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Welcome to The Outcasts! A new Mental Health, Support Discord Server! Our motto is The Outcasts, for everyone, and the outcasted. Where you'll always be accepted.

We are currently a small community, but we are always looking to expand! Currently we do movie nights, game night, and host public talk shows, and we take all suggestions into consideration! We offer Peer-to-Peer Support and advice and are always looking for new people to offer that support! We are also Dedicated to helping out others and supporting people through their times of need. We believe that everyone deserves a home and everyone deserves support and help. We believe that no moment is wasted, and every life matters.

This place was founded with people who are considered Outcasts in mind, because this place is where you can be yourself without all the judgement and ridicule. A place where you can love what you want and be who you are and embrace it without other people out casting you. A place where people are kind and supportive of each other, no matter who that person is or what their background is, kind of like a family.

Threats are not tolerated and privacy will not be leaked by others without serious punishment, the only time this is okay is if you consent to it. This means that you can post your private life if you would like to. As long as it follows the rules!

We are a privately owned Mental Health discord server, and we are here to help as many people we can and support all.

We are always open to partnerships from other people! We have many self assignable roles and things you can choose from to define yourself!

So why not give the server a shot today? We're here to help you in all your rough times
A server where you can talk with other mentally ill people, you can vent, send memes and pictures, level up and more!
Welcome to The Abyss! We are a server dedicated to helping and supporting people with any sort of mental health problems and/or who are going through tough moments in their lives. This is a place where you can vent your frustrations safely, you don't need to go through stuff alone.
We also feature plenty of various utilities such as:
• Self-assignable roles
• Pokecord
• Music bots
• Art sharing
• Pet pictures
And much more!
☁ Welcome to Cloud Support a community where we try to help each others and improve together. We have a growing and friendly community and everyone is welcome! Toxicity free zone! ☁
The Island of Misfit Toys is a welcoming place for supporting you through your struggles with mental health, diagnosed or not. In addition, we are focused around socializing, making friends and more. We are a growing, active, and friendly community! :)
The Calm Corner
The calm side of the internet. A Discord server dedicated to calm and love and spreading those messages to and all. We are a spot for relaxing fun and talk. We cater to all ages. We specialize in group support of physical and mental illness. Our overall goal is to be a welcoming community for anyone and everyone. So please come join us on the calm corner.
-LBGTQ+ admins and support
-server economy
-music streaming bots
-chat rewards
-Peer to peer support
This server is for discussing issues related to anxiety disorders such as OCD, GAD, Social Anxiety, phobias and etc. Those simply dealing with anxiety as a symptom or those who want to know more about it are also welcome.
We are a small group of people who talk about issues and play games together. Feel free to join if you are a recluse.
Mocha for Karen is an great community where people with mental health issues can speak in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.
Things we offer:
Various channels of interest
Private little space and cg chats
Come join mocha for Karen,. You won’t regret it.
Welcome to our friendly and caring mental health community! We're always here to help you get the love and care you need! Here's what we offer:
-Peer-to-peer support
-Venting channels
-An emergency system
-Self-assignable roles
-Serverwide events
-600+ members
-Love and support!
Depression and anxiety server | Incudes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emotes.
Anxiety and depression server. Includes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emoji for Nitro users. Over 4,200 members.
Our goal is to get you connected with people who can understand you on your mental health journey. Interest-related channels and events for everyone, gaming, cooking, school, art, movies, voice chat events, fun bots, and more! Safe & welcoming space, we strive to encourage each other positively and recover! :)
AnxPaws is dedicated to making friends, spreading hope and helping those in need. open to anyone struggling with mental illness,social anxiety,agoraphobia, everybody is welcome :)
This is a new and small server that I hope to grow into a community of accepting and friendly people.

Here you can chat about anything and share about anything you like. Chill, make friends, and have fun!

Come and join! Can't wait to have you as a member :)

We got self assignable roles and some bots :-)
##Join Here! ****

We are the #1 mental health server, Sanctuary! If you need a loving, supporting, and accepting community of crazies, we are the server for you. We have many active, friendly members that have all gone through our quick and easy security system, which means you will rarely see trolls or raiders, and even if you do, we even have our own report system. Here are some of our members favourite features~

❥Organized channels and categories, that cover a whole lot of ground, and keep help/trigger chats separate from light hearted topics! (We also have an entire NSFW category, that you can opt in our out to ;D)

❥Nadeko, Miki, and Mantaro bot, are the only bots you will ever need to write commands for! Meaning things stay simple.

❥We use Mee6's leveling and xp system. along with Miki's commands for hugging, marrying, kissing etc other members through gifs! It's soo cute.

❥Around 17 different mental illnesses, represented by roles! So you can fully express yourself. We also have more utility roles, such as pronouns, notifications (So no annoying @ everyone pings!), timezones, and many beautiful colours.

❥#vent, #help-and-advice, #trigger-warning channels, and more. So you can get whatever kind of help you need, or just rant!

❥LGBT-Friendly! You will not be discriminated against here.

❥Many fun events to keep members active.

So come join us now via the link at the top of this post!
Project Inkblots is an amazing community where people with mental health issues can speak in a safe, supportive and friendly environment. We also offer one-to-one support with our fantastic supporters. Join our family of members today!

We offer the following:
- Moderated one-to-one support rooms where you can speak to someone.
- A varied, diverse community, with roles and rooms for different interests.
- A responsive and relaxed staff team.
- Various events, such as Karaoke and Movie Nights.
- NSFW channel.
Hey! Are you struggling with social anxiety, depression and or crippling loneliness?..... same... But that’s why this server exists! Nothing big, far from it, but I hope to build a small community where we all lookout for one another.
Are you struggling with mental health issues? Join this safe haven where you can vent about all of it, find people who relate and relish in sad memes.
Welcome to the strawberry fields! This server is a place to socialize, post art, rant, and have fun!! Everyone is welcome!!
This server is basically just for everyone who has a mental disorder, it consists of venting channels, channels to make you happy, friendly people, and gaming channels. Come say hi!
Queens is a brand spankin new server targeted to girls and women with self confidence issues. we are LGBTQ+ supportive. We have channels to help you accept yourself, talk about your feelings, get support from other girls, as well as support for guys with self image problems.
Welcome to Teen Talk! The goal is to give Teenagers across the globe a place to go when they have nothing. Please stop by and say hello. That alone, would make someone's day. Enjoy!
This is a prevention server! We have about twenty members and we’re willing to grow! Come and take a look!