. [Insert Creative Server Name Here] serves as a meme server (memes spawning atleast once each 10 seconds), nerd server, nsfw server, anime server, music server, gaming server, and more. Just try not to get killed.
This server is just for fucking shit posting and stuff like that .... we will occasionally post some nsfw shit so dont be surprised .... just join if youre bored ... its a simple server ... join and speak with us ....