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We're a small community, but we really want to grow! We strive for a nontoxic community. I made this server for other introverts, such as myself, to be able to have the chance of making friends.

In my opinion, it's very hard to socialize in real life, so online is the best alternative. Come in, chill, and chat with us!
We’re the Awkwardness commitee. We have lots of autism, depression and introverts. Please join 4 me.
This server is a unofficial discord server based of the subreddit r/socialskills.
It is an open server for those who want to share tips and help each other develop their social skills and get over social anxienty!
We are also open for casual talk, talking with other people might help you warm up your irl social skills.

anyone can join! from social anxiety to seduction skills.