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Welcome to Lover Social!!

Lover Social is an online Discord dating server for people age 13+.
We welcome you to our server and hope you'll stay! We will have partnering as well if you want to come and just have fun, you don't even have to be single.

Join anyways and meet friends!
come to this server to meet new people and maybe find love
Frederick's school for Future Heroes is a server dedicated to community and roleplay. We have (or are going to get) great bots to mess around with and we will have a great amount of channels for you to roleplay in. The roleplay aspect of this server focuses on a one punch man like hero system.
A community server for long distance couples to talk, share advice, tips and make friends! An unofficial server for the r/LongDistance subreddit. 17+ only server!

THIS IS NOT A DATING SERVER! Please do not join looking for a relationship or if you are not in a LONG DISTANCE relationship, thank you!
🔸🔸Safe Hangouts🔸🔸
This is a safe and welcoming Friendly Discord Community Server.
We are here to make new friends and forge relationships We have the supported info down below.

🔹We Support🔹
🔹Roles to chose
🔹Friendly Introductions
🔹Friendly Chatting
🔹Friendly Bot Commands
We're Unique Haven. We accept anyone as long as you're not a kink shamer. We have a list of creative roles do choose out of and open to new things. We're brand new and would love to get more people!
Hello, and welcome to 𝓛𝓾𝓿𝔂𝓓𝓾𝓿𝔂 (13+)~!

This server was made for people who want to start relationships, find friends, and just chill with others. We are a super-chill and loving community who accept everyone for who they are, and have customizable roles to suit your preference! Drop by whenever you want to, and we hope to see you here~!
If you are going through a rough patch in your love life, you can count on the members of this server to show you a better way. If you'd like to share your romantic wisdom, then this server is the perfect platform for you.
A server where you can meet people similar to you and who can relate to you! Join this server to make new friends or even find love!
Teen dating no pervs etc. Just started off great community overall just to have fun and meet new people!
Come thru:) 13-18 ONLY.
Very New 10-25 Dating Server!

✫ Plenty of Voice Channels
✫ Memes!
✫ LGBT+ Friendly
✫ Real Dating! No Fakes!

This is a fun server to find love or friendship! We love to have you be part of our small but growing community.
A server for headcanons, art and everything related to pairings from Hetalia. Different channel for each ships, support for rare-pairs, and open to 2p! ships and nyotalia ships. If we don't have it, let us know!
Hello There Person, Are You Looking For A Relationship or Friends or even Chill? Well, Your In Luck This Is Right Server For You. We Have A Bunch Of Stuff To Do! (Old Was Deleted) *13+ For Dating*
New dating server feel free to join and find someone to love we're open to all sexualities and all genders here we don't accept judgement but we do like to have fun so fee free to join!

✧~Many color and expressing roles
✧~Many channels
✧~Verified Role
✧~Match making system
✧~Great staff
✧~New Server
This server is for people that are looking to date those only in Miami. Since its such a hard place to find in any random dating server. I decided to make my own Miami ONLY dating server.
Hey there, made this server for fun, everyone join, you can find girlfriends and boyfriends if you put effort into it. keep in mind boys, you are NOT allowed to act desperate around girls please and thanks.
This is an 18+ DDLG server. We have self-assignable roles, an NSFW role that you can request and we are currently looking for new members! We welcome anyone as long as you are over 18~ We have spaces for Caregivers, Littles, even Kittens and Puppies, we even welcome the gamers crowd. Come make friends ^^
This server is for you to express your kinks and find other people with the same kinks or you can simply talk to people we also have roles for people looking for relationships since we're new we'll be developing and of course we'll have events but just join and check it out
What happens in a studio apartment in New York when all of it's residents start a loving consentual relationship? What happens as they add more and more until every night is like a slumber party? Welcome to love cult, the largest relationship ever. (The server itself needs some work, new staff are welcome.)
We are Skeptical, a small community willing to have you.

We offer Fun Commands, friends, relationships and gaming.

We hope to be adding more stuff soon.
~ Somewhere Else ~
This is a general community with a sole purpose to meet and greet other people. From musicians to artists, find some friends and meet with each other - in the long run it could even turn into something special. This discord is made for the pure-hearted and loving people out there who simply want to help. In here, we offer security and comfort to allow you to, Escape Reality.

We offer:

- Full LGBT support & love all-round
- A channel simply to express your feelings and get opinions from others
- A multitude of roles to support you as a person
- Complete security and active members
- Roleplaying and other bots with cute actions
- Plenty of private voice rooms and public ones, and of course music.

We also highly support musicians to play in the channels and love to see some talent

We welcome everyone around but we have no toleration for trolls or raiders of the like.

This community is new and is taking suggestions, so please, do get involved!

~ Escape Reality ~