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Oh wait ! Do u feel lonley ? Do u feel like you need a friend ?
Join the server and you will have the chance to make a lot of new friends !
I hope i convinced you !
Hello everyone, welcome to Bound by Romance.
[Warning: We are an 18+ only server]

We are a new romance based server.
We are hoping to grow into a nice active community that shares stories, love, and can find comfort in each other.
We are hoping to create a safe place for all members.
We are an LGBTQI+ friendly community, looking for more members.

We would all love to see you around soon. <3
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. •

Welcome to Lustful Lotus the server where you can fulfill all of your horny e-boy and e-girl dreams!!! Our server offers any and everything you can imagine from nudes to games, and we even have our own personally models where you can purchase custom pics, and videos. We have many more services to offer and below are a few that are listed but if you want the full "Lotus Experience" then what are you waiting for??? Join us today!!!

❥ | 18+ Only Verified NSFW Section
❥ | LGBT & Female Friendly
❥ | Kink Friendly
❥ | Self Roles
❥ | Voice chats and tons of different channels to chat in!
❥ | 1:1 Human to Human ratio
❥ | Venting section
❥ | Staff that makes safety a priority!
❥ | Vip section and special perks!
❥ | Cards Against Humanity!
❥ | Truth or Dare, Never have I ever and many more games!
❥ | Movies and fun activities
❥ | CGL and DDLG friendly!
.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. •
Are you bored? Are you lonely and want to talk to people or find people with similar interests to you? Do you love the night? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this server is for you! We have multiple channels for all types of conversations. We have channels to help you guys have fun and be able to meet new people and we have game channels for game nights! We also have custom roles that you get to pick for anyone that joins. The number of people per server doesn’t matter; it’s the number of people who are able to share a server with similar interests to you that counts. We aren’t just another random community server full of random strangers, we’re a family. Please come give this community/family a chance, thank you and hope to see you soon!
» D A T I N G - Chat. Meet. Love.
» S E L F - R O L E S - Various options to describe yourself
» M A T C H - M A K I N G - Dare to get matched?
» L G B T - D A T I N G - Supported at ease!
» 100+ P R O F I L E S / DAY - Quickly get into DMs!
PlayRoom provides a handful of fun options in meeting new people worldwide and nearby. Create your profile now and directly start chatting with other singles. We also provide a loving engaging community to seek bonds beyond a relationship.

We are a new fast growing active chill community where you can meet new people and create new friendships!
We offer a fun and friendly environment for anyone who just wants to show up and chill!
We are looking for active & nontoxic members!

~♡~ The Diner is the BEST server for the e-members of discord to chat about life, crushes, and kinks (;
~♡~Our server is a paradise for all!
Kinky is back!
Kinky was one of the largest social hangouts and shut down last year.
Now we've relaunched and are back with the old community.
Hey there!

We're a new & friendly community aiming to provide both help but also a chill and cozy environment.

So if you need advice concerning:
Or anything in between, you can always join us to get it!

Please note that we're looking for people to help us moderate the server as well!
Promise Me is a fun, chill server for you to make relationships of any kind! You could find your soulmate, or your best friend! Whatever you're here for, we hope you have a good time!
We have:
Reaction Roles
NSFW channels
Role-play channels
+ many more!
We also offer advertising for servers, social medias, YouTube channels, etc.
We hope you join and have a good time!
*Must be under 25

We are a growing "lovey-dovey" community server based on the idea, art and culture of love, romance, relationships, and similar themes.
We provide a way to share your ideas about love and romance with like-minded people. We have professional/friendly staff and are growing extremely fast!

Here are some of the things we offer!
✦ Love Quotes
✦ Relationship Advice
✦ Dating Ideas
✦ 1:1 Female to Male ratio
✦ Movie and Gaming Events
✦ Monthly Giveaways
✦ Couple's Corner / Marriage Bot
✦ Question of the Day
✦ LGBTQ+ Friendly
✦ 18+ Channel

Whether you're a Single Pringle, Taken or just looking to make some friends, we welcome all at 18+ Single and Friends! Join us in this (Dating/Relationship Oriented) Server where you can participate in the interest rooms (anime, game, music, etc.), talk in general or show off your photography skills!~

There are rooms for every continent and a variety of interests. Roles make it possible to instantly see a member's: Gender, Age Range, Orientation, Continent, and Interests (if they have given themselves said roles)

The server is for those 18+ and features a high-tier verification system to keep the bots and catfish at bay.

