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Salutations to all. Serenis is a server created for the purpose of forming a Jack of all trades community. From general conversation to the latest memes, a place to showcase your artwork or polish your gaming skills. We shall claim it all. We await your arrival chosen few.
𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒇𝒊𝒏𝒊𝒕𝒚! Coole Leute, aktive Nutzer und Gewinnspiele, an denen jeder teilnehmen kann! Jeden Tag sind hier Leute im Talk, mit denen man zocken und reden kann. Wenn du am Abend ein paar Runden spielen, oder einfach nur die Zeit genießen willst, bist du bei uns am Server genau richtig! Hier wird dich niemand nerven, wenn du deine Ruhe haben willst und der Missbrauch von @everyone steht unter Todesstrafe.

Außerdem gibt es verschiedenste Rollen, mit denen du höheres Ansehen und mehr Berechtigungen am Server bekommst.

Schau vorbei, wir sind sicher, dass es dir bei uns gefallen wird!
Vem fazer parte da melhor e mais ativa comunidade dedicada a futebol nacional e não só, com várias pessoas de todos os clubes e regiões de Portugal e até mesmo de fora.
Caso gostes de futebol e do desporto em geral e procures algum sítio para falares com pessoas que partilham a mesma paixão que tu, junta-te a nós.
Não te vais arrepender, vem fazer parte da comunidade!

-> Torneios;
E muitas outras coisas que temos a certeza que irás gostar!
This is a server for girls that like to take control and boys who are very cuddly. We are trans-friendly and super welcoming. Come join n chill with us!
Do you have a hero oc? Would you like to play a hero oc? Well join right up at your own hero academia! It's not based on cannon MHA/BNHA plot so you dont even have to watch or read the anime and manga to play.
In this server humans are evolved to hone super human abilities known as Quirks. The most popular and high paying field of work is being a Hero. Therefore hero schools are established for those only with powerful quirks. 

This is common information for any MHA roleplayer yet what makes this server different is we offer a chance to play not only as students not only as heroes, but as any character you please.

The city of Sherdale is full of people with abilities and has many shops and business places. The city also houses all of the people who live within as well as the most prestigious hero school in america, Northview Hero Academy. NHA is a school for the best of the best, during its three-year course your character will learn how to be the greatest hero around, maybe even one day be no.1

Don't want to play a hero student you say? Well good thing there is a school for the many who can become heroes. The city of Sherdale has an elementary school to teach children what their quirks can do, a Jr. High to teach them about how things came to be as well as a high school to prepare them for their future in this society.

No matter what character you play there will always be a place in Sherdale for them to work, learn or grow. Whether it be Student, Villain, hero, or Civilian, there is no character limit except your imagination! 

The server has:
• Fun community.
• Freindly staff!
• Plenty of answers for your questions.
• Self assignable roles.
• All genre rp.
• Rp events!
• LGBTQ+ representation and acceptance.
• Nontoxic environment.
• Staff openings.

Banner link: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/651464613053071380/651501122497806346/Untitled173.png
Invite link:
Serdecznie zapraszamy na serwer Culture Home. Serwer jest przyjazny dla wszystkich, i będziesz mógł na nim rozmawiać o swoim hobby, oraz prowadzić debaty o wiadomościach ze świata. Zapraszamy!
a semi toxic shitposting low moderated server with a chill staff and almost no rules & cute emo girls, join now !!
Our mission statement: We want to create a community of people of different levels of Urdu who can act as both teachers and students of the language. We also want to build bridges between the divided community of Urdu speakers worldwide. In doing so, we aim to empower members with a greater understanding of Urdu culture and literature. Shukriya شکریہ
Vous avez des difficultés scolaires ou vous voulez prendre de l'avance sur le programme ?
Vous aimez partager, échanger, débattre ?
Vous aimeriez rejoindre une communauté d'entraide et de soutient ?

Alors ne cherchez plus, le discord "Aide Education" est fait pour vous.

Dans "Aide Education" vous trouverez :
- Une aide aux devoirs gratuite quel que soit le domaine (au niveau collège/lycée et universitaire dans certains domaines).
- Des cours écrits et oraux.
- Des débats sur des sujets variés (historiques, d'actualités, de cinéma, etc).
- Des aides à la programmation et l'informatique.
- Des conseils pour votre orientation, pour la méthodologie, pour vos révisions.
- Des réponses à vos questions.
- Un développement de vos compétences d'argumentations et culturelles (débat, partage artistique, panthéon etc...)

Ce discord est encadré par une équipe sérieuse, compétente et motivée, pour vous offrir un cadre de travail et d'échange à la fois prospère et agréable.

Vous aimez aider les autres, partager vos connaissances et motiver les troupes ? Vous avez un cursus atypique ou une formation poussée ? Vous savez faire régner l'ordre et la discipline avec diplomatie ?
Alors votre profil nous intéresse. En effet, "Aide Education" recrute dans le service pédagogique, dans le service de développement et dans le service de modération.
N'hésitez pas à nous faire part de votre volonté de rejoindre notre équipe.

Si vous avez des questions vous pouvez nous contacter sur : https://twitter.com/AideEducationGD | [email protected] | aideeducation.fr | cours.aideeducation.fr .

