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Welcome to Gummyland! This server is a community of both general bronies and people who want to make friends.
We are a friendly community:
We are sfw and we enjoy people who want to join and make friends with other people.
Even if you are not a brony, you are welcome to join this server.
Here is what we have:

• We offer Custom Made roles
• A very friendly staff
• Meeting new friends
• RP chat
• Any of your suggestions will also be noted to make this server better
Welcome to Illumnious’ server here at the server we have:

🌙over 20+ channels
🌙SFW server(13+)
🌙 Self and color roles available
🌙Over 100+ emojis to use
🌙gender channels
🌙venting channels

The server is looking for active members and active staffs.
Come join our mlp clop server! You are free to post all the clop you want in appropriate nsfw rooms, as well as sfw rooms for all the cute art you want.
A server for Bronies to hang out. Come join us for a fun and engaging community with over 1000 members!
Manechat is a MLP server for everyone. Started in 2015, it is one of the biggest and most active servers in the community. It fosters a friendly, SFW, and conversation focused environment where people talk about everything related to the show and more, like sharing their art, games, science and technology, and other media. No matter the time of day you will find someone to talk to.

-- Raiders are not welcome. People that join just to make trouble will be banned on the spot, no exceptions. First impressions matter.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀𝗣𝗼𝗻𝘆 𝗥𝗼𝗹𝗲𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗣𝗥𝗣

• Custom private rooms - you moderate your own room!
• Custom events - you create the story!
• An active and welcoming community - you'll feel at home!
• Great staff - we listen to all of your suggestions!
• Artwork, writing, music - all kinds of creative works!
• Safe for everyone - in sync with Discord's TOS!

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁
We are a server dedicated to being a place where anyone can come in and forge their own impact on our world. Following our own branch of canon from around Season 4 onwards, we've had world changing events, important characters, and canon characters alike working together!

Since V1's creation and fall nearly four years ago, PRP has had a rich and interesting history that led to the 2018-founded V2 server, which is 250 members strong at the time of writing! With unique features like self-moderated rooms, roleplay bots, and a staff team that actually cares about your well-being, from the day you join onwards, you are guaranteed to have a great time.
Hiya! Welcome to the MLP Voice-Chat RP Server.
I aim to make a friendly community for role-playing.
We currently vc only sometimes, but when there are more roleplayers that will quickly change 🌱
Hope you visit us soon!
Canterlot is a brony server for all your pony needs. We got your fix no matter what you're craving.
Over 50 unique channels and multiple voice chats covering a range of topics from art and music to lore and hobbies. Yes, there's RP and NSFW too.
Specialty roles to help convey what you're into.
Bots with economy and games.
Helpful and fun staff.
All we're missing is you! So come drop by and join the comunity.

⭐🌈Our story starts 100 years after Twilight becomes the Princess of Friendship. The Mane 6 have settled down and started their own lives, made immortal by ancient magic.

As time had passed and politics had gotten complicated, tensions had risen. Luna began to struggle with feeling forgotten again. Celestia was busy dealing with factions of ponies that were unhappy with the monarchy.

After a few years of this happening, Luna approached her sister with a plea.
“Let me take some ponies and start a new kingdom, my own kingdom!”
Celestia refused on the grounds that this would divide and possibly destroy Equestria. Angry and disheartened, Luna left and took a small band of ponies with her to start her own kingdom in the Everfree Forest. She embraced the Nightmare once more and began planning to create Eternal Night to exact her revenge on her sister, finally. What she didn’t realize was that her departure filled Celestia with rage and transformed her into Daybreaker.

These are the events that lead up to the current day. Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker fight for control of Equestria, neither caring who or what they trample in their endless rage.
From the Everfree Forest and beyond, Night reigns supreme. From Canterlot and beyond, the Day never ceases. In between, Princess Twilight Sparkle has started a rebellion with the aid of the Crystal Empire. She hopes to save the two Sisters from themselves.

On which side of this battle do you stand? Are you a Child of the Night, a Soldier in the Noctis Army, or a Priestess in the Cult of the Moon? Do you live as a Citizen of the Day, a Warrior in the Army of Lumen, or a Priestess in the Sun Shrine? Or have you hidden away to support the Heart of Harmony, the group of ponies fighting to reclaim Day and Night and reset Equestria?

Join us and fight for what you believe is the truth. Become a pony, a griffin, a dragon, a changeling, or a seapony. The choice is yours to stand and fight, or to run and hide.

