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BACK AGAIN! - Social-Platform Dating Server [15+]
» D A T I N G - And forming bonds beyond
» S E L F - R O L E S - With a simple click
» M E E T O T H E R S - Share the same interests
» L G B T - D A T I N G - Supported at ease
» M A T C H - M A K I N G - Dare to play?

The most stunning, realistic and entertaining events yet to come for you to experience

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY !
Welcome to "Morally Wrong Server"! We are a server that hates a lot of rules and so we created this one to be ourselves! We are a set of unique individuals looking to make friends that love memes and jokes just as much as we do!
Welcome to Universe 017. It's not exactly like yours, not 100%. See...In this universe, Soulmates, Superheros, Werewolves, All that stuff that you can only dream about, they're all real. You might be laughing at me, You might be squealing with joy, but that doesn't make it any less or more real then it is.

But, In this Roleplay, You've grown up in this universe. You don't know about Universe 004 (That's ours), But there pretty similar, other then what I just listed to you. Anyway, you might be exited about all the superheros, villains, Vampires, stuff like that, but you're probably wondering what soulmates are for...

Well, You see...Everything you see is pretty much like an old movie. Black and white. Monotone. No Colors. You get what I'm saying. But if you kiss you're soulmate, you can colors. It sounds pretty simple, but you can have more then one soulmate, which could be pretty troublesome.

It's now 2018, and a new law has passed that all Powered people, Supernatural creatures, and basically anything not human to be taken away. Now people are walking around with secret's on what they are, Who they like, and where they come from.

This server mainly focuses on Action, Drama, Romance, and Mystery, but a few other genres can be thrown in there if needed.
Dating help : Pick up lines , Fashion , etc...
200+ Self assignable roles to describe yourself the best you can!
No pings unless you want 'em. We do not use @ everyone and @ here , You can get pingable roles if you want!
Amazing staff and Members to get to know! Join in and make some friends!
Events : Auctions , Movie and Game nights , Karaoke and more!
Play with Bots and get Server perks!
NSFW is 18+ ONLY.
Come join us brand new server,come join meet new friends and chill.
we have Music
Kawaii bot
Toasty bot
mee6 bot
Tatsumaki bot
Are you looking for a nice guy or gal? One that can make your whole world seem different,
or just make you laugh when you're feeling down? Try the Date&Love! We have members of varying kinds,
most of them looking for someone to love! We're all eagerly awaiting your arrival!
We are a dating discord server for people who are 18+ years old. Join in!
A safe place for others to express their feelings, meet new people, and chill. The main goal of Second Home is to help all kinds of people with different mental disabilities. We don't judge, we welcome everyone, make yourself at home.
Angel of Darkness is a growing Dating/Community server and one of the best for making friends! We have a great team of strict but fair admins open to any concerns you have! Everybody is treated the same, everyone is equal here! (Trolling not welcome)
Mingle is a multipurpose server which offers something for everyone (nsfw excluded)

levelling system with rewards, economy, memes, anime, emotes, gaming
I am a professional server owner, my last server had over 1k people in it! You should join, it is super fun!

Looking for a partner?
Looking for friends?
This server is perfect for you!! Please come check it out!!
A coffee loving thriving self-appreciative community based server fulfilled with everlasting positivity where you can showcase your creativity, art and media by all means!

Nothing is impossible if you believe. :)
Welcome to the 'What is life' server. In this server we discuss the meaning of life, insights, spirituality, wisdom and life-lessons in general. This is a place for friendly discussion where any viewpoint is welcome. You can call yourself an atheist or messiah, as long as you're serious about it, it's fine.
Welcome to Cupid's Arrow! This server is for members 15+ to find friends, and hopefully a possible lover! We are a new server and hoping to grow! We have an active staff team and love to help out members and want everyone to have a great time!
Just come here chill and talk, look at Loli just have a swell time but please try to be nice or it may result in a ban
A friendly community to discuss DDLC, make friends and overall enjoy yourself!
This server is for the people who stay up at night and wanna talk, it's loving and small. We are just a pair of friends looking for more friends and start a community. The server is 15+ with a NSFW corner. This server has music, self-applicable roles and colours.
Fun server with CHILL Mods and Admins. Lots of memes and love. <3
bersenanglah dan kita saling menghormati kalian, silahkan ini hanya untuk bersenang senang Welcome to 💫✨ALAM GALAXY✨💫INDONESIA

""""chat me with RoleChat,
""""want to be happier,
""""We love you,
This is a date discord server :D
You can do here:
-Talk with people from ALL the world
-Chat with people
If you want to find a love JOIN NOW :D
House of Hearts is a dating server! Though it is primarily for dating and searching for the one, it is also a community server where you can form bonds beyond those of dating. We welcome all (except trolls) and hope that you enjoy your time on the server!

We offer:
- Many self-assignable roles
- Lots of channels to meet other people
- Friendly staff and lovely members
- Bots and adorable emotes!
- LGBTQ+ friendly (we welcome all, remember?)
- NSFW is available for **only** 18+ ;)
- We have official matchmaking for verified members
- Counselling is also available with one-on-one chatting with our hand selected Counsellors
Hier kommt ein Flirt Discord Server für den Raum Deutsch- und umland.
Der Server ist komplett neu (24.09.2018) und zielt darauf ab einsame Herzen zusammen zu bringen, oder aber auch nur für ein kurzes vergnügen.
Wir sind offen für alle Sexualitäten, jeder findet sein Platz.

Da wir noch total neu sind brauchen wir auch ganz dringend Verstärkung im Mod bereich. Wenn du dich angesprochen fühlst dann Join uns.
New dating server feel free to join and find someone to love we're open to all sexualities and all genders here we don't accept judgement but we do like to have fun so fee free to join!

✧~Many color and expressing roles
✧~Many channels
✧~Verified Role
✧~Match making system
✧~Great staff
✧~New Server