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Looking for a chill ass Community, that plays game casually and competitively.
Hi I'm a streamer, and I play Overwatch and other games!

Tired of most servers being boring.
We got you covered!

Applications open for Training Mod, Partner Manager and Event Host are open too!
Self assignable colours and game roles.
Good emotes! Animations are fluid!
Active Staff members!
Great bots! (Mee6, Muxy, Nightbot, Naedako)
good place to advertise your content.
Uni being bad.
AFK Channels just for you!
「 l i n k」
8 hours ago

📣 Awesome bots
📣 Responsive staff
📣 70+ members other than bots
📣 Custom emojis
📣 Giveaways (coming back soon!)
📣 Awesome channels
📣 Great server
📣 Music
📣 Custom commands
📣 Assignable colour roles
📣 Invite rewards (coming soon!)
📣 Memes and riddles
📣 Casino channels
📣 No @everyone pings (New rule!)
📣 Partnerships
✅ and much more!

[Contact P e t i m a t#0782 for more information ]
9 hours ago
💬 Welkom in MorePower 💬
Wij zijn een Nederlandstalige community voor gamers. Hier kan je mensen ontmoeten die dezelfde games als jij spelen. Ook kan je meedoen aan onze evenementen (events).

💎 Wat kan je verwachten? 💎
- 📢 Nederlandse Gaming Community
- 💬 Ontmoet nieuwe mensen en speel samen
- 🎉 Events door ons Event Team
- ⚔️ Partners (We zoeken momenteel nog partners!)
- 🎥 Youtubers/Streamers (Binnenkort)

✔️ Waar wacht je nog op? Wordt snel lid!
10 hours ago
DO WHAT EVER YOU WANT! EVERYONE HAS ADMIN! The only role you don't have access to is "OWNER MEH BO1". Make your own roles! Create Channels! Do whatever you want! I do not care! Owo Also, Join dis server:
1 days ago
Hey It's NAS and welcome to my official discord, hope you join and have fun.
3 days ago
This is my server meant to share my interests with other people and unite gamers. I’d hope it be this big platform of gamers, streamers, helpers, etc It's a pretty chill place though I do sometimes do get overly serious so please do bear with me :D (we also do tech and anime)
4 days ago
▇ Horizon Union ▇
📌 Welcome to the Horizon Union! We are a group of servers dedicated to helping each other and working together!

📌 Here's just some of the stuff that goes on:
👁 Give tips on server moderation/creation
👁 Help get each other's servers out there!
👁 Do giveaways of random stuff

9 days ago
Welcome to the SU🅱️REME COMMUNITY 😤👌💯 !!
We provide you with: memes, the pokécord bot, a NSFW channel, our Gamer's Cafe, server events on Sundays, and many more!!! If you're looking for a server to chill and meet new people, this is the one for you! Join now and don't miss out! 😊
10 days ago
Welcome to Camp Devine
Home of titans children..
What we offer:
A safe place for Titan Demis
Helpers needed
New Server
Open to partnerships
19 days ago
If you enjoy chill/hangout servers this is the server for you! Meet new people to game with or come and just have a chat. We do partners! Events/giveaways coming soon.
26 days ago
~ Welcome to Art House, considering joining if you're an artist looking for commissions, art trades or want to put your art here ~
50 days ago
Welcome This Server Is A Awesome Way To Meet New People And Have Fun!
52 days ago
Heyya! I am Grimoire, and welcome to my server! Here we are barely starting, but we hope many people will join and we can all be a very big family!
54 days ago
Welcome to Pewa Community!
Pewa Community is a gaming server that runs strong with activity, nearly 24 hours a day! We offer many bots such as Fredboat and Fortnite stats! VC activity is very common, so feel free to stop by!
Giveaways! We have giveaways! We could giveaway everything from Custom Ranks to Minecraft Accounts!

Polls! We at Pewa always let the majority choose!

Progressive Ranks! The more active you are the higher your level rank will be! Be active and try to get the highest level rank!

Partners! Want to partner? Contact us! We'd love to have you as a partner!

Events We at Pewa host events! They could be everything from Music afternoons to Gaming Nights!
Looking for staff and Partnership Managers!
We await your arrival with open arms! Hope to see you here!
Invite link:
69 days ago
Welcome all to 😈The Demons™
We are a wonderful community

We have alot of Features!
But there is more to come!
We are accepting staff members but you need to apply!! And you must be 14 or older!
-Kozz / Creator of 😈The Demons™
102 days ago
❈═✱ ≍🔮≍ ✱═❈
A chill upcoming Discord Community dedicated to making friends & gaming. Weekly Events, such as Movies soon! Help us grow a nice community together by joining!
❈═✱ ≍🔮≍ ✱═❈

✱ Chill & Nice Community 🙂
✱ Music Bot (Free to Use) 🎵
✱ Advertise Videos & Streams 🎥
✱ Post Pictures & Gifs 🖼️
✱ YouTubers & More 📹
✱ Rankup System (Levels & Ranks) ⭐
✱ Earn Staff (Apply @ certain level / ranks) 💎
✱ Invite people and earn roles 📝
✱ Donate for Special Roles (Optional) 💸
✱ Show off your artworks (Art, GFX, Drawings) 🎨
✱ Partner System ✔️

❈═✱ ≍🔮≍ ✱═❈

✱ **Invite Link:** 🍇

❈═✱ ≍🔮≍ ✱═❈
❈ **Come Join & Invite Your Friends** (More the better) ✨
108 days ago
We are an active Minecraft Community that is here to improve Your Minecraft experience, We have Active and Experienced staff that are willing to help at any time, Cool Bots, Music, Partnership with other awesome servers, Regular Events,friendly members And a lot more cool stuff for you to enjoy.
160 days ago
Team ZeroFriction is a gaming/youtube/streaming community for everyone interrested!
205 days ago
Neon Army, official discord server for youtuber: TheCanadianNeo
For gaming, colllabing, music, cool bots, memes, partnerships, youtubers, and more!
Have a neon time!
295 days ago
This is a server where everyone can have fun and relax and chill! We are looking for fantastic new staff,we have amazing bots like MEE6,Dyno,Rythm,GiveawayBOT,Tatsumaki,Dank Memer and etc
A cool server filled with many things like art, writing, gaming, roleplaying, chatting and more to come.

Come join the new server Hyper Haven

We have
An Art Gallery: place to post artwork
A Photo Gallery: place to post photos
A library: place to post small stories
Gaming area: All games are welcome
Roleplaying: roleplays that anyone can join
Venting/Counseling: place to talk about whats wrong
Leveling up
NSFW channel
and many more to come

We hope you enjoy your stay at HH