What will you choose?🌈⭐
Luna's Garden is a friendly server that exists to foster a welcoming community amongst the Brony fandom and is a place where you can come to get away from the more negative aspects of the fandom. All who wish to find a positive place filled with friendship and harmony are welcome.
Welcome to Nocturnal Dwellers, our server is open to anyone,
Our Server is safe and rather new if I might add. Once we get more members we can start a staff application if anyone would be interested in that. Our server is small but we are making big changes!
•Custom Roles
•Safe and friendly
We hope that you enjoy our server and that hopefully we can grow it! ✨

Welcome to the most ridiculous server in history of pony, a drama free place.

besides the causal server being as it is were a community with enough staff or everything in one place as a mlp community.
Podcast, drama reporting, rp chats and ect many more.
As of this place I welcome you in.
50 plus different things to do
300 plus chats
100 roles and auto roles available to everyone.
Active staff members
Largest small server with everything needed.
Welcome to the My Little Pony server! Here, you are able to talk to other MLP fans! This is a fan made server, not an official. From songs in the franchise, to episodes, to characters! We feature a friendly community with great admins! Come and join us today, so you can be a part of something big!
Log Start:
“Six years have passed since we lost the Great War.. The nation has been split in twine, with the west under the control of those.. Those damn Changelings. Canterlot is in ruins.. For the past few years we’ve had a provisional capitol in Manehatten.. Since both Celestia and Luna got captured by them, Rainbow Dash and Applejack.. They’ve been doing a fair job at leading us, I guess.. Stalliongrad crept south earlier this year.. I hope those ponies are okay with their new leader.. The inhabitants of the UBZ, from what we’ve seen they’re doing well enough.. A lot of vigilantes and gunponys.. The Equestrian military, it’s not recovered well.. The economy just got out of the gutter.. How I’d love to be out there.. But I’m stuck in this Manehatten hospital..”
“Sergeant Dynamo.. Over and out..”
Log End.
5k+ member Brony/My little pony chill Community Server open to people of all Kinds. Featuring 24/7 active chat, roleplay ,art and Image rooms, Video game chats, Artists, Twilight sparkle bot and lots of cute pones and pone emojis.
Welcome to Pinkie's Corner! We're a server that just started Tuesday, August 18th, 2020!
We're small, yes, but we're open, kind, and want to make friends based off of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!
The server isn't roleplay based, don't worry! You don't have to roleplay! It's just an option :)
We have contests, special/rare roles, a roleplay section, art sections (including songs, and fanfiction!), a general chat, and voice chats!
We hope to see you here!
Community focused server that is based on a range of lewds, from IRL to MLP to hentai, we have it all! We have an active community of 1,600+ members and always happy for more to join! New people are welcomed with open arms! NON TOXIC COMMUNITY! We like to keep things nice and civil. See ya there!
What we offer:
Literate/Semi-Literate/Multi-Para Roleplay
No NSFW Rule
Roleplaying Advice
Partnerships Requests Available
Roleplay Lore Summary: The year was 2022, when, suddenly, Changelings began to appear all across Earth. Now there’s a bloodborne virus going around diagnosed as Ponyfever. Where if you get bitten by a Changeling, your blood mutates with the Changeling’s blood, transforming you into a pony. Changelings are able to learn about the victim before they strike by looking the victim up on the internet or looking at the victim’s information on their phone. Also, it’s contagious. You can be the transformed, the resistance group, or the changelings. For the transformed, your goal is to spread the disease to others with the changelings once you’re infected. The resistance group, your goal is to make a cure for the virus before everyone becomes ponies and eventually dies.
The first of a string of 21 emoji servers. Yes, 21! There is no talking, no images, only emojis. Join this one to get the other 20!
(Note: If you don't have nitro, these servers are useless to you.)

Now with a 6th, mostly empty server with an emoji suggestion spot (until someone ruins it) as well as a lewd emoji server!
@everyone Welcome to ₊˚.༄Ultimate Pony Palooza! We're a MLP based server looking forward to meeting new people and making sure everyone is having fun! 🤩
⊱ ─────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ─────── ⊰
Here is what we have to offer!
「🌺」Fun Chats!
「🌸」Self Assign Roles!
「🌺」Great Staff and Members!
「🌸」A lot of Emotes!
「🌸」Role play!
「🌺」And Much Much More!!!
Join to find out for yourself :)
⊱ ─────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ─────── ⊰
We hope you enjoy this server and share it with your friends! ^~^
We want to make sure new people make new friends and everyone gets along! We want to gather everyone and every creature together here and make this place feel like home! :)

🌷See you there!🌷
have a NSFW area, it is hidden unless you head to #self-assign-roles and read the message posted about this, then follow the instructions to get the NSFW Role to access the NSFW Category.

Come on down to Equestria, where we have roleplay, fun people, amazing staff.
bring your friends, spread the server. we welcome any mlp lovers, both male, female and even trans, there's no discrimination! you can always feel safe on this server, and if you don't we have a channel for you to vent/get support, or you can even just ping/dm the owner or talk to a staff member. I got to lazy to type more, so just gonna summarize, we accept everyone, spread the server to friends, and that's all my brain can type since it is going to explode from typing.

~Zack (Server Owner)

P.S: Don't forget to have FUN!