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This is Coltstream, a Discord for fans of My Little Pony! We welcome all people of all different backgrounds here; as well as offer a place to sit down and talk, and listen to music using Rythm!

The Mane Chat of the server doesn't *have* to contain talk about MLP... you can talk about almost anything! A rule we take pretty seriously is "No Season 9 Spoilers!" There is a chat for that, and if you want access, DM a moderator.

Before you join, we would like you to keep in mind that this is a new and super small server... so bear with us on limited activity at the start of this server's life. Thank you for you for reading, and I hope you decide to join! :D
Manechat is a MLP server for everyone. Started in 2015, it is one of the biggest and most active servers in the community. It fosters a friendly, SFW, and conversation focused environment where people talk about everything related to the show and more, like sharing their art, games, science and technology, and other media. No matter the time of day you will find someone to talk to.

2k member Brony/My little pony chill Community Server open to people of all Kinds. Currently Includes Chat,roleplay,art and Image rooms, Video game chats, Artists, Twilight sparkle bot and lots of cute pones and pone emojis.
A server for Bronies to hang out. Come join us for a fun and engaging community with over 1000 members!
All is welcome to our sever. We might be a mlp fan group, but we welcome neko's, pokemon fans, furries, yandere's, hentai lovers, and more!
From each section of Ponyville all the way out to Yakyakistan, and even over to Canterlot High! RolePony is packed full of places waiting for you to visit! Switch between location chats as you play to keep track of everything going on and only see which messages you want to. Come make friends and share media both in and out of character!
My Little Pony: Nyxian Eclipse is a roleplaying server that follows the question of what if Princess Luna imprisoned Celestia instead? Join us and find out! LGBTQ friendly!
NSFW my little pony/ furry ERP and Lewd server. relaxed rules and a bunch of NSFW content and Roleplay etc

Clop & Yiff
A very chill PG server filled with lots of fans of MLP. We include things like weekly updates on new episodes, updates on new content, gaming discussions, creative channels of all kinds, Roleplay, and much more! Fun and very active members! We also include content like leveling roles, and are open to new ideas and content for future content/updates! We also have a section of international languages, and are open to adding more in the future, that way people of all languages are able to talk and enjoy their time in the server. If you're a fan of old, or new MLP, this server will be very happy to welcome you with open arms!
Greetings, everyone!
Welcome to the freecreatures' guild. That is, if you would like to be part of our community!
We are a general hangout/roleplay/chatting server, with custom canon and OC role applications, unique commands for each role, events, leveling and more!
No matter where you come from, what you like or how you look like, you are welcome here. Just make sure to be nice, and respect other people!
Welcome to the dream zone we are a clopper sever with a few additional features
A new & welcoming My Little Pony SFW roleplay server. We offer:
• Custom private rooms - you moderate your own room!
• Chat channels
• Great staff
• An owner who listens to suggestions and runs the server well.
#backstory will explain a lot but, Celestia and Luna have parted ways once more and now Equestria is broken!
Welcome to Gummyland! This server is a community of both general bronies and people who want to make friends.
We are a friendly community:
We are sfw and we enjoy people who want to join and make friends with other people.
Even if you are not a brony, you are welcome to join this server.
Here is what we have:

• We offer Custom Made roles
• A very friendly staff
• Meeting new friends
• RP chat
• Any of your suggestions will also be noted to make this server better
Welcome to this server! we are all glad to see you here!

This server is for bronies, who are fond in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, but we accept anyone who wanna join in.

You will be free to talk here, but remember not to discuss any current politics, ideological politics (including economy, culture, and philosophy) is fine, and this is not a NSFW server.

In the end, we can't wait to see you here soon!
Do you like ponies? Do you like furries?
Do you like chicks with big dicks?
Do your favorite artists include the likes of Cauldroneer?
Are you sick and tired of totalitarian admins, no-reason bans, staff and user bullying?
Then come join Twilight's Kingdom, where dickgirls are larger, stronger, and more intelligent than the other genders. Hermaphrodites may or may not be larger and stronger than males or females, but more often than not are of similar size. Dickgirls are considered superior, to the point where very few if any laws apply to them.
Love Ponies? Love RPing? Do you love freaking cupcakes with frosting? Well...we have that but we also have muffins! If you like those things, then come join My Little Pony: Dawn of Harmony RP!

We offer all the things a pony lover could enjoy:

🌟 A warm and friendly community of fellow bronies and pegasisters and MLP RPers

🌟 A welcoming group of staff, don't be afraid to talk to us about certain things you need to know

🌟 Be able to RP in the magical land of Equestria through several set up RP categories depicting different locales such as Ponyville all the way to the Crystal Empire

🌟 RP with Canons and OCs and be able to be apart of fun stories and events

Fillies and Gentlecolts, you don't wanna miss such an epic server, come join the herd, you won't regret it and remember Friendship is Magic

Dedicated Core Members, regular events like movie night or drawpile. Users are encourage to run their own events. Self Promotion.
Welcome to a server for Bronies to join and make friendships...
We also do singing here.
Equestria has been hit by a virus that is making everyone... how should I put this... horny. The few ponies that are left are trying to stay away from big crowds of people but we know it won't last since even other species have been hit by it. Please, help us.


High moderation
Protection from porn spam bots
Come join our mlp clop server! You are free to post all the clop you want in appropriate nsfw rooms, as well as sfw rooms for all the cute art you want.
Wanna discuss about Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer? Come, join us. A really cool Glimmy and Trixie Server with much Fun and more.