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I am a content creator and researcher. I produce mini-documentaries in an attempt to not only educate others, but myself in the process. I pray to Yashua Hamashiach for all truth to be made known to me that pushes me in my purpose and assists me on the battlefield. We are dealing with dark forces that would have the truth eternally hidden in order to keep us from salvation . It is my intention to uncover and share the truth all the days of my life.
Men's-Only Club, for Red-aware men, --Join-- If you are interested in:
- Men's Rights.
- Non-Gynocentric Relationship-Advice.
- Self-Improvement.

- Philosophical Discussions.
- Scientific Discussions.
- Literary Discussions.
- Socio-Cultural & Political Debate.

Olá guerreiros, somos um grupo de alphas em que discutem sobre nofap, redpill e etc...
É um grupo de nofap, e eu nao tenho visto nenhum grupo de nofap de lingua portuguesa no discord então criei um, seja bem vindo guerreiro!


Este servidor tem uma funcao em que consiste ter pessoas a quererem mudar o seu estilo de vida para melhor, com o nofap e tomando doses de redpill, pessoas que querem seguir o vosso caminho.
Nós discutimos sobre NoFap e Redpill, agradeço imenso se convidares aos teus amigos para que juntassem para o grupo Alpha
Muito Obrigado seus guerreiros

This server has a function of having people wanting to change their lifestyle for the better, with nofap and taking doses of redpill, people who want to go your way.
We discussed NoFap and Redpill, thank you so much for inviting your friends to join the Alpha group.
Thank you so much your warriors
The original RedPill server by Redman XIII is being reborn after SJWs reported and banned the server for speaking truth.

This server is for men who discuss their experiences with women, redpill content and other topics about life about self improvement and being a better version of themselves.
Tired of getting rejected by bitches? It's time for you to enroll in the Pitbull Mindset Bootcamp and get qualified experience from experts in the field. You will get the know-how to effectively slide and slam into discord hoes' DM's.
Group of red pilled people who discuss self improvement, experiences with women and share the red pill knowledge for the betterment of the manosphere.
The Legendary Incel abode. Where the incel community started out on discord. Back in full power.
Servidor/grupo criado com o objetivo de promover o nacionalismo
Aceitamos todo tipo de vertente nacionalista(pronista,falangista,integralista,etc)também aceitamos gringos

Ao entrar no servidor,você terá que responder algumas perguntas básicas,depois disso marque um administrador
Leia as regras e seja bem vindo
so yeah this is the 3rd server. last 2 were deleted, my 2nd account. i lost so many friends and memories when my account was lost. but anyways you should definitely join because i am lonely anyways/
please join, i just want to talk to somebody, almost all of my friends left and i only have 2-3 that talk to me anymore. frens welcome

REST IN PIECE OLD SERVER 7/21/17 - 9/11/19
i just want people to talk to, all my friends left. feel free to join, or not. or just add me Kuznetsov#1827

:pill: :pill: :pill: Welcome to RED PILL NIGGAS, an "Alpha Male Strategies" inspired server. Dedicated to fucking these hoes to sleep! :pill: :pill: :pill:

We offer Red Pill chats,
Red Pill VCs,
and even Red Pill Advices/ Tips!

:pill: Join today and be one of the first to reside in the empire that we are building! :pill:

:pill: :pill: :pill: We hope you make the right choice and take these red pills... :pill: :pill: :pill:
You have been chosen as worthy for CLUB CHAD
An all around community for anything and everything. Come play games, chat, and make new friends!

Level up to become the HEAD CHAD with our leveled roles!
Server economy with purchasable role!
Discord Dungeons rpg bot integration
Shitposting friendly, NSFW friendly
the main rule is to have fun and be you!
A server to organize the redpilling of others, as well as keeping redpills stored in particular channels so we may come back to them for reference.
Redpill Repository - Redpills on all subjects, ranging from not so controversial... to VERY controversial. Only join if you're willing to know the truth, as we harbor the biggest collection of redpills on all of Discord.
This server is meant for androgyny, bisexuality, gaysexuality, and other natural gender-deviance. It is not intended for transgenders, although they are allowed to join. This is not a safe space.
This is a libertarian discord server with little to no moderation and it just so happens to have a Star Trek theme to it as well. Feel free to join no matter your gender or political beliefs as long as you don't troll unironically or act like a piece of poop. Use logic like Spock, have a heart like Bones, and be fearless like Captain James T. Kirk. Live Long and Prosper
Servidor destinado a comunidade redpill, seja você alguém que é ou deseja ser e aprender, este é o servidor para você.