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Kogarashi is a growing social server, with nice people to hang out and talk to.
Our goal is to bring everyone together and build friendships, love, or just generally feel comfortable in being themselves! If you're looking for something kinda new, come check us out if you're interested! We don't bite~

Our goal is to also reach 200 members!
16+ members ONLY.

✧ Welcoming staff
✧ Friendly community
✧ Lots of unique roles
✧ Special channels
✧ Open to partnerships
✧ Waifu, Pokemon, leveling, and currency bots
A community server for long distance couples to talk, share advice, tips and make friends! An unofficial server for the r/LongDistance subreddit. 17+ only server!

THIS IS NOT A DATING SERVER! Please do not join looking for a relationship or if you are not in a LONG DISTANCE relationship, thank you!
➼Welcome to Eros' Arrow! We're a growing server that can always do with another member to join us in the fun and friendships.

➼We have multiple things in this server that could possibly peak your interest!

➼Such as:

➼a 13-18+ server with mindful mods

➼ A non-toxic environment

➼Actually active chat rooms

➼Active members

➼1 on 1 voice chat

➼Game nights

➼Games from the bots

➼Friendly Staff

➼A possible chance at romance~


➼And some saucy chats for those 18+ human beings.

➼Please come check us out at Eros' Arrows and we thoroughly hope you enjoy your stay!
• The best server to hang out and chill with yo' friends because we work specifically hard on our social channels.
• Neat and organized channels to keep people from overloading one channel.
• Constantly moderated, keeping everything in tip top shape. 😉
• Neatly moderated
• Always eager to meet new people so come join the fun!
Welcome to ♡KINGDOM OF MASTERS AND SLAVES!~♡! We're a small growing server that gives you the chance to own someone or be owned! Please join and help us grow! thank you!
This is a small, not super active server, where we talk about life, share life together. We have weekly topics and I post regular videos to encourage people to open up and forge authentic friendships online.
Too many men are misled by our feminized society. With the belief that being a "gentleman" is something appreciated or that you "just have to be yourself". We focus on self-improvement and supporting our fellow who fell for these lies and are unhappy.
Hey and welcome to a brand new fast growing Dating Server for Teens! Consider joining us if youre looking for friendships, relationships or just bored! We got a friendly community, memes, bots and much more! come see for yourself :))
Come Join my server and ENJOY your stay as we keep it polite and friendly as we share the leave and care wde have for each other.
▌│█║▌║▌║☆☆ LoveCorner ☆☆║▌║▌║█│▌

🔶Love Corner🔶

🔶We Have:🔶

First Of All We Are 13+ Server We Are Here To Support,Love And Etc
In This Server There Isn't Alot Of People
But If You Invite We Can Grow As A Family A #1 Family

🔶Voice Gaming Chats And Music!
🔶Meet With New Friends!

This is a new server i made for people that want to make friends. It will mainly be for making internet friends. if people want to get together and engage in a relationship on the server theirs nothing stopping them. if it ends up being a catfish its your own fault. i will let people be Admins. just DM me if your interested. THX ^_^
Welcome to my new server!

This server is for:

Mental health people
Making friends

And more.....

The owners dm's (me) are open for more information or anything you would like to ask or suggest.
Just a small group of people trying to find love and friends.
```CyberLove Cafe```
Welcome to CyberLove Cafe, a relaxed cafe rp environment where you can meet new people and maybe even someone special? We have friendly staff to help out and numerous channels. It is a dating server with a nice cafe styled environment touch to make you more comfortable
The server includes:
- dating channels
- VCs
- bots
- an rp cafe with an economy bot to stimulate a dinner date
- friendly staff catering to the server's members' needs
and more!
This server is all about friendship and relationships. A happy place for all people. But the thing is this server needs some light. And it's quite old. But we changed it to something else like this! I know over 400 people are offline. But mostly it's because they don't use discord anymore. Or got a new account, it's very common. But i would if you guys out there would share this awesome discord to all your friends! Also, it's up to 18+ as well.
All genders are allowed as well. You can suggest genders to the owner of the server. The one with the crown or a high staff member.


What do we do with Pedophilia? :
We do not associate with pedophilia. We take those things very seriously!
If you ever feel violated on this server get a staff member fast. But i recommend you send proof. Or else we can't get the person that violated your privacy deleted. On this platform. We want this to be very professional and we do not take risks. If a staff member is BEING non-compliant and violating your privacy DM the owner immediately and this will be dealt with!

DM any staff member if you want more questions about our community or such.
Very new server, we have a couple of actives since we just started up. Somethings are currently still in the works. But, come on by and get to know us! Hopefully you can find something you enjoy here. New friends, dating, common interests, whatever. We have a good number of bots, voice channels, and a couple other channels, we are currently workin on the roles section and different integrated things in the server.
I created server in search of people who just want a safe place that they can pop in and out of whenever. Somewhere to go to relax. The stress of life can be hard. Thank you guys for reading this far, hope to see you there!
We are a friendly community who promote online dating and help those struggling in relationships or want to be in a relationship.
Our female to male ratio is proportionate so everybody has a chance ^_^
Being toxic is not allowed in our server
Join our server ! This server contains;
• Nsfw channel
• Many Vcs
• Pokémon bot
• Active staff
And much more !
Hello There

This server is about gaming and supports dating (heavily overlooked)

we are a community that brings gamers close together either to make new friends or find that special one
we have voicechats for different games but if one isnt listed your always welcome to suggest it

when you join have a look around please read the rules and
when your ready grab yourself suitable roles

what to expect when joining

[general chat]
[movie discussion]
[tv show discussion]
[self roles]
[vent channels]

do not break any rules everyone respects each other
Safer for work Discord dating channel for women and men 18+. LGBTQ friendly. Come join us!