Please join us sometime~
If your lonely/looking for friends this is a great place to go. We're very friendly and most of us are single ;)
🔮 Giveaways 🔮
💞 Dating 💞
💬 Socializing 💬
🙃 Active-Members 🙃
🏳️‍🌈 LGBT Friendly 🏳️‍🌈
👏 Anime 👏
🕹 Gaming Community 🕹
❌ Non-Toxic ❌
Okay, so we are a new server.
We spread love here, we are one big family, we all respect each other, we are nice, we support each other and we care about each other 💙

my King 😍♥️
I made this server for my boyfriend and for myself and I think you should join us.


💜Well, we have 194 roles to choose from atm, some nice bots, verification, monthly challenge, giveaways, a lot of new channels, gaming section, dating section, pretty nice rules, responsible staff members and ofc amazing community♥️
💜We also offer partnership and there is an option to advertise your server as well♥️
💜We have vc, vent, announcements and partnership ping♥️
💜What do I have to offer you?♥️
💜Well, never ending love for my boyfriend ♥️

What is our server is about?

♥️Well, it's about making friends, chatting with them, meeting new plp and spreading love 💜

Well, I hope you'll join us. We are waiting for you
This is a NSFW BDSM server, which is 16+ only due to many reasons, mostly relating to maturity.
Everyone is welcome to meet new people and have fun with the mini-games in the server, plenty of people to discuss different topics such as gaming or fetishes a very open minded server which is updated reagularly and incorperates suggestions given by users.

We have a active community and offer mutual advertisement with other servers for anyone who might be interested feel free to ask, we are also very happy to welcome new people to the bdsm community and aim to.make sure everyone can enjoy safe filthy fun with each other.

The server has hit 400 users and i am very excited to see it growing so quickly, come join us all and have a nice long chat and join the jounrey to 1000 users, the list of assignable kinks and custom emotes which are updated and added often and sometimes at request allowing better expression, The server also has the pokecord bot for all to enjoy catching and talking.

The server is airlocked and the nsfw sections do require verification to access.
❣》For 18+ only.
❣》DATING - Chat, Meet people, Find love.
❣》SELF-ROLE-ASSIGNMENT - Many different options to describe yourself
❣》LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY - Everyone is welcome!
❣》EVENTS - A lot of different events are waiting for you!
❣》AND MORE - There are many different channels, just go and check them out!
Looking for the BEST dating server? Well you just found it!
Join our ride 🎢 of amazing fun and find a spark ✨ in the server for True Love!
You got passed that line? Well good! Because that means you can keep reading about what we have to offer you!
We have:
-Self promoting!✅
-Friendly staff!✅
-Fun bots!✅
-Lot's of VC!✅
-Lot's of channels to share about yourself!✅
-Lot's of places to share picture and videos of things!✅
and it's NSFW FREE!✅
Hate NSFW? Good because you can finally join a server with out NSFW!✅
Unlike most servers, we put time and effort to make sure you get the fun and help you deserve, I mean yeah sure that chat dies sometimes, but 17 hours a day it's very active! I don't put up with shit, so if you want to join a server that's very rare to have fights, then join us! Just look at this intro you are reading my friend, you think this is good? Then stop looking for dating servers because you found one called True Love, it's not just a fun community! It's your community!
Having a rough day? Join and chill with us.

DATING ⇢ We ain't gonna push it on you but if you find someone you like, go for it, chief!
SELF-ROLES ⇢ there are many roles to pick from and we are LGBTQ* friendly.
ACTIVE-COMMUNITY⇢ There's always someone you can talk with in our server!
EVENTS ⇢ We organize many events like discord's got talent, movie night and many more!

꧁Join Now and relax!꧂
I’m looking for a Lover and some slaves, and some cute pets 2. Join and I’ll take really good care of you if you belong to me UwU<3
18+ Dating Discord Server
Dating. Meet New People!
18+ Discord Dating Server
Profiles, Find your match!
LGBT Dating! Friendly to all!
NSFW Verified Section.
Post Nudes! Post Tease Pictures! Thighs!
Welcome to the Nerd Herd!
This server is going big with many people joining all the time. Feel free to pop in and say "Hi" or hang around for a bit and get to know the community we are building.
Hello and welcome to our server!
A kind of growing server that we're going to try to include Dating services and 18+ Material! along with Chating with friends and finding new gaming buddies!!
(We have a low pop right now, but dont let that sway you from joining!)

😜😍😘😍What This Server Has😍😘😍😜
🔞NSFW 18+
🔒Private Voice Channels! (Change the limit, or have no limit at all!)
🎥Meet with someone new!