Et pour nous rejoindre, voici le lien du Discord : https://discord.gg/AHxwhBj .
Our server description and explanation
The U.S.S.R, is a server based of a historical Union, known as the Soviet Union. It's a large joke and meme in you tube and social media. So what better idea then making a server off of it! Our server mainly highlights historical discussions and memes.
Server history
This server was originally made in November 2019. However my discord account was terminated for raiding, (lmfao). So me and my comrade Артем Соколов set off to make a new server with more clean and moderated channels. The reason we did this was because there was no way of transferring ownership to my account, (as my main had been terminated from discord).
Our goal
It feels like it's common for media and TV to give kids and idea that history is boring and stupid. We learn that from such a young age but realise eventually that it's not bad. However we are still left with the idea that whoever enjoys economic topics and historical facts are boring. I am amused with history and economics and trade despite being at such a young age. And for that a lot of people think i'm weird. But I have to say otherwise. My goal with this server is to make history and economics a more open and comfortable topic to talk about,
without people acting like you differ from everyone else. Luckily there is already a large amount of communities like this, but I want to do things differently. I want to have a server where we can have debates about history and
economics, were we can have normal discussions and joke about history!
A simplified version of this would be; I want a server where we talk about history. Lol.
Enjoy your stay comrade, or be sent to the gulag. :smiley:
This server is hidden from your viewing lense as you search through the rubble you've found this as your hidden gem. When life is an everlasting lament, the seams of music wrap around our heads. A place we call home; a place to call our throne. The server that will lead you to your unborn or not. Come and join us; we're onto something that other music servers aren't.
Flesh rots. Metal rusts. Stars grow dark. Whether over the course of a century or millennia, all things lose the ability to serve their purpose and become dust. Such is an immutable, inescapable law of reality. Thus, one who transcends such a limitation - one who is flawless and eternal, possessing none of the weakness called humanity - can only be considered God. Utterly unfettered and unparalleled. Surpassing the very nature of existence. Sing your praises to Crabulon, The Perfect One.
Hello! welcome to Sweetener, a new warm welcoming server. We are a non-toxic community! even if you don't really support Ariana, we also let you post Kpop/Jpop/Cpop. And also let people who are in the weab community!

A very friendly server, we have a big pokecord and pokeverse community and even though we may not be super active (we don't have alot of members atm) we have a very welcoming and nice community
We are a gaming Community called The Flames Forging Community (FFC). We mostly play Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and usually play on our realms most of the time. We also have content related to Minecraft if your looking for that.

Welcome to the ANIME BASE!

Our server is community based with anime, manga, gaming, memes, and more. We are a casual server here to host a friendly, relaxed, and welcoming server. As a community, we are just starting up. We have the friendliest and helpful staff at your service when you join. We are a well rounded community with various perks. Such as:

⭐️Friendly Staff
⭐️Bot Games
⭐️Self-Assignable Roles
⭐️Nitro Boosters
⭐️Server Ranks
⭐️Monthly Nitro Giveaways
⭐️Over 200 Global Emotes
⭐️Active VCs
⭐️Server Banner

Everyone is welcoming and chill members across the community!🍒
Помогаем найти команду, соратников и тимейтовцев для шутерных игр: GTA 5, CS:GO, PUBG, Rainbow Six Seige, Мафия и др.

Discord 서버 리뷰

Vallithia Vallithia
Great family for littles and caregivers
I love this server! I am a lil/pet/switch.....and they accepted me with open arms! I can be who I am with out being judged. They have a great mix of little stuff... petplay.... and bdsm for all the spectrums.... I really do enjoy this server alot... especially movie nights!!! ill bring more coloring books next time!!
trickstxr trickstxr
fantastically open server
This server is a blast to talk in, people are open and super friendly and staff have a good hand on the server
Tylerrr Tylerrr
Good server
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
Vanished Vanished
Best Balkans server on Discord.
It's just the best one. Join and see for yourself. It has amazing members, staff, the owner is kind, respectful and sexy.
8 4
Rika Rika
Friendly and helpful community
It's the best server I have ever been in. I could write an entire paragraph to try and explain why, or you could join and see for yourself.
6 5
spooky spooky
I love the server :)
Tots7 Tots7
Could be better
So, I was looking for a smash server and found this. Despite all of the bad reviews, I decided to join. I know I've only been in for like about 10 minutes, but I feel like it shouldn't have all of these negative 1 or 2 star reviews. It does loose a couple of stars though because of the amount of slurs there are. They say it freedom of speech, but that doesn't really excuse slurs, even if they aren't used in a bad intention. Other then that, it's a decent server and I the mods aren't as rude as other people have mentioned. I personally am not offended by slurs as much as some other people, but I still feel like it was necessary to mention it. The general chat happened to be listed as NSFW, and I feel like there should be one where people under 18 can casually talk without being bombarded with slurs and controversial topics.

(This is also my first review, so please excuse me if it's a little bad)
кσzισłєк ツ кσzισłєк ツ
Bardzo Fajny serwer Comunity
Szczerze można powiedzieć ze serwer ma potencjał. Ktos na pewno sie znajdzie do rozmowy. Prawie 24/7 sa jakies chetne osoby aktywne
Pozdrawiam Bettera i calą administracje
Anonoymas100101101 Anonoymas100101101
It is a great server and i am happy to be a part of the staff. We are working on it though, there are a few things to do with the server but other than that it is a great place to be.
Angel Baby Angel Baby
So Sweet
I've never seen a more ddlg/ddlc etc accepting server ever. The staff are very nice and very sweet people. I'd recommend this server ❤️
Felis Shirimasen Felis Shirimasen
I may be biased, but...
Hello. As the owner and operator of this server I would like to be the first review. I put lots of hard work and dedication into my server to make the people that are a part of it happy. That is my goal. To make people happy. We do not discriminate or anything like that. I make sure of it. Thank you for your time. And good day
1 1
BrOkEnStAr BrOkEnStAr
everyone here is chill as fuck and we love to be funny peenies