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Friendly place for friends of my little pony, friendship is magic. Fun active community with lots of members and a lot of channels.

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A server for Bronies to hang out. Come join us for a fun and engaging community with over 1000 members!
We're a small community server that caters to bronies and furs alike. Our server includes SFW and NSFW content like Chat, Video game, Art and Meme channels. Aswell it includes a welcoming and friendly community! Come on down and join us, We would like to see you there! Just make sure you are over 18.
Welcome to the Magical Book Horse's Library For Chill Pones where you can talk, relax and have fun with the pones inside. we got Ponies check, Gaming check, Bots check, Nsfw crossed out, Arts check, And lastly MEMES check. anypony is welcome as long you just chill and behave, and we hope that you enjoy in our Chill Library. check out our Announcements for more new updates!
Eyo. This is just your typical MLP server. We don't do much besides talk about random stuff and post ponies all day. So, have fun in the server.
2k member Brony/My little pony chill Community Server open to people of all Kinds. Currently Includes Chat,roleplay,art and Image rooms, Video game chats, Artists, Twilight sparkle bot and lots of cute pones and pone emojis.
NSFW my little pony/ furry relaxed rules than the main server and a bunch of NSFW content/Roleplay etc
Hi there we are a small community that offers roleplay voice chat music gaming and art and we are active
Welcome to Dawn Of Harmony! If you love RPing and MLP, this is the place for you! Come join in to be apart of a friendly and welcoming community! RP with Canons and OCs in the land of Equestria and take part in an epic evergrowing story! Remember, friendship is magic!
A server for fans of mlp and/or Rainbow Dash. We have roles and fun bots.
Welcome to Equestria - The Quest For Friendship!
We aim to become a friendly Community;
Where we together can enjoy each others company and share friendships!
Everyone is welcome!

We hope to bring together the most amazing of people; Namely You!. if you're struggling with issues,Mentally or physically.
Or have a bad day!
Don't be afraid to jump on in and message an admin! they're there for you, to help and guide you.
or just are a fan of the series?
Then come on in!
Here is what we offer:

• We offer Custom Made emoji
• Lots of self-assignable roles! / Or ask staff for a custom role!
• Active Staff 24/7 Support
• OC/RP/ART chats!
• Nsfw for those who desire it
• Artists creating your oc's (T.B.D)
• Events! Weekly/Monthly (with a certain prize pool!)
• All staff are above 18+
Dedicated Core Members, regular events like movie night or drawpile. Users are encourage to run their own events. Self Promotion.
Welcome to Gummyland! This server is a community of both general bronies and bronies who have seen our PMVs.
We are a friendly community:
We are sfw and we enjoy people who want to join and make friends with other people.
Even if you are not a brony, you are welcome to join this server.
Here is what we have:

• We offer Custom Made roles
• A very friendly staff
• Meeting new friends
• RP chat
• Any of your suggestions will also be noted to make this server better
Come join our mlp clop server! You are free to post all the clop you want in appropriate nsfw rooms, as well as sfw rooms for all the cute art you want.
"nsfw is optional and you never need to even see the chats or be bothered by them"
The server is a fun and wonderful place to spend your time full of mostly bronies but any fandom is welcome, from furrys to gamers and even moive junkies. Votes are held for management so the representation in the rules is entirely up to the people, we discontinued events recently but we are starting them up again soon including a game night and potentially a group YouTube watching session, along with several bots to make your experience much better and staff willing to accommodate your needs.
We're a small, friendly server based around MLP. We host both SFW and NSFW channels for our members. We have channels for Music, Gaming, and Roleplay. Come down and help us become a larger server!
Welcome to Equestria's Ponies! Come hang out and meet new friends! We are mainly focused on MLP, but any fandom is welcome!

We're waiting you!
We offer:

-RP Channels
-Art sharing
-Gaming talk room.

Hello and welcome to our fun fun fun server! We are a coommunity of MLP fans, more specifically a community of Pinkie pie fans as we recognize her as best pony! If you are here for hate or don't like MLP don't join and be a spoilsport please, if you are a good person and love pinkiepie this is the place for you! we have so many fun things to do, mess around, listen to music, and many other things! Can't wait to see you in this fun fun fun server!
◈В данную диванную армию призываются лица от 13-ти лет!
◈В этой армии сражаются от пониебов
◈Удачи в службе, доброволец!
Hi I'm Pixel. I invite you to join my art and RP server. We have a bunch of rp channels all mlp related. Commission OC drawings. Art and more! We have nsfw channels that include mlp erp channels for our more "fun loving" ponies. Our server isn't dead or inactive we just dont have alot of members yet. Hopefully you join and I'll be seeing you soon!

~Pixel Stars
From each section of Ponyville all the way out to Yakyakistan, and even over to Canterlot High! RolePony is packed full of places waiting for you to visit! Switch between location chats as you play to keep track of everything going on and only see which messages you want to. Come make friends and share media both in and out of character!