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Welcome to Angels Home!
A server where you can talk shit and overall have a good time!
**Welcome to Kogarashi!**
Kogarashi is a new social server where you can hangout and chat with our small
Our main goal is to meet new people, talk about our interests, and maybe learn
some new things! You're welcome to join, and we hope you'll enjoy your stay.

NOTE: You must be 16+ to join! Sorry!

♡What we offer♡

✧ Welcoming staff
✧ Friendly small community
✧ Role reactions and colors
✧ A variety of channels + vents (which are role specific)
✧ Open to partnerships
✧ Waifu, Pokemon, leveling, and currency bots
A community server for long distance couples to talk, share advice, tips and make friends! An unofficial server for the r/LongDistance subreddit. 17+ only server!

THIS IS NOT A DATING SERVER! Please do not join looking for a relationship or if you are not in a LONG DISTANCE relationship, thank you!
Hello we're a new dating discord server. You can join to find the love of your life or just find some amazing friends. :)
Welcome to Lover's Lounge
Active & friendly staff
Custom Events
300+ Members
Music Bots
owo Bot
Cards Against Humanity
1:1 male female ratio
I'm allowing suggestions from anyone who could come in and say how the server could be better. I hope you enjoy the server for what it is, 13+ and 21- only.
Welcome to Color Cove! A dating server meant to appeal primarily to teenagers.
The server features:
- Dating Chats
- Self Roles
- A Non-Toxic Environment
- LGBT Friendly Members
- A Place to Hangout and Chill

Please consider joining!
|Welcome to Eros' Arrow! This is a server where you can make friends, possibly find a relationship, and just chill out. No need to be hasty, as in this server, you can take your time and just ride the waves of the chat!|

This server contains:
➼18+ Channels
➼Multiple Voice Chats
➼1 on 1
➼Helpful mods
➼A non-toxic environment
➼And much, much more!

|Come on in and have some fun! I hope you join my server, and I can't wait to see you there!|
▌│█║▌║▌║☆☆ LoveCorner ☆☆║▌║▌║█│▌

🔶Love Corner🔶

🔶We Have:🔶

First Of All We Are 13+ Server We Are Here To Support,Love And Etc
In This Server There Isn't Alot Of People
But If You Invite We Can Grow As A Family A #1 Family

🔶Voice Gaming Chats And Music!
🔶Meet With New Friends!

Safer for work Discord dating channel for women and men 18+. LGBTQ friendly. Come join us!
Come Join my server and ENJOY your stay as we keep it polite and friendly as we share the leave and care wde have for each other.
T h i s S e r v e r I s F o r S t i n k y P e o p l e .
(anyone is welcome tho [; )
- Bad self-roles (lol)
- Come make it acvite UwU
This server is for dating and making friends for people atleast 13+. No one below 13.

Here at Supreme Love, we have...
💖 A Non-toxic community!
💕 Friendly staff!
💖 Plenty of bots to play with!
💕 Self-roles!
💖 Looking for partners!
💕 Looking for staff!

~Vintage And Ocean

A BDSM server looking to build a community for those who want to learn, grow, and share. We have a mentorship program with the hopes we will stall the ongoing cycle of poorly educated Dominants and subs. We host events, have weekly lessons, have games, and even contests.

No matter your experience level in BDSM, we welcome you with open arms. Please join today.
Frederick's school for Future Heroes is a server dedicated to community and roleplay. We have (or are going to get) great bots to mess around with and we will have a great amount of channels for you to roleplay in. The roleplay aspect of this server focuses on a one punch man like hero system.
A gaming friendly server meant to enhance relationships or build new ones. We accept everyone, even if you don't play videogames. Whether it be sports, reading, or something completely different, there is, or will be someone who likes doing that, and would love to meet you. There is more to the server than meets the eye, so join now!
🔸🔸Safe Hangouts🔸🔸
This is a safe and welcoming Friendly Discord Community Server.
We are here to make new friends and forge relationships We have the supported info down below.

🔹We Support🔹
🔹Roles to chose
🔹Friendly Introductions
🔹Friendly Chatting
🔹Friendly Bot Commands
We're Unique Haven. We accept anyone as long as you're not a kink shamer. We have a list of creative roles do choose out of and open to new things. We're brand new and would love to get more people!
A server where you can meet people similar to you and who can relate to you! Join this server to make new friends or even find love!
Teen dating no pervs etc. Just started off great community overall just to have fun and meet new people!
Come thru:) 13-18 ONLY.
Very New 10-25 Dating Server!

✫ Plenty of Voice Channels
✫ Memes!
✫ LGBT+ Friendly
✫ Real Dating! No Fakes!

A server for headcanons, art and everything related to pairings from Hetalia. Different channel for each ships, support for rare-pairs, and open to 2p! ships and nyotalia ships. If we don't have it, let us know!
Hello There Person, Are You Looking For A Relationship or Friends or even Chill? Well, Your In Luck This Is Right Server For You. We Have A Bunch Of Stuff To Do! (Old Was Deleted) *13+ For Dating*