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Welcome to My little pony Canterlot city
We are a Pony/Brony COMMUNITY that offers roleplay wonderful artists who love to do commissions we also have gamers and lets not forget we have a cool lounge to chitchat aswell
And yes alot of people ask this in other servers WE DO ADVERTISE!!! so if you would like to post your channel remember to post it in the advertising section.
And we also have NSFW rooms as well ^^
Welcome to My Little Pony AUS! A fun MLP community server for Australian bronies!

Brony/My little pony chill Community Server open to people of all Kinds. Currently Includes SFW and NSFW roleplay, both SFW and NSFW Chat and Image rooms, Video game chats, Artists, Twilight sparkle bot and lots of cute pones and pone emojis.
Welcome to Dawn Of Harmony! If you love RPing and MLP, this is the place for you! Come join in to be apart of a friendly and welcoming community! RP with Canons and OCs in the land of Equestria and take part in an epic evergrowing story! Remember, friendship is magic!
A fun community for those involved in any fandom to come together get along and have a great awesome time!
We're a small community server that caters to bronies and furs alike. Our server includes SFW and NSFW content like Chat, Video game, Art and Meme channels. Aswell it includes a welcoming and friendly community! Come on down and join us, We would like to see you there! Just make sure you are over 18.
Come join our mlp clop server! You are free to post all the clop you want in appropriate nsfw rooms, as well as sfw rooms for all the cute art you want.
Discussions are in no way limited to MLP. Focus of the server lies in bringing people that like MLP together. Find new friends, hang out, play some games, listen to music and enjoy yourself.

We are in the process of building up a mod team over different timezones so that there should always be someone to talk to if problems arise and any suggestion on how to better the Server is appreciated.
Hello, and welcome to Horse Talk! Here we like to discuss the show, and anything that revolves around it! Come say hello!
A small new server made for everyone. Basically made for talking/roleplaying/gaming and listening to music and making new friends!

Here you can join a server where you can talk about pony stuff!
You can also get to know an Original Species called Northlings!
A simple server to chill and talk to other people.
just a server i made for people who like pones and for people to just hang out
The Atomic Cafe is a server for fans of Fallout Equestria and My Little Pony, we strive for a laid back and relaxed atmosphere to talk about anything from the stories, the shows, gaming, or anything else you may be interested in, so come check us out! We hope you enjoy your stay in the Atomic Cafe!
<♡> The Furry & Pony Hangout <♡>
We strive to make a friendly safe environment for our amazing members!
The Furry & Pony Hangout is a server ment for people from any and all fandoms based around cute furry creatures! There is much you can expect from us, so be sure to check out all we have to offer!
- Many different channels to chat in!
- SFW and NSFW Roleplay Channels!
- SFW and NSFW Art Channels!
- Custom Bot!
- Music Bot!
-Active Voice Chats!
- Game Nights, Movie Nights, and
-New money system, including items and irl things that can be bought with the FPH Currency!
-Movie nights, game nights, and GIVEAWAYS!
-So much more!
A My Little Pony server mainly for roleplay! Members may be from PonyTown. We have self assignable roles and an nsfw room!
This is a server, made for bronies and pegasisters to come, hang out, look at lewd pictures in our 18+ category. This is server is an 18+ Server.
All is welcome to our sever. We might be a mlp fan group, but we welcome neko's, pokemon fans, furries, yandere's, hentai lovers, and more!
we are Harmony, i just starting MLP FIM fan server.
we follow discord guidelines, and we are a lgbt+ supportive server.
we do not allow harassment, slurs, slang, or anything of the sort. no matter who it is.
we support friendship all the way!
pony emotes!
come join us!
Hi, everypony! I’m Derpy Hooves, and welcome to Derpy’s Diaper Playhouse! If you’re looking for a place where ponies, dragons, and more who love to wear diapers can find a new playmate or foalsitter, make new friends and playmates, or just have the best of fun in your diapers and such, then I cordially invite you to come play with me at my Playhouse!

This is for adult foals, diaper lovers, and foalsitters only.
From each section of Ponyville all the way out to Yakyakistan, and even over to Canterlot High! RolePony is packed full of places waiting for you to visit! Switch between location chats as you play to keep track of everything going on and only see which messages you want to. Come make friends and share media both in and out of character!
This is a nice little pony fan server. For fans, artists, programmares and writers.