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I invite you to Otakuz Fam, a server that's based around social gathering and playing games together. a friendly group of people that welcomes everyone and anyone!, JOIN US! :D
Just a friendly place for people who are bored
Small server if you want a small server to talk and meet to new people you have found the right server
A brand new server catering to the elders of Discord. We are aiming to provide a safe haven for 25+ age group of Discord where you can discuss whatever comes to your mind and partake in conversations with people closer to your age. We just started and have plans to build this server into something much bigger. Start from the ground floor!
•• Welcome to your night under the stars •• We have cool people and even cooler drinks so feel free to slide in and join the chaos •• Low effort but pretty chill •• Experienced mods •• LGBT safe (we pretty gay) •• Who needs to sleep when you could get some a t t e n t i o n from your dream e-date?
Hi @everyone! Welcome to - !~Come Chat~! - [-'w'-]/

On this server you can:

-Talk away until your heart contents in (:wave:Welcome),
-Post your beautiful artworks in (:art:Art),
-See what all the latest cancer inducing memes are in (:ok_hand:Memes),
-Visit the (:video_game:Game Channels) and see whos playing what,
-Check out the (:deer:Writing-corner) for some cool writing in extra channels,
-Or if there not your thing you can chat to other people in (:speech_balloon:Speaks) or just chill and listen to music in (:telephone_receiver:Speak Channels)~! + more!

((Also there are Anime Channels that we've just set up!))

Either way - I hope you have a nice time here~!
Join this server to talk about everything
Play Imvu
Furries welcome 16+
Kpop lovers
Must Be Active
Be Nice and
HAve Fun
Chillax is a fun little server where you can do alot of things! You can meet new people, post your Art, post your Poems, listen to Music, we don't have alot of members right now, but we will in the future, so grab your Doritos and Mountain Dew, and come on in!
Join this server when your bored so you can meet people online
Are you bored? Do you play fortnite?Are you a pokemon fan? Do you like roleplay? Then this is youre server! We have many bots and search active members!
Welcome to Misfits, a server that prides itself in finding friends on the internet. We've met many people due to online interactions and decided to make a server to continue to meet others.

Examples of what we have to offer:
*People who want to make friends with others.
*A level-up system that's mainly for bragging rights.
*Self-Assignable Roles for color, voluntary jobs, and even just for fun.
*Smash Bros Ultimate.
We're always up to suggestions! Come and be a part of Misfits! (We're probably gonna be inactive during schooldays.)

there's absolutely nothing keeping you from joining or leaving, so do what you please.

and we never said the king was nice
Hey Vsauce here, no but really. I'm trying to find people to join a server I have big plans in this server (read the coming soon chat when you join) I want people who litteraly dont have anyone to play with and who is everydayy active (plz) we all have school so certain times you'll see everyone offline. (sometimes we chat while in class) I need you. If you're the type to join and then leave then don't bother, get time to meet everyone/family.
i really dont want to write a longer description, just click the thing and check it out and then leave because you realized what a mistake you just made
Familiar with the gaming app Plato? Well this is the unofficial server for it! The aim is to connect players on the app and improve their gameplay experience. So join today!
(Currently looking for admins and moderators)
This is a server for the people out there who just need someone to talk to or need a place they can be themselves without judgement! Come here to role play, or just hang out!
Kitties is a server that welcomes just about anyone. Just memers and cute computer geeks. Cats ♡ Games ♡ Chill ♡ Weebs ♡ Non- Weebs ♡ Bored etc. c:
Just count here, nothing more, nothing less. This server is for late nights, or boring days, when you have nothing else to do. have fun?
Hi peeps!

I'm just a guy looking for peeps to join his server!
Currently (since literally no one joins) theres nothing going on right now

Just pls join and fill the server
Make it interesting
Btw u can do anything
Also looking for members
Absolute hell is just a chatting server. make friends n stuff.
This is a discord for the minecraft server called "MaxFun"

this is a new discord server and we don’t know what we’re doing
wE nEed MoRe Ppl
pls help us we’re dying
Just a chill meme server. I don't really care what people say or post as long as it isn't porn or nudes. I just wanna chill and tell stories. I might be doing different events occasionally. I'm also supposed to be doing a podcast sometime soon and i could get some guests in on it. So basically just don't be a faggot and you'll be fine.